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Found 53 results

  1. Would appreciate someone's artistic touch with Designer Fx settings for a heart-shaped balloon. The attached afdesign file is AD 1.6 on Win 10. I think my trials are close but miss in 2 areas, 1) no gloss or shine, 2) the lower shadow isn't right and the line where the shadow begins is too sharp - needs some diffusion. I haven't even gotten to the Transparency Tool yet. Suggestions are appreciated. heart-balloons-jm.afdesign
  2. When I add a gradient overlay along with outline in the FX panel, I get no interaction. Shouldn't gradient OVERLAY be like a coating on top of everything? I can't get these two effects to blend at all.
  3. I just want to copy the same effect values to the other object and I already disable 'Scale to Object' checkbox before copying. The copied result is still scaled effect. Please try my file. (copy the round rectangle to the triangle) copy_outline_stroke_bug.afdesign
  4. I just noticed something peculiar. I'm doing some exporting for print to CYMK. I'm using a single color created by using the color overlay FX setting. I noticed, however, that when I was switching between RGB and CYMK, that the initial reading in moving from one color mode to another was different than the second reading after I closed the FX window and then opened it again. So, there is a conversion going on from RGB to CYMK or vice versa, that later "corrects" itself to the right value (or wrong?). So the problem is obvious. What if I was to trust the initial reading and perhaps relay that to a client, only to look again later to see that the number values for that color had changed? I've attached two screenshots of the issue. The actual color (to my eyes) appears the same. Yet the color values have shifted by closing the panel and opening it again. Is this typical, "expected" behavior, or did I find a bug? I'm using AD 1.55.
  5. In Photoshop it's easy to copy or move fx from one layer to another. I can't figure out how to accomplish that in Affinity Designer though. Try this: 1. New document in Affinity Designer. 2. Sketch 2 rectangles on the page. 3. Give 1 of them a drop shadow. You should then see the white "fx" mark at right on that layer. 4. Try moving that "fx" to your other rectangle layer. You can't. 5. Hold down the Option key and try copy the "fx" to your other layer. You can't. 6. Right-click on "fx" and see there is nothing directly applicable to "fx" If there is no feature to accomplish this important task, please consider this a feature request. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I found when I copy layer effects from one object to another, the effects will resize. Is there any way I can persist the effects parameters? Thanks! This is what I did to test: draw a 200x200 rectangle apply an outline effect to it with radius of 20px copy the rectangle draw a 100x100 rectangle edit → paste fx the 100x100 rectangle will have an outline effect with 10px radius
  7. I've been trying to recreate some older work in AD but I'm deeply missing the Contour setting for shadows and glows. I couldn't find anything similar reading the Help topics. This would be analog to the Photoshop feature where you can specify a graph for how the intensity of the effect changes over its spread. This is a picture from an old PS version just to illustrate the setting.
  8. In this quicktip [ GERMAN | ENGLISH subtitles ], I'll show you how to transfer styles and effects from one object to another object in Affinity Designer. https://youtu.be/gqp_dTqYppI Keep on drawin' Norbert
  9. I raise this thread from AD beta forum to here because I cannot find the same report by searching. It also happen to the current store version. Please fix it next beta. Cheers :)
  10. ms.fuentecilla

    Affinity Photo FX

    The FX details seem not to be subtle enough to create the equivalent detail available in Photoshop. Is it possible to enhance these to match more closely the subtleties available there in Styles or does this cause conflicting copyright issues? I have tried to achieve similar results. Access to import PS Styles would be better probably such as those in The Photoshop Wow Book, final chapters and DVD. This is mainly in the 3D department. Michael
  11. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forums, so if this has been mentioned before then I apologise! I'm an illustrator and would really like to make the transition from PS CC to Affinity but there's a couple of things that Designer/Photo don't have atm: Pattern Overlay with the ability to import .pat files and also the ability to import .tpl files (I use a lot of Kyle Webster's brushes). Could you add these features in the future please? Thanks.
  12. Could we please have the option to convert Layer FX to layers? This an incredibly useful feature as it enables you to selectively delete parts of an effect and gives you independent control from the layer that created the effect.
  13. Hi, I was missing an obvious option to remove a layer fx, for example by: 1. context menu (RMB) 2. an entry in menu layers (plus shortcut) 3. via drag 'n drop (like in Adobe Phoooooop) Up to now, I had seen me forced to click on the fx icon and then deselect all used fx (in worst case all 10) to get rid of the fx. Together with all the mouse movements too much clicks and precise mouse work. WORKAROUND (I just found today): w1. CMD+C on an element with no layer fx (and no style) w2. CTRL+CMD+V to paste the fx So now this feature request can be seen as low-prio/cosmetic :) Keep continue working on this great piece of software, Stefan. see also: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/24663-toggle-layer-fx-onoff/
  14. Hi, it would be great to have the same functionality for show/hide layer effect by using the modifier SHIFT as it is already implemented for layer masks Thanks in advance, :) Stefan.
  15. I have placed several shapes in a group, and I want the shapes to cast shadows onto one another. I have tried to place an fx on the whole group, but it seems that even if all the shapes are casting shadows, they are not casting shadow onto one another once you put a shape on top of the other. I have to set the same fx for each shape in the group for this to work, but it's time consuming. Is it possible to copy an fx from a layer and paste it onto another?
  16. When I change settings in the fx settings window, I can only "Close" the settings. Often I am changing settings and in the course of changing I realize that this change was no good ;-) So I would appreciate a button "Cancel" aside the button "Close". Best, Dietmar
  17. Hi, I've just started using Affinity. I've create an FX layer with Gaussian Blur, and then created a mask on this layer so I can selectively control the effect. I'm finding both the pencil and erase tools are painting on the mask. My reading of the manual online suggests the erase tool should clear the mask. I've opened up the make layer so I can see it using the alt key. There I can see both tools paint on the mask. Is this expected behaviour - should I do something else to clear the mask after painting on it? Am I doing something wrong? thanks
  18. It would be really useful to add/enable the little Blend Options cog gear in each of the Layer Effects. For example, being able to dial-in what area of a glow or drop shadow maps to layers below would enable more realistic effects without resorting to separate layers in the layers stack... thanks for your consideration
  19. I have a few strokes in my project with an fx of an outer shadow, to soften the edge. If I am zoomed in at anything less than 300% the stroke looks close to the export. If I am zoomed in at anything over 300% the stroke looks totally different. Actually it's the fx that changes. In the attached image there is only a 2% difference in the zoom, but a world of difference in the appearance. Current beta
  20. In Photoshop if I add fx to a layer, I can easily MOVE or COPY those fx to another layer simply by dragging (with the Option key held down, if Copying). Empower us to accomplish the same feat in Affinity Photo. Thanks.
  21. Can I convert Layer FX to Layers? I need to be able to selectively erase or mask certain parts of them. Thanks for any help. David Mac
  22. Hi I have a logo which I have designed in Xara, and I have imported it as a pdf into Affinity Designer, because I need to change the logo. I have changed the logo and I have used an outline shadow fx as a drop shadow. Now I try to resize the logo to exact dimensions, because I need to export it as a png in different sizes. But the resize does not take the shadow fx into consideration. When I resize the logo to 165 x 95 and then go to the export persona to create a slize, the slize becomes much larger because the resize does not take the fx drop shadow into consideration. Is there a fast way you can resize to exact pixel dimensions when you use a fx, like the outer shadow?
  23. Check out he video to see what I mean. When I change the an object's color opacity, it also makes the effects translucent... Shape color + Opacity FX bug.mov
  24. The (fx) icon is already there. Just turn it into a switch for turning all effects on and off on a single click, and make it open the Effects Panel on a double click. Clicking on it and sliding down through a bunch of layers with FX on should turn them all off as they're slid over. Doing the same over FX that are turned off should turn them on.
  25. ronnyb

    4 Triangle shapes + FX

    Just playing with AD's shapes and FX... triangles.afdesign

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