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Found 74 results

  1. Field name becomes active on click but typing doesn't do anything and instead Photo behaves as if no text field is selected: tool shortcuts work etc. After fumbling, using hand tool or zoom tool and clicking field again I sometimes can edit them. But it breaks the next time i try it.
  2. In this tutorial I will explain how I've created a simple jigsaw puzzle in AD for a web application. I've used the puzzle pieces as a mask which I have filled with a symbol. The photo is nested inside the symbol. In the 2nd part of this tutorial I explain how to export all 15 puzzle pieces in one step with the Export Persona. Keep on drawin'
  3. In this tutorial I will explain how I've created a simple jigsaw puzzle in AD for a web application. https://youtu.be/rpbQUSYNCfo I've used the puzzle pieces as a mask which I have filled with a symbol. The photo is nested inside the symbol. In the 2nd part of this tutorial I explain how to export all 15 puzzle pieces in one step with the Export Persona. https://youtu.be/ST2pUlEbOxw Keep on drawin'
  4. I've created a project in Affinity Designer and I'm in the process of attempting to export my graphic elements but I'm finding the slice tool refuses to snap to anything other than the middle of the artboard. Is there a way to enable slice snapping to objects or guides at least? Unfortunately creating slices with the objects selected doesn't work for me either because the slice tool for some reason thinks I want to include the parts I masked off :wacko: I'm really stuck here at the moment, so any help would be appreciated.
  5. I think there is a bug in export persona on affinity designer for windows. When I want to export 1x it is exported as 0.5x :( For example, I have 1000px width artboard and I want to export it via slices panel, so I add desired format and 1x export size. After artboard has been exported its width is 500px.
  6. Hello, This issue is similar to my earlier post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26841-cant-export-single-artboard-instead-of-whole-document/ So please either delete, mark as duplicate, etc. if it has already been addressed and fixed. Whenever I go into Export Persona mode the right panel just disappears and I can't click on anything. Even if I go back to Draw Persona, I still can't do anything. I essentially have to restart Designer if I want to be able to work. However, while in Export Persona, if I click and drag I can see the right panel highlights changing. You can see this in the screenshots I attached. I'm on Mac 10.8.5. Thanks for any help, -Jeremy
  7. Hi guys, in my case it is not possible to export white content (icons) on transparent background. The whole slice will be exported as plain white. Neither as PNG nor TIFF. In AD 1.4.2 it works fine
  8. Either I don't get the point or it is a bug: - i have several layers - in one layer are all my "exportables" - then there are 2 more layers with measure/orientation/mask/background stuff inside In Export Persona there is this awesome possibility to choose "Show element" and "Show element in export". Now I want to configure my export stuff (exportables) by setting them to "visible in export" and don't have the 2 unneeded layers in my export: so I turn off "visible in export". Although all 3 layers are still set to "visible" the canvas hides the content of the 2 layers that are only configured to hide their content from export. Not from the canvas I wanna work on. (See attached images) The navigator instead behaves as expected (shows me the content of all 3 layers). Thanks in advance, Stefan.
  9. Hi, all the input fields of the transformation panel in Export Persona do not accept CMD+a to select all. workaround: triple click (but for keyboard users and consistency reasons it would be nice) I even see it as a default behavior to speed up everyones workflow, to select the whole input field content when clicking into a field (as a default for each UI input field) I don't see disadvantages, no one gets hurt. see also: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/24418-workflow-speedup-by-input-field-improvements/ Thanks, Stefan.
  10. Hi, could you make an input field for individual pixel resolutions (not 1x,2x,3x). into the export persona? I need it for css layouts. With this feature i could say each Slice how big he will be. Thanks Felix PS: If you don't understand what i mean look in the Files;-)
  11. Hi all, I'm wondering why does the app crash whenever I create folders or import files using the export persona? . Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Macbook MD101 (mid 2012, 16GB RAM). Cheers, Karl
  12. Hi, try as I might, I can export a slice as a .png with transparency. I've tried with an artboard and without, no luck. I've searched this forum and the www. What I'm I doing wrong?! Thanks in advance.
  13. I restored my document to a previous Snapshot. I then went to the Export Persona and exported the document as a JPEG. The resulting JPEG did not look like the Snapshot I restored but instead looked like the version of the document before I restored to a previous Snapshot. I repeated this multiple times with the same results.
  14. Recently I've needed to quickly export identical images in various formats, including .pdf, .png, .svg, .jpg, and so on—and also with varying file sizes. Since the image doesn't need to be any different in any way other than file format and resolution, it is unnecessarily time-consuming to always have to readjust the settings every time I edit the file and have to re-export the many versions of the image or to try and manually make a load of identical slices. It would be much easier if I could duplicate a slice and then adjust the duplicate slice's export options. That would mean I could quickly create five-or-so slices of the same dimensions and position—just with differing export options, and then make edits to the image and just export simultaneously in different formats, but with the same area of the image being exported.
  15. Hello All, I'm relatively new to Affinity Designer and graphic designing all together. But I believe I'm experiencing a problem or possibly a bug. Hopefully I include all the necessary information. So I have an artboard setup with the iPhone 6 Plus preset. The size is 414 pt x 736 pt and the DPI is set at 216. When I select the Export Personal I see at the top of the artboard the correct pixel dimensions, 1242 px x 2208 px. But when I export (using the box with up facing arrow, found in the slices panel, and only 1x checked) I end up getting an png that is 1/3 the size. 414 px x 736 px. It appears that instead of exporting the pixels, it's exporting the points as if they were pixels. I get the exact same results by clicking the "Export 1x" box found at the top of the page when the artboard is selected. The only way I can force it to export the correct dimensions is if I go to File > Export. Then select the correct Area (my artboard) Am I correct in thinking this is a bug or am I doing something wrong? NOTE: If I try playing with the DPI, it has not affect on the export at all. Exporting with 2x or 3x only does 2x the points or 3x the points. Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Jason
  16. Please implement a "Copy EXIF" and "Paste EXIF" feature, so that the user can manually transfer EXIF header information from one picture to another. Use case 1: noise reduction via stacking. The user makes multiple photos of the same situation and loads them as a stack into Affinity Photo. Affinity Photos does the noise reduction. But after exporting the result, the final jpg has no EXIF information. The use can hence decide from which of the pictures he want to re-use the EXIF information and can paste it into the result. Use case 2: Export Persona: you may export multiple parts of the same image. However, they are all made at the same day, time, camera etc. In both use cases, the resulting pictures have no EXIF information. This feature universally helps to close this gap. Best regards BlauerClaus
  17. Firstly, I'm on OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) and using Affinity Designer 1.3.5. make two 12px by 12px squares (one would probably work, but two is what I had) enter export mode select one square and click "create slice" in the layers panel select the other square and click "create slice" in the layers panel click the "slices" tab to open the slices panel select one of the slices use your arrow keys to move the slice around Witness the bug - at step 7 the square moves instead of the slice, even though the slice is what is selected. If I use my "delete" key, the slice is deleted, implying that I'm correctly observing that the slice is in fact the thing I've selected. Because of this bug, I cannot accurately move a slice around. I have to instead move it around with my cusor and use snapping to line things up more quickly. Meta note: unordered lists herein do not appear to work.
  18. In v1.4 (both Photo and Designer) the program crashes, when exporting multiple custom slices. In v1.3.5 it still worked... Best, Chris
  19. When I export a part of a photo with the Export Persona, the resulting jpg has no EXIF information. Best regards BlauerClaus
  20. I'm trying to export an image and it says the resolution is too low even for 1x export, and it tells me to see the layers page. I then noticed that the background layer I'm using has a resolution of only 50dpi. If that's causing the problem, how do I remedy this? I tried exporting it without even the 1x box checked, and it did nothing (as I expected); When I try to export at 1x, it creates a .png file that has no image and seems to just increase in size indefinitely until I delete it. As you can imagine, not being able to export is a major inconvenience, and it threatens to put a lot of important things on hold. Does anyone know how to fix this or increase resolution or whatever needs to be done?
  21. I don't believe anyone has suggested this yet, but it would be fantastic if there were an option to export @2x and @3x assets in respectively labeled sub-folders. When dealing with a lot of images I generally try to keep retina assets organized for our developers for easier reference.
  22. Using the export persona pretty heavily at the moment for a project. It'd be great to have sketch style export to multiple locations using groups in the slice list. Being able to define groups in this panel would be great to keep dozens of slices organised, being able to set things like export location and format by group would be killer. It'd also be great to be able to group objects from export persona too, when I'm doing a slice from layer, I currently have to which back to the default persona, group what I want to export together, then switch back to export. It could be faster. ..also I don't think the v keyboard shortcut works in export persona.
  23. Hi, for some reason I cannot use the persona buttons to get out of the export persona after the last update. I have to go into the menu.
  24. Hi all, I try to export my art work, it's a button set that's 80x40 px. But every single time I export them with Export Persona, it always create 1 pixel more (81x41 px). Is any one know how to solve this problem? This is the artwork I want to export. (80x40 px) When using Export Persona. (81x41 px)

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