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Found 39 results

  1. I'm not sure if it has been requested yet but it would be great to be able to convert Artistic text to Frame text because the text content doesn't always stays the same and for example, when you want to change a title to a paragraph at the moment you're force to create a new object (Frame text) and overlay it on the same pre-existing Artistic text. It just takes a lot of time if you need to repeat this action several times. And then again, if you need to change it back you have to start over replacing paragraphs with Artistic text.
  2. What are the type of work each tool is suitable for? For example I was designing UI and I have been using artistic tool and I saw there was some spacing around the text. For example when I choose 24 pt text using Artistic tool there is some space while for frame tool it's exactly 24 pt. I hope I making sense. I wanted to know in what type of design do you use each one of them?
  3. Hello I was working on a UI design at 375px X 750px artboard. I used Frame text tool for some texts. I wanted to resize the artboard. So i increased the size using the transform option directly. I increased the size 3 times. Anyways, main point is the Texts didn't increase in size. It increases in size when I use Artisitic tool but not with Frame text. Is there any reason for that? Or was it made that way?
  4. or Is there a way to turn Text Frames into Artistic Text. I am trying to quickly resize the frame to the text. Thanks!
  5. Firstly a big thank you to the Affinity Photo for Windows team for this software. I am learning more and more about it and liking it the more I use it. I would like to see a simple but accurate and consistent of adding a border to an image. In Photoshop it is done by going through "canvas size" and in Paintshop Pro (a program that I have been using lately because of problems with PS) it is even more simple, you go to "add borders". In both you can select what colour you want. I like to add a 4 pixel white border, then a 4 pixel black border to images that will be projected or posted on Flickr. The two methods do not remove any pixels from the image, whereas in the tutorials for Affinity it appears that pixels may be lost. Also it does not seem to be as accurate, or as easy, as I would like. Many Thanks John.
  6. I know, this feature has been requested several times, but I have to bring this up again, since it is still not included in AD 1.5. Please let me center a text vertically in a text frame. This is so important to get a text perfectly in the center of an object, ect. The only way I can do it, is by either do it manually with my eyes, or convert to curves and then center it. Which is destructive. I love all those new constraint features in 1.5, but having a simple button which would center the text vertically would be so useful for any graphics designer, especially UX-designers. Please consider this soon, I don't want to wait until it is implemented to Affinity Publisher and then added to Designer eventually. This is a feature that I am waiting since AD 1.0. Every graphic or image editor has that feature. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Not sure If my system is borked but I seem to be having troubles copying text from an Affinity Designer Text Frame into another plain text editor. Simple command-c to command-v does not seem to cut it, nor does working from the edit menu. Any tips? Thanks.
  8. Good evening, How can I make a frame around my pictures (for example 4 px) with conservation of quality? Something like this. http://www.plantennamen.info/hydrocharis-morsus-ranae-kikkerbeet Regards, Maarten
  9. I've only just started using Affinity, and want to know if there is a simple way of adding a border (black or white) to an image. In Photoshop it was fairly straightforward, using the resize canvas and selecting a colour. If there similar functionality in Affinity?
  10. Hi, I haver a quick question: Is there away to convert a frame-text-object to a graphic-text-object and vice versa? Or do I have copy the text and use a new object? Thanks Sebastian
  11. I can't find a way to do this. I'm sure it's something ridiculously simple... but just can't figure it out. Please help!
  12. Hello, today I´m wondering how to insert graphic text with an automatic frame. I have to label some places and would like to differ some of the labels by bordering them with a frame. I guess that a manual bordering would cause inaccuracies, so I´m looking for an automatic solution. It would be great if someone could tell me something about this. And if so it would be very helpful if this would be possible very detailed as I´m not used to design and affinity :) . Thanks in advance und my best regards, sandfraeulein
  13. When I select a text frame - generally that means I either want to move the frame or amend the text. When I move out of the frame - that should mean I'm finished working with the text/frame. I do NOT want to create yet another text frame by default!!!!. 9/10 I want to select it or something else on the page. The whole 'esc' -> V thing is very tiresome. Please give us a way to select the frame - either by clicking on the edge of the frame (tool becomes an arrow/select), by using a keystroke (cmd) or moving out of the frame automatically changes the tool to an arrow. Text selection.mov
  14. I'm sorry to keep banging on about this one. I want to create a text frame/box + move it into position WITHOUT having to break stride and go to the tool box. It's the most glaring fault to an otherwise superb application. If I could do this I'd swear I was working in the 2014 version of Freehand! A hotkey/keystroke is the most obvious solution. or Somewhere on the active frame to grab/grip and move into position. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! text frame.mov
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