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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, can you creater an export format to slide soft (keynote, powerpoint). I create a best pdf with publisher but i want to anime my vector in keynote and transition for my courses. Thank you
  2. Good day to you. Usually I use Publisher for creating "presentations" rather than prints, so before I used Keynote a lot. And there is pretty useful thing called: "Advance image fill" where I could take any image and turn it into pattern. I tried to find something similar in Publisher but failed. Any thoughts how can I replace this function?
  3. Where can I find the "Luminance Brush" which was used at the Affinity Keynote to demonstrate Affinity Photo in Publisher? Kind regards & have a sunny weekend!
  4. Hi All, In this lesson we look at using the new Art-Boards tool to create slides so we can create some simple animation within Keynote. Even though Keynote is designed for presentation it has some great built in tools. Affinity on its own its amazing but when you start to use it in your workflow with other applications it takes it to a whole new level. Enjoy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouK5s88sJFg
  5. I needed some bar graphs. I can easily do them in Apple Keynote or Numbers. But if I copy and paste from those apps, I get a raster image. I have to export them to PDF and open the PDF. Oddly enough, Microsoft Excel pasting works better. I wouldn't bother with creating charts in Designer if the copy and past from iWork apps worked well.
  6. I have a logo with transparent background in PNG format. I use photofy to change my logo color but I would like to use keynote. Apple tells me that keynote does not have ability to change my image color. What program can I use to change my logo color and then use in keynote as a PNG with transparent background? Will Affinity help?
  7. I've got a collection of Keynote objects that I'd like to use and edit in Affinity Designer. Is it possible to import them the way PSD files get imported? (i.e. editable?)
  8. Hello, is there an effective and practical way to export vectorial files from AD to Keynote ? I would like to be able to create or edit vectorial files in AD and then exporting them in a format that Keynote can open or import keeping the vectors editable. thanks
  9. Hi, my name Tenli from Indonesia, and very excitement with affinity designer so I could forget ai. But, after updated my OSX into Yosemite something not right with my workflow. At previous OSX I could copy and paste from affinity to keynote/pages, but now it can't, so I have to export them into png then place it to keynote/pages or export them into svg open ai then place it to keynote/pages. This step makes me crazy... Is there any a good way so I just opening affinity, and keynote/pages without ai or else? Or it would fixed in the next update? Thank you Keep Rocks Affinity
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