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Found 34 results

  1. I'm pretty sure my margins used to show outside the document like photoshop but all of a sudden they're gone and it's bugging the hell out of me? How do I make them show again?
  2. The Margins not show with new document and create art board. I need to go to options discheck and check again every artboard that i insert. Affinity Designer
  3. When you create a new document and check the "Create artboard" and "Include Margins" the margins don't actually register. You have to go back into Document Setup to set them again. If you don't check "Create artboard" then the margins appear as expected.
  4. I've designed an interface for an arcade game controller using Designer, but the layout is bigger than my printer can print. So I thought I'd just print out each page and tape it together--but I can't get it to print using per-page margins. Is there any way to have the app print out each page using separate pages, so that there's a bleed between pages? Otherwise the parts of the design that fall into the margins between pages doesn't get printed.
  5. Hi, If I am trying to export my designs for printing purposes I want to add a margin and bleeding. Somehow, my cropmarks are not in line with the margins I gave my document. The company who is going to print it said to me that I had to change the cropping marks. How to fix that? Or how to include the right cropping marks with the right margins and bleeding to prepare your file for print? To give you an example, I attached a file! Thanks for all the tips and tricks. :) kind regards, Bob
  6. I want to export a design for print as PDF with crop marks. I set the margins in the document setup but when I export it, there is no crop marks on the PDF. Is this still to be implemented?
  7. Maybe I have messed with a setting somewhere but, Affinity seems to lose the top margin when I print. I set it at , say, 15mm and it starts the page about 13mm higher (on A4 paper). Thus my drawing has to be shifted down about 13mm to come out truly as intended. I had not noticed this before so maybe it has come in after last upgrade. If I export the whole page as pdf and then print margins are correct! See file Test page and Print Preview Grab. Affinity Print Problem.tiff
  8. Hey Guys! Is there a way to export a document with the given document margins which can be set in the document settings dialog? This would be great to simply add the bleed offset to documents I export for print companies. As workaround I currently calculate the bleed manually an add this to end format size. Gregor
  9. … when page orientation changes for portrait to landscape via "Document Setup". The "include margins" check box gets unchecked. Looks like a bug.