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Found 39 results

  1. I’ve tried to get the sampler tool, and it beat me. I hope this panel and experience using this tool gets a refresh and become WAY more intuitive. I have a sampler point on screen and that thing WILL NOT disappear!
  2. I've read there's a "new color picker" (eyedropper) in AD 1.5 (source). That's really great news. ...but i don't see any improvements to that thing. And i can't find more information about it. How to use the new one? What's the hot key? Why there are no details about it?
  3. I got really used to a similar feature in Sketch – when the color picker is activated, all the guides and gridlines are automatically hidden. When you click and pick a color, they reappear. That's a little touch, but it makes picking colors quicker and error-proof. I'd love to see a similar feature implemented in AD. :)
  4. 1) As you can see in the attached video file (BrushProblems.mov), there is a white halo around the first patch drawn with a brush. Lifting up the pen/mouse and then laying down the same color results in the second patch appearing to be behind the first as though it's on a separate layer, with a white outline or halo around the original patch. This will also occasionally result in horizontal line artifacts (zoom in on the blue patch on the left in HorizontalLineArtifacts.png to see this). 2) Selecting the brush tool and then holding down Alt/Opt (on Mac) and clicking on a color will usually select that color using the eyedropper / color picker. But when I go to paint with that color immediately after making the selection, it appears that the color selector overrides the brush and remains active (see BrushProblems.mov). BrushProblems.mov
  5. Hi, I just wondered if there is a shortcut for selecting the eyedropper. I'm kind of used to the double click of a colour and then selecting another like in Adobe Illustrator. The behaviour in AD appears to be to click and drag on the eyedropper. It may be me but I find it a bit convoluted. Also is there a way to copy one object's style attributes and paste to another, rather than creating a style first and then clicking on it. I'll apologise now if I've missed something glaringly obvious, I usually do!
  6. Hi Everyone, In AP, do we have an Eyedropper tool like we do in PS? In photoshop if I'm retouching i can select the brush tool and then press and hold Alt/Option to quickly bring up the eyedropper tool. Once i release the key it goes back to the tool i was using. Is this available on AP because i can't find it. Thanks!
  7. Please for the love of God, allow for "i" to be the eyedropper shortcut! Doesn't seem like too much to ask. Great job guys on the latest betas.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post here. As a graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience and someone who's been looking for an alternative to Adobe products, I've been testing Affinity Designer Beta for a while and I'm really amazed what can be achieved with such great input from users and by developers who listen! Right now I use Affinity Designer Beta along with Adobe Illustrator, testing, comparing, trying to achieve similar goals using both. It is great that developers from Affinity are not trying to make a copy of Adobe products and finding mostly better solutions with users in mind, but there are times, when I'm really in a hurry and I'm forced to do certain things in Illustrator. There are things that slowing me down A LOT in Designer, and the major one is colour picking. Right now I just cannot find any other way then: - selecting an object - moving cursor to the top right corner - grabbing a colour picker - choosing a colour - moving cursor to the top right corner again - and then finally selecting it. All this takes far too much time for such simple operation, so I gave it a lot of thought, and came up with something that I believe will work great. First of all, what's needed is a one button shortcut for the Colour Picker tool like the "i" in Illustrator, and then we can use the loupe from Designer to create even better experience and this is how it could look like: - select Colour Picker tool via one button shortcut, then - pick a colour from any object by just clicking on it - OR - HOLD on any object for 2 seconds to change the cursor to LOUPE for more precise colour selection! - boom! And now the most obvious thing - if you don't have any object selected, this action will just choose a colour which will be selected when new object is created, but when you DO have an object selected, this action will APPLY the colour you've just chosen to the already selected object. Advantages: much fewer moves and clicks, less distracting and keeps you focused on what you're currently working on, intuitive and when gives more control by using loupe for precise colour selection without any additional clicks or moves. All this would speed up everything tremendously! If this or something similar has been already discussed, or if there is any solution to that which is already implemented and I simply don't know about it, please let me know. I wonder what you all think about it! Best Regards!!!
  9. I've picked a color from my image to utilize in my swatches, but the big selector bubbles do not go away. Is there a trick to making this happen?
  10. Hi there, I thought about improvements of the colour picking system, particularly about the eyedropper. I must admit that it’s quite comfortable to select a colour and have it available in a separate inkwell (the small circle right to the eyedropper symbol). On the other hand there's always the need for a second click to apply this color. And it’s very cumbersome to try out different colors on an active shape by picking those colours one after another from the environment of that shape in a complex piece. So what about a linked or “live” eyedropper (see my mockup)? – I would imagine to have it work this way. First you select your desired shape, and when the link button is engaged, the small circle to the right of the eyedropper is linked to the fill / stroke selector on the left. When “fill” is selected for example, you can take the eyedropper to the piece you are working on and whatever colour you are sampling by hovering over the canvas is immediately applied to the fill selector and to the active shape’s fill. Just as it happens when we use the colour wheel or sliders. (For instance, we could drag the eyedropper to the blue triangle in my screen shot and apply the blue fill immediately to the highlighted red one.) Now it would be very embarrasing if there is still a method to achieve this … but if there’s none, this would be my proposal … ;) Cheers, Alex
  11. The eyedropper is not reading the correct colors from an image in Safari. Oh I see what it is doing. I had a few images open in AD, in Separated Mode. This allows Safari to be in front of some AD images. In that case the eyedropper looks through Safari and reads the colors in the AD drawing behind Safari. If there is no AD drawing behind that area of Safari (only desktop) then the eyedropper returns the correct colors from the Safari page. I tried a Pages document on top of the Safari page and it looked through both of these to read the colors from the AD drawing behind them all. Should it not return the colors of whatever is on top, what is actually displayed on the screen?
  12. Hi - apologies if this answered elsewhere but I couldn't see it. I use the eyedropper tool to sample colours (usually 5*5 pixels) to check on skin tones, and convert these values to CMYK to compare to established skin tone colour values. Being red-green colour blind, this is vital for me! Is this a procedure within Affinity, or at least one that can be imitated? Howard
  13. Not sure if has been reported before, can't find any similar. If it is the case, sorry. When working in CMYK, the current color, recent colors and eyedropped color shows in RGB, which is very confusing as makes difficult to appreciate real color being used. I attached screen capture of the issue, showing path in real color and the rgb green in the dropper and cmyk selector.
  14. Any plans for a vector eyedropper similar to the pixel eyedropper with the option key? Very useful tool...
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