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Found 202 results

  1. Another bug.. Or maybe it's "by design"? Guides placed on artboards disappear when placed inside a layer. They are only visible when you physically select the artboard itself. Once you start adding shapes, they disappear This is not a problem with artboards that are not within a layer.
  2. Win 7, Publisher 17.0.277 I find placing guides via the guide manager impossible on a double-page spread because the guideline measurements do not relate to the zero marks on the rulers if the zeros have been offset from the top left-hand corner. This really bad when placing vertical guides relative to the vertical centre line in the middle of a two-page spread. A guide supposed to be +5" to the right of the centre line actually ends up 5" from the left-hand side of the left page, even though the x-zero mark on the ruler is in the dead centre of the double-page spread. In other words, it ends up -3.5" (i.e. to the left) from the centre line. Zeros.docx
  3. You should be able to create guides with any tool selected, at least any drawing tool. Not just the move tool.
  4. When setting up master pages I come to a point where I have so much guides that I am starting to get confused which guid was for what... For picture, textframes, etc. A possibility to assign different colors to guides with different meanings would be helpful to keep the orientation. e.g. all blue guides are for image alignment, red is for textframes, yellow for other design elements etc. Would it be possible to assign colors to guides? Is it possible to use geometric shapes as guides? Rectangular, triangular, circular etc? Or non-vertical, non-horizontal? E.g. I would like to have a 45° textframe stripe on a top corner of some pages, but not of all. Or a round bubble at a certain position of some pages, not of all... I think guides from geometric shapes would also help to keep the screen clean of "unnecessary" guides lines in some cases, as often I don´t need the whole vertical or horizontal line over both facing pages. I think also for geometric shape guides assigning different color would help for better overview. Maybe this feature is already included and I just did not find it?
  5. When I create guides in my photo to crop to, I notice they move after the crop. Because of that, I can't tell how accurate the crop was nor are the guides useful anymore. I would like to see the guides remain exactly where they were in relation to elements withing the photo. I would also appreciate if there was a "crop to selection" option.
  6. Hello It would be very useful if as others have requested, Guides could be rotated on the page. Setting any point along the guide as the point of rotation? Also is the Zero points on the Horizontal and/or Vertical rulers/scale could be moved by dragging the present static point from the top left corner. Guide lines extending to the rulers/scale. Could the actual position of guide be indicated by a R click, rather than the clumsier, less accurate drag or the slightly more fiddly Guides Manager? Richard
  7. Hello, I trust all is well. First let me say I love the Affinity eco-system. It's by far the best. Quick question, can guides usage on the canvas be added as a feature. I'm sure like myself a lot user create content on the canvas prior to adding it to their final creation — having access to the guides would truly be a great asset when aligning elements. Please add. Once again a BIG THANKS goes out to the Affinity team for all the hard work on a truly great software bundle.
  8. I am not sure if this is the right place for my post. I started doing design work with Photoshop and Freehand and later, when Adobe first bought and subsequently killed Freehand, with Illustrator. A few months ago I played around with Designer and Photo on both, an iMac and an iPad, and liked the experience. Most of all I liked that finally someone tried to come up with an alternative to Adobe. Sadly, since I decided to try and do a real paying design job on an iPad Pro using Designer and Photo my experience has been quite frustrating. Rather than doing actual design I had to search forums for the most basic (in my opion) features. Changing units from pt to mm? “Resize” in my opinion is a quite unlikely spot. Want pagerulers? No, this feature hasn’t made its way to the iPad yet. I am aware that I am surely stuck in the Adobe logic of where I expect to find certain functions and tools and how I expect them to operate but I am most certainly not the only one. As things stand right now with every step I want to make design wise I have to expect it to either not work or only after a considerable amount of time in the forums, this, simply, isn’t an option and step by step it takes me closer to goodbye Affinity and a sad hello Illustrator. In terms of actually asking something: - Rulers: really (really?) still not implemented in both iPad apps? - Guides: is there way to add guides to a specific artboard at a desired position without mathematical shenanigans? How can I edit and remove specific guides?
  9. Hi, I suppose this feature is already asked, but I can't located it. Anyway, there is need for such a default layer created automatically with any new document where we can easily control if they are shown/hidden, printable/unprintable, locked/unlocked... or simply drag an object to this layer to act as a guide.
  10. I would very much like to set column guides on master pages in the spread setup rather than by placing guides by hand on the Master Page. Most DTP app offer this, I know this is a beta and not everything can get done at once but I think the ability to set a master as 2 or 3 or whatever columns with a defined gutter is a fairly essential feature for most users. Also I would like to have a visible bleed guide. Bleed can be set which is great but I like to see a visible guide on the page while working.
  11. Hey guys will it be possible in the near future to change the color of the guide lines? This will help a lot at work. :)
  12. The "lock guides" button disappeared since the latest beta. I really miss the function!!!!!!! Of course you could place your guides in a Master page. But if you need different guides for different pages of a brochure, you would have to set up many master pages, what makes no sense, I think. At present version, you can place guides for the Page. But now you can't lock them anymore. That's rater not so good. It would be a better solution if you would be able to place guides in a layer. So, who wants, could lock the layer(s) in which the guides are placed. (That is how it is soved in InDesign and it's really helpful.)
  13. Allow the creation of what could be called, "Smart Guides". The difference with regular guides is iff something is 'snapped' to this new type of guide when the guide moves any snapped object(s) would move with the guide.
  14. Is there a way to create custom guides that are at angles or can a regular object line or shape be converted into a guide?
  15. When you drag guides into your document, sometimes you want to reset the origin of the measurements to align it with one guide, or with an intersection. In Photoshop, you do this by dragging from the small square that's at the origin of the rulers, but when I do rthis in Affinity, it doesn't work. How can I reset the origin of my measurements to somewhere within my document, based on guides I have created? Many thanks in advance.
  16. I'm running AD 1.6.1. The app is crashing every time I edit a guide. In my file I add a vertical guide which puts it down the middle. When I double click it to edit the app crashes. It's the same with horizontal guides. Not sure if it matters, but I am using artboards. Couldn't find this posted already so perhaps it's a unknown issue?
  17. I was complaining that I could not drag guides from rulers using the Move Tool, however, I discovered I could using the Node Tool. A Windows user was telling me to use the Move Tool. We decided the Mac and Windows versions don't match in this regard. Guides can be dragged from rulers in both Designer and Photo in the Mac versions, Publisher for Mac is not right.
  18. I've been using Inkscape for a while and the way that guides work there is super easy and I'm struggling with setting up the correct guides in Affinity (or maybe the full functionality is just not obvious for new users?). I don't seem to be able to drag the guides to correct small errors due to manual calculations. It looks as if I'm only able to setup guides based on an exact measure or a percentage. It's suggested that the user is able to create and move guides simply by placing their mouse cursor on the rulers (both horizontal and vertical) and dragging it to where they want to place it. It is not necessary to open up any menu or go into a function with everything possible on the displayed desktop. Deleting the guides is as simple as dragging it off the page. What would be even better than Inkscape is the ability to lock the guide positions. For example click on a small lock on the ruler next to the guide. Attached a sample of the Inkscape functionality.
  19. Hi! I've been working with AD now for a little and have a few suggestions that would make at least my workflow better: Guides: it would be nice if I could rotate the guides (set the angle) I could dock the guide manager window I could group guides in the guide manager window and show/hide groups of guides Shape tool: it would be nice if you could add a (logarithmic) spiral Pixel persona: it would be nice if you could add a halftone filter and a possibility for color separation to layers (CMYK): needed for screen printing; right now I have to use other programs for these tasks which would be a real benefit if I could do it within AD Keep up the good work!
  20. Hi, I used the crop tool to crop the canvas size, and when I did the guides I used to snap the crop tool to the right size shifted to the upper left. Why? Here's a screen cap video of what happened. Screen Recording 2018-10-11 at 2.42.28 PM.mov Notice how the guides, which were along the bottom and right edges of the star shape, have moved after the crop. I presume this is a bug? They shouldn't move.
  21. Is there a way to show bleed area so the finished page size is visible as in PP?
  22. Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to hide graphics etc that overhang the edges of the page boundaries so that only the page contents inside the boundaries are displayed? Its hard to get a true feel for the look of pages when parts of an arc or something else is overhanging the page edges . Also, is there a command somewhere to preview your design as it would look finished? Thanks.
  23. hello! When adding Vertical Guides, in order to select and drag them I have to tap some distance to the left of the guide for it to become "active". Tapping directly over the guide itself won't work. After some testing, the distance to the left is the same as the art board it was created on. The error also seems to happen some times, not always. Is it something I can control and I'm just doing this by accident, or is it a possible glitch in the app? Thank you, and thank you for such a wonderful app.
  24. The guides can not be locked with the button
  25. Good day and good job guys! Beforehand sorry for my bad english. Request: There is a chance to enable the ability to select guides and edit them like the rest of the objects? In InDesign I tend to use many guides, change their position and delete them just like the rest of the objects or just select them to know their position is pretty useful for me. I'm not sure if this is a common way to work for other people but in my case is crucial. I know this is a different app with a different approach than inDesign and I understand that maybe this request is not compatible with the overall user experience concept you have. But at least I should try Thank you for your attention.
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