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Found 122 results

  1. Would it be possible to start the HDR process from open files. When you choose New HDR Merge and the dialogue box comes up. clickin on Add takes you to Explorer so that you can choose the files you want. I would be nice if you could also add files that are already open in the Develop Persona. My reason for this is I use another program for catalogueing my photographs. It has the ability to send files to external editors, and from this program I also send photographs to social media, etc. So I could choose the files I want to be HDR'ed, work on them in Affinity and then save them back to my original folder. I could then post direct from the cataloguing program to Facebook, Flickr etc... Thank you
  2. Check out the sneak peek of the HDR and 360 image editing features coming to Affinity Photo 1.5! Version 1.5 features announced today include: • Advanced HDR merge producing full 32-bit linear colour space images • An entirely new workspace for tone mapping • Focus stacking to bring depth to multiple combined images • Batch processing for smoother, faster workflow • Macros to record and replay a set of commands • An all-new way to edit 360 degree images Some much anticipated features to look forward too here, coming soon to Affinity Photo... :)
  3. I have 5 bracketed images. I chose not to apply tone mapping automatically, to pre-process the image and then in persona, when I fine tune the effects I need, I am not able to see apply button. What could be reasons for for it ?
  4. I love the new presets in HRD persona and I noticed that some presets have Tone Map MAIN (first top panel on right) greyed out but most are clickable on or off. Just curious how and why is this possible?
  5. Has someone tried if the Panorama persona can handle multiple exposures and gain any benefit from that? (It can handle multiple exposures but I´m not sure yet if the dynamic range benefits from that) Of course one can create two panoramas and then stack them and modify them but I´d find it super cool if these three steps (Stitching, aligning and HDR merging) could be done automatically. I also thought about the option to get noise reduction with this technique (like we get through stacking) This finally leads to an HDR night panorama "without" noise. But therefore I´d have to do multiple panoramas with multiple exposures and multiple ones of each to stack them (noise reduction) and then HDR merge them again. So I really think this could be done more efficiently in the panorama persona itself in one automated step. - I´m really looking forward to your HDR implementation!
  6. Dear developers, Thanks for releasing the much awaited AP 1.5! I just downloaded it, and every time I try to create a new HDR merge the application crashes. I'm running OSX 10.8.5 on a MacBook pro. I'm using 3 jpegs about 4Mb each. It doesn't matter whether I check or not any of the options below (automatically align images, noise reduction, tone map), the program always crashes and quits. Could you look into it? Thanks! Juan Carlos
  7. Windows 10 (x64) with 8GB RAM. I restarted Windows 10 so that no other applications were using memory. I then ran Affinity Beta and selected 3, Nikon 750 RAW files to do an HDR merge. I chose ghost removal and proceeded with the merge. (Each file was about 29MB in size). Part way through the merge I received the following error: Photo.exe A new guard page for the stack cannot be created. I tried to use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool to screen capture the error message but each time I started the tool, the screen immediately snapped back to error message and Affinity Beta. After about 3 attempts to start the Snipping Tool the screen went black an Windows was totally unresponsive. The system needed to be rebooted. The Event Log output is attached. Mark Wilson Application_Event.txt
  8. The Beta version and future release should allow multiple exports of tone mapped images. E.g, a version of Natura, cinematic, crazy etc of the same stack of photo's without need to reprocess each version. I am not sure the language I am using is exact. However, I currently use Canon Photo Professional for HDR and that program allows you to save a natural, bold, art bold and embossed version of the same HDR photo. Thanks,
  9. I like that there is a HDR version in de program now but i am not satisfied with it. i think adobe is also not the best for it. Please check the program Photomatix pro and learn from it. ​Maybe in the future you guys can learn from it and make Affinity photo better. Keep up the good work. ps still want to organize my photos in the program all 60000 with keywords and tags the the photo app is more complete.
  10. Had a play with the HDR feature. I loaded 5 Pentax RAW files. Once Affinity had finished processing, I selected the high contrast black and white option. So far, so good. I then applied the Dodge brush to emphasise a line of mist in the landscape. If I then export to jpeg and resize the image, I end up with some cyan dots near, but not under where I used the brush. (jpeg quality 95%). This doesn't happen when not re-sizing, and when I didn't first use the dodge brush. If I recall correctly the problem remained even after I had gone back on the History tab to before using the Dodge brush. I tried to attach the original sized jpeg - not sure if it attached or not
  11. My first impressions of the HDR Module aren't that good and in my opinion there is room for improvement. I appreciate that this is a beta so hopefully it's not the final version for HDR Merge. First of all there's no drag and drop into the HDR dialogue box. Second you cannot use files that are already open in Affinity Photo. Instead you have to open an Explorer Window and find the files you want. Once the merge is done you are presented with the ability to tone-map the image. There are five presets, Natural, Detailed, Dramatic, Cool and High Contrast Black & White. Of these only two are useable, Natural and Cool. The others generate far too much noise. ​I chose the Natural preset and then from there tried to tweekk the settings with the Tone mapping Controls. I struggled to get an image I liked which looked Natural, had some colour and wasn't overly noisy. In the end I decided to take the Natural preset as it was and just apply it. From there I used the Photo Persona to carry on tone-mapping the image. The controls seemed more responsive here than in the HDR Module and I felt as though I was getting a better result.
  12. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich aus der Serie Foto Optimierung wie man das Foto verbessern kann. Hier geht es nicht um große Effekte, sondern um viele kleine Verbesserungen, die dann hoffentlich für ein besseres Ergebnis sorgen. Es geht um eine Gegenlichtaufnahme mit Lens Flare. Ich benutze hier das HDR-Verfahren. Ohne die noch folgende HDR Persona. Viel Spaß wünscht Euch Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you from my serie photo optimization how to improve a photo. There are no great effects, but many details which hopefully improve the result. This is a photo against the sun with lens flare. I use the HDR method. Without the upcoming HDR Persona Have fun your Jack Foto / photo: eigenes / self made Link to YouTube Tutorial
  13. I can take three shots of a subject at three different exposures. Normally 1 under, normal and 1 over. How can I create a HDR file from the three photographs shot at the above mentioned exposures. Thanks! Dennisg
  14. I am just starting to get into HDR editing, and I'd like to edit 2 - 4 RAW files. Can anyone post a link to a video where this methodology is instructed? Thanks, Bill
  15. Maybe this question has been covered somewhere else but I could not find it. Is there a way to combine several curve adjustments made to a single image (jpeg) in order to improve the dynamic range (HDR effect) of that image? in other words, in one adjustment, I optimize shadow detail, while in another curve adjustment, I optimize highlight detail, etc. I know you can try to do that with a single curve but sometimes, if there are a lot of small adjustments, it is easier to create several curves to address different tonal areas. I would like to know if there is a way to combine the adjustments so they don't cancel each other out? Or if there is another technique that I can use to obtain the same result with a single image. Thanks.
  16. i'd like to request support for opening / saving Radiance images (.hdr extension) as used with 3D programs. This is currently the only reason I hang on to my copy of Photoshop CS5. If Affinity Photo had this too I could finally cut my ties with Adobe altogether! Thanks for an excellent product so far!
  17. Here is my first attempt and my latest attempt at doing a 'HDR' image in Affinity Photo. It's coming along but still needs some work. Far better than the first attempt though. First Attempt 12193508_10156158046300655_8829102884278999522_n by Greg Murray, on Flickr Fourth Attempt Lighthouse2 by Greg Murray, on Flickr
  18. Hi, I would like a tool added to Affinity Photo that allows you to add three or more RAW photos taken at different exposures and merge them into a single HDR image.
  19. Is Affinity Photo handling tone mapping easily and are any trouble spots?
  20. Can we use affinity photo to stick files for panorama ? Can we merge bracketed shots to create HDR ?
  21. Hello all, New to the forums and have been using Affinity Photo for about a month or two and am wondering if there is a bracketing option for doing HDR. I searched the help menu and the forum but didn't see anything. Thank you, UberGeek
  22. Does anyone know how to do an HDR in affinity?
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