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Found 104 results

  1. Hello Serif & especially Patrick, Please can you tell me when Actions are going to be added to Affinity Designer? Being able to create macros/Actions is going to save a tremendous amount of time when repeating a series of events. Please, please can you tell me if this is coming out in version 6? Peaches
  2. I'm finding the transition from PS/LR to Photo fairly painless and am quite happy overall with the tools & features within the program. There are 2 tools that currently are holding me back from cutting the cord to Adobe: Macros. While you've done a remarkable job packing features into the Macros panel and they are operating surprisingly fast, there are a few improvements I'm hoping are in the not too distant future: A) the ability to record clipping a layer to another layer; B) the ability to move steps around in a macro; C) the ability to delete a step in a macro. Keep up the good work on this important tool! Metadata. The ability to edit metadata is VERY important. While I can do so in another program, the ability to put in things like Title, Description, & keywords from within Photo would simplify my workflow tremendously. I'm hoping to see something of these requests before another year goes by doling out dough to Adobe.
  3. The new Macros option on iPad is really cool, but in my humble workflow I use only iPad so I have no option to create Macros on my Mac, and then import them to iPad. Additionally this will be pointless on the go, when I have only iPad with me. So there is my question: Is there a option to create and save Macros on iPad? I try to find it, but it seems there isn't, so if there will be?
  4. I downloaded and opened the free macro packs and followed the instructions that came via PDF but I am unable to find them. I'm pretty new to Affinity so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I went to both "library" and "macros" and nothing appeared.
  5. I know this feature has been requested before (macros/actions), but it's not quite there yet for my needs. With the 1.5 update, Affinity Photo does have a basic macro recording function now, but it still does not eliminate the need for Photoshop from my workflow until I can assign custom keyboard shortcuts to the macros for rapid playback! I've been very impressed with Affinity Photo so far, and I really want to see it become a "Photoshop Killer"! I work in entertainment press photography, and we typically edit around 100-200 photos a night from an average movie premiere/event, or up to 1000 photos from a major awards show. We work at a rapid pace and on very tight deadlines, so speed is critical. My typical workflow in Photoshop ... - I need to be able to eyeball every single photo in a set and make rapid corrections with a series of keyboard shortcuts. Batch processing might work for some jobs, but looking at every single photo to make adjustments quickly is also frequently needed. - I usually open 200 photos in Photoshop at a time (Photoshop's limit) in a cascading stack, then do corrections to levels, sharpness, and maybe slight color correction if needed. - Save/close the file as JPEG 8, 300dpi at 3000x2000 px (Saved while closing the file with COMMAND-W on Mac) - Repeat until I'm done with all 200, and then work on an addition 200 files if needed - Then caption all the photos with the name of the person/people using Photo Mechanic What I would love to see in Affinity Photo is the same rapid editing ability that Photoshop has. For example, I would love to be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to macros/actions that do something like the following: CTRL-SHIFT-F1 - Auto Brightness/Contrast CTRL-SHIFT-F2 - Brighten 10% CTRL-SHIFT-F3 - Brighten 20% CTRL-SHIFT-F4 - Auto Color Temp CTRL-SHIFT-F5 - De-Orange CTRL-SHIFT-F6 - De-Blue CTRL-SHIFT-F7 - Auto Sharpen CTRL-SHIFT-F8 - Sharpen 10% CTRL-SHIFT-F9 - Sharpen 20% CTRL-ALT-L - Last Used Level Adjustment CTRL-ALT-C - Last Used Color Correction CTRL-ALT-U - Last Used Sharpness Adjustment I think you get the idea :-) Another feature I would love to see is IPTC data creation/editing (or even basic awareness, passthrough). It's not an absolute must for me, since I use Photo Mechanic, which does an amazing job. However, I would not like to have a situation pop up where maybe I need to go back and do a quick edit to a file that has already been captioned in Photo Mechanic, but Affinity Photo doesn't save the existing IPTC data that's already in the file (ie. strips that info out). That would be "no bueno"! Thanks for listening!
  6. Jacknumpty


    I tried the Macros feature. I recorded my actions but playback produced something different. You can see what happens in this short (less than 1 min) :
  7. Hi All, I've used macros in PS from time to time and they certainly help speed up batch processing a bunch of images. I am still a beginner in this sense however, and I need help, pretty please... I have a bunch of png files, black silhouettes with transparent backgrounds, that I want to invert and give a black background to. I have made the macro (it's included in this attached file of standard macros) and it works when I test it on an individual file, but when it comes to batch processing the whole lot of files using this macro, they all come out black on white rather than white on black. Can someone help me please? Tone Mapping.afmacros
  8. I know you can untick a macro step. It would be good to be able to delete a step. It would also be good to re-order a macro and, or record a macro from a certain step.
  9. When I try to record a macro for resizing pictures to exact pixels, the macro records the transform process in terms of percentages applied to the resulting file. That's convenient, but it would also be convenient in exact number of pixels, regardless of the size of the initial file.
  10. Well... the subject :) I was searching help and online tutorials, but failed to find the definite answer. If it is not possible, please consider it as a feature reqiuest
  11. Hi, I am having an issue with Macros. I record a Macro, then when I go to add to Library, AP crashes. Would it be possible to shed some light on this for me? Many Thanks
  12. Hello everyone! I have been running into this many times. When trying to create macros, the values saved sometimes change when trying to access the macro later. This is very bad. Especially since it completely destroys the purpose of using macros, which is saving time. So basically, I have to create some of the macros from scratch all the time. This happens especially after closing and opening documents or Photo itself. Also, especially transform and crop values seem to be very fragile. For example, scaling on X by 50% and on Y by 50% results in scaling by 200% on X and 200% on Y. If I remember correctly, values sometimes even store asymmetrically (for example, 50%, 50% resulting in 200%, 100%). To reproduce, please try to create a macro for scaling a layer by 50% and one for scaling it by 25%. Then, create a macro for cropping the document by 50% and one for cropping it by 25%. Those are 4 macros that I frequently use and which very frequently break. Can somebody look into this and confirm this as a bug? And maybe somebody can fix this? Or could I be doing something wrong? I do save the macros to the Library. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: Software used: Affinity Photo 1.5.1, Affinity Designer 1.5.1, OSX 11.6 EDIT 2: Alright, after posting this, I created a new macro. But it didn't take a long time for it to break. When creating it, the values were set to 50% and 50% for both X and Y, but now, after clicking on the macro without anything happening, I tried to edit the macro, which showed me the 50% values have been set to 100% by itself resulting in no scaling at all:
  13. Got a pixel selection on a pixel layer. When I try to record a Copy command (or any variant of it), nothing is recorded. Cut command is recorded, but when macro is played back, Paste posts something that was copied before, not one that played in the Macro.
  14. Hi, I am using AP to crop dozens of screenshots and wanted to automate that. I created several macros (due to different resolutions of the screenshots), but in no macro can I add the FILE > SAVE (or CMD+S) command. Even CMD+W after the cropping does not work, as when I click SAVE in the close dialog, AP says it will not save that stuff. The Macro Recorder says "Cannot record "Export document". Is that correct behaviour? If so, is it possible to add the SAVE command to macros in a future version of AP? Thanks and happy May the 1st.
  15. For me this is a "must be" feature for Affinity Photo. When I have for example 1000 raw's to develop one by one this app is unusable now I need to use another programs. I am sure that most of Affinity Photo users will want this feature badly.
  16. I recorded a macro, which modifies the opacity of layers in 2 different steps like so: (FADE MACRO) -duplicate layer -opacity 50% (Shows Settings icon > Opacity) -duplicate layer -opacity 20% (Shows Settings icon > Opacity) I enabled the Eye Setting to show the sliders when running (What's the proper name for that eye BTW?) I run it and it works as intended, I get a dialog with 2 sliders and Opacity 1 and Opacity 2, which allow me to preview the macro. Here comes the bug: I record a macro containing the previous "FADE MACRO" like so: (COMPOSITE MACRO) -duplicate layer -apply filter (Shows Settings icon > "Filter") -make composite -Run "FADE MACRO" (Shows Settings icon > Opacity 1, Opacity 2) First, when doing this, the Eyes I activated on "FADE MACRO" get deactivated, so I go into the settings icon to activate them again, and change the each slider to its descriptive name, but BOTH sliders get the same name, the still act independently on the preview, meaning they don't change the same opacity but they can't have different names. It doesn't matter which I click to edit, all sliders of the same property (in this case opacity) get the same name.
  17. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  18. REORDER MACRO STEPS I'm recording a lot of macros, and if I realized I missed a step at the end I have to restart ALL the recording of the macro, instead of doing that step at the end and simply dragging it into its place. Right now I'm having to get things exact on 1 go, if I miss a step, restart the recording.... RECORD MULTIPLE LAYER SELECTIONS I want to record a macro where all the layers of the process are in a single folder, I would like to be able to select all the layers at the end and group them. I know I can do this from the beginning, but (See previous) Dealing with a lot of steps, settings, there is no flexibility on the recording.
  19. This post concerns Affinity Photo only (Mac installation) I would like to share with you lovely people some methods to create a pencil sketch from a photograph as an opener to more discussion and ideas. Firstly I must credit Affinity Jack for the first method, Ciao Jack :-D I'm assuming a Mac installation of Affinity Photo There are a number of ways to create a pencil line drawing effect from a photograph; here are two quick methods as recipes, the fist one I discovered on the web from Affinity Jack; here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srNqGqVBkxA , I have seen this method in other places so I don't know who created this originally. The second one is a method I developed myself by experimentation. First method (Gaussian Blur) 1. load the file. 2. If the file is not raw i.e already processed as an afphoto file or a jpg/tiff/png etc go to step 3. Make whatever raw file adjustments you need to do then press develop and proceed with step 3. 3. Duplicate the initial background pixel layer (Cmd J). 4. Make sure you have selected the new duplicate layer; then invert the layer (Cmd I) 5. Select the blend mode of the layer and set the blend mode as Colour Dodge; note the picture will go blank white or you my see a faint outline ... don't worry step 6 will make it it clear ... 6. With the duplicate layer selected choose from the main menu Layer -> New Live Filter Layer -> Gaussian Blur Filter then move the Radius slider slowly to the right to reveal a sketch outline. 7 Once you have your desired sketch effect, make sure you have the duplicated layer selected and press Cmd U to give you the HSL shift adjustment. Move the Saturation Shift slider fully to the left to give you a black and white pencil effect. Second method (Edge Detection) 1. load the file. 2. If the file is not raw i.e already processed as an afphoto file or a jpg/tiff/png etc go to step 3. Make whatever raw file adjustments you need to do then press develop and proceed with step 3. 3. Duplicate the initial background pixel layer (Cmd J). 4. Make sure you have selected the new duplicate layer; then select Filters -> Detect -> Detect Edges. 5. Invert the layer (Cmd I) 6. Now with the inverted layer selected press Cmd U to create a new HSL adjustment layer and move the Saturation Shift slider fully to the the left to create a black and white pencil sketch effect. I have created these as Affinity Macros too (for non Raw files of course) but doing them from scratch gives you access to modification of layers within the process to give you more creative scope. The main difference between these two methods is that the fist one uses a Gaussian blur effect which gives you scope to increase the thickness and intensity of the edges but naturally is more blurred of course. The second method using edge detection gives crisper edges; try experimenting with horizontal or vertical edge detection and using adjustments to layers as you go through the process ... go on .. it's fun :-D I have also been plying with using the sketch to create a watercolour effect too, much fun with the free watercolour brushes. I haven't got a good process yet with the watercolours but I'm experimenting and when I get a reasonable process I'll share it. Please join in with ideas and or developed processes if you like; I'm having fun anyway :)
  20. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I've been working on a secret project the past couple of months. It's a website dedicated to offer post-production tools for Affinity Photo, mainly for photo retouchers: color presets, retouch brushes, texture overlays, etc. Also, I've been working on a photo retouch eBook with complementary videos for AP, which probably will be released there when finished... The site it's finally in pre-release, that means that I'm still working to finish the first assets, but today you can have a (small, small) taste (almost a little bite) of what of what you can expect out of it. It's a FREE Pack called: FAUX 77 A collection of 8 Macros for AP that emulates the vintage looks of the pictures from the late seventies. You can look at some examples and more details in the link below :) As with Frankentoon, you just have to give your email, and the download link will be sent to your inbox. You can unsubscribe later if you wish. But if you are interested in the project and want to know more about future releases and free sample packs you can stay :) This website will be growing as I'm adding content through the next weeks. I would like to know what you think and which kind of tools for AP you'd like to find there. Cheers! Enrique
  21. Hello. Recently I was trying to import the macros provided as a gift in the purchase of Affinity Photo, but I found a problem in importing: files have the .afmacros extension, but when you import these files the program searches for .afmacro files (without the letter S at the end). I tried to import such files by removing such letter of extension, but in this situation, despite the program pass to see the extension he can't import. I look forward to returning with such bug correction. ​Best regards.
  22. Check out the sneak peek of the HDR and 360 image editing features coming to Affinity Photo 1.5! Version 1.5 features announced today include: • Advanced HDR merge producing full 32-bit linear colour space images • An entirely new workspace for tone mapping • Focus stacking to bring depth to multiple combined images • Batch processing for smoother, faster workflow • Macros to record and replay a set of commands • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images Some much anticipated features to look forward too here, coming soon to Affinity Photo... :)
  23. Welcome everybody! Is it possible to select other layers or background, move and group layers together while recording macros? I get message "Cannot record 'set current selection' ". Am I doing something wrong or it's simple not doable? Another thing - while recording a macro, can I play another macro?
  24. Hi :) So Im playing around with the new macros feature. Loving it but I have a few things I'd like to request 1. Being able to group layers together - and adjust the fill layer of the folder and individual layers 2. Be able to add gradient fill layers that align to the image 3. Add a comment/description/instructions for adjustments somewhere - preferably on a modal popup Thats it so far. Thanks :)
  25. Nice job on Photo 1.5 guys. Macro function is a great start.... but I'd like to request a couple features. I use "Actions" in photoshop to string together often repeated tasks such as creating masked groups from specific alpha channels, creating retouch layers and softproofing. I realize macros are different that actions but a couple features would allow us the expand and develop this tool more. 1. I'd like to be able to assign F-Keys to specific macros. I use this extensively in Photoshop and feel hobbled in not having it available in Photo. 2. In macros I've recorded I am unable to record "move" steps. Moving, renaming and re-ordering layers and is essential for me to automate. For professional and production color/retouching work expanding the functionality of macros is critical. Thanks, Dave