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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to share a list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts. This is a curated[*] list of some of the best freely available Fonts out there. The criteria I had in order to come up with this list: They have to be either Free or Open Source Fonts. They can be used in commercial projects (some restrictions may vary from Font to Font, so be sure to read first). I made my best to ensure this point, but I could be wrong and I'd be more that happy if you let me know if I made a mistake. No attribution required. In some cases (Serif and Sans Serif), they have
  2. OK, I'm very aware that maybe most of the designers and users of the awesome Affinity Designer are not into scientific posters, books or documents, but I'm a mathematician and I love the app myself, as much as I understand and use it. :) Hence, I got a small, but important feature request: a plugin/native support which would allow one to use the power of "local" LaTeX typesetting for symbols, fonts and other scientific notations. I am aware I could use the great LaTeXiT + drag & drop, but still, I envision my workflow as follows: When I have a complicated figure to draw, I fire
  3. I'm waiting patiently for Affinity Publisher on iPad. Tonight I learned that iPad OS doesn't provide a font installer or a character map/glyph picker. I hope Affinity will fill these gaps, because when Publisher is released, designers will need their fonts.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or as featured on Publisher 1.9. Recently I updated my collection of Open Sans font by Google (So I use the last official and clean version). As I open a Publisher document, now i'm greeted with a message about Open Sans Regular being missing and it shows as that in preflight. No issue here, i go to font manager and select Open Sans Regular as replacement font. But keeps asking for the original Open Sans and it seems not to register the font substitution. This is not happening with any other Open Sans Style and, if I recall correctly, when i replaced other
  5. Hello! I just bought the Vintge Font Bundle! It’s brilliant! But I can’t quite fathom out how to achieve the uphill curvy slant (as seen being used on the Blackriver and Old Alfie fonts). Thankyou!
  6. Hi I have JUST come upon a NEW Colour Font! it is usable in later versions of Adobe products ( It is a joint collab with Mozilla & Adobe) and can be opened and used as below table. ANY info as to WHEN this Highly important new font can be at least opened and used in any Affinity products ( DESIGNER First, please!!) ???? I spent AGES trying to 'see' the colour in a font only to discover I can't. I can see this new Industry it will NEED to be able to create or at least use this as we will be seeing it more and from this year. https://www.colorfonts.wtf/
  7. Hey there, I am currently having an issue importing IDML files into Affinity Publisher that is bugging me a lot. I have been working on a document for quite some time now in InDesign and want to continue work in Publisher. So, I exported the file as IDML and imported it into the Affinity software. My problem is that all font sizes are wrong now. E.g. a text with 11 pt font size which fitted perfectly into its frame in Design will now not fit into the frame at all since the font size is way too big. Am I overseeing a conversion step or something? I would be thankful if you guys could help
  8. I'm another user facing the same issue as this person. I'm currently facing the EXACT same problem. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but its not helping. Af Photo worked perfectly before the current update. One thing to note is that designer updated properly. when i opened the designer software, it said update available and then i just downloaded and updated. But when i opened photo , it did say new update and i downloaded - but when i try to install it, the only option it game me was REPAIR AND UNINSTALL and not update like Designer did. im not computer savvy other th
  9. A few issues I have seen in this version and the previous: 1. Backspace doesn't backspace. It just returns to the previously used paragraph style. 2. Text seems to randomly resize itself. Example attached. When I finally resized the text on the left, the text on the right resized itself. Suggestions for improvements: 1. On the pages panel, maybe consider using the pages numbers of the book, and not the project, Eg : the document might say page11, but the book page numbering is only on page 5. 2. In the section manager, take away 'Section 1, Section 2,' etc. nam
  10. I cannot write the letter "u" in Affinity with the font "EB Garamond". It is always replaced by "v". In Pages, oddly enough, the font works fine, so I don't think it's the font itself. Does anyone have any idea if there is a setting for this?
  11. Which PDF setting renders body type the best? I regularly produce a 26 page brochure using Affinity Publisher. NONE of the AP PDF settings would render really crisp small type. The closest I got to an acceptable result was creating my own custom settings with No Downsampling. It is acceptable, but not really crisp (see the page sample I have attached to this question). I hate to say it, but the PDF renderings I used to get with InDesign were always crisp. I think that is because InDesign PDF's included a setting option to "Include All Fonts". What can I do to make sure all fonts are included w
  12. How does Affinity Publisher deal with variable fonts? Are there any plans to integrate related features?
  13. Hi, I have a company font, which I can use in almost all MacOS applications. When I use this font in one of the Affinity applications, the characters are replaced by a default font. See attachments. How to resolve this? Br, Jaap
  14. Hi, can anyone write by brand in this style? Will pay for the work. Lee
  15. Hi guys. I need an advice. I know there is no such a thing like "Faux Italics" or "Faux Bold" in Affinity products. I tried to find the way how to push Photo to do that... and there is way. ITALICS: In Character - Positioning and Transform there is an option Shear to slant selected text = set an angle. BOLD: Add the stroke to selected text Fine, it works, I could do it manually so let's make some macros and set couple of possible options which I can use in the future. I was able to record the macros for both, even for combo "faux bolditalic". It's not a
  16. What are color fonts? They are the next big thing in graphic designThey bring multiple colors, shades, textures and transparency to type They include vector shapes, bitmap images or even both into font filesAnything I write here, would just be copying from this website, http://www.colorfonts.wtf/ Have a read through it, then decide if you want colour fonts. I know, that I want it!
  17. Hello, I'm working with Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a Mac running OS 10.14.6 I have the 'Symbol' font installed in the operating system (ie Font Book.app). It's a standard font that always comes with the operating system and is used for greek symbols/letters. Here's a snapshot In all other applications I'm using (e.g. Microsoft Word), the Symbol font is working just fine. In Affinity Photo, the Symbol font does appear in the drop-down font menu when I select "All Fonts" as the category. However, if I type some text, highlight it, then select "Symbol" from the drop-down men
  18. A problem I run into every time I make the simplest poster.... I come up with a dozen fonts I like and I want to quickly compare them in my design and switch back and forth. How do I do this?? I always end up writing a phrase out on a new doc and setting all the different fonts to compare. Ridiculous. Is there a way to make a font set in Affinity so I can quickly compare??
  19. When I am trying to open a PDF in Photo/Designer with embedded fonts that are not localy installed, Designer/Photo suggests to replace them with a similar installed font. Whe I am openeing the same PDF with Adobe Reader the embedded font are recognized und correctly displayed. Is there any solution on my problem? Thanks George
  20. Affinity Photo & Designer 1.8.3 (App Store installed) macOS Mojave 10.14.6 On my MBP either program was unable to open any editable file from anywhere on the file system nor could it save a new file that was created, resulting in a warning of "Permission Denied." However, on my Mac Pro, everything worked just fine. After some research someone said it was related to the number of fonts installed on the system. I confirmed this case by reducing the number of fonts to match my Mac Pro on my MBP. MBP had 2,800 fonts and the MP had 2,300 enabled. Also, an interesting
  21. Hello. When choosing a font from the font menu in Affinity Designer, I cannot change the font of the text by scrolling. So there is no font preview. Is this a mistake? I had no such issue before the last Big Sur update.
  22. Whenever I go to open up an Affinity document which another colleague has created, unfortunately all of the fonts do not automatically load in. To resolve this we have had to manually select the font for each section of text on every Artboard (please see attachment). This has become quite time confusing in order to do for each document now and I was wondering whether this was a bug or there's an easier way to resolve this perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Just to note, each of the fonts we use have already been installed, and we work on Macbooks. Thank you in advance,
  23. I have been trying to load a few new fonts to Affinity Designer on my iPad Pro. When I select the fonts and then press open I get a message saying. Can’t communicate with helper application. I have tried quitting and resetting but get the same message every time. I don’t know what helper application the message refers to. Any suggestions. I’d really like to use more fonts.
  24. I've search the forum to see if this was addressed and didn't find anything yet. I have a number of fonts that will not render at all and are replaced with Arial across Publisher and Designer. When I open up the Font Manager in Publisher, it says that there are unsupported characters. However, I did notice that if I attempt to set up a Character Style, the font is rendered correctly in the browser. Additionally, if I activate the Glyph panel, the font appears correctly and, though time consuming, can be applied. I saw mention that Variable and SVG types weren't supported but I'm not
  25. Hi, I just wanted to check if there a way to see the list of fonts used in a Affinity Designer document? I generally convert all the fonts to curve before sending the file (PDF) to printer to avoid missing fonts issue. But some font's don't get converted with ctrl+select (eg. fonts used in symbols). Finding the list of fonts in the document would help to identify if there's still some fonts that are not converted. Thank you.
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