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Found 169 results

  1. Affinity Forums Hello friends, greetings from Honduras, now will share a link to download vectors and more. link: http://es.all-free-download.com The site is ideal for use with Affinity Designer. greetings To You
  2. I have file that was made in (of course) illustrator with some graphics. When I open in AD, they are literally slices with Curves adjustments - Open in Illustrator and click the graphics I want copy for pasting in AP and after a couple clicks, I can Select the group of graphics. Anyways. Thoughts? Also last thing. Here is what Illustrate says about slices when I open the EPS in Illi.
  3. Hallo Team, I have a Flyer which I made for a customer in Illustrator CS 6 as a PDF, I wanted to import it. The problem is after the import, the strokes seem to be offset.. I didn't convert the strokes to outlines before the import and If you need the file or more info please feel free to ask. The file isn't for the Public. Robert
  4. Hi, the one major feature I use regularly that stops me from using Affinity Designer as a replacement for Illustrator is better selection tools. In particular I use the Select > Same functions all the time (Scientific Illustrations and graphs): I didn't see this on the roadmap or regularly requested features, so ask here. Thanks.
  5. The attached graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator with multiple artboards. When opened in Illustrator each panel has its own artboard which is fitted to the size of the panel. When you open in Affinity Designer for Windows the first artboard is very large while the other artboards are correctly sized. applied-products-future-applications.ai
  6. When importing from Illustrator are layers that have a "ä, ö, ü" or "ß" in the name, shown in Affinity Designer 1.4.2 nameless.
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum so apologies if this question has been asked before. Anyway, I now and then create vector stock images and this is the first time I've done the work with Affinity Designer, mainly because I cannot stand Adobe Illustrator. But the problem is that stock agencies usually demand you send them Illustrator compatible eps files. Therefor I always check the final art in Illustrator. When importing the eps (and pdf) files I created with Affinity, I noticed that the gradient fills have been rasterized to bitmaps (this is a usual phenomena with other programs as well). Is there any workaround to import Affinity created files to Illustrator with the gradients intact. They are simple two color gradients, nothing fancy. It doesn't have to be eps or pdf, anything will do, as I can save them as eps in Illustrator after I have checked that everything is OK. The only solution so far is to create the gradients in Illustrator. -Paul
  8. Hi, I have been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 for several years without issue but I am looking to change over to Affinity Designer as I have several new devices that are no longer compatible with CS2. I have been really impressed by Affinity Designer and it appears it can do all the things I'm looking for, so I'm planning on buying it :) However, all my previous files I have made with Illustrator I have saved as EPS files and when I open these in Affinity Designer it looks like only the layer that was visible at time of saving is displayed. It appears the same if I save the file as an AI file. I re-saved the file in Illustrator with all the layers displayed but when I opened this file in Affinity Designer it only showed a single layer and although it looks like all the content is present under this layer it's not the same layer organisation as when I open it in Illustrator. Is anyone able to suggest what I can do to make my existing EPS files more manageable in Affinity Designer? Layers in Illustrator: Layers in Affinity:
  9. Hey guys, I did a design job the other day and was asked which companies used Affinity Designer. It would be interesting to know which companies have switched over completely from illustrator. I know that there is one in Portugal that has made the switch completely. Its still very early days for Affinity but i think its going to go far :) I love it
  10. I've recently started trying to use Affinity Designer and have run into a small issue. When I try to open an older Illustrator CS5.5 document with Affinity Designer, it doesn't bring in the layers. Is there any way to preserve layers from an Illustrator document?
  11. Hi, I have an artwork originally created in Illustrator. Now I want to continue using it in AD, and on opening the file I saw the stroke was 1 pt, which was too fat. So I thought about reducing the strokes by selecting all and then go to stroke and set it to 0.7 pt. Which – at least on my machine – didn't work. So I had to select each line exclusively, resize stroke weight and than select the next line. Is there a quicker solution? Next change I'd like to realize is stroke style. Again, a repeating task, my goal is to set all strokes to the attached kind of style. Is there a way to create stroke styles that I then can apply to selected pieces of my art work? runtavomberg.ai
  12. Hi, as an industrial designer I'm using Rhino (Nurbs-Modeling) to create paths from 3D objects which are then handed over to Illustrator. The .ai file exported from rhino is opened by illustrator but not by Designer. It seems like they use something like an older version .AI (attached) It would be great if the .ai importer is able to read these files. Then I (and some other 3D guys) could drop Illustrator altogether. Thanks for considering. test.AI
  13. I've found that when importing an Illustrator file which has a bleed, Affinity will interpret that bleed as the dimensions of the canvas and rescale everything inside to fit. So say I have a 210x99 document with a 3mm bleed all around, Affinity will read that file as 216x105 but still scale everything visible in the 210x99 window up to fit 216x105. This means checking my document sizes every time I import an Ai file. Ideally, Affinity would either ignore the 3mm bleed, or create a document with a 3mm bleed. Not the end of the world, and it may be down to how Illustrator presents the info within an Ai file, but I thought it was worth pointing out for the sake of polish.
  14. Hello, I'm really interested in Affinity Designer, but the one thing holding me back is that I'm not sure if it has something similar to Adobe Illustrator's "Shape Builder Tool" the one that lets you manually combine shapes together or delete parts of them, I hope there is one.
  15. As it says above, keep the document's layer structure when the file is exported to pdf format. Thanks
  16. I can open AI files in Affinity Design, but I cannot seem to edit them except gross resizing of the entire image or individual parts. How do I get at the control points for editing?
  17. Guys, it should be great app for microstock contributors. There're a huge amount of users, who can prefer AD instead of Illustrator. But there're many things that you need to do, if you want to increase the amount of users. The main thing for microstock illustrators is normal export to EPS format, especially EPS10, that all microstocks approve (http://goo.gl/oIYOpA). "Normal": 1) without problems of rasterization (now with gradients) 2) with handy option of expanding, like in AI (text, brushes, lines, etc.) 3) with the possibility to continue editing in Illustrator - hope it's temporary. http://www.istockphoto.com/help/sell-stock/training-manuals/illustration/quality-standards - this manual can help you. You are just amazing! Waiting for more comfortable version for microstock illustrators. You must think about this, seriously. Microstock users are a huge piece of world market of illustrators. p.s. sorry for not so perfect english
  18. OK, so one of the first things I do when looking at a new piece of software is see if it is "truly" compatible with Adobe illustrator. That is, it can not only import but export a usable file. Just about every software I have used cannot export gradients without breaking down each color into little bands or rasterizing it. Xara Extreme is the only one I have found thats works well, though they only have a PC version. It seems Affinity Designer is one that does NOT work will with exporting eps or svg files with gradients. Although it says that it can, and there is even a check box that allows files to be editable as a vector file, if there is any object overlapping, if there is a gradient, forget it. In fact, I created a box with a single color and one curve, exported as a eps, and it converted it to a bitmap. (see attached). One of the second things I do is see if I can draw a straight line at a specific angle, or at a angle specified in snap mode. I didn't find that feature yet. Anyone? I create stock illustrations and these stock sites insist on editable EPS version 10 files, no bitmaps objects. I'm think I did not find my replacement for Illustrator. ___ This make this software totally unusable for me. SO, I was hoping that someone could prove me wrong and show me how this will work.
  19. I have an Adobe Illustrator file with several hundred layers. These layers are meticulously organized and arranged into many subgroups. When I open Illustrator files into Affinity Designer, none of the subgroups are present. Just a massive flat list of all the layers. This makes using Affinity Designer effectively useless because the time it would take to re-group everything is entirely prohibitive. Have I missed something?
  20. Hello. I want to change the colours of this drawing and more specifically I want to make the lifework white and the background blue, light blue, red etc from top to bottom. Which app should I use? Affinity designer or Photo? What would be the optimal procedure? Antikythera mechanism final.pdf
  21. Hey, something i'm terribly missing (and that I use a lot in Illustrator) is the expand stroke function. This lets you convert a stroke of any object into a fill. Sometimes this handy in logo's (because sometimes the strokes are not scaled proportionally and your logo is ruined when scaling). thanks! benjamin
  22. First off, its great to see another contender in the ring against Adobe. Microsoft tried and failed with there Expression Studio software, but then again its not the first mistake they have ever made. You guys have some solid programs and your Affinity Project looks great, but why just Mac? Hear(read) me out, I have a big love for the Linux Community. Ubuntu is the distro I use a lot on my laptop, its clean, its simple and has came a long way from the days of old. With the new Software Center and Unity Bar you can't really go wrong. The only thing Ubuntu lacks is big business software. There seems to be this thing about software you pay money for over something that is free, the free stuff just doesn't give people the same feeling as bought. So here is what I suggest, why not develop for Linux (Ubuntu)? I know plenty of people in design that if they knew a solid design application was out for Ubuntu they'd switch. It's gawna happen soon Serif, Steam(games) are encouraging people to develop their games for Linux for SteamOS. these game will be available on the Steam client for Ubuntu. Think about it, the more Steam pushes Linux, the more younger people will choose the free Linux OS distros that support steam clients. This means in the future there will be a pretty good opening for a solid design studio on Linux. Being the Adobe of the Linux world wouldn't be a bad thing, since the power house Adobe refuse to support Linux. https://forums.adobe.com/message/4728888 Think about it Serif.
  23. Would love to give Designer another shot, but I use sublayers in my AI files for mainly organizational purposes. When importing .ai file into Designer it brings in layers, but the sublayers are gone, so all the "insides" of the layers (hundreds of items) are all flat in the parent layers. Attached screenshots of a piece of my AI files layers and what I get in Designer.
  24. I know this may seem picayune, but... I've spent a LOT of time the last 15 years building up swatch libraries and my own internal graphic style libraries to make illustrative site plans and elevations quick to produce and effective to do with interns etc. I would LOVE if Affintiy Designer could import these once, and then convert them to Affinity Styles...
  25. I'm facing a problem when importing a PDF file in AD, since some original filling colors appear changed - pleas look at the attached images. The original PDF was created in Illustrator. It could be an issue due to the blending modes used in Illustrator? How can I resolve this problem?
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