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Found 23 results

  1. I have an issue where adding a footnote to my document interrupts the flow of the text in the document. I have simplified the file by adding the pages to a new document. As you can see in the video, it's not like the footnote has a text wrap applied to it. 2024-04-10 12-37-16.mp4 This happens in Publisher 2.4.2, Windows 10.0.19045. Text wrap bug.afpub
  2. I absolutely love that Affinity Publisher now has data merge. It's definitely better than what Adobe was offering a million years ago. But after trying it I realized I was still going to be stuck with multiple text frames when what I really needed was for all of the merged data to flow from one columned text frame to another, page by page. When you're dealing with hundreds of entries, there's nothing quite as mind-numbing as putting everything back together so that you can adjust for pagination, unused space, etc. Well, my husband (who writes code for scientific database uses) offered to make a little bit of Pearl code for me that I could then use to do my own data merge, which results in a simple .txt document being created with all of the info exactly as it needs to be all in one place that I can then copy and paste into Publisher and quickly do a bit of hand formatting (using a combination of find/replace for specific characters and and applying paragraph styles). It has made my life a million times simpler - though it still means if my client comes back to me with a change, I either have to manually go in to make the update (which can sometimes require updated pagination), or redo the entire directory. I realize Publisher's data merge functions are still in beta, but I would be ecstatic to know there's something in the works to have the resulting data merge exist in one continuous text frame. Barring that, would there be a way my husband's code could mark up the data merge in such a way that when I copy and paste it into Affinity, Affinity will automatically apply certain formats? Or is that a bit too outside the box? I'm attaching the little program here. For anyone who understands these sorts of things. It's custom made for me, so don't expect to be able to download as is and use it for your project, unless you know how to change the code. convert_directory.pl
  3. Notice that flow rate. The brush flow rate is released excessively. Do you consider it a bug or is there something wrong with my settings? This issue suddenly appeared after I uploaded the OS. I did a clean install of this software. But the problem is still not resolved. I expect that the strength of the brush is weaker. Is there any solution other than using opacity? I am looking forward to your advice. Thanks 2022:08:24.mp4
  4. I have a vector spiral and I need to put text on the path, but the spiral is the wrong direction. When I flip the path and then attempt to place text on the path, the text is also now flipped. How do I place text on a flipped vector shape without the text also being flipped? EDIT: As always inevitably happens I figured it out immediately after I posted. Using the 'Node' tool I selected all the nodes, pressed 'Transform Mode', scaled it horizontally, then applied text to the path and it's flowing the proper direction.
  5. Hey guys, in case someone is doing mindmaps with Affinity, like I am, these might come in handy. Arrows, pointers, actions, terminators/buttons, forms and boolean operators. mindmapping.afassets
  6. I import and flow text from frame to frame, but I find that the text can look different from one frame to the next, The first frame is often loosely leaded by the end frame leading is much tighter. Also the look of the text cab vary from looking crisp and sharp to looking much looser. All this yet I make sure that the typeface, size etc are exactly the same from frame to frame
  7. Is there a way to use the keyboard to increase/decrease flow? If not, can Affinity add this ability?
  8. Is it possible to set brush opacity + brush flow with an Affinity Photo action or with a keyboard shortcut? This enables a quicker workflow if one can just toggle between e.g. 20% opacity 20% flow and then go back to 100% opacity 100% flow without having to change it every time manually. Thank you for your advice how to do this or to take the time to add it to your feature request list. ­čśâ
  9. As it appears to be, tables are treated as independent floating objets, as are images and shapes. Can a table be inserted on a text, so the contents of the table flow through linked text frames? On our workflow is a very regular occurrence, as we do a lot of financial and management reports with large tables spreading through pages that must flow with the text. Also this bring the question about table headers, so the header appears at the start of each page where the table is divided and it seems this option is not available at this moment. This is one of the few things that i could miss from InDesign, as it treat tables as text elements inside text frames (as also does Word and other apps)
  10. What is the best way to organise the work flow? go from camera (RAW ) -> straight into Affinity , or should I go camera->card reader->affinity,, or camera ->Capture NXD > affinity, or camera -> SnapBridge -> affinity Camera is D7500, and I only shoot NEFF (RAW) Thanks . Mike
  11. Affinity Publisher Public Beta - on Windows 10 The setup: Create new file. Create a master page for Chapter Title (single page, recto) and a master spread (verso/recto, complete with text boxes. Create page and apply Chapter Title master. Create spread for pages 2 and 3 and apply verso/recto master to it. Place an RTF file that will result in approx 350 pages, beginning on page 1 (Chapter Title,) and manually flowed onto pages 2 and 3 (verso/recto,) (because if I autoflow from page 1, all newly-created pages, including 2 and 3, will have the Chapter Title master automatically applied.) So far, so good. However, at the end of each chapter, I need to insert an odd-page break, and then apply the Chapter Title master to the next odd page. When I do so, the text is apparently deleted on the page where I apply the new master. Applying a new master (either of my masters) to any page(s) has the same effect. The text on those pages is deleted. Alternatively, if I manually flow from page 1 to 2, then to 3 and beyond, the flow will not cause a conversion of master on consecutive pages as it does with autoflow, however at some point (in one test about 40 pages in, the text will become invisible on the next page. What I mean by invisible is that I cannot see the text, but it is apparently "there," because if I use CNTL+A to highlight all text, I can see the highlight on an otherwise blank page (see attached .pdf.) So in some way, the text exists; I just can't see it. If I apply a new master to any next page (say, to begin a new chapter,) then the text disappears again, by which I mean if I use a selection method like CNTL+A, there are no highlights on the newly-mastered page to indicate that text exists in some way that is invisible. Nice that autoflow works on re-opened files now, but I would not expect it to convert pages I've already created to new masters. Thanks for all the good work. Onward and upward. Bruce Wilkinson´╗┐´╗┐ Spread.pdf
  12. Hey guys, Just bought Affinity Photo and since there's no Opacity + Flow pressure sensitivity options, I've pulled a rabbit out of a hat and starting off with some tips from this thread I've made some brushes and thought of sharing them with the nice people on these forums. The last in the list I think are especially useful for paiting. Hope you'll like them. Painter's Brushset 2.afbrushes.zip
  13. Hi I think this programme has promise but as I'm a graphic designer producing large newsletters I really need to be able to place text from doc, docx, open office, etc and that it will flow across multiple pages, columns. I will then need to place a photo and get it to text wrap. Currently can't do this so hope the developers can add this facility. I am used to Indesign and am sick of paying money to Adobe! Similarly though I need Illustrator as your Affinity Designer doesn't have a curved pen tool or image trace. I fear that your market is going to be tablet users, not graphic designers!!! In which case, do say. Thanks
  14. I like the look of the new software, and it seems pretty intuitive to use. One of the things I and a client upgraded Serif Page Plus for was the tables which could be linked so the data could flow between separate sections and pages as layout adjustments are made (much in the same way that text flows within text frames). I'd love to see this as an option, and I know my client finds this essential in her work.
  15. While playing the options of paragraph flow (on edit style pane) I've noted that the Keep with next option displaces and moves text in table cells using the style, moving final lines of paragraph to the next cell and reflowing the next ones. See attached images (one with 0 and other with 1 on the field)
  16. Ok so I am new to Affinity Designer and have been working with it for a little over a week. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but is there a way to edit the flow while using the vector brush tool? I'd like to lessen the flow with the strokes I am using. Thanks in advance for you help.
  17. This has been an issue for a while now. The blur brush tool adjustments in the tool bar (opacity, hardness and flow) don't seem to be doing anything. I've been using affinity photo now for about 7 months now. This never used to be an issue - the opacity, hardness and flow sliders would all have an effect on the blur brush tool. However all of the sudden, one day they stopped working and the blur brush tool is stuck on max blur! Can anybody tell me why or how to fix this? Note: these adjustments work just fine on paint brushes, burn/dodge brush tools etc its only an issue with the blur tool.
  18. Hello, could be extremely usefull (and near mandatory to work fluently) to have a shortcut to quickly modify brush flow, or to change pixel brushs maybe. scenario: im drawing, im using a lot the finger tool, and sometimes there is small details i need to work with, that need a lot of flow, and other times i just want to melt a bit the colors, so i need a lot less. and i got to change a lot and a lot for my workflow, so having it at top left corner makes it a hell to use. go in the top left corner, modify, test if its ok, if its nto go back with mouse in top left corner... you get crazy in 5 minutes.
  19. Hi Everyone, Can someone tell me how i can adjust the flow without adjusting the numbers in the actual menu? For example the same way you can do with the Opacity when you press the number keys. Hope my question made sense. Thanks!
  20. Hi Is it possible to flow text from one text frame to another in Affinity Designer? Or connect text frames to each others. I make small publishing and this feature would be very helpfull. Nikolai
  21. Hello everyone! Do you know if there is a way to record changes made to brushes? It would be nice to be able to just click on a macro to set, for example, 120px, 25% opaque, 100% flow, 50% hardness. Best wishes, Shu
  22. two easy ones: the numbers control the opacity shift + number (or something other) should control the flow and there is still the inconsistency that dragging the opacity of a layer e.g. dragging newt to the number box on the "Opacity" word does not change the value of the opacity as it does in other boxes...
  23. There are any shortcuts for brushes available? I want to change witdth, flow, opacity and hardness without moving to the top toolbar. best wishes Marco
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