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Found 247 results

  1. There are times when I might like one part of a selection to be more opaque than another, and being able to select this area and increase or decrease the opacity by changing its color in the layer mask is really useful. Supporting the black/white layer masks where editing the colors changes the opacity would be greatly appreciated. Or maybe I'm missing the trick. Been searching tutorials for several days (on and off as I have time) and haven't found it. Maybe the answer just lies in a more advanced tutorial for using your mask techniques (for ex-photoshop'ers!). Great app, and please keep up the good work. I don't mind paying for updates as you develop this because I do hope that I can one day throw one of your competitors subscription-based services in the trash. Thank you!
  2. Changing a blend mode from normal to overlay does not work when painting on a mask. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. How do I convert a mask I made into a vectorized curve? Found nothing in the tutorials of Affinity Designer. I'll really appreciate any help. Cheers, Roland
  4. Is it possible to support an exported file from Inkscape that miss these...? - Corner Radius (Can be solved by turning curve to outline object) - Masking is lost **About masking; the SVG file which export from Illustrator, masking is lost too, but .ai .eps still work.
  5. Okay so I am clawing my way through the channels palette/masks to try to get somewhere...I have gotten really close to understanding the craziness that is masks in Affinity. My question is, when you right-click the mask once it gets generated on the layers panel, there is the option to edit mask. About the only thing I can do inside the mask is paint on with brushes to effectively manipulate the mask. But I cannot figure out how to apply an adjustment here. I felt like I had solved the riddle of the Mask! But I didn't. sigh
  6. How can I use the same mask for two different effects. One being B/W and the other color manipulation for the same photograph.
  7. Hello! I just can't find the way to create raster clipping mask to a group :( Is it possible? I attached photoshop example.
  8. It's extremely useful for intensive image compositing. Pleeeeeease )
  9. I have multiple layers that have vast objects and intricate detail. In illustrator I can just set the clipping mask on top of everything and it will clip everything, really powerful feature. I tried to replicate this in AD and cannot do it. This is a huge feature for me and I would like to see if AD can handle this. How can I do this? I already tried the usual drop layers techniques shown in a tutorial video, which works great, but haven't figured this out.
  10. Hi, In Affinity Photo for Mac (retail version), effects on masks don't seem to be applied, although the layers inspector says otherwise. For instance, when setting a gaussian blur effect on a mask, the mask's edges aren't blurry as expected (see attached screenshot). Other effects also don't seem to work…
  11. 1. Trim transparent pixels. 2. Paste from layer to mask's layer.
  12. Cam

    Mask Bug

    I noticed in both Designer and Photo when applying a mask to an object, group, or layer it changes the blend mode of the object. For example, I applied a simple gradient mask to an orange object and notice how it alters the colour of the object, see attached screen. Edit: I didn't realize I created a post about this bug previously here. Also, releasing a mask from an object canvas re-draw bug is still present that was discussed in my previous post. Thanks.
  13. Seems to me that if you added the ability to control a mask's transforms without impacting it's content's transform, you'd have the same functionality as the Crop Tool is to the Draw Persona, with one huge advantage: There'd no longer be the conflicting conventions of Masking being represented as happening above a Layer (and the layer coming through the mask) vs Cropping (as it is now) being presented as something happening "beneath" the layer, when it's actually operating much like a mask in that it's sitting above and preventing content outside of itself from being seen. So how to do this with Masking? It looks like the [alt/option] key is going unused when editing the transforms of a Mask (Size, Scale, Rotation) ... except for position, in which case it is being used, for duplicate functionality. Almost a perfect solution, but not quite. Perhaps... I have the solution! Right now, [command + drag] is also doing duplication of an object. Leave that, and give up the [alt + drag] to mask editing independent of content and the problem is 100% solved.
  14. Once I select edit->Fill, and then click 'apply', the modal box keeps popping up on a recurring loop. The same happens when I cancel the fill. This is happening when I'm trying to fill a mask.
  15. Hi guys, this is really a minor bug, and appears only in the viewport – not in the exported image. But since AD is fun working with and I like practising, I'm sharing these graphics to illustrate the following bug: - make a curve with variable pressure - copy - convert the original to outlines - paste into the copy - change color of the pasted curve - offset - aliasing artefacts appear.
  16. AD doesn't have an eraser tool like Illustrator, so I thought I'd try simulating it with masking in the Draw persona. Is it possible to make a Reveal All mask in the Draw persona (like you can in Photoshop?) As far as I can tell, the only sort of masking you can do in vector mode would be like the Hide All mask in Photoshop where everything but the solid figures drawn on the mask is hidden.
  17. Hi, the masking is somehow version 0.9 :-) I would love to (and need to replace PS) some more pimping here Binary masking (on-off) needs to be changed to more smooth transitions (GreyMask) Allow to feather the borders Allow to invert the mask (could not figure it out) I would also like to see (if possible and i did not get it - i am sorry): allow to include the adjustment details (where you perform the adjustments in the Studio (right pane) generate a pixel layer with one click that snapshots the current version some more will come with more testing ... but i am very convinced and very happy about what i see if you put it up for preorder i will consider for sure if you fix the masking :-) thanks for the great job Sascha
  18. Hey team AD! I started playing with an old PSD to update my avatar on this forum. I wanted to mask out one layer using the brush, but got unexpected results. Please check out this video so you can see what I mean. Attached is the file as well. Thanks for everything you do, guys! ronny - quasmic.afdesign
  19. Hi, When working with masked shapes some strange effect shows and exports. Looks like masking overflows at edges of the shape. Elements inside have gradient strokes. Anyone knows the solution to this? Yosemitee on latest version from app store. 5.afdesign
  20. Cam

    Layer mask bug

    I came across a masking bug today. When applying a mask to a layer, group, vector or pixel object, then lower the opacity of the layer/group/object, the mask seems to apply a colour burn effect as well as decreases the opacity further on the layer/object. I've attached a video and the Affinity file for reference. Masking Bug.movMasking Bug.afdesign
  21. Adding effects to a mask doesn't seem to work. I'm trying to soften a mask with a Blur or a Feather but nothing happens no matter what value I apply.
  22. Hi, I have just started using this great piece of software today and I want to apply a different grunge effect to two different layers. However when I use the mask it masks out all my layers. Is there any way to make the mask apply only to chosen layers? Thanks for any help :)