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Found 293 results

  1. I’m just loving Affinity Designer like you wouldn’t believe - and now Affinity Photo in beta! You guys are fantastic! I’m just getting started with design work and was wondering about fonts. If I design a logo, poster or label, etc. I’m thinking I would need fonts that are cleared for “commercial use”. I’ve noticed there are some fonts available for purchase on Apple’s App store - and elsewhere that are “licensed for commercial use” and “royalty free”. What should one look for when purchasing fonts for use with AD? (Both business-wise and technical-wise) What sort of pitfalls should one avoid? I’d like to keep things as simple as possible - (Guess I’m simple minded). Anyway, any experience and expertise anyone would like to share would be greatly appreciated. And thanks again, Serif Team, for such wonderful and affordable software! All your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  2. I purchased Affinity Designer 1.2.1 by App Store. I can user Japanese fonts (2bytes characters). The Japanese fonts were shown on the Collections of Character until yesteday. But now don't appear Japanese fonts on list. I can user Jpanese fonts in other Account on my iMac. I have to reset the preference(s) of Designer 1.2.1 ?? How to reset (or delete) the preferences ?
  3. I use Indesign quite heavily for book and magazine layout I produce for a range of publishers, so would like to think I know my short cuts and my way around around Indesign. but this does make me struggle formatting lots of copy when jumping back to Affinity (example left aligning I would typically hit cmd L which is not so in Affinity Designer). So Affinity is done the Apple way, which is not bad if you start fresh, but I have a sneaky feeling this will put off switches handy in shortcuts from Indesign and Illustrator to the upcoming Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer if all the short cuts need re-learning from the off start. So my question is this....Is it possible to have Adobe shortcuts as an toggled option in preferences?
  4. When I try to place an svg file ('HKA.svg', attached) in my Affinity Designer project, which I created using the svg() function in R, Designer seems not to display any of the text at all (see 'designer_screenshot.png'). If I open the same file with, say, GIMP, then the text displays fine (see 'GIMP_screenshot.png'). I'm running OSX Yosemite and R is generating .svg files using the cairo graphics library. I'm a bit of a novice with .svg files, but if I open the .svg file with a text editor I can't find any <font> elements, which I thought might have something to do with the problem... along the lines of Designer not being able to find the font definition file. But this was probably rather naive of me. Is this a bug, or am I doing something silly? Thanks a lot in advance, Ben HKA.svg
  5. Hi, congratulations for this fantastic program, I think it's the best freehand successor ;) I only would to know how can I see the other elements on the workspace (grey space around the white paper) if it's possible, because for me is basic see other draws and designs around the paper... and because is not possible see the text font when I import or open a freehand file (I can see the vector design or traced fonts, but the simple text disappears!!). Thanks!
  6. Hi, I just upgraded to the latest version of AD, a lot of great new features - Thnx! Unfortunately, no longer work for me selection fonts (from Character windows/Panel) by pressing the up/down Arrow keys on the keyboard..? as it was before the upgrade. Now I have to click by the mouse each font to view them - with three hundred, it takes endlessly... :/ This is a bug, or I can fix it somehow from the program? Cheers! Marcin
  7. Delete this. I've given up on this program after opening it in photoshop no problem and getting no support on the phone or here.
  8. It is great that we can convert fonts to curves (or outlines for those coming from Illustrator) but when viewing fonts in outline mode both regular editable fonts (not converted to curves) and fonts that have been converted to curves both appear the same. In Illustrator when you view a document in outline mode, fonts that are no longer editable appear as outlines or curves but fonts that are still editable appear as solid black. I'm not saying that Affinity should do it the same way as Illustrator but I do think it would be beneficial to have someway to convey to the user that the fonts are either editable or not (when using the outline view). As it is, the only way to see if a font is editable or not is to click on it. If there is a way to distinguish between editable and non-editable fonts in outline view now, could someone please let me know, thanks!
  9. in the fonts to write the characters are changed by this symbol [ ] will have solution for this if it affects?
  10. Just downloaded app, a whole load of my fonts are unusable from the drop down menu. Are there specific properties needed for useable fonts?
  11. Hey! Found out about Affinity Photo today, and the software looks pretty damn good! As a first try I continued working on a logo design I had going in Photoshop. PSD imported all good, but when I started going through the fonts, I encountered a little trouble. First of the font selection window filled the whole screen and I couldn't see the design anymore. Would be easier if I could just go through the font's with the arrow keys, without the whole huge selection window showing the samples popping up at all. I got over the problem by opening the Character -window though, but in that window I got the fonts to scroll down nice first, but after making a copy of a layer of one of the fonts I might want to use, the scrolling with arrows stopped working and it either moved the cursor in the typed text or the whole text up or down. Is there a solution for this or am I doing something wrong? Thanks before hand! Jani P.S. It might just be me, but I'm so used to copying layers by just draging them to the New Layer icon in the bottom of the layers palette, that I wouldn't mind you guys adding that function... =)
  12. I've been using the trial version of AI and because it's sooo expensive I want to use a program that can import AI files. This program seems to do a good job only it doesn't recognise some of the fonts that were used in AI. Is there a way of downloading new fonts that worked in Ai that can work in affinity?
  13. Here's an article from the Creative Bloq about some tricks for good typography: http://www.creativebloq.com/typography/tricks-every-designer-should-know-12121561 And those crazies over at ComiCraft are having another in their annual never-to-be-repeated font sale: http://www.comicbookfonts.com This sale begins on New Year's eve and continues through Jan 1st and ends at midnight. This year all fonts will be on sale for $20.15 each, even ones that are normally $19 or less. This past January 1st the fonts were on sale for $20.14. Even though they specialize in Comic Book fonts (and as a company they do letter for many comic companies: DC, Marvel, Image, etc) there are a number of display fonts that are just great for titles, logos and such. Many of the more recent display fonts have solid and outline variations -- both have identical kerning and such so that you can make copies of one, change the font to its outline and then color each one separately and have the effect of Blue outlined text with a light green fill (for example). The Kill Joy, Kill Zone and Kill Switch fonts are great examples of this: http://www.comicbookfonts.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=kill If you like what you see, create an account there (they don't sell or share their email list, btw) and make a wishlist so when Jan 1st rolls around you can easily buy the fonts you want for the NTBR sale price. And if you are into comic creation you can subscribe and get all the fonts they create in 2015 for just $129 until the end of January. They put out at least 12 fonts a year and I've been subbing for a few years now and it's been very much worth it to me. But then, I'm a fontaholic and should be on a 12 point program. :P (Just to point out, the fonts in the Pumpkin Tutorial were, for the most part, ComiCraft fonts. A few of the heading fonts were from this past year's releases) happy Holidaze all!
  14. PLEACE ONE SINGLE MENU WINDOW FOR TYPO FONT DESIGN if i set a frame for font i want to manage all things in ONE TYPO EDIT WINDOW .. i don't like click and click to find all hidden features for a proper font design management .. once i loved Freehand's .. Quark's is also super for huge text masses .. Illustrator / Indesign / Photoshop are ok .. once Apples Pages 4 had a sweet font design menu window .. but now in new Pages i have to search and check out a lot of (hidden) submenus .. and AFFINITY's is very similar to pages submenu click orgies for a well doing typo design management .. i repeat PLEACE ONE SINGLE MENU WINDOW FOR TYPO FONT DESIGN
  15. Hello just wondering if there's a way to bring in the glyphs panel for the use of a font. Thank you. Gerardo M.
  16. I thought I would bring this open-type interface initiative to your attention. The type community is going to lobby Adobe very hard to improve their open-type interface. It seems to me that Affinity Designer can probably do a better job here. The information about this can be found here: http://ilovetypography.com/2014/10/25/why-a-better-opentype-user-interface-matters/ And designers are starting to mock up the interface methods that they'd like to see; something to look to for inspiration, perhaps. Cheers, Peter.
  17. Hi, I am working a lot with eps files. I noticed that if I import an eps file, the fonts are all converted into vectors. Would it be possible to fix this, that entire text parts can still be used as text and not as single vectors? This problems only seems to appear in in the eps files, because in the pdf or ai files the text is read in as text. Thank you very much already and keep up your great work :)
  18. On a mid-2011 MacBook Pro w/8GB of RAM and 421 fonts installed, rendering the font dropdown with previews takes about 11 seconds the first time. That's a lot more fonts than I thought I had installed, but I bet a lot of your prospective users have that many or more, and not everyone uses font management software to disable seldom used fonts. Once the menu is rendered, you can start typing the name of the font you want and skip directly to it, rather than scrolling through the menu, which is nice, but there's no way to start typing without invoking the dropdown. If you do decide to scroll through the list, the scrolling is a bit jittery, even after the previews have been cached. A couple suggestions: 1) Add a preference to disable the font previews. It's a great feature, but one you might not always need, and I'm sure that menu would render a lot faster if it didn't have to create all of those previews. 2) Change the font dropdown to a "combo box" control (e.g., http://dev.sencha.com/ext/5.0.1/examples/kitchensink/#form-combos), and only render previews when the user clicks the disclosure triangle side to open the dropdown. Otherwise, when typing directly in the text input side of the combo box, render an autocomplete menu in plain text.
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