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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, I've got some problems using the soft proof adjustment layer in Affinity Photo. I am so far unable to replicate the behaviour of Adobe Lightroom (which worked pretty well). I've attached two images here showing the difference in results (left side LR, right side AP). Gammut check is totally off in AP and the shadows are way to bright in the preview. I'm using a color profile provided by the photo lab for their exposure unit and they specify exactly what settings to make for which of their products. In this specific case: Retain CMYK-numbers: n/a Retain RGB-numbers: off Rendering priority: relative colourimetric Black point/shadow compensation: on Emulate paper color: off The shadows in the LR preview also get (somewhat) brighter if I turn paper color emulation on, however that is wrong and I seem to be unable to turn it off in AP...? I hope I'm just missing some settings hidden in another dialog? It seems to me that AP sadly isn't usable for soft proofing in all cases...? I would be grateful to get rid of LR, so any help is appreciated! Thanks, Henning
  2. I found a bug and a workaround regarding colour profiles. On the latest MacOS 10.13.2 and latest Affinity Photo 1.6.6 (from the App Store), with an external NEC EA244UHD monitor connected over DisplayPort to a 2015 MBP 15" with Intel graphics - here's how I recreated the bug: take a screenshot using shift-cmd-3 the screenshot for me was of a web browser page with an image created programmatically, where the colours are chosen precisely by me, for example a green is RGB (0, 200, 0). open the screenshot PNG with the preview (press space) or the Preview application (Open) - shows the correct shade of green. open the same screenshot PNG in Affinity Photo and the green shade is different - lighter and more yellow both Preview and AP shows the colour profile name as Display I searched the web incl. these forums showed no obvious solution, but some pointed to a bug in how AP selected a profile to apply based incorrectly on the ASCII name only, which can mean the wrong one is selected. Here's what I did to fix the problem. using Spectraview and an X-rite i1 Display pro hardware device calibrate the monitor, I generated a new ICC profile now both Preview and AP show the colours correctly when new screenshots are taken, as the PNG files now contain the new ICC profile I'm not an expert but I suspect the online suggestions that Affinity Photo was incorrectly choosing the profile to profile based on ASCII vs other/unicode/ID name makes sense. This experiment which creates a different profile name, which here is "EA244UHD 47100533TB 2017-12-13 00-25 D65 2.20". I haven't tested this problem using the MacBook display with no external display attached.
  3. Update fixes the previous inability to apply a supplied or custom-calibrated .icc paper profile to a print job. (Previously, the printer dialog would spontaneously revert to the image colour profile, eg. ProPhoto. This deficiency was my last tether to Photoshop, so I can now slot Affinity Photo into my colour-managed workflow. Thank you to the development team. You should really highlight this fix in the release notes. It was a show-stopper for photographers who actually print their work. I happily discovered the fix by testing the new releases.
  4. Hello everyone! Could, anyone outhere, explain to me how can I do my print test with the appropiate ICC used in diferents papers... And also, dou you remember which was the built-in-house CMYKB valor in Affinity Photo? I changed it and I absolutely forgot which one it was... Thanks in advance. Best regards!
  5. Affinity seems to be assuming that my Canon RAW (EOS M) files have a colour space of sRGB, despite the fact that they are really in Adobe RGB. The reason I say this is that if I enable colour space conversion warnings, and set my working space to Adobe RGB, it does warn me that it is converting from sRGB to Adobe RGB. Does affinity support colour spaces other than sRGB in RAW files? If not, is there a way I can assign the correct space manually in the Develop persona? (I can't seem to find a way to do this)
  6. I just found out that I made a serious error by purchasing AP. It does not support color management! When converting or assigning to a different profile one has to be able to preview what happens and also one has to be able to choose the rendering intent (the usual 4 intents + Blackpoint compensation BPC). This is not offered at the moment when doing a conversion. It is possible to chose the intent in the default options, but this is not enough. This only makes sense for "standard conversions", but often one has to decide on an individual basis if which rendering intent is best for a given photo. I must say I am very disappointed now. Of course I tried the demo and checked different features. Everything was fine. I also have seen that ICC conversion is offerered, so I did not try that out. I know how that works. It never came to my mind that an ICC conversion could be offered without a preview and without an individual choice for the rendering intent. No real professional will be able to use AP alone for that reason. Of course I know there are thousands of "half-professionals" who do not care or know enough about color management. But the ones preparing photos for high-quality, predictable output, be it on screen or in print, will not be able to use AP in a meaningful way on it's own. See also a post like this, which says the same: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17884-icc-profile-conversion/ This feature must be included as soon as possible in the 1.x version IMO. AP is announced and discussed as a Photoshop alternative. This is totally not the case when this simple, but basic and important feature is missing. BTW, it should be clear somewhere how to the default color rendering to the screen is done. In some programs you can choose that on your own. In Photoshop the default rendering is fixed to: relative + BPC.
  7. Hi all I'd like to print some pictures with Saal Digital and i downloaded the ICC profile and think my monitor is well calibrated. Now i would like to edit the picture using the icc in order to simulate the final result. Which way do i take to embed the ICC profile? Convert ICC or Assign ICC (Document menu)? Also, there is possible in Photoshop to change the Rendering Intent, see http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/service/icc-profile-test-print/ Is possible to change in Affinity Photo the Rendering Intent or this is an exclusive Photoshop setting? On the web is explained for PS http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/support/article/how-to-embed-icc-profiles-in-photoshop/#sb Thanks SaalDigital_SoftProof_Fuji.zip
  8. Version: After seeing your tutorial on working in ProPhoto and exporting to sRGB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dGJsQiQsYs) I set up AP to work like this; documents are converted to ProPhoto on opening and my export profile is set to sRGB as per the video. However, this is producing incorrect results. It seems that the output profile is being applied BEFORE the layers are merged leading to different colours. From the video I expected it to be applied AFTER, i.e. as if you'd first done a "Merge Visible" then converted the profile to sRGB. To reproduce: Open an image in a ProPhoto or other profile. Apply HSL, White Balance or curves layer adjustments. Export a jpg with sRGB selected as output profile. Note the colours do not match AP. Convert the document to sRGB, note that they do now match. The behaviour I expect should be as stated in the video and as if I performed the following actions: With document still in ProPhoto, select Merge Visible. Convert the document to sRGB; note the colour does NOT change. Is this the expected behaviour? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi there, I usually solely work with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but unfortunately the exports looked like crap, so I tried every installed ICC profile and realised that the profile that the exported picture looks alike is the Samsung Natural Color Pro. I thus checked all the settings, converted the ICC to sRGB again, set it manually in the exporter but it still didnt work - it kept exporting with the Samsung profile. In the end the only solution I could find was to convert to the Samsung profile and, additionally, set it manually in the exporter instead of using document profile. This does not seem to be a solution on the long term. Maybe someone else has made similar experiences and can confirm this bug. Many thanks!
  10. This is the sort of question to which I feel I ought to know the answer but... My monitor is an LG E2551, which is colour-profiled using an X-rite ColorMunki Display, permanently connected via USB, obviously, which monitors ambient light as well as requiring/requesting me to re-profile the colour output of said monitor once per month, which I do. So, I think the colours seen on screen should be "correct"? Using both AD and AP on Windows 10 I'm very uncertain about which colour profile I should choose in Edit>Preferences>Colour. Should I select for the 16-bit and 32-bit Colour Profiles the latest one created for the monitor, or should I simply use the defaults, or even, one of the several available created for my Epson Stylus Photo P50 printer? I'm simply attempting to be able to produce print-outs from both AD and AP that are as "close as possible" in colour to what I see on screen. Yes, I do understand the screen is RGB and any print-out is CMYK and hence "exact" colour matching is impossible, but I would like to get the two to be as close as possible! Many thanks for any advice offered. Jeff
  11. Picture (*.JPG, Nikon D3100) with profile Adobe RGB - Affinity Photo shows sRGB? Windows 10 Home (64bit)
  12. As in Photoshop may be very useful to have the possibility to create setting of ICC preferences, so is more quicker to change all the preferences. If you clone the ICC preference and behavior of Photoshop will be fantastic!! Ciao
  13. Today I had a lot of crashes when changing the ICC profile. I didn't experience such crashes in the past. I think all the files today had no embedded profile and got my eciRGBv2-workprofile assigned on opening. When changing that to sRGB via conversion or assigning – affinity photo crashed.
  14. I have a 27" iMac and have calibrated my screen using a ColorMunki Display. I'm using the latest released version of Affinity Photo. I recently printed out some pictures (exported as JPEG from AP - File -> Export...) at my local Costco and got a batch of unusable prints - pictures were less saturated, cooler temperature and much darker - lots of crushed blacks - than what I expected. I understand that a picture on the monitor and in print are going to be different, but this difference was more than that. I got the ICC profile for their printer and tried to use the softproof adjustment layer to see how the picture looked on screen compared to the print out. There was a noticeable change when I selected the correct ICC profile in the window, but not at all close to the printout. This option will not allow me to make a decision to print or not based on the way it works right now. Next, I used "Document -> Apply ICC..." to load the same ICC file (softproof layer deleted) and this made the display match the printout very, very closely. Not quite bang on, but enough for me to know I was in the vicinity of what I'd see when printing out. My question is this - what is the difference between Apply ICC and Softproof "adjustment" layer? Should the Softproof adjustment layer allow me to work, say in sRGB, and then toggle it on and off to mimic applying ICC to the document?
  15. Hi, I'm desperately trying to export to a PDF with embedded ICC profile (CMYK in some flavour). My document color space is CMYK/8, I have checked all the options similar to "PDF for export" in the export persona or the export menu, see first screenshot. Still, the PDFs which are created do not contain an ICC profile when I import them into inDesign (second screenshot) or when I open them in Preview. Designer 1.4.1 I got the feeling that I'm missing something very obvious. Any help is highly appreciated. Cheers, Jens
  16. According to http://www.color.org/v4spec.xalter "Most platforms and color management applications have now migrated to ICC V4, or are in the process of doing so." Viewing the pdf version of the test page at http://www.color.org/version4pdf.pdf in Safari (v.9.0.3) or Preview.app (v8.1) suggests that OS X does support ICC v4. However, after using Safari's "Save as" function to download the pdf & opening that in AP, the large image looks identical to the third image in the "Expected results" section, captioned "The system does not support these ICC profiles." I'm not sure how to interpret this. I would expect the results to at least match the second result, indicating AP supports version 2 profiles. Have I misinterpreted how to use the test pdf, or is there something else I am missing about this?
  17. Hi, I'm quite new to digital photography and am trying to understand profiles. I've read coranda's post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11293-ap-printing-with-icc-printer-profiles/?p=48255 and generally can follow that. However it still doesn't solve my problem. My aim is that I'm trying to create a jpg with a profile built in which I have downloaded from a printing company. It's not an icc file but has the extension icm Following the company's instructions, I downloaded the icm profile and copied it to Macintosh HD/Library/color sync/profiles where it now sits with various others like Black & White.icc, etc. Following coranda's print instructions... "In the print dialogue, at the bottom, there should be a button that says "Show Details". Click that. There you will see a drop down list that probably has "Affinity Photo" selected. Click on that list and choose "Colour Matching" and make sure that "ColorSync" is enabled." This did produce a drop-down list and the Fuji icm was there. So I guess if I had that printer sitting here beside me it would work. However I want to generate a file that I can email to the printer for them to print, so it's not quite the solution. Following the soft proof instructions, I added a soft proof adjustment layer, but the Fuji profile was not listed - it has many profiles of papers and devices listed, but not the Fuji one or any of those in the path mentioned above. If it did I guess I could export the image as normal with the profile built in. If I do a file/export to generate the jpg, I had expected to find some way to pick up the profile as in the case of printing. However I don't see any way to do that. Can anyone please explain how to get this profiled file? Thanks Stuart
  18. Hey After spending my entire morning trying to get the affinity apps to work on my macs I found out that using .icc profiles in system settings which were produced by dispcalGUI crashes both affinity apps instantly on startup! Switching to the default uncalibrated system profile everything works but of course this is not a solution. This happens with both my macs, macbook pro (early 2008, 4gb, ssd), mac mini (mid 2011, 16gb, ssd, 2 cinema displays) os is 10.10.5 on both, fresh installs btw, calibrated with spyder2 colorimeter using dispcalGUI. I attached one cinema display icc. Using this on your own system will of course result in shifted colors, but the crashing issue can hopefully be traced to it's roots. Selecting this as a system default profile in os x display settings will get the crashing-party started with AP and AD, but as soon as you select the os default all will be well again. Phase one's capture one Pro has no problem while using the same profile. I have nothing else to test against anymore, since I just ditched Adobe Ps and Ai... I need help with this issue badly. I need AP working asap. All the best, Peter display1-32714cdd2cbaa65740cc7d4a58de20b9.icc.zip
  19. I am a bit unsettled by the way soft proofing is implemented. It is currently a layer. It is not document wide, this is confusing: I could make a mistake and have two soft proofing layers,, or export a photo with the soft proofing active, or print the soft proofed version... A document wide soft proofing it definitely necessary IMHO. And I am also completely unsettled by the print dialog. There is no print dialog: I jump directly to the winter dialog: I miss a dialog like in aperture (my favorite tool tool) or photoshop (all east like my aging CS3) : the dialog allows to adjust margin, select the paper/printer profile, proofing options (perceptual etc) by put affinity photo in direct control of the color management (i.e., disable apple print dialog volt management). These two options a (for me) absolutely pessary for a complete print workflow. My tools : iMac + OS X 10.11 with calibrated screen (with probe), epson R2400, access to epson 4800, Aperture, Adobe CS3 (serious glitches win photoshop, crashes in illustrator and indesign not working anymore). PS: I would love a DAM from Affinity, and almost buy it blindfolded, these above functions are essentials for it too.
  20. Hi. I found that some text in PDF document are broken. Another question, the color of PDF in Affinity Designer looks different than in Preview. The Colour Profile of Document is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Is that the expected behavior? Regards, yllan
  21. The last update I was able to find regarding printer and paper profiles was in the beta forum dated 27 April of this year. Yesterday I attemtped to print to my Epson 4880 from Affinity Photo for the first time and I was completely frustrated in attempting to select any of my paper profiles for that particular job. Has there been any progress in making this software actually useful when it comes to printing?
  22. I'm glad to see there is some rudimentary colour managament support in Affinity photo. To be useful however it should also support rendering intents. When converting from one colour space to another it's quite importent to define how the colours are converted. I.e. what happens to colours that are out of gamut in the colour space the colours are converted to: Key rendering intents: - Perseptual rendering intent: All colours are "moved" into the gamut of the new colour space. The visual distance between the colours are kept, but none of the colours are kept the same. - Relative colorimetric rendering intent: Colours which fit inside the target colour space are kept colorimetricaly identical to the original colour. Colours outside of the target gamut are converted to the nearest reproducible colour in the target colour space (gamut clipping wil occur). - Absolute colorimetric rendering intent: Same as above, but the white point of the original colour space is reproduced into the target colour space (used for simulation of print a.o.). Also, the menu option is confusingly labeled. "Convert ICC profile…". It is not the ICC profile that is converted, it is the image's colours that are converted. A more appropriate label would then be: "Convert to profile…" / "Convert to colour space…" / "Convert colours to ICC-profile…". I can not use Affinity photo without this control of colour convertions (teaching at a BA in design for digital and analog media).
  23. Is it possible to strip the ICC profile from a picture? Also, what is the difference between "Convert ICC profile" and "Assign ICC profile"? Both have same content and a pre-selected option.
  24. I'm trying to print using Affinity Photo to an Epson P800 printer. The printer software has installed ICC Profiles for different types of Epson and other papers. But when setting up a print job I can't seem to find any way to select one of those profiles before I hit 'Print'. I just get the standard Mac dialog box without any option to, for example, state that 'Affinity Photo Controls Colour' or to select an ICC Profile for the paper I'm using. Also I'd love to know how 'Soft Proofing' is supposed to work with Affinity Photo. I'd like to be able to preview a 'Soft Proof' with the correct profile and do some before/after comparison. Can someone help? Thanks!
  25. Hello Just purchased AP as a quick & unbloated alternative to PS (stupid cloud). I work as a print designer and something I use to do a lot in PS was converting images from RGB to CMYK with a specific colour profile (eg: sRGB -> ISO coated 300%). However, if I choose "document -> Convert ICC Profile" in AP I only see RGB-profiles (and no rendering options). I can convert of course with "document -> Colour Format", but that doesn't give me any options on how I want to convert my images… Am I missing something? kind regards, Benjamin
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