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  1. It would really help speed up my workflow if it was possible to record macros on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I'm really hoping to see this feature in the next updates.
  2. I posted this two days ago and its' scrolled down to Page 4 without a single view so I'm trying again ........ :unsure: The macro recorder will happily record Edit > Cut and Edit> Paste but won't record Edit > Copy. This seems so illogical I am presuming it must be simple oversight. In which case it might hopefully be simple to cure. I wanted to get this in before your release in the hopes that it is simple enough rectify in time for it. It's a common basic command and not being able to include it in macros is very frustrating. It applies right up to beta 11. Any chance of looking at this please? I would love to have this working.
  3. I made this Macro to extract detail from an image for a tutorial and then I made it available for everyone. If you want, you can check the tutorial related to this Macro in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdaySWNEpY0 Pedro Detail Extractor.afmacros.zip
  4. I purchased the entire Affinity suite when it was first released as a Beta. But I had been using Photoshop CS6 so long (and knew it so well) that I never made the effort to switch. Now that I'm on macOS Monterey, CS6 is no longer available. On PS, I used macros extensively and could create what I needed without even thinking about it. I'm confident that I will soon have the same comfort level with Affinity products. But this old dog needs some help in learning my new tricks! My challenge at present is to take a full screenshot and turn it into two pages, one comprising the left half of the screen and the other comprising the left half of the screen. I'd do this for a number of similar screenshots and, when finished, I'd combined them into a PDF book. The process I used in PS was to crop the original to half the size (left side first), then save it with the same name, appending "_Lft" to the name. Then undo the crop and repeat for the right side, appending "_Rgt" to the name instead. Close the image and continue to the next. I would either load all the screenshots at once and automate it to all, OR I would simply batch process through all full-size screenshots within a given folder. For some reason, I'm having an issue getting my head around creating the process in Affinity Photo (age, most likely). Any assistance in regard to the best approach would be greatly appreciated. Drifter
  5. Is it possible to make use of macros developing RAW photos in Develop Persona? "Macro" appears in studio only in Photo Persona.
  6. If the command "Change document size" is recorded in a macro and the lock for keep aspect ratio is activated and only one value is entered for one side, the following error occurs after the macro has been executed. The aspect ratio of the document is not preserved, the document is distorted. The error is that the dimensions of both sides are recorded and when applying the Macro only the two dimensions are used and "Maintain side ratio" is ignored. When recording the macros, only the user inputs may be saved and no calculated values. The calculation of the second Side length must be done when applying the Marco. Affinty Photo V., Windows
  7. Hello, I am looking for a way to automate creating of a collage for product photography for several product items. I would have a set of images for each product and I would like to place and resize them into predefined slots of the final collage then export it as a single tiff/jpeg (a rough example is attached). Ideally, there would be a macro that would allow me to select the 5 files in specific order, resize, place in predefined slots on the canvas, apply some border effects and export. I played with the macro functionality, but there does not seem to be a way to open new files or copy/paste from already open files in specific order into the main "template" document. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Thanks Tomas
  8. I've searched the forum best I could on this problem with no results. I tried to create a macro to add copyright info to images. AP gives me an alert indicating text cannot be applied using this method. Really?? Please don't tell me I have manually add copyright text to 25, 50 or more images. Anyone find a way to do this using A P?
  9. I have become so accustomed to sharpening with Vivid Layer and Gaussian Blur that I rarely use any other method. https://youtu.be/efJ-j3cnO-c So I create a macro to make my life a little easier. The radius for the blur filter should be at 1-2 px in my experience. VividSharpen.afmacro
  10. I recently installed Affinity Photo on a new laptop (I7 11th gen, 16 gB RAM, NVIDIA). The software frequently crashes on, for instance, batch running macro (72dpi to 300 dpi), develop personal detail refinement etc. This frequent crashing never occurred on my old I3, but then again these hard jobs weren't possible on this system. I probably have conflicting software, but where???? Pieter
  11. When recording a macro and I want to change layers, the attached "Select Layer" window pops up. There are various options available but I cannot use "Shift + select" to create a group. How do I get around this problem, or better still, remove the pop up altogether. For some reason the file won't upload
  12. From the GRAPHICAL video Remove and Clean ACNE, BLEMISHES and SPOTS like a PRO in Affinity Photo - YouTube Remove and Clean - G.afmacros Enjoy, - T V
  13. SATURATION MAPS for creative use | InstaFilters Part 3 | Affinity Photo - YouTube Basic setups for : Selective Color Saturation Map - G1.afmacro Procedural Texture Saturation Map - G2.afmacro Enjoy - TV
  14. I created a set of macros to change the DPI of an image, originally in Photo 1.6 which worked well then, and worked in later versions. I found however, thet re-recording these macros in later versions (including 1.10) do not work. I report here my investigations as to what is going wrong. I re-created the individual macros using a simple image to work on. They all seemed to work OK. I then tried on a different image and discovered that they do not. What seems to have happened is that the macro records the size of the image when recording, so that when applied to another image it resizes to that new size, despite the Resample box not being ticked. John
  15. I have a macro to duplicate, arrange and group a label on an A4 sheet and wanted to save one more click but apparently the program doesn't want to select the first layer from the top. 1. Affinity Photo 2. Can I reproduce it? Yes. 3. Yes but I'll upload the files. Open "Label.afphoto" and "A4.afphoto" Go to "Label" and click on "Group" then press Ctrl+C Go to "A4" and press Ctrl+V Click on Macro Once it finishes, hide the newly created group with the little tick box from the layers panel. Repeat Ctrl+V, hide on the 5th repetition, the program will select the 2nd layer, on the 6th repetition it will select the 3rd and so on. A4.afphoto Label.afphoto Macros.afmacros
  16. I've made a macro for frequency separation (my first macro attempt in this software, I'm an Affinity noob). In one of the steps I'm dragging a layer over to the Apply Image palette. When I reset the image and apply the macro everything is hunky dory. The problem occurs when I run the macro on a different image. When I do this the macro is using the original layer from the image within I created the macro, for the Apply Image step! I haven't used the Load Source From File, I just dragged the layer according to instructions displayed in the palette and the layers are named the same (they are named by the macro) There seems to be a problemen with Affinity Photo in this case, or am I just missing something obvious? I can't come up with a workaround for dragging the layer, I'm afraid... Fsep.afmacro
  17. I have vertical images and horizontal images, and I only want to change the resolution of it all at once. I simply create a macro with the resolution changed, and when I run a batch job with it, everything ends up as a horizontal image. A vertical image will be stretched horizontally to become a horizontal image. How can I create a macro that keeps the ratio of vertical images to vertical images and horizontal images to horizontal images?
  18. I have put together a set of macros to change the dpi of an image without changing the pixel dimensions. The set comprises macros to change the dpi to 72, 96, 144, 150, 180, 192, 300 and 400dpi. These macros were recorded in Photo 1.6 because there were reports that similar macros recorded in 1.7 would always resample, even if the Resample box was unticked. I have checked that these macros work in 1.8, which they do. I also note that in 1.8 the Resize function will change the dpi without resampling. Here is the Library file: Change DPI 1.6.afmacros Thanks to @carl123 for setting the ball rolling with his macro here. EDIT: This macro library has been recreated (in 1.6) and re-imported into this message. EDIT: I have now re-recorded them in Photo 1.10, but they still do not work! John
  19. Some suggestions for Export features in coming updates. Apologies if they have been suggested already. Addition of Export all artboards option in Designer. Addition of option to edit resolution and save options of export when using slices in Designer Macros in Designer
  20. I'm recording a macro in AP windows to create a new fill layer and change the fill color. Macro recorder dies when I change the fill color. Error is "can't record set fill". Anybody know a way around this?
  21. Hello, Just built a macro following the online tutorial. For some reason it doesn't work. I saved this simple macro: 1. Levels are adjusted 2. Unsharp mask Saved it into a library. I open a picture and just click the develop button to move to Photo Persona. I see the macro in the library----> click and nothing happens. I tried clicking the other macros and they don't work either. UPDATE 1: I exported the macro. I can import it and then use it on one picture. It doesn't work from the library. UPDATE 2: Works when I use the mouse...Not the wacom pen !
  22. Photo crashes when selecting a layer before showing the layer selection dialog with Japanese UI. (Seems to be ok with English UI) Step to reproduce: 1. start recording a macro. 2. create a pixel layer. 3. duplicate it multiple times with Cmd+J 4. select a layer.
  23. The way for resizing and sharpening on the batch job need to be improved. It's the most common task. Resizing image with macro end up strange aspect ratio when all source images do not have the same aspect ratio. But using the resize option on the Batch Job window make sharping with macro useless because macros are applied before resizing. So I think the option for improvement will be: - add an order option to the macros to see if they should be applied before or after resizing. - add the sharpen filer option directly on the Batch Job window. - improve macro functionality to keep resizing the same aspect ratio for all images that have different aspect ratio.
  24. It would be nice if Affinity Photo gets a Macro Editor. Up to now ist is very uncomfortable to start a new recording of a macro when you want to change only one command line in an macro: Fowling function would be useful: Delete commands, add commands by start a recording at a marked position, move commands, copy and paste commands from other macros. By the way it would be nice to save the history as macro. Regards Erhard
  25. Photo merge taken from 34 photos. I used a little help form the book previously purchased at Affinity shop. What do You all think. Maybe something to change ?
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