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  1. Hello, Firstly, many thanks to the Affinity team for bringing this program to Windows. I've been looking forward to using it for some time. I'm not experienced at beta testing, so apologies if the following is due to user error rather than an actual bug. My issue involves using Liquify on a flipped document (which I might want to do to check and fix symmetry and balance in my drawings, for example). 1. Start a new canvas and draw something on a pixel layer. 2. Document -> Flip Horizontal (or Vertical). 3. Switch to Liquify persona. 4. Push the image around using the Liquify P
  2. Hello Everyone, could it be, that I changed the settings on the Liquify Persona on my Mac? And if yes- where can I change it back? I just tried the tools. On the App on the iPad it works on the right direction, even on my Macbook. But on the iMac it goes straight in the opposite direction. I think at the beginning it worked pretty well, so I think I just changed accidentally the settings. Would be awesome if somebody could help me, maybe with a screenshot or something. I am not a native speaker, so if you explain it in englisch I will maybe neve
  3. In the liquefy persona the clone brush is not working. It does nothing. I keep getting the little assistant box telling me I must press ALT to select a clone ounce. I have of course done that. thanks
  4. When inside the Liquify Persona and using the Pinch or Punch tool - the effect is correctly applied while inside the Liquify Persona, but as soon as the changes are applied – the effect is reversed as if the opposite tool was used instead – if something in the preview was "pinched", after applying the effect the result would become "punched" and vice-versa. Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on Mac, but has been happening for quite a while, possibly since many versions ago.
  5. Hi, after last update when I double tap with pencil in liquify persona it immediately quit to Photo without usual prompt about uncommitted changes in Liquify persona. I like lot of subtle liquify strokes instead of one strong stroke so double tap happens to me every single time :( Photo: Ipad 10.5 IOS 10.3.2 Thank you very much. With best regards, Milan.
  6. Greetings, Is there a way to make the Liquify Persona BRUSH SIZE bigger than 1024px ??? Thanks!
  7. Hi, after last update when I double tap with pencil in liquify persona it immediately quit to Photo without usual prompt about uncommitted changes in Liquify persona. I like lot of subtle liquify strokes instead of one strong stroke so double tap happens to me every single time :( Photo: Ipad 10.5 IOS 10.3.2 Thank you very much. With best regards, Milan.
  8. In the liquify persona, when you click on the pinch tool, its effect on the image is twirling the image. However, when you choose twirl, it allows you to pinch. Not a huge problem, since you can just select the other tool, but it would be nice to be labeled correctly. It was correct in previous versions. Thanks!
  9. I have version 1.6.2 When I use my Apple Pencil to push pixels they move at 90 degrees to the direction I'm pushing. Seems very odd way to implement the feature. Is this a bug? Thanks
  10. Hello, I recently bought affinity photo for Mac. Today while working on an image I switched to the liquify persona to make modifications, the application started to be unresponsive and then I lost the right side menu items (I only see the black blocks) and the left hand side menu items do not work. I did a system shut-down and restart and I'm getting the same behavior. I was thinking of un-installing and re-installing the application in case I disabled some feature on the app. Any suggestions on how to recover? Regards
  11. The following workflow generates a wrong result: - open a jpg image - 'Anordnen'->'Vertikal Spiegeln' (German caption) - Open Liquify Persona - Use 'Move left' or 'Move forward' => Watch the result inside Liquify Persona - Click 'Anwenden' (German caption) => Watch the result in Photo Persona The performed liquify will be shown in the opposite direction
  12. Dear Sir & Madam, Would you tell me how I can reflect a change after pinch & punch tools ? After using blush on these tools, I cannot see any changes like a tutorial movie. Operating enviroment is Windows 7 Home with 64 bit. Best regards, Tadashi
  13. I've been using the Liquify persona and when I untick the Show Mesh checkbox, it hides it as it's supposed to. However, when I open another image and go to the Liquid Persona, the mesh displays but the checkbox is unticked. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  14. Hello again. This time I want to provide another round of suggetions for Affinity Designer Pixel Persona or for Affinity Photo for Windows: Important: - Clonning stamp/healing tool - Save selections for later use - Twist/Warp objects and textfields (like to fit a label in a bottle) - Content aware (to fill empty spaces with pixels from an image) - Effects (liquify, crystalize, clouds, etc.) - Create an editable shape from a selection and save the shapes - Dotted stroke style - Animator Persona (GIF) - Distort and Skew Tools - Save document settings (width, height, paper format, resolutio
  15. 1. Liquify Persona -> Customize toolbar... = missing the "Space" and "Flexible Space" items 2. Develop Persona -> Customize toolbar... = missing the "Flexible Space" item Liquify Persona Develop Persona
  16. How can I change the far to big liquify tool in the "Photos Extension" of Affinity Photo? Appreciate any reply! :)
  17. After finding out that doing a levels adjustment opened a new layer, and I needed to toggle back to the background layer for the clone stamp tool to work I tried that and it worked fine. I then opened another image and went through the process again, levels adjustment, toggle to background, clone stamp tool. I then tried the Liquify Persona and when I dragged I could see the squares changing but the picture didn't change. I clicked on "apply" and left that and went back to "photo persona" and tried the burn tool. That didn't show any changes either even when I toggled between the layers. I th
  18. I have the full version of affinity photo. I used (played) with liquify persona a lot and pushing almost every button just to see what it does. It's working great. I then click on apply I go back to dev persona (where I was just before) I want to go on photo persona. I click on photo persona it tells me to "develop" the picture. I click develop I'm back on the liquify persona. It doesn't go on the photo persona. did I miss something or is it a bug ?
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