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Found 155 results

  1. Hi. I'm doing some isometric stuff with the grid tool on Affinity Designer and when I fill the shapes it leaves very small white gaps between the shapes. They even print on to .jpeg images when exported. How do I get rid of them? I have the snap to grid-option selected in the Grid Manager tool. Thanks!
  2. I try to setup my AD to be forced integer position (just like the Slice in Export Persona) but when I drag around, I will get x.5 x.3 and etc.. Please help me.
  3. Hi everyone, is there a possibility to set the starting point of a grid to the border of the document? In my specific case I need to have a grid with 4mm spacing and a border of 10mm at all sites of the sheet. Can I move the gird in that direction that the grid lines are lined up with the left a top border? thank you
  4. Hello I am used to Serif for Windows. Before I bought Affinity I was using Serif V8. I design sewing patterns that need to be accurately sized. In Serif I could set the grid to 1" with 1/4" subdivisions, and the grid would open on every new document without me having to change anything. I cannot see how to set this in Affinity. Is there a way? I've worked out how to set the grid to the measurements I need, but I cannot see anywhere that I can set this as the default for all new documents. Every time I create a new document the grid is invisible and when I tick it in the dropdown menu it has switched back to automatic and changed the default square size back and I have to reset it from automatic and select the advanced option before I can see my preferred grid style. The only way I can work round this at the moment is to save a document with the grid switched on and set to the defaults I require, and open this and do a save as for any new documents. Surely there must be a better way? Thank you for any help you can give.
  5. While the grid mode is very powerful, I want to be able to center the grid in my canvas. So that I don't have to move the layers afterwards to center them.
  6. I've changed the color and alpha in the settings for Grid and Snapping Axis on Affinity Designer for Windows, and I'm unable to reset them back to factory default. Could you please give me the default RGB and Alpha values for the primary and secondary grids? Thanks!
  7. I want to set a magnetic grid to allow for a drawing of horizontal, vertical AND diagonal lines resulting in equal looking round edges / curves. How to set this up? Here is a small part of a map I'm about to set up - and what I'm aiming at and about how it should look finally
  8. Grids in affinity are super. A few ideas to polish it off: 1. How about beefing up the Grid Manager and adding an interactive Grid TOOL that displays handles and guides on the art boards, allowing the user to interactively drag and adjust, similar to the way Smart Shapes are always live and adjustable? This would be in addition to the current numerical panel of course, and in fact the tool could be enabled via the current Grid panel... 2. We need a border/edge padding setting for grids, or a Grid offset setting, which allows precise x and y placement of the grid on the art board, and not necessarily from the upper left corner (or whatever the current behavior is).
  9. First of all, I think the Constraints feature is excellent, every other design app is missing this feature (except SubForm but it's still in development). Constraints needs to be taken a step further for affinity to really rule the web and app design community. What we need to add is breakpoints for element reflow. Programs like Photoshop and XD still require us to design separate artboards for each breakpoint, and while the constraints-feature is good, it doesn't solve the need for elements in the design to reflow according to the artboard's width. So, while I can make fewer artboards in Affinity, I still need to make at least 3 or 4 to demonstrate to my developers how I want the elements to reflow from 1080p down to mobile. Adobe Edge Reflow came close to tackling this, but it was scrapped and they don't seem to have included it in XD yet. I'm talking about elements on the screen behaving like justified text, so the artboard's width decides wether items will "jump" to the next row below or back to the row above according breakpoints set in the horizontal ruler and min/max widths set in the constraints for each item. I imagine this means constraints need to be set on single elements that can be grouped, then those groups can have constraints added to respect columns (like the Bootstrap grid), and finally the groups can respect overall breakpoint constraints. My mind boggles a bit at how to solve this in the app UI, but I'm sure it's possible.
  10. I've been toying around with the Grid and Axis Manager, and I cannot figure out what the third axis, the "Up axis" is doing. I cannot find any configuration that actually lets me manipulate any of the fields, which makes me question its existence in the first place. Also, sometimes there is a yellow warning sign without any further explanation as to what might be the cause of the warning. I've been rummaging through the help, but I couldn't find any detailed explanation. Cheers
  11. Hi! I made a simple template for my everyday web-design needs, which i'm glad to share. It contains five pseudo-artboards which are Desktop, Tablet Landscape 1024, Tablet Portrait 768, Mobile Landscape 480, Mobile Portrait 320. They all have semi-transparent grid over them so you can start quick. I think templates like this are good to emulate artboards untill we have real artboards in AD and are just nice way to start your design projects. Will be glad to know what you think of this template, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to modify it in any way possible. AD-Web-Template1.afdesign
  12. Hello, I'd love to see the feature whereby once you have added a bleed, you can visibly see it as a guide bordering the document exactly it's done on Illustrator.
  13. Hi, first of all thank you for this great software, recently I stated using it to draw websites mockups and I love it. The biggest problem in designing websites I perceived is the lack of an appropriate gird system: now i'm using guides, but I have to place all my artboards one below the other due to the artboard context guides bug (If i duplicate the artboard and move it to the right, the guides stand still and go off canvas, not be rebased on the new context). The integrated grid system would be great and really suitable for webdesign needs (thanks to his gutter feature), but the problem is that it always starts from (0,0), but often a website needs the grid in the centered wrapper. It could be possible to implement the feature to offsetting the starting point of the grid? With this feature, for exemple for an artboard of 1366px and a centered wrapper of 960px, i could simply calculate the width of every column and gutter and then set the starting point at (1366px - 960px) / 2 = 203px. In the case you can't or won't implement this solution, there could be another solutions to simplify webdesigners life and make Affinity Designer a perfect tool for drawing websites: - Implement the "Convert Object to Guide" feature, like inkscape - Implement a "guide presets" feature, so everyone could create his presets and apply them any time thay need Thank you very much for your attention :)
  14. Hi there, I've seen you've introduced the constraints feature in AD 1.5. But I don't like to align each element in the goddamn manual layout. Can you please add an option to start designing mobile or web applications using indirect manipulation using different kinds of layout? Vertical Layout, Horizontal Layout, Stacked Layout, Floating Layout. At the moment, as far as I understand, the layout used by AD is a Floating Layout (free layout), which is great for creative designers. Helps you to iterate better over those designs. But a professional UX/UI Designer doesn't want to loose his time dragging around stuff or creating grids just to can snap those elements to them. That's stupid if you ask me. And innacurate. Here is a UI scenario which is easily created with Antetype: 1 create screen 2 setup the grid inside the screen artboard: 2.1 add status bar for 20 px at top 2.2 add 3 elements with equal heights below status bar (100% height each, share the height space equaly) 3 add widgets inside those 3 grid elements 4 decided that I want the first element smaller 5 select it and make it 15% instead of 100% height (~33% because they share equal height) 6 the rest of the elements should be heigher (~42% each), while the first element should be 15% height now. Finished in 2 minute. Sent to the Client. This kind of stuff you can not do in AD. You have to constantly drag things around and you are not entirely exact. It is good, better than Photoshop but IMHO it's still Photoshop or Sketch. When you add these layout permitting to control an entire flow using mostly indirect manipulation magically aranging the other stuff around then this tool would be the best in the market. Until then, for me it's Photoshop, and I am loosing time while using it. I'm using AD only for Graphic Design stuff but I'll be glad to work with some Layout Managers in AD and move from Antetype. I've uploaded some pictures with the things that Antetype has but Affinity Designer doesn't which are a deal breaker for me. check their file names. PS: I'm to busy to set each and every constraint for a Rectangle and drag it around. :)
  15. Hi all, Sorry I'm about to ask a very basic question but I haven't found quite what I'm looking for in the forums or in the tutorials. I have limited knowledge of graphic design programs (just bought the new Affinity Designer work book though!). All I'm looking to do is create some template documents that can be used to create tags for a retail store. I have just been using msft Publisher in the past, but wanted to try it out with Designer. And I would prefer not to purchase an InDesign license at this time. What's the easiest/best way to separate a letter size document into segments (ie. add guides to the document showing 4 quarters). I was trying to set the margins, etc but there's gotta be an easy way to adjust the grid or margins to show on the document? Sorry for the simple question! Thanks, T
  16. I got really used to a similar feature in Sketch – when the color picker is activated, all the guides and gridlines are automatically hidden. When you click and pick a color, they reappear. That's a little touch, but it makes picking colors quicker and error-proof. I'd love to see a similar feature implemented in AD. :)
  17. Grids are awesome and I've been using them more recently. Here are some recent thoughts on improvements for Grids: 1. It would be great to be able to save and import/export grid presets, i.e., a 64 px grid with 64 px subdivisions for UI work 2. It would be great to assign Grids (and Guides) as individual layers or "special" layers on the Layers palette. So for example, I can have the above grid as well as an isometric grid, or a perspective grid and have both turned on at the same time or on an either/or basis using the simple Layer palette... 3. Changing a Grid (or Guide) layer's style thru the Layers palette would enable the user to change the grid color and opacity through an already defined app mechanism. Thanks for your consideration. Can't wait to get the Affinity Suite running on an iPad Pro !!!
  18. Hello, I love artboards in Designer. I would suggest though an option to enable grid-snapping for artboards, independent of object snapping. I guess most people don't require fine-tuned adjustments of their artboard layout. Currently, it seems I need to enable snapping, only to arrange them, e.g. horizontally or vertically align my artboards. The fact that they snap even to objects in other artboards complicates this further. I apologize if this is already a feature, in which case I'd like to know how to enable it :) Best Regards, John
  19. Hi, I'm missing the ability to constrain or define a grid with a document size or within the margins.
  20. I think in develop persona - lens - rotation, a grid should appear to help adjustment
  21. So I tried some simple grid stitching to see if that works properly now in AP. And YEP, worked really well. Barely had to make manual corrections to the stitch. The shooting setup was as below. X1 | Y1 ————— X2 | Y2 https://500px.com/photo/166244289 It's a great way to cover a wider POV without sacrificing distance to object and perspective.
  22. First off - great product, thank you. I'm just doing my first project trying out the Windows Beta, having finally found what looks like a great alternative to Adobe Fireworks (at a significantly lower price!) My only niggle so far: it would be good if, having set a custom grid size on the first artboard, subsequent artboards picked that up as their default. I understand that you may wish to have different grids on different artboards, but if they defaulted to the same, that would be handy. Keep up the good work.
  23. I know this has been requested before and apparently has a very low priority. But if we are not to get a user-selected color option for the grid anytime soon (or ever?) could you at least change the default color from that almost invisible pale gray to the much more vivid...and visible...blue of the guides?
  24. I am trying to use the perspective tool. I have seen the tutorial and it seems easy. However, in the tutorial when the 'show grid' box is checked, a grid appears. In my version it does not. What am I missing?
  25. Hi I'm very impressed by the grid manager of Designer, and I'm having extra high hopes for Publisher's grid manager. Adobe InDesign has a disappointing grid system out of the box, but there is a top notch commercial plugin for making grids for professional magazine and book design made by a Swedish art director. You can view some videos about it here: https://designersbookshop.com/grid-calculator-pro-edition.html It would be great if Publisher had a comparable grid manager. Please let me know what you think! Bauke