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Found 111 results

  1. I recently purchased affinity photo and included in the purchase isa bundle of free macros to download. The installation instruction guide you to select view, then studio, and finally select library from the drop down list. When I do this the library selection is dulled and can not selected. I am sure this is a simple issue to resolve but I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. I was wondering if someone knows what I am doing wrong?
  2. Eccentric Wonder

    Pixel Glitch Macros

    I just made this pixel glitch macro pack and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it.
  3. Hi, I can't seem to figure out something really simple: how to execute a macro stored in the library. I have my image open along with the library window but clicking, double-clicking or dragging a macro onto the image has no effect. Tried it with self-made ones and with some that came with the software. Only way I can apply macros seems to be to right click it in the library and choose 'Edit', then press play in the macro panel. This is on a Mac, running version 1.6.11
  4. Hey everyone! To my understanding, there seems to be a way to use Macros, but not record new ones on iPad. Is this a planned feature? Personally, most of the time, I wouldn't bother with iPad Macros if I have to set them up on macOS. Especially since I don't always have access to desktop when working on iPad. Best wishes, Shu
  5. I spent a few hours playing with macros after updating to 1.5 and had no problems. Until, suddenly, my macro library window is empty upon opening Affinity Photo. Multiple restarts and Force Quitting does not help the library to repopulate. I can select "Create New Category" but nothing results from it. When I make a new macro I have no issues, but when I attempt to save it to the library Affinity Photo consistently crashes. I have just updated to 1.5.1 and my issue was not resolved with the update. Is anyone else seeing vanishing macro libraries? Anyone have a solution to this? I've attached a recent crash log to this topic. Matt
  6. Bonjour, Mon logiciel a planté subitement lors d'une manipulation, je l,ai alors relancé et je me suis aperçu que j'avais perdu toute ma bibliothèque et tous mes macros pré enregistrés. J'ai alors essayer de le relancé via le dossier mère mais rien a changé. J'ai essayer de recharger des macros via mon compte et le logiciel ne reconnait pas les format .afmacros !!. J'ai alors complétement désinstallé le logiciel et je l'ai réinstaller depuis mon compte, rien a changé, je ne peux ni enregistrer de macros dans la bibliothèque ni télécharger les packs macros offert par affinity!! Je travaille sur windows. Ma version mac fonctionne très bien a date. Merci d'avance si vous pouvez m'aider.
  7. When is a API/SDK for Affinity Designer happening so I can automate scripts to draw? Adobe Illustrator has one to create macros. Why doesn't Affinity have for the vector graphics drawing programming for macros? https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/devnet/illustrator/pdf/sdk/programmers-guide-2017.pdf
  8. We are finally here & giving away a FREE Macro Sample Pack. Want lightroom style presets on Affinity. Try our sample pack today! UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY Providing film simulation macros for Affinity Photo. Timeless macros to fit directly into your workflow. DOWNLOAD HERE
  9. I have some very simple Macros (add white border to image + document resize) that I use regularly, and which would normally take a second or so to be applied and processed for a batch of images. After updating to Mojave these Macros don't go through and finish at all. The batch panel keeps saying '1 job running' with the spinning processing wheel for each image showing forever. I made a new Macro and then tried again using the new Macro but with the same result. I also then have to force quit Affinity if I want to close the program.
  10. Hi! I have used photoshop all my life for editing comics and last week I bought Affinity Photo because I heard great things about it and I wanted to stop being chained to photoshop (lol). I'm going to list all the problems I've encountered so that maybe in the future these things will be improved. - When I copy text in italics, Affinity Photo (AP from now on) pastes that text in italics. That's a nice touch. However, it also pastes the text in the original text font, which I believe would be a nice option if it were a choice. I mean, I need to use the same font many times when I'm editing a page so to have to change it back to the font I want every single time is a bother. The only solution I found is to change the font in the original doc into the font I want AP to use. - The font in AP always always always turns 12pt. I wish it would remain the same size. It would be great to change into the size I want and then remain that size until I tell AP otherwise. - I can't record text stroking action. Ugh... I soooooo wish I could record that action because I have to go to add a stroke, which of course doesn't "remember" that the last time I used a stroke it was 2,5 and white. Please, let AP remember! - Basically my main problem is that AP doesn't remember actions. Text size, stroke, centered/left/right/justified, italics, etc. I have to change them every single time I paste text. The time I need to finish a page is too long for me to consider using AP permanently. At least for now. - I know that macros exist but unfortunately their life is so fleeting! When I turned off my computer and opened the software the next day, the macro library was gone. Okay, no problem, I can record all the actions again. Turns out, I can't The software crashes (I believe somebody already pointed this problem and I think you're already working on it). So I can never record those actions again. They made things a little easier and now they're gone... - When I add new text, that creates a new layer, but unfortunately the layers sometimes are added at the bottom of the layer list and sometimes these new layers are covered by the older ones. Maybe it would be better than the new layers are added at the top of the list. I really like AP, I think it has nice options and it could easily be better than photoshop in no time. It's just that these things prevent me from using it. Please, let AP remember!
  11. I’m trying to record a macro that will resize the canvas from the center by adding a specified amount on each side. Started Recording: Used my shortcut for Resize Canvas Clicked on Center for the Anchor Clicked on the Lock to open it Clicked in the right side of the width box and entered +1.5 Clicked in the right side of the height box and entered +1.5 Clicked on Resize Stopped Recording: Saved to Library And when I click on it in the Library, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? What am I not understanding about the process?
  12. It would really help speed up my workflow if it was possible to record macros on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I'm really hoping to see this feature in the next updates.
  13. Hey all, in addition to my shooting series, I also felt I should make available some of the macros I've recorded as far back as the Photo 1.5 betas and refined over time. I'll start with some workflow aids that may prove useful: Workflow Aids Download (ZIP archive) This set of macros for Affinity Photo provides a number of small workflow enhancements and shortcuts, including: Setting up frequency separation retouching (with two high pass layers) with non-destructive vibrance and tone controls. Masked local contrast filter layers for selective application. Creating a set of curves adjustments for each available blend mode. Setting up a non-destructive 50% grey dodge/burn layer. Edge mask creation using a laplacian kernel (optionally with gaussian blurring). Channel separation to individual pixel layers. See the included Readme PDF for installation instructions and a detailed rundown of each macro. Tonal Effects Download (ZIP archive) This set of macros for Affinity Photo provides a series of tonal effects and enhancements including: Technicolor 3-strip and 2-strip emulations. LAB 50:50 channel mixing. Saturation/Desaturation curves. Warm and Cool Haze effects. Dissolve blend mode emulations (using noise & diffuse). Subtle Diffuse Glow using blend ranges. Infrared channel swapping. Hope you find them useful - look out for more macros soon!
  14. Hi, I have a problem with Affinity Designer and Photo on Mac. I have difficulty starting a macro in AP. I have the library list open, but clicking does not do anything. Only when I right-click to bring up the options, then click on the button does it do something. I am using a Wacom Intuos 5. I have a simular problem with the assets panel in designer. I have some bigger assets installed, like paper backgrounds, but most of the time can not properly drag them to the canvas. smaller items drag with no problems. It seems to not properly select the bigger ones, or they are unresponsive. I have to keep the assets clicked for a longer time for it to pick up and be able to drag it. Both of these problems occur with the mouse as well. I would like to have an option to click a button to add to canvas instead of dragging, and a simple play button for macros too. It seems to be better UI too, more understandable at least.
  15. I’m using the new Affinity Photo 1.5.1 on Mac OSX. I’ve been having some issues with the new macro feature and would appreciate some feedback. I created a macro to resize images to a standard format that I use on my web site. These are the steps: 1) Select Resize Document (opt-cmd I) 2) DPI: 150 3) Resample: Lanczos 3 (separable) 4) Size: 800 px (horizontal) 5) reduce the resulting image to view it at 100% on the screen (select Z on the keyboard, then Opt-click to reduce the size to 100%) Based on the results, I think the macro is not recording step 3 and is instead using the default setting “Bilinear” to resample the image. This produces a resized image that is not as sharp as one created using the "Lanczos 3 separable" setting. In the Export Persona, I have a preset that specifies Lanczos 3 (separable) as the resample method but, despite this, the images that were resampled in the Photo Persona using the macro are not as sharp as those resampled manually using Lanczos 3 separable. In addition, I found it impossible to get the macro to record Step 5 at all. Does it not record some keyboard commands or mouse clicks? On a related point, why does the resize box in the Photo Persona always default to Bilinear? I almost always use Lanczos 3 (separable) so it's tedious having to change this every time. That's why I created a macro in the first place (which, in fact, doesn't appear to make this change.) Is there any way to set Lanczos 3 separable as my default or at least have AP remember the last setting used? If not, adding either or both features to AP would be a big help. And one more macro puzzle: I created a macro to sharpen the resized images before exporting them to be saved as JPGs. The macro is designed to present the settings for Radius and Factor so they can be adjusted. However, the default number for the Radius is often not the one I entered into the macro -- it changes depending on the size of the image. For example, if I resize the image to the 800 px width, I get 0.4 px for the sharpening radius (the default number I entered). If I resize the image to 600 px width, I get 0.3 px for the radius. If I resize the image to 2000 px width, I get 1 px for the radius. There’s clearly some link between the radius setting offered by the macro and the width of the image in pixels, but I’m not sure why it would do this if I’ve given it a particular default radius while creating the macro. Is this the way it's supposed to work? The Unsharp Mask Filter doesn't do this (radius always defaults to 0). Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, I am trying to batch process a set of files. I like to convert RAW files to TIFF and be able to set various pre-recorded (marco) parameter that are available in the development persona (things like Development Assistant and basic,lens,details,tones) My challenge is that I cannot see how I can record a macro under the development persona. I know how to do it under Photo persona (->view ->studio ->macros) but cannot see how to record the parameters I want to control in development persona (only not Photo persona) and then run onto a batch of files. Under Development Persona if you go to ->view ->studio there is no macros options. An actual example would be much appreciated thank you Arnim
  17. I found some old requests to add Macros to Affinity Designer, here, here and here, just starting new topic to make those requests live. I believe that Macros in AD will be appreciated by many users. Any comments from development team?
  18. Hello all ! I am Chrisas, a french student in graphic design and programming. I'm a user (BIG FAN) of Serif's softwares since October 2016. It really helped me in several fields such as logo design, illustration, web design, apparel and social media graphics. Since I started working with affinity designer and photo, I bought some specific resources I discovered after several days of research. But There was one problem, there is not a place to buy, sell or present resources for affinity softwares. I mean for illustrator and photoshop you can found thousands of stuff in any sorts related to them. Example : to present my work I sometimes have to open photoshop to use mockups ( i'm a mockup lover) but I always want to speedup my workflow so my idea is to create resources that will be useful for other creatives like me. I built some stuff for myself but I do not know what will be useful for you, what you need, and what you are looking for. For now, my aim is graphics pack about : assets, macros, colors palettes, styles, and mockups, uikits. The purpose is to make the work of creatives easier, faster and funnier. So here is my question , what kind of resources do you need ? I am open to any suggestions, so feel free to comment ! > An Illustration project I'm working on : https://prnt.sc/inpq5g > My dribbble : http://dribbble.com/chrisas > My Portfolio (5 months of work are missing x) ) http://behance.net/chrisas
  19. Dr Astronomy

    Astronomy macros

    Now that I have made the switch to AP I am re-working many of my astrophotography macros. I will share them here with brief instructions and encourage others to share theirs. All my macros are for Windows OS This set of 3 takes the basic individual monochrome filtered R G and B images and converts each into a colour channel. Load each RGB file separately into AP, Run the respective macro and copy the output of each into a single AP layered document, then set the blend mode of each to add This will output a single RGB non white balanced file grey to blue.afmacro grey to green.afmacro grey to red.afmacro
  20. I have 2 Documents: - IMAGE A, which size is 1000*1000px and - IMAGE B, which size is 4000*4000px I'm recording 2 macros while working on IMAGE A, which while running makes new layers on top, so at the end of the 2 macros the document has 4 layers (ALL NAMED) - (Pixel) - Composite (Pixel) - Effect (Pixel) - (Background) Basically, the 1st macro duplicates the background layer, runs a filter on it, then makes a composite, making a third layer. On this composite layer I run "Apply Image" and select the Effect image as source layer and it gets applied the composite. Afterwards I drag an external image (logo) on the 4th layer, and run the 2nd macro, which moves the logo 10px to the right. I save my macros, export them, then load them back again to use on my IMAGE B and the next thing happen: 1.- When running "Apply Image" on IMAGE B, i get the same source layer from IMAGE A, and i mean literally the pixel info is saved on the macro and I get a weird blend of 2 different documents. What I'm expecting is the macro to record "Apply layer named 'effect' to the layer 'composite'" 2.- When I get to the logo layer macro, the "transform" step scales to fit the IMAGE B dimensions, so I get a "400% Scale Y", "400% Scale X" "40px Offset X" although I'm only recording to "offset 10 pixels to the right". The expected behavior here is that only the settings I'm changing get recorded and in the same units I'm recording them. I don't want my logo to be scaled, I want its original size to be at 100%, and move it 10px to the right, exactly 10px, not a proportion of the document, otherwise I would specify a percentage value, which I actually noticed it doesn't accept. This behavior gets even worse when I try to run the macro on an image with different aspect ratio, I get weird percentages and values on my transform settings.
  21. En esta ocasión, quiero compartir con vosotros mi último tutorial: Marca de Agua con Affinity Photo. Espero que sea de vuestro interés.
  22. Hi, I saw an earlier thread with someone having problems installing macro packs. Read that but I still have problems. My downloaded packs have the extension afmacros but when trying to import on my desktop version it seems Affinity wants files with the extension afmacro (without the s). So quite logically Affinity says it can't find anything to install best regards //Eva
  23. Would be good if we could record the renaming of spare channels within a macro.
  24. I am trying to install the bonuses but when I try to send them to my iPad, it says "sent" but they do not appear on my iPad. When I try to import, there is nothing in recent. I install and import with all kinds of other apps but I am perplexed with this one. Help is appreciated.