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Found 343 results

  1. This should work in both Designer and Photo. When you click on a layer to have the layers panel scroll to, and highlight, the selected layer. It's very inconvenient to scroll up and down looking for the object you've selected especially with more complex documents.
  2. Hi, there. 1. Is there any way to export all layers as PDF ? 2. Or, any shortcut key to export file to PDF ? thanks
  3. It would be beneficial to have Guides show up as a Layer in the Layer stack/palette. Their name/title could be shown Italicized. It would be great if any path, shape, vector could be assigned into a Guide layer, at which point it would lose any attributes and take on the layer's Style. It would be great if it had the same Blend and Opacity controls as regular layers. Solid and opaque guides are clunky, not 60 fps silky smooth... It would be great if you could have multiple Guides Layers, and the Keyboard equivalent turned them ALL on or OFF, and modifiers added functionality.
  4. I was tidying up an illustration's layers, naming, grouping, etc. I noticed I had Group object which was not inside a proper layer in my Layers palette, so I decided to try the Layer > Promote Group to Layer command. When I select the command, my composition changes in the canvas. However, if I make a new layer using the Layer palette and the drag the Group in question, it works as expected... Attached is the master AD file. The Group/Layer in question is labeled "atmosphere." Try it out for yourselves and see.escape velocity.afdesign
  5. Just tried stacking a few Adjustment layers, first a Levels to get my black and white points set: and then wanted to adjust contrast via Curves Adjustment layer (I know it can all be done in curves...) When I open the Curves adjustment layer, AD shows the histogram before the Level Adjustment: It would be more useful if AD showed the histogram at the current level of the compositing stack (after Levels is applied), not the original image's histogram...
  6. Sublayer "2X" is locked, but I can transform it by selecting its unlocked parent layer?! No Bueno!
  7. I was hoping to use the Gradient Map adjustment as a way to turn a black-and-white pixel layer into a black-and-transparent (or white-and-transparent) layer. When I apply a 0% opacity value to one of the stops, the opacity is reflected on the gradient preview, but not on the target layer itself. Meanwhile, the color value works fine (both in the preview and the layer). Did I miss something, or is this a bug? Using latest MAS version (1.1.2) on Yosemite.
  8. Hello all. I have some labels I designed with die lines rectangles. I've duplicated them across the page and now I'd like to select all the die line rectangles and move them to another layer name Dielines. The layer exists as I imported this from AI. I can select the rectangles easy enough, but I'm at a loss on how to easily change their layer.
  9. When i click on a layers name to Rename it, sometimes it just highlights the name of the layer in blue but does not accept the name I type. Once I hit Enter on the keyboard, it defaults to making the layer (Group). Any ideas?
  10. Any chance of a quick tweak to make the active layer more obvious. When scrolling through 100s of layers - the active layer is easily missed. When an object is clicked - automatically scroll to that layer? Is that possible?
  11. Any way of adding a Preview toggle on/off for adjustment layers? S
  12. When I have a group selected and closed and I add a new pixel layer ( Command + Shit + N ) it should add the layer outside of the group. When I tried adding layers with a selected closed group and didn't see my layers adding I was confused. But after opening the group I saw all of the layers I had previously added. So either expand the group open if a layer is added to it, or make it so the a new layer is added above a selected closed group. And the same for new shape layers as well. Also as on observation when a group is selected (Blue) its hard to see the group arrow icon (light grey). Perhaps change the icon color to something that will contrast more when the layer is selected. Also an additional oberservation releted to the layers. When the check mark is toggled on the right of a layer all of the icons shift a bit up and down. Attached is a .GIF showing this happening.
  13. Is there a mode/tool/etc that allows me to select objects on the screen, regardless of the current active layer?
  14. I'm a little confused about how Designer relates to Photo (which isn't out yet, I take it), since Designer seems to have bitmap editing. But I'm ready to toss the dice pending a little clarity on this big question: One recent Photoshop feature that I'm using heavily is Generator - I'd say it has made my life easier than any feature since they added layers! Yes, I'm that old. I wouldn't expect Designer to have the same functionality exactly and generate images from layers with ___.png names in imported Photoshop files. BUT, if I'm ready to start building new files and manually convert my legacy .psd files as needed, is there any similar kind of thing in Designer? Or if not, what's the nearest thing/easiest way to set up object or layer exports? Edit - I found the export tutorial, looks like a reasonable solution for now. I hope that Affinity considers something frictionless like Generator in the future though. Just using filename extensions (with a syntax for settings options) as Generator does is brilliant - no bouncing between multiple windows to set up export of the same object – and I know I've always got the current version of everything at all times, without having to open/find/target an "export" button. It may seem unreasonable to be dissatisfied about those "little" workflow differences, but with the projects and workflow I have, the click object, target settings window, choose multiple widgets to create settings, remember to push a button to export process will actually make me take a pretty big productivity hit compared to Generator. And surprisingly, it suddenly feels like a kind of archaic UX model by comparison, for an otherwise shiny new program. Cheers Allen
  15. Move a layer up or down seems to be a problem. I know it was talked about before, but I can't remember where. It is hard not to make the moving layer a child in another layer. I keep looking for that blue line between layers and it still wants to make the move layer a child of another layer.
  16. Hi, In the latest beta, the slicing tools are not working anymore with layers. Selecting any layers will not select anything in the view, and creating a slice from a layer will always be in the same area of the file whatever layer you select. You have to do everything manually so far. :ph34r:
  17. In a document with some "Draw personas" and some "Pixel personas" layers ( hm, what does "personas" stand for?) to me it appears to be difficult to select some objects by clicking on its visual in the documents page view. Yes, I can click through the "Layers" panel – but I wonder if I am doing any wrong when I try to select an(y) object just visually on its documents area view. –> Is it possible to achieve/select any object (= child layer) on a documents 'paper'/'screen' view? –> If yes: how? – Any keys to hit while clicking? It seems it helps/i need to switch "personas" to enable one or the other object selection in the documents view. – Is this intended?
  18. When shapes are overlapping, we can intersect / add / subtract etc. through the layer > geometry menu.... but how about a "Split" option that seperates the overlaps? It would split and break-apart leaving the pieces movable and editable.
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