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Found 293 results

  1. Could it be possible to place linked PDF files (e.g. adverts created by third parties) without the need to have their embedded fonts on your system to display and export correctly?
  2. I'm having issues with Bebas Neue on both Designer and Photo for the ipad. It shows up on the added fonts list, but does not show up to be used. I tried both otf and ttf. Any Clues? I got both from the Dafonts and are free to use. BebasNeue-Regular.ttf BebasNeue.otf
  3. I had to do a reinstall of windows and so don't have my fonts actually installed. Not sure I want to since I have so many. I have had programs in the past where I could just double click on a font name and have that MS viewer pop up and then go back into my program (without restarting the program) and the font would be in the list. I'm not seeing that with designer. Can it do that? Do I need to make it refresh the fonts? How? Sig
  4. I was just experimenting with importing fonts into affinity designer for iPad. Most of the fonts imported successfully. But there is one group of fonts that was not giving me the option to import. (DIN) I could see them in my cloud Drive but when I went to select them, Designer doesn’t give me a selector button and it says the files are zero k. Does that mean that these fonts read/write protected and cannot be copied it into the iPad? Is there anyway around this? What can I do?
  5. Hello! I know this is for AD desktop but what I was thinking it's a feature for both the desktop and the ipad version, btw i am really impressed with designer on the ipad, great work guys! Would it be possible if you had an option to embed the document's fonts into the .afdesign file, so if you want to continue working on the ipad (or the other way around) to have all the fonts ready and not have to worry about installing them? And installing all your desktop fonts to your ipad will take up so much disk space on the ipad. Thank you!
  6. In designer i have noticed when selecting fonts for editing , the selection doesn't show on various fonts. Some do and some don't. So you are guessing as to what is selected. Gary
  7. Hello, I had a bug yesterday: I was working fine launching AD and AP without problems until I opened a document and needed to open again AP. The interesting part is it wasn't Suitcased that cause the problem, I had it disabled. Instead, I used inDesign with the "Document fonts" folder which contains all the fonts needed for the current document, that inDesign is able to read without needing to install them. And it was after opening a document with some particular fonts that I wasn't able to open AD or AP. After closing inDesign, I was able to open AD and AP. Here the screenshots of the errors messages (I sent 1 or 2 other ones at the same time, but my comment is about trying to open a file from our server, seems it wasn't the real problem).
  8. Hi All, I have a question about editing PDFs in Designer. I have a document (for example this one). I want to open it in Designer as a "flatten" document or with outlined letters without altering fonts, but when I open it, I have a window asking to replace or not the missing font. Is there any way that I can open it as it is? I don't want to edit existing text, but leave it as it is. Acrobat opens it OK, but Designer always makes some changes to the existing document. Or maybe it is something that upcoming Publisher will do? Screenshots: View in Acrobat (I can delete some text or add to the line using different font) View in Designer without font replacement View in Designer with font replacement Designer's dialog box when opening PDF
  9. Hello all. My name is Eryk and I'm a font-a-holic. I just got Affinity to see how it will work compared to Illustrator and unfortunately, at this point, I can't really try it because the loading time is unacceptable due to the number of fonts on my system. I don't want to remove my fonts, or deactivate/reactivate as needed. I like to browse different fonts as I'm working on a project, I rarely go into a project with a set font in mind. Is there anything I can do on my windows 10 PC, to speed up Affinity's loading of my fonts? Sorry if this question has been answered already. I promise I did a search on the forums for slow loading with too many fonts, and I didn't find anything relevant. Thank you and warm regards, --Eryk
  10. I have been a user of Serif products for years and wish to convert to Affinity products. So I have many Serif projects to convert into Affinity Designer projects. I have exported the Serif Draw Plus files to SVG files so they can be imported into Affinity Designer. The SVG files from Serif Draw have text boxes stored as: <text x="0px" y="0px" style="font-family:'TimesNewRoman', serif;font-size:32px;">Mains Power Security</text> The text boxes have been changed after importing into Affinity into: <text x="0px" y="0px" style="font-family:'TimesNewRomanPSMT', 'Ugly Face', serif;font-size:32px;">Mains Power Security</text> All my text boxes are now displayed in Ugly Face. YES - it is ugly and not usable. I have tried edting the SVG file to change TimesNewRomanPSMT to TimesNewRoman and remove Ugly Face but my text boxes are still displayed in Ugly Face. What needs to be done to ensure that the text boxes are displayed correctly in TimesNewRoman? Richard
  11. Please help. I bought a new MacBook Pro, and did a successful migration of data and files from my other MacBook Pro. Affinity Photo appears to have migrated over, but it's not recognizing most of my fonts in Font Book. These unrecognized fonts have an exclamation point before their names in the character window module. Quite frustrating. I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks in advance!
  12. Tengo dos meses luchando con un problema en Affinity Designer, sucede cada vez que quiero cambiar el tipo de fuente, al dar clic a la caja se Fuentes se queda frisado y tengo que hacer cierre forzoso porque no vuelve a responder, he actualizado a la ultima versión y el error sigue, he desinstalado toda la aplicación y he vuelto a instalar y el error sigue. Agradezco a quien pueda aportar una ayuda a solucionar este problema. Saludos. -----------ENGLISH------------ I have two months struggling with a problem in Affinity Designer, it happens every time I want to change the font type, by clicking on the box Fuentes is frozen and I have to do forced closure because he does not respond again, I updated the last version and the error continues, I have uninstalled the entire application and I have reinstalled and the error continues. I am grateful to anyone who can help to solve this problem. Greetings.
  13. Hi All, Just wondering if like the 'notification' we could somehow get a menu item to display all fonts used and those that are currently unavailable to the document. Pretty much all illustration/layout programs have a feature except Designer. Apologies if this has already been asked for, but I would think it's quite an easy 'win' for the roadmap? Regards, M
  14. Hello Dave & Crew, Any chance of supporting descriptive names in stylistic sets? I can send an updated version of the font you have of mine if you would like one to test if you desire. Mike
  15. AD 1.6.1 and AP 1.6.7 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 When I click on the "Fonts" select/dropdown menu in the top left corner when I'm using the Artistic/Frame Text tools nothing happens - the drawer that usually shows all fonts doesn't even open - but a beachball appears until infinity and then I have to force quit the app. What I tried to do that didn't solve the crash: 1. Resetting all preferences by holding Ctrl when opening both apps. 2. Completely deleting and reinstalling both apps. 3. Using Font Book, disabling all "User" fonts and also validating all "Computer" fonts. I've been using AD and AP for a while with no issues for a long time. The only recent change that I can think of which could be possibly triggering this is that I updated Pages/Keynote/Numbers to the latest versions that were released yesterday (7.0, 8.0 and 5.0 respectively) and since then I'm getting the Affinity crashes (but the Apple iWork apps work all fine). Could the updates be a coincidence or is there a relevance? How can I troubleshoot further?
  16. I have a reasonably powerful Windows 10 PC (64-bit) and it takes about 2.5 minutes to start Designer or Photo. I have a large number of fonts installed but that's necessary to because I'm a font designer. I'm often dealing with font specimens and I need them all there. Is there are way to reduce loading lime besides reducing the number of installed fonts? Would it make much of a difference if it was installed on a SSD?
  17. I would find it very helpful if I could call up a font list with a RMB and subsequently roll through choices for some selected text. The location of the font menu to the far left of the workspace is a bit tedious at times.
  18. I am currently at a loss on what could be happening. After downloading all faces for OpenSans, I get duplication within the font selection menu in Affinity Designer (see screenshots). The specific issue comes when I select "semibold" which then causes the faces menu to go blank and and "?" question mark to appear in the fonts menu for OpenSans. Where is Affinity designer look for its fonts (directories)? Does Affinity Designer use OpenSans internally? I think the simple work around is to just install the non-duplicates (it is what I will end up doing if I can't resolve this). I've tried to do several things, to find the duplicates: 1) Uninstalled OpenSans (the Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Semibold, Bold faces remain) 2) Installing OpenSans again (I get duplicates, but the only one that causes the blank menu is the "SemiBold" face) 3) Disabling OpenSans (same as #1) 4) Searching for the fonts files, Terminal: find / -name "OpenSans*" 5) Checking specific font locations https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201722 6) Restart 7) Preferences > Clear Fonts
  19. Hello, I just tried to print something that I have prepared from the latest version of AD 1.6.1. While on the screen the design looks good, when I am printing it, the quality of the fonts is very poor. They look sort of "pixelised" or out of "focus" if I am allowed to say. When I am using to print from any other application, the quality of the same font, or any other fonts looks as it is expected to be. Definitely, it is not a printer problem. Am I missing something or is it a bug? Best regards, A. Ps. This is an image of the print page.
  20. Affinity Designer does not correctly decode the available font variants. I believe this is a regression from AD 1.5 affecting the new font panel in 1.6, but I could be wrong. Please reference the attached screenshot, showing the actually installed fonts, the font selected in AD, and the font styles available per AD. This is under Windows 10 1709. I can provide the font files in question if a private email address I can send them to is provided.
  21. Hi after I've updated to Affinity Designer 1.6 font AmSans which used to work on previous version now is missing. Thankfully I had old backup of Affinity, so I'm back on version 1.5.5 where everything works. While on 1.6. I've tried disabling a reenabling this font as well as reinstalling it, nothing has worked, Affinity DEsigner as well as Affinity Photo ca not see this font. I'm using Mac Os High Sierra, MBP 13inch 2013.
  22. Affinity Photo version 1.6.6; MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports); macOS High Sierra version 10.13.3 I have installed some fonts on my Mac and some of them are not showing in the font list in Affinity Photo. These fonts work and appear correctly in other Mac apps. The attachments showing an example of Bittersweet Capital showing as installed in the Font Book but not in Affinity Photo. Can you please advise if I did not install the font properly or there is a fix on its way? Thanks, Dat
  23. Hello, Apologies if this is already a topic but I am literally at my wit's end trying to figure out what is causing font issues in Affinity. This is my first week using the program and I have read over a dozen different sites on how to fix these issues and nothing is working! I am working with marketing materials within Affinity and noticed a message saying I was missing some fonts (attached). Naturally, I knew that missing these was causing existing text to size improperly because my Mac did not have said fonts. So I installed the needed fonts: Futura LT, Futura Std, Open Sans, Pier Sans, Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Condensed and Source Sans Pro. These were downloaded through my employer and are working for other computers but mine is having issues. After downloading these fonts, the alert saying that I was missing them is now gone. But, the documents are still messed up as if I do not have the font. When I click on the impacted text in my documents it shows: ? Futura LT (Can be seen in the upper left corner of the second attached image) Is this display essentially saying the text is a form of Futura LT which my Mac doesn't recognize, aka I don't have the font? Because I am not longer receiving the missing font message. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Removing and reinstalling the fonts from font book on Mac, everything, and it still is not displaying the text correctly! I am also looking for Mac info regarding Font Book. Some of these fonts downloaded and installed are showing as yellow when validating but am not entirely sure how that impacts Affinity. Once removed from Font Book its back to step 1 which are the display messages saying I am missing fonts. I am running out of options after trying so many different things. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Will be talking to our designer tomorrow morning to see if he may be able to figure it out. But for now, I am looking for any assistance. Thank you!
  24. I notice now that AP beta displays "Loading Fonts" on startup. Is it loading the full set of Windows fonts, and would the number of fonts being loaded affect AP startup times?
  25. Completely new to this so not sure what I'm missing. In photoshop I could change the fonts just by having the text layer selected and scrolling through the list of fonts that I have. That doesnt seem to work in Designer. After I've typed in something and press enter I get a layer with all the letters on separate layers under it and picking different fonts doesn't change anything. How do you change fonts after you've typed in something?
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