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Found 56 results

  1. Hi, Would it be possible to shed some light on this for me. When I load a sequence of files (not Batch Processing) ....e.g. SR_3122, SR_3123, SR_3124, SR_3125, SR_3126 into the interface to Develop,having 5 files open, the files are not displayed in order. Instead of being in numerical order from left to right across the interface, it seems to be random, first file on the left would be say SR_3123, then SR_3126, SR_3124, then SR_3122 and SR_3125. Many Thanks Simon R
  2. I've been having an odd export problem – for an art board in Affinity Designer, where the colored rectangle stretches beyond all four sizes of the board, my image export still has white edges on it. See leftmost edge on https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1492/24492530382_44214af211_o.jpg I've had this problem twice. FWIW I'm exporting as JPGs. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I didn’t find any reports on this, so; I recently made a quick graphic thing which looked ok on the screen but rather different when printed. It seems the blurred star over the lamp is rendered in Colour Grey and the rest is B/W Grey (see closeup of print). When printed från Designer or exported to pdf the print looks the same. Export to png or jpg the print is ok, although Colour Grey. Attached is also the original file of the masterpiece. No answer required. Kind regards! /BjornE AD project.afdesign
  4. I have a simple JPG generated by some software, and I'd like to replace one colour (straight black or white) with another, or make it transparent. So far, any attempt to use the colour replacement brush tool have not given any result, and my search on the forum found its use to be an as yet unanswered question. I was hoping this brush would act as pick-and-replace tool (if pixel is <colour set> then replace with the colour set as front) but evidently I have this wrong. As I have both AD and AP, here are my questions: - which is the best to use? - what is the exact process to replace a specific colour x with a colour y? (layer select, any settings that can mess it up, which brush to choose, how to choose the colour to change and set the colour it will be replaced with). - just in case I come across this later, is there also a way I can control the *range* of colours accepted for replacement (the cat example isn't universally the same orange). I'm clearly missing something simple, but I can't seem to identify what.
  5. I have had this problem before: I'm ready to upload my work to the forum...but whenever I export my AD file to jpg and try to attach the jpg; nothing happens. :( But when I photograph my screen, upload the jpg to my desktop and then upload the picture to the forum, success! My post now has a picture. This has got me baffled, any ideas? :blink: :wacko: peter
  6. If I create or open a JPG of 72 DPI, and Choose Document>Resize Document.... and then change DPI to 300, with resample turned off and save. When I reopen the document, and choose resize document it is reporting it as 72 DPI still. Changing it in pixelmator or Photoshop is working.
  7. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows 10. I just exported a picture (RGBA/8 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to JPG+PNG and a square appeared on the picture (s. attachment) When I open the .aphoto file in Affinity Designer the square shows up when switching the document type to RGB16 in a 'high frequency layer'. The square doesn't show up in Affinity Photo but when I disable the high frequeny layer and export the picture the square disappears. Thanks Frank
  8. Hi there, I usually solely work with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but unfortunately the exports looked like crap, so I tried every installed ICC profile and realised that the profile that the exported picture looks alike is the Samsung Natural Color Pro. I thus checked all the settings, converted the ICC to sRGB again, set it manually in the exporter but it still didnt work - it kept exporting with the Samsung profile. In the end the only solution I could find was to convert to the Samsung profile and, additionally, set it manually in the exporter instead of using document profile. This does not seem to be a solution on the long term. Maybe someone else has made similar experiences and can confirm this bug. Many thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer for exporting JPG. My Problem is the File Size is too big, even with compression of 0%. Example: 80% compression = 80,3 KB 0% compression = 66,2 KB Why remains the File Size so big? Could it be a bug? (The problem is with Mac and Windows. I have tested it.) See attached my examples. bg-header.psd
  10. When exporting JPEG files, the default preset is always "JPEG(High quality)". Does anyone know how to change the default present for saving JPEG? It would be great if I could change the default one to the preset I created. Thank you very much. Regards, Sleepy
  11. I presume its possible to save photos as jpg (unless the beta doesn't allow it) but I cant find any way to do that.yet. If I am not allowed to do that why doesnt the program tell me that?
  12. Hi. After a lot of experimenting I have found the only way to export an original 72 dpi jpg image as a resized 300 dpi jpg is to uncheck 'embed metadata' in Export Persona mode. Otherwise the image reverts to 72 dpi when reopened. Is this the only work-round to do such a fundamental task? I guess I'm missing something obvious, but I just can't find it. I’m using Affinity Photo version 1.4.3. Thanks a lot.
  13. Hello, I can't seem to work out how to do this. I've limited experience with Affinity Photo, using it mostly for simple contrast and exposure adjustments. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but can't figure out how to apply a simple ND Filter effect to an overexposed sky. Thanks!
  14. Hello, when i open any image (e.g. an jpg-image) and perform changes as changing the image resolution, canvas size or use some filters as mask unsharpen, the changes are shown on my monitor. But if i than export the image to e.g. an jpg file, all changes are away when I open the overworked image: I than have the original unchanged image. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug of Affinity Photo? It seems, that Affinity Photo is not saving the changes of the overworked image but only the original unchanged image. Additionally changes in the work space (e.g. changing the unit of the rulers to centimeters) are not remembered. On each new opened document as on each new startup of Affinity Photo, the rulers have maintained the original settings of pixels. I am using version 1.4.2. with an 27" iMac Retina. Best regards Martin
  15. With a 300 dpi image in affinity photo, I exported as jpg and chose 72 dpi. When I reopen the document in affinity photo or in photoshop it seems to always say that it is 300 dpi. I resized it again and saved it and still the same thing. It's important that I follow the guidelines when submitting my art so I am nervous to send this as I can't figure out why it wont stay 72 dpi? Thanks, Andrea
  16. Hello, it would be very nice to be able to see the preview and the estimated size in kb while exporting in jpg and png (and maybe an export with TinyPNG would be awesome ) thank you
  17. Hi, I created an illustration in Affinity and now when I am export it as a jpg the colours are coming out very dark than what I see in the workspace. Please see attached screenshot of workspace and the exported jpg. You will notice the colour are different in working file and the exported jpg. Why is it happening and how can I fix it? Also attached is the .afdesign file so you check. regards laborday.afdesign
  18. Can I save an image as a JPG or a TIFF. If not, can it be converted to a JPG or TIFF and how?
  19. Hello, First, sorry for my English. I'm using Google Translate. I hope you understand me. What happens is I've done a job and trying to export, I get the picture completely blank. It seems that the program does not recognize the drawing. This error did not happen before because I could export the work progress smoothly. I have opened other jobs and these if they are exported correctly. Would you know tell me how to fix it ?. Add screenshots that if they help Thank You! (:
  20. Hi all, I'm wondering why does the app crash whenever I create folders or import files using the export persona? . Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Macbook MD101 (mid 2012, 16GB RAM). Cheers, Karl
  21. I took about 300 pictures in Europe (all JPG). I have them separated into different folders (such as Budapest, Hungary, etc). Im using Affinity for the first time, but I'm finding out when you save, it only saves as a afphoto. I would like to save as JPG, so friends can view it on Facebook, or if I share, they can just open it. How can I save a Photo that I worked on in Affinity as a JPG to a specific folder?
  22. Hi. I'm having serious issues with exporting to jpg or any other format. When i do, the quality is significantly worse. But i can't work out why. Sometimes when i export some files they are fine, but others the quality is bad. Please help!
  23. Hi, Have any of you experienced poor quality jpg exports with Affinity Designer? I get highly pixelated images even with the quality slider set to 80%. In Photoshop, I would get better quality at lower percentages. No clue how their compression algorithms work but wondering if Designer has some different settings I don't know about that would help me get better quality exports. Any ideas?
  24. I have had several issues with "jaggies" when scaling images down, particularly PNGs. if I save the file as a .afphoto first and then adjust it isn't too bad, but if I take a native PNG of say 5000x5000 and scale to 1500x1500, the results are very noticeable. Any ideas? Maybe I am missing something (which is entirely possible since I am so new to Affinity Photo; I've attached a low res copy of my logo which I was trying to scale)
  25. I downloaded the trial of Affinity Photo and was playing around with the program and was saving an image and noticed that it saved in .afphoto. How do I save it in .jpg?