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Found 12 results

  1. In the attached file all nodes are sharp nodes. Using the node tool, if I select layers 1 and 4, then using the mouse select either the two right nodes or the two left nodes. Then click Join Curves in the context toolbar. The path joining the nodes is a curved line way off the image. But then if the other two nodes are selected and a Join Curves is implemented the path is a short straight line. No matter which two are selected the first set do not join properly for a set of sharp nodes, but the second pair do connect properly. I have seen this in several drawing lately. This is being done on a 2018 27" iMac running Sonoma using either 2.2.0 AD or 2.2.1 (2075) AD beta. test 3.afdesign Screen Recording 2023-10-14 at 7.56.18 AM.mov
  2. I often run into the issue when I am drawing out curves and want to join a couple loose segments. What happens is that some selections are ineligible to join curves, whereas I can join the curves with other selections. Steps to reproduce Create a rectangle and convert it to curves Switch to the node tool and split two nodes to create two curves Select one of the split nodes of the first curve and a path segment of the second Notice how the join curves button is greyed out Deselect all Re-select the both curves, this time only by segments Notice how you can now join the curves 2023-01-02 13-49-11.mp4 Also notice that if I also select a node from the other curve, I can join both curves as well. 2023-01-02 13-56-24.mp4 The latter obviously has to do with joining vertices, but it happens way too often for me that I cannot properly join my curves without changing the way I select them. (Below is the vertex joining). 2023-01-02 13-57-40.mp4 See this simple case below, which usually happens when you decide to join two paths when working with the pen tool. I make sure the ends of the two meet, switch to the temporary node tool with Ctrl + Shift and select the other curve. I then switch to the node tool to join, but I am not able to (I don't have to switch to the node tool, but it makes it easier to compare to the other cases). I am also unable to join the curves from within the temporary node tool invocation. 2023-01-02 14-01-26.mp4 This is in Designer 2.0.3, but I have been having this issue since I used the 1.9 version and thought it is about time to report it.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a singular curve by joining multiple individual curves together using the ADD boolean operation, but it is not working as expected. I have the following design below consisting of multiple curves, and basically I want to join them together so it becomes one single curve: When I used the ADD boolean operation to attempt to join the curves together it came out looking like this: I also tried to use the XOR boolean operation and then use the "Break Curve" and "Join Curve" options respectively to remove the newly intersecting pen curves, but for some reason the areas where the curves should join right after implementing the XOR operation become a jumbled mess (which makes using the Break- and Join Curve actions almost impossible): Hence I'm asking for help with this because I truly don't know how else to achieve this. Not sure if this question has been asked before in the Forum, but any help would be truly appreciated :).
  4. Hi, I want to join curves of this leaf's veins together in a single shape. I want it to look like this: But when I click "Join curves", I get this: What's the catch? I'm sure it's a trivial thing, but wherever I searched for an answer or tried messing around in AD, nothing has brought results. Please help.
  5. Hi, I found a problem connecting the paths. In version I mark the two ends of the path and click join curves and I get a connection. In beta version by clicking join - connect opposite ends! This is a problem with the direction (interpretation or description of the path in the given version). The same paths pasted to version 17 connect opposite pins. And those copied from 17 and pasted to 18 connect correctly! Robert
  6. Hi, I have a simple shape (attached) I'm trying to fill, but despite all the curves being joined it still fills as though they're individual curves. When I joined the last joint it all lit up as yellow, which I assume means it's one joined profile. I also tried several other methods, like drawing each as individual shaped and using 'Join Curves' but not matter what I do I cant get this shape to fill. I'm trying to make the transition from Illustrator to Affinity Designer but problems like this make the transition very difficult. I ended up using my old MAC version of illustrator to do it. Am I missing something? it shouldn't be this difficult. Test.afdesign
  7. Could someone please show me how to create a simple, symmetrical, vector heart shape in Affinity Designer? I just want to be able to join nodes like in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, so easy and simple. I've been trying to create a symmetrical heart shape with two halves, but whenever I use the node snap tool it messes up one node handle at the bottom of the heart. One node handle ends up being forced into a corner node and the heart shape looses it's symmetry. When I try other ways of joining the paths then I get two nodes instead of just one node. Thanks you for your help.
  8. Hi, yes, yet another "how to join 2 nodes post", but I've been in struggle for two days now, I'm creating a font and will have a lot of this places with 2 points together but with different bezier points (see image), I need really clean vector with 1 point instead of 2. When moving 1 point to second one, it highlights in yellow color and snaps to it, I looks like YAAYYY it converted into 1 point???? NO, it's still 2 points just hanging in the same coordinates Selecting 2 points and clicking "Join curves" "Close curves" nothing is happening. "Smooth curve" is great feature, but not great for me in this situation, as shape very much changes How to really create 1 point from 2? without touching the bezier handles and doing anything with hands again (it will ruin the original shape) P.S. Also, why point sometimes have square markers and sometimes round markers? (like in attachment)
  9. I have huge problems when working with shapes, how to open them / break them, how to join curves, how to close curves. It always end up in a mess. Is there a GOOD tutorial explaining this? I have looked around, and this very basic very important topic hasn't really given me answers. Especially the 'break curve' function is a major headache. I can click a node where I want the curve split, click the 'Break Curve' button in the Action panel, and nothing happens. The curve is as whole as it was before I started. This is really driving me nuts. Also, is there a way to toggle handles on off. When I want to move a node, I almost always end up grabbing a handle instead of the node, unless I am zoomed in really much. I hope there is someone out there who can help me out. Thank you!
  10. Twice in the last 2 days I have had a rough O and was basically tuning it into a rough C. I broke both curves then tried to join them into one curve. No matter what I tried it will not join. Is this just me or does this not work in 1.6 beta 4? I am using the Align to selected nodes of curves. I drag one node in one curve so it snaps to a node in the other curve. Press Join curves. But they don't. Does this work for anyone else? Test.afdesign
  11. In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to draw a simple paper clip in Affinity designer. In the first step we will draw the single paper clip as a curve and will use the actions break curve and join curve. With the pen tool we will extend the curve so that it looks like a real paper clip. In the second step (8:18) we will link two paper clips together. Therefor we will use the function expand stroke and the operations devide and add. In the third step we will use a rectangle as a clipping mask to create the drawing for the closed paper clip brush (12:38). At 16:12 I'll show you how to export the paper clip drawings as transparent png files. Creating different brushes in AD and AP will been shown at 18:05. https://youtu.be/Iaq7lmSsVoA
  12. I don't know if this should be a question or a bug. This is a small portion of a large drawing. I have 4 shapes, all arcs created by breaking apart circles. The goal is to combine these into a hotdog shape with a closed path. I had the "Snap to selected curves" on. In the attached Test 31 file I selected all 4 shape layers using the layers panel, then grabbed the upper left node that is repeated on two of the shapes wiggled it to make sure it snapped to the node underneath it. Drew a marque around these two nodes to select them. Then clicked on the Join Curves operation. The 4 shape layers were combined to one. Question 1 How do I know if all 4 sets of connecting nodes have been joined? So that this is a closed path. There's only one red node showing and only one shape remaining. To verify it is a closed path, using the Node tool I selected the 10 visible nodes of the shape using a shift click selection on each. Don't use a ctrl A or a marquee for this test. Then I grabbed one node and drug it. As you can see two nodes didn't join. And one is the upper left node that I had made sure was snapped to the node below it. It is connected but had left a duplicate node, looks like a Close Curve command was used. So out of 8 nodes in 4 sets it looks like: 2 sets were joined, the 2 nodes in each set becoming 1 1 set was combined using a Close Curve that I didn't click, the 2 nodes in the set were joined by a path. 1 set was not joined I really figured only the 1 set selected would be operated upon by the Join command. That's all I wanted at this point. Question 2 thru 4 Why did it even attempt to join nodes that were not selected? Is this a bug or is it supposed to operate on unselected nodes? If this is by design how do we tell AD not to join nodes that we don't want joined? Question 5 Why the inconsistency? I assume the node set that was not joined probably the nodes were not snapped to each other. But the set that I am sure were snapped had a Close done on them not the Join operation I selected. When I have repeated this test using the same file sometimes the two sets that didn't Join swap but I always get the same, 2 joined, 1 closed, and 1 open. Done in AD Beta Test 31.afdesign
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