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  1. Hi! Imagine you enter a text with another input language and keyboard layout. It is then inconvenient to switch back and forth input languages just to use shortcuts (e.g., 'V' for Move Tool is 'М' in Russian layout). Please, make shortcuts dependent on key values rather than input symbols. PS: Excuse me if it is not the problem and there is a workaround for my case. I'm new to AD. PPS: That topic is similar to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/495-keyboard-layout-independance/
  2. Hello, I don't usually do text-proofing on AD, so I would like a way to set the default text tool language to "None", otherwise all designs get scribbly red lines under the text which is terrible for working on the layout. Also a way to set the language of *all* text boxes at once would be great.
  3. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows. My question is does it support typing in Arabic? because when I tried to the letters appeared detached where it should be connected. Also it appeared out of order, the last letter in the word comes first for some reason. Detached = ع ن ب Connected = عنب This problem happen with Photoshop and there was a solution for it. I'm not sure where or how to do it in Affinity Photo if it's there.
  4. Hello! Is there any update on the hebrew/arab type support yet? I saw a post from 2014 saying that it was planned. We are entering 2017. Thank you.
  5. there is no Turkish Language support for your products. Your rival Adobe photoshop and illustrator had that support.
  6. why doesn't have traditional chinese traditional chinese is a lot of users why have the simple chinese but doesn't have traditional chinese???? traditional chinese have been used from a long long time ago traditional chinese in traditional chinese is "正體中文"or"繁體中文" sorry I have a poor English
  7. I have two or three problems with the "Text Styles". Even if the lanuage is configured to "english us" the text styles (Name and in the small textbox) are using the OS language. (Screenshot) If I add some text and click on one of the predefined text styles and then click on "no style", I would expect that the previous selected stlye gets removed but it does nothing? Clicking on different text styles in a row and in between selecting "not style" is moving the highlighted bar in a strage way It would be good to have a small button for "Set no Paragraph Style" and "Set no character style"
  8. Hi, I use Affinity for personal use on my Mac for more than a year and I really love it. And I would really like to make it a primary graphics editor in the company I work. The problem is that some people in the office are not very good in English... ;) Is there any possibility to make my own language version of AD? For example Copy & Edit some file(s) with english strings? (I'm talking about translation into Czech, btw) Thank you.
  9. Hi I have some problems about my Thai language on tone marks float ( like grave accent) you see in attached photos here. There are 2 steps above the character in Thai. I need to have the tone mark in a lower position when the character has no vowel. You know what I mean? Please help me.. I don't know how to figure out.. Thank you in advanced. Pannily from Thailand
  10. Hi, I'm Thai, and I have some questions about my Thai language use of Affinity Photo. I have a problem of tone marks float on my language (with attachment photo) You know in Thai language we have some kind of grave accents we use to give tone to a word. And if it floats, it doesn't look pretty good. So please help me with this problem. Thank you for your kindness in advanced. appreciate, ^____^
  11. Hello This feature was requested by me when discussing a bug, so now I'm requesting it here at the right place. At the moment, when a user has OSX in a non-english language, the OS offers a translation of certain common font styles like bold, italic, regular etc. In a few applications made by Apple such as Numbers or Pages, and also in the Font Book app, these translations are used when selecting fonts from the fontmenu. Most professional design applications however use the original (non-translated) names in the font selection. At this moment, Affinity applications use the translated names, even though the rest of the user interface is English. I personally think the way OSX translates font styles is quite primitive, and I often encounter fonts where half of the styles are translated in Dutch, while the other half are not translated because the typedesigner chose non-traditional names for these styles. Other design-related applications ignore the OSX translations and use the original style names, which is more practical in a professional environment. As long as Affinity doesn't offer application wide translation, I personally think it's better for Affinity to ignore the OSX translations, because we now get a inconsistent user interface with two languages. I'm looking forward to hear how you think about this.
  12. I chose English as my Affinity Photo UI preferred language. My main OS chosen language, however, is Canadian-French. When I want to access Help from its menu, I get the Canadian-French version, which is not ...helping. Now, I can switch the OS language to English but then the keyboard mapping is all messed up. Any ideas?
  13. Under Preferences > General > Language will not stick after a restart. Place items on the desktop and you cannot see the items. You have to draw over the area to 'find' them. The inability to change the black of the menu's and toolbars needs to be change The black pulls you eyes out it is so hard. Help is also faulty in that the text won't resize to the screen size.
  14. I don't personally care that much, but I noticed that in the colors panel that color is spelled "colour", but in the U.S. most people spell it "color". I checked preferences, and I have English - United States selected, so I thought I would just point this out in case it was unintentional.
  15. If recently loaded and installed the beta of Affinity Designer. First of all it feels charmingly familiar to work with it although I've only touched Affinity Photo for a quick test on OS X (coming from an Adobe background). The issue I'm facing is not a technical bug in any of the functions but an formal thing with the interface and language of the software I've noted that the localization if not consistent throughout the interface. The first point I'm noticing it is the default workspace view with a new blank document open. Above the workspace I have a bar showing two buttons for "Dokumenteinstellungen.." and "Einstellungen.." which relates to document setup and settings/preferences in english. In the very top menu bar the language is english all over which gives the impression of a halfway done localization. I can't actually tell if it applies to other languages too, but when setting my own language to "Deutsch/German" this issue becomes visible all the time (and at some other parts of the interface). For my personal preference I would actually stick to plain simple english all the time, but as I'm located in germany and run on a german windows system Designer assumed to setup my interface to german too and I faced this inconsistencies. Overall the mixture gives a weird feeling on whether there is something broken with the installation or my system language is interfering with some sort of settings. I hope this will be handled throughout the beta development to present Designer and the other software packages with a flawless interface in all languages (or just truncate the list of languages to a few more required one). I've attached an image of the current interface marking the german and english parts visible at the same time. Kind Regards
  16. I would like to request the support for arabic language. As it would be very useful to me and a lot of people who use the app. thank you.
  17. I have changed some preferences in my AD, restarted it and now it shows all menus in German, which, sorry, it's embarrassing, I don't know, . I can't find how to change it back to English. Help, please.
  18. My default language is US English, but the last 2 AD/AP betas show British English on the UI, even when the Language Preferences setting is set to Default (which I assume refers back to the setting in the OS X's System Prefs...)
  19. Hello, I have a big problem... I'd like to be able to type in Japanese using the text tool in Affinity Designer, but whenever I use the text tool and type in Japanese, it gives me these yellow blocks... I think that Affinity Designer is available in Japanese as well, so I was wondering if this was a glitch, or if Japanese text is not supported in the English language software? I need to use Japanese in my work so it would be most helpful..... thank you!
  20. I got a big problem! Can Affinity Photo / Designer support UTF Chinese Characters? It seems it cannot display UTF Characters. Do I miss anything? Pls help Many thanks
  21. I can see your company is improving with language, but can you guys add some big population language? Such as Chinese.
  22. Hi! i've just uploaded te last affinity photo and now is it in spanish.. why?? :huh: thank you!
  23. Hello, Affinity Photo Beta is one of the interesting approches altenative to Photoshop CS i've seen. Do you think about a german UI? Where can I find some Information of your colomanagement module und cm processes in Affinity Photo? Because this is one of the real strenght of Photoshop and the most product struggle at this point. B.r. oriwo
  24. good morning know if affinity designer will have Spanish language in the future?
  25. I suggest you use English words instead of British. I found two quick examples for you. Under General Preferences, change "favour" to "favor" and "colour" to "color". Let me know if you want more. :)
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