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  1. Anyone recommend using the Aurora HDR app on top of the hdr facility in Affinity photo. Thanks
  2. I've been trying to edit some admittedly hard-to-fix HDR pictures, and they often crash. Especially when merging the layers. Some sets of pictures refuse to work outright, others may sometimes survive. Right before it crashes during the merge, you can often see black (or sometimes blue) points on the picture being viewed. But the newest example of these black points actually didn't cause Affinity Photo to crash, so I something to show. These dots don't show in any of the raw files, only in the merged picture. No matter how light I make the picture in 32-bit preview, they will stay the same
  3. Hi. I'm new to Affinity Photo and has been testing it out for a few days now. One of the areas that interest me is the HDR merge, as it allows me to do picture with a colour quality and contrast range I haven't been able to before. I've been testing it as I usually do, that is to give it a nearly impossible task and see where it breaks. And sure enough, it has its limitations. Yesterday I went with my wife to the beach, and with semi-cloudy weather and a low evening sun reflecting in the water I saw it as a perfect opportunity to test HDR. With my wife whittling about with her own c
  4. What would be really handy, until you bring out your own library/DAM module, would be able to 'pass 3 images (or possibly more) through to HDR Merge. I'm currently using Capture One and although I can pass 3 images through to Affinity for editing, I can't pass them into HDR Merge, unless I'm doing something stupid! Affinity HDR Merge requires that I open 3 files on the hard drive, which is a bit of a pain.
  5. I've imported a number of raw files from my Sony rx100m3 to photos on my iPad 10.5. When selecting these raw files in affinity to create a new panorama, it allows me to select the images but in the thumbnail it doesn't show a preview therefore is unable to build a panorama. Similarly when using HDR merge it fails to align and merge the photos correctly actually it ends up creating a psychedelic image. If I export the same images uploaded into Lightroom mobile as jpgs into photos and then import them using the above two features, both work fine with no issu
  6. Hi! I've tried to make HDR with HDR stack. Unfortunatelly, photos were taken on crowded place and option of ghost removing did not made any change: heads of people going downstairs are still deformed. Is it possible to define somehow that this part of photo (where the moving person is) shoud be considered just from one photo of a stack?
  7. Hello everyone, I realize 360 degree photos and wanted to know if it possible to have automate HDR work without having to make the request for each seen. The panoramic assembly technique is not good for 360. I just want to select all pictures and have each frames in HDR version and after that work an other software . Sorry for my English who is very poor.Hope You have understanding my request. Best regards Franck
  8. Is there a vision to have a HDR presets or 'looks" storein the future? Something like what Macphun does with selling presets for example and sell them on the Affinity site? I realized that making more presets to add to Photo is probably not high on the priority list, so that leaves a hole in the presets market for Affinity. Just curious.
  9. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, but I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer (Mac and now iPad) for some time. Finally we got the great iPad version of Affinity Photo. – I love it, thank you for this great product! :-) One of the most important Affinity Photo use cases on the iPad for me is, to import DNG files with lightning SD card reader on the go. This works well, but there's a limitation currently with merging HDR. Creating a new HDR merge does show the JPG but not the DNG files. Opening (DNG) files from 'Photos' does open the DNG file, but not if using the HDR merge function.
  10. Hello All, I'm trying to make a hdr image from a serie of raw hand taken images. Saddly i miss the de-ghosting option! I know it is in de mac version. Is this feature on the planning? Because it's now pretty useless. Hope for a fast reply. Greetz, Ron
  11. I tried to make a HDR photo with my iPad Pro 12.9" (mark 1) of 3 RAW exposures from my iCloud, shot with my Canon80D and the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 lens. I ended up with the enclosed result. This seems like an alignement bug to me. It happens even with the options Align source images and/or Perspective alignment on or off. Edit: I am running the public beta of iOS11.
  12. I have been using the Tone Map Persona to see what it does with a variety of pictures. I have also watched all the great AP videos on HDR and Raw Development more than once. For the most part, I like the results for both color and black and white, especially if I use the local contrast conservatively. I understand the benefits of using tone mapping for HDR images based on bracketed exposures. What I still don't understand is what is the difference between tone mapping a single image (starting from a Raw file) vs using various adjustment layers in both the Develop and Photo Persona. In
  13. as the result at the hdr process I became a black picture Using Afinity with Windows 10 64bit prof In the beginning 4 hdr picture good working, now tried several picture, all the same result black picture what is wrong ?
  14. Hi, finally the moment has come that I have to ask for your help. Untill now I have always managed not to take your time, but now I am simply stuck. I am trying to make an HDR using 3 perfectly aligned photos of different exposures... Ususally I have no problem in doing that but in this case the result is terribly "posterised". Below are the source photos, and two results - one with all merge options unchecked and one with all options checked (by options I mean "align" and "remove ghosts" etc.). Does anyone have any idea of what might be causing such behaviour?
  15. I've been away from the camera for some time now, but last night I decided to revisit a photo I had produced late last year. This was a 3-image HDR shot while vacationing in Northern California. Processed in A.Photo... I was just playing around with some settings, nothing too serious. I realized that I haven't had much time to play with the latest features in the app and I'm hoping to change that soon.
  16. It's nice that Affinity Photo has got such good support of the 32 floating point mode but it is somehow unfinished. There are particularly two things that I desperately miss: 1. The ability to show the 32 bit float color values in the info panel. How should we work accurately with 32 bit float values if they are displayed nowhere? All that I can see are the conventional RGB values from 0 - 255 but these are meaningless in 32 bit float. 32 bit float per definition contains color values below 0 (actually a bad thing) or above 1 (actually a good thing). 2. Please make the curves dialogue
  17. Hi Affinity team, I created a 32 bit panorama out of 5 EXR files (64MP in total). Stitching worked reasonably well and the preview showed no problems. Then I rotated the panorama slightly, cropped the area to export and exited the panorama Persona with the option enabled to fill missing parts of the panorama (using "Inpainting"). Well, first of all, it didn't really fill the two missing corners the way shown in the tutorial video - it just filled them black. But more, on the left hand side of the panorama there appeared a somewhat regular pattern of black dots artefacts. Here a detail
  18. Here's my scenario I have a lenovo laptop running win10 with an i7 quadcore 2.6ghz cpu, 16g ddr4 memory and a nvidia gforce graphics card with 4g of memory. After watching the youtube tutorial on hdr panoramas, on the Affinity channel, I attempted one of my own, merging 7 raw files to hdr with no tone mapping and repeated the process on one additional image. Exporting both files as open exr documents using the default settings. I then attempted to stitch these two files as a panorama but instead i am greeted with a dialog box that says panoramas not found. (file attached) i am not sure wh
  19. Hi affinity team, just want to report a wrong German translation of the word "translation" in the "New HDR merge" dialog. I don't think you mean translating the image to a different language here, but rather you mean "verschieben" in the sense of "shift". Found in Affinity Photo Trial. Matthias.
  20. Hi, I am a new user of Affinity Foto on iMac 27. I shot some pics to be treated with HDR (3 shots for one HDR +-2 stops). The first group of pics worked with Affinity was ok; for the second one the colors are fake. Can you please help me or give me some adivice? I attached the ok pic and the wrong shot taken only few seconds later. Thanks a lot
  21. My first attempt at using the HDR merge function in AP. I used three exposures: -1, 0 and +1 stop.
  22. HDR is good, but could be better. Please. Attached is an example of combination of five images (+/- 2 and 4, taken raw with Sony RX100V): hdr_affinity: as it comes out hdr_affinity_edited: with a little shadows/highlights (burns around the sun) hdr_lightroom: Lightroom's rather superior result Coupled with LR's better browse and lens corrections, it looks like I'm going to have to use it as a front end. Darn. I'm trying to get away from Adobe! (The forum won't let me upload RAW files. If you want me to put them somewhere you can get to them, please do let me know.)
  23. Hi dear community and support, I really like the HDR function of Affinity Photo for MAC. But now I need to convert about 40 HDR photos from 120 seperate photos. It would be very nice if there is a possibility to do this with batch processing... 1) take 3 following photos 2) HDR processing 3) image optimazing 4) save the HDR photo Could anybody tells me how to do this? Thanks so much. Greetings, Tobias
  24. While playing with an applescript workflow that: * exports the selected images from aperture (as 16 bit tiff) * triggers "merge HDR" in Affinity Photo * exports/saves file again * imports those back into aperture i did a lot of tests using one of my HDR panoramas (from a long time ago with a camera that only supported JPG at that time - so the source is not ideal). One of the observations was that some of the generated HDR images are "cut of at wrong levels" (I guess black/white points). When I did look at the individual sources in the HDR workflow pane I see that those "cut of at
  25. Hi Guys Let's start by saying that I'm a newbie not just to HDR, but to Affinity Photo itself, so go easy on the sarcastic remarks. I have just tried out the HDR functionality by taking a tripod-mounted set of five exposures on my Sony A72, ranging from -2 to +2 stops. They were recorded as jpegs. Now in all the exposures, the sky has very little discernible tone, and in the +1 and +2 versions, none at all. When I create an HDR set, the sky is depicted not as a region of no tone, but more like a simulated picture of the northern lights, with successive bands of pale blue, lave
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