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Found 201 results

  1. I want to take the chance to congratulate the Affinity Designer team for their great software. My feature request for some future version is to be able to snap to line midpoints, endpoints and geometry intersections. Keep up the good work!
  2. Hi all – brand new user here. I just set up some guides for wire framing. Is it possible to save these guides so that I can use import them to new, future wireframes? Thanks!
  3. Coming from Fireworks I’m used to being able to double click a guide line where a modal box opens that lets me enter a numeric pixel value to position it precisely (horizontally or vertically, depending on the guide). I’d like to have that in AD, too.
  4. I am wondering if Guides can be locked and unlocked in Affinity Designer (as can be done with Illustrator). So far, I have not found any way to do this. ... help?
  5. To me, this falls somewhere between bug and feature request, because it's not "wrong," per se. But recently I was setting up a large document for exporting multiple formats of a logo design, with multiple slices carefully laid out and snapped to grid. I wanted to export RGB versions at 72 dpi in pixels, and then (hoped) to scale the document up to 300 dpi and export in CMYK. However, doing this enlarged all design elements but left guides and slices the same size, very small, oriented to the top left corner. Re-sizing all of those guides and slices would probably take over an hour. :( It would be very nice if guides and slices also scaled (at least approximately) with resolution changes. I'll post a video of this later if it's helpful.
  6. I'm trying to slice an image up and have the snapping manager on and set to snap to guides only, everything else is unticked. But, it just wont snap to guides, it is like the i have ticked a setting that says "do anything other than snap to a guide, literally, anything". It's driving me absolutely nuts and have no idea how to fix :(
  7. Hello Affinity team, I cannot tell if this is by design or just an oversight in regards to Designer and Photo… I am unable to add any guides to the document while any tool is selected other than the black arrow move tool. While working and wanting to quickly throw in a guideline, I find it to be an interruption to have to switch a tool just to add a guide to a specific location, I feel like it should always be available to drag onto the canvas at (well, almost) anytime. If a tool other than the black arrow is selected, the ability to add guides does work using the guide manager as a workaround, however using the guide manager is not nearly as fluid and can be cumbersome compared to the natural maneuver of just dragging it in where you want it. Tested using latest builds as of July 25, 2015 Thank you
  8. Add the ability to create guides from random shapes similar to illustrator (command-5).
  9. How can I use guides to aide my selection? In other words, essentially "magnetize" the rectangular selection tool to follow along the guides that I have already placed?
  10. Guides in the Develop Persona - Affinity Photo They would be most helpful when using such things as Lens Correction for example. Aligning horizons or with any horizontal or vertical object would be an example use.
  11. I'd like to use Guides for Lens Correction in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo How can I Enable Guides in Develop Persona? I enable View>Show Rulers and then View>Show Guides. There is no Move Tool to drag a Guide out. There is no View>Guides Manager.
  12. Hello, I am working on a project right now and I have created a document in size of 22*28 inches. However, in order to print it, I will need to print it on 8.5*11 inch paper. I have made guides that divide the document across exactly where I need to print each individual sheet, and I am pasting it onto a poster so I do not need to worry about overlap. Can someone please help me figure out how to create the individual sections? I have a picture of my document here: https://goo.gl/photos/z2eijf8dB8w1WMbW8 Thank you for all your help!
  13. A customer that contacted us via Twitter is having an issue setting guides by dragging from the rulers. There's a video of the issue here: https://vid.me/btlV A Ctrl-launch and reset was only a short term fix, the problem quickly returned. Thanks, Dale.
  14. I think it comes very handy in when I toggle the UI and have the pure workspace also the guidelines should be hidden. If I made extensive use of them for construction it would be handy to toggle the ui and the guides with that tab key (maybe as a preference -> hide guides with toggle ui)?!
  15. It would be beneficial to have Guides show up as a Layer in the Layer stack/palette. Their name/title could be shown Italicized. It would be great if any path, shape, vector could be assigned into a Guide layer, at which point it would lose any attributes and take on the layer's Style. It would be great if it had the same Blend and Opacity controls as regular layers. Solid and opaque guides are clunky, not 60 fps silky smooth... It would be great if you could have multiple Guides Layers, and the Keyboard equivalent turned them ALL on or OFF, and modifiers added functionality.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm just new to Affinity Designer so forgive me if my question is stupid. There is a feature in Adobe Photoshop wherein when you make a guide line, it automatically snaps, either to the edges of the canvas, or the selected layer. Now I can't seem to make that work in Affinity Designer. I might have turned it off accidentally. Can someone please let me know what should I do to turn it on? Thank you in advance! P.S. Please don't be harsh on me :(
  17. I might've missed it but couldn't find anything on the forum about this. Is there a way to create a new guide based on percentage? I often like to create either a simple crosshair (50%h, 50%v) or sometimes a rule of thirds grid (33.3%h, 66.6%h, 33.3%v, 66.6%v). As far as I can tell the only way to create grids is to drag them from the ruler or use the Guides Manager which appears to only let me use pixel precision, rather than percentages. Thanks!
  18. Hello Everyone! Is there a shortcut to hide & show guides? In Photoshop its usually CMD + H. I do a lot of UI and UX work and this would help a bunch! Thanks.
  19. A) I laid out a 978 grid last night with guides, and it took me a while, and thought how cool it would be if I could save this and load it from the guide manager (which is a very cool thing you have, btw). I see grid and guide improvements on the roadmap, but nothing specific so I just want to throw this out there: 1. Automatic guide creation based on 3 fields: "number of columns", "column width", "gutter width" 2. Saving guide layouts as presets. 3. Centering the guides. 4. Click the ruler to bring up the guide manager, or just a button/hotkey (bonus request). Now, I saved the file, and can open the file and do a save as, but I am stuck at the width of the canvas. If I want to widen the page, I need to recalculate everything and move all the guides around. But, if I could widen the page, and hit a guide centering button, oh my...that would be beyond fantastic. I could be dreaming, so feel free to pinch me if I have asked for the impossible. B) Alignment/Smart guides 1. Hot key to press that will show the space between either objects or guides 2. Lines that show up while dragging objects to show how they align in relation to other objects, For example, if I layout a box and put a logo in it and move the logo around, when I hit the center a small line could pop up to show I have hit the center. Obviously, I am coming from the perspective of a web designer and not an illustrator. But I can see myself using Affinity for my layouts, with just a few additions. There's something really refreshing about your product and the way you guys are doing things. Looking forward to watching you expand.
  20. Hey guys, Just picked up Affinity today after seeing it as Editor's Choice and then watching the video. It looks great. One thing that immediately struck me as odd, was that I couldn't snap a dragged guide to the edge of a marquee (like in PS). This is a big part of my work flow, as I'll measure out a specific size marquee and then place guides around it. I've read in a lot of posts while trying to find out if it's just me doing it wrong that the snapping system was undergoing changes. Is this still the case and could this be added if it's not already possible? It could just be that I'm doing it wrong, somehow.
  21. Hi Affinity team, Found out about affinity earlier today and immediately grabbed a copy. Really well done, congratulations :) So, I created a new file 1600px wide and added some guides. Then I had to resize the canvas (to let's say 2000px) and I realized that guides scaled as well. In the document setup preferences there's an option for objects (scale / anchor to page). Shouldn't there be an option for guides as well?
  22. Sorry to add to your probably huge and very long list of requests this is not a essential, but something that helps speeds up a daily process.... When setting up area as such as bleed and guides etc, after entering the first value in "other" programs hitting tab will fill all remaining boxes with the same value. Presently each box has to be manually entered. Not at all essential just a nice touch to add, when including the bleed options :)
  23. One of the biggest friction points for me right now is setting up layouts. There are a number of flaws/bugs with the current implementation of guides that make it incredibly difficult/frustrating to set up a layout and begin working on an actual design. Since that is usually step 1, I've found myself quitting the application and jumping back to Adobe before I even get a chance to test out the majority of the software. The two biggest issues for me are: Guides do not display x/y coordinates anywhere while being drawn. If guide is released and then moved, coordinates are displayed in a red tooltip. This means in order to accurately place my guides I need to draw them once, then move them. Guides do not snap to whole pixels. I'm constantly struggling to get my guide aligned with a whole pixel, but keep getting stuck above or below my target by a few tenths of a pixel (i.e. 149.8, 150.1, instead of 150px). In addition, the ability to automate some guide/layout functions would be invaluable. In particular, setting up columns and gutters for the 960 grid (http://960.gs). There are also core iOS/Android layouts that could be included too (actionbars, sidebars, etc).
  24. Hi Smart Guides One of the very few features for which I'd kill, in order to keep. Nuff said? Too big a feature for an app of this price point? Thought occurred today "bet it ain't got these". Checked it didn't before posting this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWnEkCm_vPs (As an aside: Bit concerned how the more I dip into this app, the more MS Office-like things appear.... most designers run a mile at the merest whiff - will kill credibility if the similarities are siezed upon by any reviewers - beware.)
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