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Found 213 results

  1. Hey guys, I remember reading on the forum a while ago that the LOCK GUIDES option will be available in one of the next udpates. When is it going to be available? With version 1.7? Thank you, Chris
  2. 1.) In Designer, I often use guides to align elements in logos I design. But in alomost every case, I only need them once, and then want to get rid of them to not disturb me further. Why is deleting guides so complicated? Why can't I just hit the delete key to remove it? (Rule: If nothing it selected, and the most recent mouse click was on a guide, remove that guide). I think Inkscape does it somehow like that. Or remove a guide by dragging it back to the ruler. Maybe less dangerous then the delete key, and still intuitive. :-) When working with a big file (wich several artboards), I suddenly noticed that horizontal guides vanish as soon as I touch them a second time. I found this extremely useful. but it does not apply for vertical guies, and it does not work in other files. So it looks like this "feature" is a bug?? 2.) Why aren't guides global to all artboards? This would be very useful for some applications, like putting elements on the same position on multiple pages of a ducument.
  3. Excepting iPhone photo editing, I am new to both Affinity Photo and digital post-processing, so on a steep learning curve. The Affinity Photo videos, help, and workbook are all great. I have joined a local club and am taking classes too. With Adobe’s large market share, discussions regularly end up talking about feature X or tool Y in one of the Adobe products. So one of the challenges I still face is figuring out the Adobe software features and nomenclature and then translating the to the corresponding Affinity counterpart. Many software companies have challenged the dominant player by creating a help/guide mapping the dominant software usage to corresponding features in their products. Thanks for considering this.
  4. Hi there, is it possible to rearrange the guides (lines/Hilfslinien in german) based on the point of resizement, when changing the documents dimensions? Would be very helpful to add more size to the top. Cheers
  5. Hello! It would be handy if guides could be moved/edited with the Node Tool also, not just with the Move Tool. Because otherwise, how can I move a guide to snap to nodes of selected objects? The moment I switch to the Move tool, the objects's bounding box is displayed instead of it's nodes. Thanks! Best regards Eugen
  6. Hi, I've had a quick search for these related items and couldn't find and they're niggling me, not having them in Designer. They're related to Rules/Rulers/Guides... Perhaps new feature requests!?!: Drag ruler back into the ruler area to remove Right-click ruler bar for options (remove all, place rule at a set distance, units change) Drag ruler outside the ruler area to force a scroll When dragging a new ruler out, so a live measurement on the line as well as in the transform pallette (maybe?) (perhaps fixed here: Thanks
  7. Purchased the application a few days back for my new iPad Pro and I LOVE IT. It replaces all the apps Adobe offers on the App Store and makes me feel at home. As an Adobe Creative Cloud user, one litte thing a feel is missing from Affinity Photo is the on-canvas rulers but more importantly when adding guides to be able to select percentages as a measurement. E.g when on the horizontal line I want to add a guide 35% in, if the canvas is 2000px in height, the guide would be 700px down.
  8. As my mouse hovers over the work space I am able to see markers on the ruler (left and at top). When I drag a guide from the ruler left or top, the ruler markers stop (do not function). I am unable to accurately position the guide. This only happens on the initial creation of the guide (before I drop the guide into place). After I drop the guide into place, on subsequent repositioning everything seems to work as expected.
  9. Hi forum, Created a document with a couple of vertical and horizontal guides, set "snap to guides" on, and tried to make a rectangle selection from guide to guide but no snapping... Also tried "snap to grid" (with visible grid), and still no snapping when making a selection. Seems I'm missing something? Happy Xmas to everyone Juergen
  10. Hello, is it possible to show guides outside the canvas area? because when I drag them outside, they vanish
  11. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for working all our online shop product Photos and it does a wonderful job. Once in a while I need to create a Macro to simplify my process and the last one I created is Guides for a square picture in percentage, but it seems that when the crop is different the guides calculate badly and don't appear properly in the places I need them to go right on the percentage I've calculated, because If I have to create this macro for all the different crops in the world, well, there is not much sense in creating a macro, I just end up with a list of thousands different actions. Thank you for the great software you have created. It's a pleasure to use it every day. Best, Anelia
  12. Coming from Photoshop, I'm used to being able to create guides as I need them by clicking and dragging from the rulers onto the canvas, regardless of what tool I have selected at the time: Creating guides while using the pen tool is quite useful. Trying to learn Affinity Designer now, I've noticed that this is not always possible; Creating guides by dragging from the rulers is only possible when using the move tool: This means that it is not possible to place guides to help you align nodes while in the middle of drawing a shape with the pen tool. You have to switch back to the move tool instead. Since, as far as I can tell, there would be no contention with other UI interactions (dragging from the rulers to the canvas when not using the move tool never seems to do anything), I feel that the same behavior observed in Photoshop should be implemented in Affinity Designer. It would really help streamline things for designers that use guides as part of their workflow.
  13. I need to export my work with the guides SHOWING. Each time I export as a jpg, png, or other files, the guides are missing. Is there a way to make them visible in the exported image?
  14. Ability to group copy and paste of guides would be nice. Or maybe even separate layer for them which can be copied between documents/artboards? Also: - double clicking on guide to edit it - when adding new guideline from manager its position should be preselected, so we can immediately start typing desired value. Clicking on "new" then double clikck to edit position is cumbersome. See Corel for inspiration, it's one of few things they done really right
  15. Hello When a create a guide by dragging the guide from the ruler, in the Guides manager I cannot delete it. To delete it, I need to change it's value or create another guide, from within the guides manager, for the trash bin icon to become active. Same behaviour on 1.6.6 and Beta 1.6.7 Test: - Create a document - Make the rulers visible - Drag a guide from the rulers to the document - Go to the guides manager and try to delete it.
  16. Hi, When you drag guides into your document, sometimes you want to reset the origin of the measurements to align it with one guide, or with an intersection. In Photoshop, you do this by dragging from the small square that's at the origin of the rulers, but a similar feature is currently unavailable in Photo. I suggest it should be implemented in the next update, as it is probably quite easy to do. Personally, I use it regularly, for example when I must produce a photo that meets certain size requirements and I want to ascertain what parts of the photo I can include in the required maximum size. I then use guides which I position where I want/need in the frame, and reset the point of origin to see what can be included or not. Many thanks in advance!
  17. Guides only show or hide on the currently selected artboard; would be nice to be able to do it document wide, perhaps holding the Option/Alt key? I use guides across art-boards and need to see them all at once. Thanks for all you do!
  18. Hi there. Well, i see the guide number problem still there(hard to read in some backgrounds). Can i, at least, disable/hide this numbers to appear. It's annoying have something you can't read always in front of you. Thanks.
  19. Hello, small feature suggestion - when moving object, sometimes the numbers showing the distance are not visible. It would be nice to solve this by offsetting the text a little bit. Thanks Petr
  20. Version Beta seems to be stable. You have to improve one thing. Pull out the guides independently of the selected tool icon. Now if for example I draw a rectangle and I want to draw a vertical guide I have to mark the arrow icon, draw the guides back to the rectangle icon, draw a rectangle. etc. Would not it be easier if the pulling of the guides was always possible regardless of the current tool? So it's been organized in CorelDraw . If we move the cursor on the rulers, the cursor should always switch to the arrow and then the guides could be drawn. It will really speed things up.
  21. So, I created an artboard and added guides and edited their values. That worked fine. But when I added a second artboard and added guides and edited their values, the values would not update correctly but instead changed to different values. See step-by-step screenshots attached below.
  22. Hi, Working with guides could be solved through special guide layer which will be always on top of all layers. It can be locked, made invisible, printed or not and every object that will be copyed/moved/created to that layer will automatically became a guide.
  23. I see that bleed area guides have been on the feature roadmap for Design since summer of 2014. When might we expect to see this feature?
  24. Since the digital industry is moving away from sRGB to a wider HDR style color profile, it would be nice to have some sort of color boundary line on the color wheel selector tool to let us know what colors are inside/outside of the sRGB color spectrum when using a HDR color profile. This might be good for CMYK as well. Perhaps use an actual color profile as a color selector option...
  25. Why is it not possible to create Guides when the Node Tool is active. It seems like a commonly desired affect. Currently every time I want to create a guide line i have to place a marker on the screen of my monitor and then switch to the Move Tool in order to create a Guide by dragging from the documents Ruler. It would be great if we could great guides regardless of which tool is active. Hope you guys can fix this. Thanks
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