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Found 73 results

  1. The programme should have icons that are always visible for things like Printing. To constantly go through File>Print> etc. is time consuming.
  2. I've just purchased affinity photo, and every 2 minutes or so the dock icon bounces, and the app comes to the foreground. How can I fix this? Thanks
  3. Steps to reproduce in AP 1.6.1: 1) Have a pixel layer 2) Create a live adjustment layer 3) With the adjustment layer selected, click on the create layer group icon. 4) The newly created layer group is represented by a grey rectangle icon 5) Open and close the layer group, the layer icon changes to folder. The icon should have been updated already at time of creation Another variation is dragging an adjustment layer into an empty layer group (horizontal bar position). The layer group is open, and the icon is not updated, and remains empty gray rectangle. Close and re-open the folder, the layer icon gets updated to a folder icon.
  4. Hello, I would like to get Affinity Designer, but have a few questions before that. So I am a passionate programmer and I am very interested in the design of my app. I would like to know if Affinity has predesigned App icons included For example, a back sign or an adjustment sign. I would appreciate an answer Best regards Kevin H.
  5. aenimanu

    Flat–style vegetable assets

    Hi everyone! So, I am this kind of person who don't check the forums so often… But at this time I want to contribute and share with you this assets I made some months ago, when I was experimenting with the AF. Designer for first time. I hope you find this resources useful for your works or simply to experiment. Cheers everyone! Barazkiak.afassets.zip
  6. This error affects the current versions of photo and designer on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. There are some icons that appear in the Windows. They do not have a function and you can click through it.
  7. Hi, I am new to the Forum and only downloaded Affinity today. Hopefully a simple solution. An icon has appeared on the screen which I can't remove...as attached. AS can be seen, the icon remains static when the Affinity screen is moved. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers ianezy0
  8. incomn

    xCode icons asset

    Hi everyone, first time for me to contribute to this wonderful community, i just wanted to share my iOS / OSX app icon set, since the ones i found didn't cover every resolution needed. With this template, you just have to put your icon in every workspace and then export everything, the @*x are already set so you have them all ! you can see the results in the screenshots. Have fun guys ! icon template.afdesign
  9. RoadkilleR78

    Android App Icon Template

    Hi everyone, I made an icon template for Android apps. Hope you'll like it! android icon template.afdesign
  10. Does the .afdesign file have an icon like photoshop has? Or does it just use the programs icon?
  11. I can't find Glyphs in Affinity Design, for using font icon. Can you help me?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to design icons with Affinity Designer. At this point I've figured out that I should design my icons at @1x then export them in the sizes I want. But there's one question that remains. How is the best way to reuse an icon? For example: imagine if I'm designing a search icon with a little magnifying glass. This icon is intended to be of 40 points for both iOS and Android. Designed, exported, everything is fine. But now I want to reuse that icon in a larger one. Say, that it would be the same magnifying glass but on a piece of paper. And this icon is expected to be at least 2 times larger proportionally to the first one. I need to double the size of my magnifying glass. How would you do that? Can Symbols help in this regard? Because if I'm just taking my vector magnifying glass, copy it onto the next document, then try to augment its height and width, I'll get the good size but the strokes won't increase accordingly... And I don't see myself exporting the magnifying glass into pixels to reuse it on a vector document. Thanks a lot for your help, Clément
  13. How do I get all these icon shortcuts on the right side I've enclosed???
  14. I'm currently learning Affinity Designer and saw a tutorial for making some icons in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to try making some to use and learn different tools and processes. In the tutorial they show how to make a shadow of the icon by moving to the side and using 'Blend Options' to create many steps so that it looks like a continuous shadow and not a duplicate shape behind (In the hyperlinked tutorial on Icon 1, Step 5). Just a shape behind, not continuous. Continuous. What I'm trying to achieve. So basically, I am asking to see what is the best way to achieve this in Affinity designer? Is there a similar feature available to that in Illustrator?
  15. Hi I recently Started to convert my hand drawn icon set to affinity designer here is the first icon in the series. I will keep on updating this thread for further updates.
  16. The gradient tool is so much better than Illustrator (What I'm talking about...Designer infinitely superior Illustrator in every way). B) The Node Tool can be bothering sometime, but Designer can achieve a great effect easily. Behance All my work published on Behance are made with Designer or Photo, check them out as well!
  17. Q. Is there a way to increase the Icon Preview Thumbnail for each individual brush in the Brushes Palette? Reason: I have many brushes with subtle differences. I am a visual person and would like the ability to quickly pick the correct brush. Having the option to have a LARGE thumbnail vs. a tiny thumbnail and the 'stroke' preview. For example, many of my light flare brushes look exactly the same in the palette tiny thumbs and the 'stroke' preview is unnecessary for their application. thanks, Mars
  18. Hello everyone! I'd like to request a feature: When selecting View -> Toggle UI, all of the UI will be hidden, which can be really great. The only problem that I am running into sometimes: I don't know which tool I have currently selected. Could you please include an option to let the user show the tools window even when "Toogle UI" hides all the other UI? Or maybe even better: Just show the one icon of the tool that is currently selected. The confusion especially happens when you have to cycle through tools. For example, for the "Pixel tool", you have to press B twice for "Colour Replacement Brush Tool" three times and for "Smudge Brush Tool" four times. Personally, I run into this especially when I don't know which tool is currently selected. For example, the eraser (E) is selected, but I think the brush (B) is selected. Then, I press E to select the eraser. Then it doesn't select the eraser, but rather the background eraser. Best wishes, Shu
  19. Hi folks. I have been working with the beta for windows, and once it has gone on sale I bought it. Just a couple of things: In the layers panel there are a couple of icons that would be very useful, to solve with a click actions that are frequently used: - Duplicate layer. - Combine selected layers. On the other hand, some sliders, especially the exposure adjustment, and others, have a very abrupt increase in values in response to the mouse, its difficult to make small value changes with the mouse. And the response to the sliders is not homogeneous between different settings, nor between different modes of development (for example in Lightroom this answer is similar in all settings) I do not know if there is a way to adjust this as a user, otherwise you should throw it a look. Greetings, and keep up the great work!
  20. MrDoodlezz

    Snowflake Icon Generator

    Hey guys, the holiday spirit got me and I experimented a little with new symbol palette in Designer. I thought maybe this will be useful for someone out there who’s creating last minute greeting cards, name-tags for presents or other related stuff – or just for fooling around. ;) Here’s an example, an inspirational little how-to clip plus the file. Snowflake Generator.afdesign Happy holidays and enjoy! :) Dennis
  21. It would be great if AD added a fourth "Split View on/off toggle" icon the 3 icon View set presently on the Toolbar. I LOVE split view, and love quickly panning between rendered and key line to edit precisely and see the results on the other side, but hate going to the sub-menu to toggle it on and off...
  22. Andreas Larsen

    iOS App Icon Template

    Created with the place image tool - edit one icon updates all Export to all relevant sizes using slices Preview on different backgrounds Preview on different shades of grey Preview in pixel views for pixel perfection Preview and export with/without rounded corners Download Icon template.afdesign
  23. RoadkilleR78

    iOS9 App Icon Template

    Hi everyone, I made an icon template for iOS apps. Will be glad to know what you think of this template. ios icon template.afdesign
  24. Using the app's icon as the icon for every document is very confusing. Since it is so easy to implement, please have proper CFBundleTypeIconFiles.

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