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  1. Problem description I'm using Affinity Designer 2 Export Persona feature. I want to crop a long screenshot and export it. I divided them using guide lines and then went into the Export Persona panel. However, it failed to automatically capture my guides. This is very inconvenient. Expected result I hope that Export Persona can refer like Photoshop slicing tool, automatically identify my guide lines, and provide a quick cutting and export method without requiring me to manually cut the image. Thank.
  2. See the images attached. There is some checkbox labels that are so small it is very hard to read (first image). I understand it is because window width is too small so the text becomes smaller. But I think it would be a good idea to always keep the text readable and find an other way like a new line for instance. Or even reducing the padding in this window that is quite big. I've also noticed that the responsivity is weird. When enlarging the window, the labels stays small, and we have to check a box to update de size (second image).
  3. Not sur if this is a bug or a normal behavior. Software : Affinity Designer 2 Beta 2.3.0 (2165) My document hasn't the Transparent Background box checked on its settings window (see attached image). But when I export it in .png format using the export persona the background IS transparent. If I export it in .png using the File -> Export menu, the background IS NOT transparent (but white) as I would expect. If I export if in .pdf format using the File -> Export menu, the background IS transparent. So I'm a little confuse about it. This is a behavior I have on every files and for many time. It is anoying because I always have to put a white rectangle on my documents. Maybe I'm just misundertanding something ?
  4. Would be nice if palletizing can create a global/shared pallete from entire document or selected elements. Each exported slices often have inconsistent color on continuous area such as solid color background.
  5. There is a path field in the slice properties of photo's export persona. When I enter an absolute path there, like E:\secondary_project\exports it is converted to E\secondary_project\exports i.e. th colon is omitted. When I export this slice, I am prompted for a path. If I chose e.g. E:\primary_projects\export (just confirming the prompted path) the exported file is stored at: E:\primary_projects\export\E\secondary_projects\export Saving the path without drive letter doesn't help, becaus in this case the leading backslah is omitted. "\secondary_projects\exports" becomes "secondary_projects\exports". As a workaround I save relative paths and chose root directory on export.
  6. Slices in Export persona is shifted 1px or so and visually not collect. Exported images are ok but this is annoying behavior. very confusing.
  7. Working a lot with Moho Pro I saw myself rebuilding scenes I designed in Affinity Designer or Photo with exported images in Moho again. I never have to do that when using Spine to animate as Affinity has this great Spine JSON batch exporter in the Export Persona. So I was missing that when working in Moho. Until now; I've developed a free plugin script for Moho which let's Moho import all layers and exported cropped images from Affinity Photo and/or Designer via the exported spine.json file! For who is using both Spine and Moho, like me, it is even quite far in importing the setup pose with all images as exported from Spine too. Including all transformations of the images and even tinting of images. There are some limitations when importing spine.json files coming from Spine tho (see mohoscripts page for the script), like images which use meshes aren't supported. But the most important features are supported already! [update] Also when the spine.json file has bone data (like files exported from Spine itself, or when using special layer naming in Krita's exporter), the skeleton will be recreated in Moho during import since v1.1.0! But the main reason for making this was to import layers from Affinity tho. And that all works great now! A real time saver. It also works for Krita, Photoshop, After Effects, Gimp etc. when you install an existing export to spine.json script in Krita. The script is free to download. Downloadlink and more information is here: https://mohoscripts.com/script/wp_spine_import And here are some demo's/tutorial videos I just created. Have fun!
  8. This is latest published Designer 2 on MacBook with most current OS for my 2016 MBP. The Issue My problem is that slices created from layers in Export Persona do not have same width (in Export Persona) as the source layers, as reported by Transform tool in Designer Persona. Slices are 2662px but layers are 2661px wide. Background I have a document that I use as a template even though it’s not saved as one. It includes 16 slices that were created from layers (these are all groups that represent a small section of the host artboard). I sometimes have to edit the constituent layers in these groups, specifically to change their width to a very specific value using Transform (Designer Persona). After getting ambushed a few times I now check individual layers one at a time to make sure they are the correct size, and at the correct location on the artBoard. Each export group is renamed following my naming convention. Groups are completely distinct, with no shared layers. To make sure the derivative slices have the desired name, the first thing I do after switching to Export Persona is to delete the previous slices. I then select all the source layers, and create new slices. My problem is that the 16 slices created this way (from different source groups) are ALL the wrong size - by which I mean that the size of a newly created slice differs from what Transform reports in the Designer Persona - by 1 pixel. Export Persona reports 2662px, Designer Persona claims 2661px - the value I specified when doing the Transform. I’ve checked sizes in Designer Persona before and after creating the slices, and the outcome is always the same: Export wants to give me 2662px from a 2661px-wide group. The 2661px target width is specific to this document, and is based on document-specific content created very early in the edit process. I had another one yesterday with different width requirements, and that worked perfectly. I believe I have the same behaviour on my iPad running latest published AD2 with iPadOS 16.6.1. I’m open to suggestions, can make a document available to Affinity if they provide a link, please. I will provide a document for the forum if it survives sanitizing.
  9. This is latest published AD2 on iPadOS 16.6.1 (yesterday). I have a document that I use as a template even though it’s not saved as a template, with 16 slices created from distinct layers. Initially these slices take the name of the source layer. I have noticed that changing a layer name in Designer Persona does not always propagate to the derivative slice - sometimes does, and sometimes does not, and its inconsistent within a single document. I guess that’s a bug? I have this behaviour on both iPad and MBP. Regards
  10. The slices to export are 1500 x 1875. The exported jpgs result in 750 x 938. I have no clue why. Is there a hidden setting somewhere or is it a bug? For your convenience, I attached the .afphoto Version 2.1.1 for Mac Eine Band-L1010100-20230815-172257-Insta-C.afphoto
  11. Using Affinity Designer 2.1.1 on Windows. In the Export persona and using the Slice Tool, I've tried to snap a few slices to objects on the artboard, and they don't snap... but I honestly can't remember if it has always been like this, or if it's a new bug? I've tried looking up the documentation but it says nothing about this. Trying to determine if I simply forgot this was always been like this before submitting a bug report. Snapping to the artboard edges and other slices works fine though, sooo...?? Thanks!
  12. Mac OS 13.2 Affinity Design 2.1.1 Steps: As designer persona, create an artboard of an arbitrary size. Assign a 64x64 simple grid to the artboard. Enable snapping. Place a small shape in the middle of a grid cell. Draw a transparent rectangle with no outline from the top-left to the bottom right corner of the same grid cell. Group the two objects together. Ensure that the resulting group is 64x64px in size, and its position is at integer coordinates. Navigate to the export persona. Open the Layers dock and select the group from step 6. Press the "Create" slice button at the bottom right. Expected: A 64x64px slice is created. Actual: A 64x65px or 65x65 slice is created. This issue doesn't allow me to quickly export a lot of same-size images. I'm forced to draw or adjust slices manually. Thank you.
  13. In Designer 2, if you move an Art Board after creating slices, the position of the slices does not get adjusted to follow the Art Board. And it’s trivial to reproduce.
  14. Hi! I think, back in 2017, someone asked, if there would be some other tokens to choose from... So we have the awesome 2.0 release and I want to do some clever multi export as pdf of several artboards using tokens, but... only one <slicename> token?? Where are some other tokens I can use? For example, width, height, dpi, pdf-version, date,... But most of all: I need a filename token, please!
  15. In the Export Persona of Affinity Photo, I can't see that layers are linked by Visibility. I would like to be able to see this or have the links panel visible there. If I have linked my layers and colour coded the ones that are associated, it also doesn't show, because the Export Persona doesn't show layer colours. So this means that both means I have at my disposal to tell linked layer visibility from within the layers studio are absent... 2022-10-23 11-45-55.mp4
  16. Until now I mostly created graphics inside Affinity and exported it with the export persona without any issues in both Photo and Designer. Today I imported a PSD file into Affinity and created slices of all layers (without even editing inside Affinity). But to my surprise the Slices don't have extensions in the Slices tab of the Export persona and export to files without extensions, eventhough PNG is selected on each slice. When creating a new file and create slices of the new layers everything still works fine; all slices get the PNG extension, because PNG is selected. So there is an issue in Affinity when starting with an already created PSD file to create and export layers as slices. This is how it looks when layers are created inside Affinity (pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: This is how it looks when layers are made externally and imported from PSD (to pixel-layers) and we create slices from those layers: As you can see the files don't get an extention when exporting either: The issue is already in the slice-name, so it looks like we cannot even change it [Edit] Added a test PSD file in the Attachment which throws this issue AND the Affinity file created from it where you can see the issue in the export persona. For the record; the PSD is created in the latest Krita (5.1.1). test.afphoto test.psd
  17. HI, I am using version on a windows notebook. I saw Elaine Giles great youtube about the export persona and, of course I had to get my hands on it. So I took an already existing file with around 10 or 12 artboards, lots of symbols and the Export persona had already some specifications. The idea behind the new set up of the Export Persona is to set the name once and it will ripple through to "everything" so that I do not need search my export folder, create new folder etc. The attachment shows, that I can change the artboard name in Designer Persona, it then changes in the layers panel of the Export persona but it does not pull through to the change the slice name. Interestingly it works, when I set up a complete new file - I tested it with 2 artboards and 2 symbols. Any idea how to solve this except to make everything new from scratch? Should I report that as a bug?
  18. Sometimes, eventhough Spine is selected as Batch builder, no spine.json file is created when exporting slices. I have to watch more closely when exactly this happens, but I'm pretty sure this is what happens: - Have a file, create slices, select Spine batch export and export the slices (spine.json gets created just fine) - Keep Affinity open and start creating a new file, create slices and go to the slices tab in the export persona: now 'Spine' is still selected as batch exporter, but it doesn't use this batch exporter when exporting the slices. It only seems to work if we manually set/refresh the batch export selection by moving to another setting in the dropdown first and than re-select Spine in the dropdown again. So it looks like the batch export method is set to 'none' when creating a new file, but the UI for it wasn't updated, so it still shows 'Spine' while in reality it's set to 'none'. This is obviously confusing and prone to errors.
  19. This has probably ever be reported by somebody before, but I couldn't find any reporting on this issue with the forum search, so just to be sure it's known and hopefully can get a fix: Slices created from fill layers having a mask vector layer with gausian blur applied to it have bounding boxes that are cutting off the blur. This results in unusable export files as we obviously want the effect to be there fully, not cut off. It looks like effects are ignored by calculating the bounding box to create a slice. [edit] The bounding box of the mask in the normal editor is already ignoring effects by calculating the bounding box. Which is fine in the editor and even wanted in most cases IMO. But the same calculation results in issues in wrong sizes/positions to create slices in the export persona (please see images below) The same issue happens in Photo. I'm sure I know a way to work around this for now, but that's far from ideal and especially in the project I'm currently working at a loooot of (redundant extra) work. This obviously needs to work out of the box, so hoping for a fix! Thanks in advance! 😀 layer and fx situation Masked with this construction by dropping here 🙂 bounding box of the fill layer in the editor mode: bounding box of the mask layer without effect in the editor mode: bounding box of the mask layer WITH effect in the editor mode: created slice is too small (you see the bbox is way smaller than the real boundingbox as seen in the normal editor). The slice seems to ignore the effects applied at calculation time or something else is wrong in its cropping method: output file after exporting using the export persona: blur is cut off
  20. Hi there! I am writing, because in the last view months I constantly have the same issue with affinity designer. The procedure is always the same: I do some work I change to the export persona Pick the slices to export press "export"... then the finder window appears, where to export to... then I can click one or two times on some folders (very different every time) then the rotating ball appears while searching the desired folder in the finder window... ...then designer get stuck... This is not always the case, but very regularly. There is no difference in my behavior if this occurs or not. I send the crash repot a lot of times...but now I thought its time to tell you directly. Hope you can fix this, its really annoying. Thanks Andreas
  21. Hi. I created manually a huge collection of simulated pixel art. There is a bunch of more than 8 thousand individual pieces that Affinity couldn't manage in one fils, so I have spliced them in files that contains between 400 to less than 600 artboards, each containing one piece. Despite the files are hardly managed by my old laptop, I tried for first time the persona export because up to date I never had to make so massive amount of files. So each artboard, a perfect square of 1008 by 1008 pixels containing colored rectangle shapes of 24px side, perfectly aligned by Affinity snap fitting perfectly inside the square as a different image. I will not upload full size screenshots, but the issue will be clear. Designer persona shows squares like separated in preview. in outline view they are shown with no space at all between, no matters the magnification. Export directly one by one from designer results in a perfect 1008px square, with no separation between the colored squares, but export persona DOES! it export each artboard in 1009px and with a clear separation of 1 px between squares!!! so is totally unusable to export my more than 8 thousands figures!!!! that is not only frustrating, is very imprecise. Note I "adjusted" one to 1008px to test, but the result is very bad too, so I need your help, pleas as soon as possible.
  22. Hello Affinity Friends! I have a problem. Affinity Designer shrinks my images by 2x when I export them with Export Persona. Normally I slove my issues on my own but this time I cant find the solution. Please help me. I have attached two pictures. Big thanks to all of you!
  23. I'm finding when using the Export Persona, saving to a Google Drive location locally, that it freezes and I just keep getting the spinner. I then have to force quit. However, when I use File > Export to a Google Drive location it does not Freeze. Not ideal as I don't get the features I rely upon from the Export persona. I'm on the latest version of the software (1.10.4) and also Mac Os (12.0.1 Monterey). What's going on?
  24. Hello, not 100% certain this is a bug, but its behavior I wasn't expecting. In Export Persona > Export Options tab > Mode set to Default - when choosing an option from the Preset dropdown, the parameters below do not update to show those belonging to that preset. They remain unchanged. For example, in the screenshot I've changed the Preset from EPS to JPEG, but the parameter options (including checkboxes and postscript which do not apply to JPEG) still remain. If I toggle modes from Defaults to Selection and then return to Defaults, it seems to load the selected preset's parameters. This is what led me to believe this is not behaving as intended. Thank you, Walt Affinity Designer: (in trial) Windows 10 64bit, ver. 21H2, OS 19044.1347, Exp Pack 120.2212.3920.0 I did try searching the forum before posting
  25. I created design with artwork, then I exported SVG format with export persona, and then there was invisible rectangle object in my design. Is there solution? I have some problem with export persona, I think good if "snapping" available in export persona Thanks.
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