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Found 310 results

  1. In photoshop you can make a new layer via copy. Make selection then hit CMD+J for make a new layer with selected content Is it possible to achieve the same using AD? btw, what do you think about to merge vector and pixel persona in to one? Shading is still more convenient using raster brushes. Thank you.
  2. In the layers panel there should be more obvious visual distinction between a layer being in the child layer and the clipping mask position of an other layer. Please see screenshot below. It is hard to spot the difference of a slightly different indentation. Some differentiating icon before the layer icon would help.
  3. Hi I have been experiencing something that I am not quite sure why it is the case. When I have a layer selected and when I want to make an adjustment/change say brighten it, the entire image changes instead of just the layer. How do I do this so only the layer itself changes? If I have a png layer image that has opacity on some areas if I make changes on that image shouldn't it change that image only? Thanks in advance!
  4. Open new document, create a new layer, move the new layer below background. It crashes instantly for me.
  5. Hey, how can i get a selection from several layers in Affinity Photo for Ipad? I tried select non-transparent areas by selected more than one selected layer and a group. But both doesn't work. Sorry, my english is bad. Tanks in advance
  6. We need a way to use black and white images as a Layer Mask. I am trying to use some grain/noise images as a matte, but my final image needs an alpha channel. Currently, I have to use PS to convert my BW images to an image with an alpha channel to use. The workflow isn't very convenient. I have attached the type of image that I would like to use as a Layer Mask. You can see that creating a selection from the image would be impossible.
  7. Hello guys, I was wondering if it is possible to do non desctructive boolean operation and yes it is possible. My only regret is that is very hidden. Wouldn't it be possible to create a "compound" group directly in the "Layers"? Say you select several shapes and you have the option to create compound group with a default boolean operation which you can change for every object afterwards? Other thing, it is really hidden that you have to alt-click a boolean operation to make it non desctructive. Would it be possible at least to add something in the tooltip and even better indicate on the boolean operation there is more that one op? You could fore example popup a menu if you click and hold on the boolean operation. Cheers, DrM0lek
  8. Hi there, is that intended behaviour? When layering an element in depth 3 like beneath an element, it turns invisible ...
  9. In Photo 1.5 I was able to hold ALT and click on a pixel or mask layer to "solo view" it on the canvas. I would press ESC to reset the visibility and reveal all layers again. This no longer works in Photo 1.6.6. I'm still able to solo view a mask or pixel layer, but ESC no longer resets the visibility. Please fix this as this was a key part of my retouching workflow.
  10. Currently in Designer a locked layer that is selected can have objects added. I understand the idea behind this is to prevent objects in the canvas from being selected while allowing the layer itself to be somewhat editable. I think an option to fully lock the layer should be added, this option would prevent any addition, deletion, or any sort of change to the layer. I often have the wrong layer select by mistake and add objects to it, this would reduce the occurence of that situation. Thanks!
  11. Hi, When I want to move a layer into another layer, I can offer it up next to the icon of the target layer, and get a small blue vertical place marker, or, I can offer it under the new layer entry and get a long horizontal blue place marker. What is the difference ? When should I use each one? thanks karl
  12. When I scroll down in a long list of layers to activate/deactivate some other layer it scrolls back up to the current highlighted/selected one. Unfortunately that is really annoying when I want to change background layers while I edit the front layer. So I have to scroll down again to find that layer again. So may I ask you to fix this bug that it doesn't scroll back? Thanks a lot!
  13. When renaming Layers, AD ignores standard MacOS text editing conventions, mainly, passing Opt key + Forward or Back Arrows should move the cursor to the next or previous word, respectively. What seems to happen now is that AD's Kerning command intercepts the keystroke and attempts to increase or decrease letterspacing, which of course is an irrelevant behavior for renaming a Layer. Interestingly, Cmd + Forward or Back Arrows works as expected, taking the cursor to the end or beginning of the line, respectively. Basically, all text editing behavior within the UI should respect MacOS keyboard equivalents. Editing text inside container or blocks should respect AD or the user's custom keyboard equivalents. Thanks for all the hard work; the latest betas are coming along VERY nicely!
  14. Hey everyone! Does anyone know if there is a way in Affinity Photo to lerp from one layer (or layer group) to another using a third (grayscale) layer (or layer group)? As far as I can see, masking will not work, because even at 100% opacity, a mask will only show the white areas. It should work like this: Layer 3: 0% -> Layer 1: 100%, Layer 2: 0% Layer 3: 50% -> Layer 1: 50%, Layer 2: 50% Layer 3: 100% -> Layer 1: 0%, Layer 2: 100% The grayscale information on Layer 3 should be used for the "speed" it shows Layer 2. Bright areas should show Layer 2 first, darker areas should show Layer 2 when approaching 100% of Layer 3. Best wishes, Shu
  15. I am not sure if this was wished befor, but my colleques asked for this when i gave them a lecture about affinity.. Well when selecting layers in the viewport, by pressing the alt key, and klicking , i can switch through several layer on top of each other... in Photoshop theres also the right click menue, to give you a list of layer, to select from, would this bei possible in the future too ? please.. thanks Tom
  16. Hi, how can I move a part of the image within the image? I copy the background layer and work on the new layer. I mask a portion of the image, e.g. the lower half and would like to move the left by a few cm to the left and then to the right. - So I make a new masking level and now? I have tried but I can not move anything it moves always view the overall document. Can someone help me? Thank you and Greeting Dieter
  17. I often use geometry layer to mask (clip) other layers. Unfortunately there seems to be no possibility to mask/clip everything inside the geometry. It would be great to be able to invert geometry layers without rasterizing them.
  18. Hi there, I just started with Affinity Photo on PC. I wanted to make a collage; I know how to place the individual images in a new document (canvas) with specific dimensions. When I add the images to the collage (they are screenshots from the desktop), I see the borders of the program I used to open the screen content in the first place, so I recut them already in Photo. When it comes to place these images into the new document (canvas) I created, somehow the borders appear again even though I made the recut. My most important question now is: how can I crop these images inside the document (again), as an image layer or after rasterisation of these? When I use the crop tool in the tool bar left, it would just let me crop the whole canvas, even if I selected the specific layer. And I don't want to use the eraser tool, just crop my selected image after pasting it in the collage-canvas. Thanks for your help!
  19. Is it possible to have a global layer or layer group that could be applied to all artboards in one file? use case: I'm doing a website design and have a header, navigation, and/or footer in use on all artboards, but make a revision to content/copy/dimenions/whatever I'd like it to update across all artboards in the same way that changing a global color does. Is this currently possible? If not where do I make a feature request?
  20. Hi, I just encountered some behaviour i didnt expect , so i suppose it´s a bug.. When i Lock a pixellayer, and afterwords use a selection and press delete, pixels of the selected layer get deleted.. Which of course shouldnt happen when i had locked it befor.. So did i get something wrong, or is this realy a bug ? Tom
  21. Hello Apologies if this has been asked before. If so someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial video Attempting to recreate the woman in this shape on the attached image Really not sure how to go about it. Trying to get images behind (or on top) of my pixel layer within a designed shape Cheers! -Cunningham
  22. How to crop an image on a selected layer - Affinity Photo v1.3.4? It seems the Crop Tool is a global function. How would I accurately crop an image in a selected layer?
  23. Hello fellow Affinity users. This is my question. How do I get a Mosaïc layer in Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer ?
  24. Hi, In Photo for iPad, what is the equivalent of Option-Clicking a layer, to (in audio terms) 'Mute' all the other layers temporarily? I.e., to visually isolate a layer's display. Thanks in advance, - pbass
  25. JamToak

    Layer List Scroll Bug

    Hey guys, on some projects when the layer list gets a little larger it becomes impossible to scroll down beyond a certain layer. That means that you can't access all layers anymore ! (--> decreases usability heavily) I don't know what has to be done for it to happen, but I will keep an eye on it and will let you know once I figure it out. But apart from that I just wanted to thank you guys for Affinity Photo, it's a great app for Mockups of any kind :) Jam