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Found 73 results

  1. I've been watching lots of tutorials and playing around with Designer to get used to it. When I got to the video on Symbols in Designer 1.5, this concept leapt to mind, and so I made it. It makes use of Symbols, Artboards and the power of the Export Persona to simplify outputting all the required sizes for an iOS application icon. And of course designing the artwork in the first place is easy and fun with all the Designer tools at your disposal. This blog post explains how to use it and contains the download link.
  2. Hey, Congrats on 1.5 - it is sweet! Unless I'm missing something... And this is no biggie - but the export preset for OS X icons gives the folder a ".appiconset" extension, however, the stock provided tool for making icons (iconutil) requires ".iconset". Maybe this is something that I can fix myself, by editing the preset (if it is in some file somewhere)? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Does Affinity do any kind of exports to .ico files? What's the best way to export icon designs? Thanks!
  4. Hi there guys, I have taken a pre-made template by a guy in PSD and converted it to Affinity Designer format, with embeded Icon in 1024 x 1024 which you just double click for editing. I took the idea for embeded editing from another template here for IOS (green tech I think? Thanks!). All credits listed in copyright of the file. To edit, just double click the massive icon and boom. Enjoy, Mart OSX.afdesign
  5. expressivemedia

    Built in templates

    Hi there, firstly, affinity Designer is simply amazing!! I do apologise for this question if it has already been answered, I did have a look through the pages and never saw it. I want to know if Affinity designer would ever have pre built in design templates for UI and Icon Design? I create a lot of iOS and Android icons and design user interfaces for mobile apps also, it would be super cool if Affinity had a preset iOS, Mac OS and Android icon template as well as standardised UI frameworks built in to speed up my design process. If this is not a feature to be considered, is it possible for me to create these frameworks myself and have them stored ready to use when I need them? Thanks
  6. Hé guys and girls, I've been using Affinity Designer for icon design the last few weeks, such a nice tool. When I export these files to .png and use them in Sketch it's all working good. When I export them in 300 dpi (64x64) and use them in Indesign the icons are very blurry and setting the display quality to high doesn't do anything. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or do I have a preset setting wrong? There is a screenshot with it, the icon in indesign at 300 dpi at 100%.
  7. I just downloaded my trial version of Affinity, will there be an icon on my iPad pro, as if I downloaded an app? I am not seeing it at this point, but got the email that says I have started my free trial. I really want to learn this app as I know it will help me with my buisness
  8. If i double click an icon to open an afphoto file, it does not work. My system ask me for a commercial license of the software (even if I have a legal copy of Affinity photo). So I have to open the software first and then open my files thru the file menu of AF Photo.
  9. I used to design lots of icons in Photoshop a few years back and designed my first icon in AD over the past few days. It's great to work fully in vector, but multiple artboards will come in handy (when they arrive) to do variations and the different (smaller) sizes. Here's my take on a replacement icon for Subler.
  10. Tried to change the size of the tools icons, but nothing happens. Restart is of no use. OSX 10.10.5, MacbookPro Retina 13", Affinity Photo 1.3.5 via App Store.
  11. predick

    A Calculator Icon Concept

    My 1st rejected draft icon made by AD.
  12. Hi All, Trying to figure out how best to save the changes/settings after I've worked on a RAW file. I've looked in the Affinity Help and so far while looking in the Basic Develop Persona section I found mention of "Save Presets" and an icon associated with it. (see the screen shot attached). I've also found a mention in the forums of adding presets via the pull down menu above the Basic/Exposure settings (screen shot also attached) It's difficult finding specific topics in the built in help as some things are mentioned once but can not be used as search criteria to find out more info. Having used Photoshop previously I think some of the trouble is terminology and a bit of semantics, but it would be good to clear up what means what, and how you might be able to see changes after you save a Raw file as when I return to a changed and saved Raw/af.photo file the sliders are all back to zero, which is not what I'm used to using Photoshop. So, questions: 1. How does one see what changes have been made to a Raw file after adjustments have been made and the file saved and re-opened, as it seems on reopening all the sliders are zeroed and not showing the changes that had been made? 2. Where can the "Save Presets" icon shown in Affinity Help be found on screen or in which menu? 3. Is there an equivalent of an .xmp file created after adjusting a RAW file? 4. Do you have to "add preset" via the Basic pull down menu each time you want to save your adjusted settings to each and every file instead of it re-opening with the settings already done and showing on the sliders? 5. Is "adding" the same or equivalent of "saving" presets, or are they two separate things doing two different jobs? (tried to illustrate this with another screen shot) Think that covers it.
  13. After the recent popularity of my flat icon tutorial, I decided to start a tutorial series focusing on the principles of flat design. In this first tutorial, I focus on basic shapes and flat colors. As an example, I walk through how to make a flat iMac icon like I posted before. To view the tutorial, click here. Hope you like it!
  14. fluidbrush

    Icon design ~

    My first try with Affinity designer. Loved it a lot... Let me know your comments please. Inspired by one of the Affinity designed work.
  15. Icon App Linguagem do Coração Affinity Designer.
  16. Hey guys, I'm very new to Affinity Forum and this is my first post! I have designed new icons for Affinity Apps based on the original icons' unique characteristics and flatted design. I hope Affinity Team can see this and maybe get some ideas from my design! Let me know what you think! Affinity have updated the apps with brand new flat design, personally I think the new design is tasteless and not easy understandable for newcomer who didn't see the original design! All design are using just Affinity Photo beta app! Thanks for sharing your opinions!
  17. clem

    icon for web

    hi, I create some icons for my personal use ! So you can download it and use it for your creation ! if a got time, i will upgrade the AD file. Download it here ! thank for watching.
  18. Hi, I show you my last work (juste for fun). An icon who represente a fried egg icon for iOS ! I made it, only with simple shape, fx an gradient effect ! the idea was come when look an old tuto for Sketch and when i cooked fried egg for the diner (inspiration is everywhere !)… I have keep the background color (because i like the gradient), and i created my icon on it ! Thanks for watching !
  19. It would be extremely helpful if the file icons for the affinity format showed a thumbnail of the file in the finder like most other image formats, rather than a blank icon. I'm starting to acquire a fair number of Affinity files, and it's a pain to not be able to tell them apart visually... Thanks!
  20. It'd be wonderful if the ability to export slices was expanded even further for the creation of icon sets. With icons, I want the ability to dump raster images of various sizes. So, for example I might want to: 1.) For each slice, generate a PNG file with the object centered at 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, and 256x256 2.) For each slice, create a .ico file with all of the following images at multiple color depths. Use case #1 is something I need multiple times per week. Use case #2 is fairly rare.
  21. jasonteunissen

    Clone tool

    Hi Guys, Going from Inkscape to Affinity designer was been an awesome experience. One of the things I really liked in Inkscape is a tool called clone. When you change the original the clones all change as well. This makes it easy to make symmetrical icons and logos. not sure if its already in here or not, but It'd be nice to have. Cheers,
  22. Hello, The icons in the left (the tools in the toolbar) does not change visuals in any way (to indicate a pressed state) when you press the mouse button on them. It is only when you release the button over the tool that is shows as selected. This had me wonder if they were disabled or if I missed the tool. I have a 4k dual screen setup with 2560x1440@2 on a dual graphics card D700 MacPro 2013. It's on Mavericks with all updates. I have a friend that made the same observation. I don't think he's on a MacPro. He's @hansolo_ on twitter if you want his setup. Btw, the buttons in the top bar works as expected and shows the pressed (armed) state. Cheers, Mikael
  23. Hello, Unfortunately the forum search feature does not allow my to search for less than 4 character search terms, so 'iOS' is out of the question. Does the program offers any sort of 'automatic' (if you will) export functions/features for iOS icon designs? Eg, automatically export files with the various required iOS icon sizes? Thanks.

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