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  1. AppStore MAS Installment: the MAS update under El Capitan here indicates for v.1.9.2 a 379 MB download. It starts the download of 379 MB and after that when it reaches the state to install, during installation, shortly before finishing installing it says "wait" and then reinitiates a new download of 729 MB. - So one always downloads 379 MB and then continously another additionally 729 MB here (aka 379 + 729 MB all in all)! - The same happens for the Designer installment. - BTW, I've seen this same behavior also previously for the v1.9.1 Mac AppStore updates! So the overall behavior he
  2. AppStore MAS Installment: the MAS update under El Capitan here indicates for v.1.9.2 a 355 MB download. It starts the download of 355 MB and after that when it reaches the state to install, during installation, shortly before finishing installing it says "wait" and then reinitiates a new download of 708 MB. - So one always downloads 355 MB and then continously another additionally 708 MB here (aka 355 + 708 MB all in all)! - The same happens for the Photo installment. - BTW, I've seen this same behavior also previously for the v1.9.1 Mac AppStore updates! So the overall behavior h
  3. Default dialog buttons in sheets and modal windows are blank in Light UI Style on El Capitan. Same in Designer and in Photo. Publisher v1.8.6 from Serif Store, Designer & Photo v1.8.6 from Mac App Store.
  4. Getting pronounced banding when using Affinity Photo 1.8.1 (trial) to view a gray scale 10 bit test ramp image. Same image displays smooth gradation, no banding, when viewed with OS X El Capitan's Preview app, which supports 10 bit depth. Using OS X 10.11.6 on Mac Pro (Late 2013) with AMD FirePro D300 cards and a Dell UP2718Q monitor. Wondering if Affinity Photo lacks 10 bit support for this platform or if it's just a configuration problem that prevents a smooth display of the image. 10_bit_test_ramp.psd
  5. Does affinity designer and photo 1.8.6 Supported by mac os el capitan?
  6. Here is an OS X (El Capitan) UI Kit, which I sometimes use in Affinity Designer for Mac related UI design and mockups. The below supplied Assets file contains most related UI elements. - Note however, that all the included Asset are mostly build out of grouped together elements and are also very huge size dimensioned. Thus at least a document size of 2880 x 1800 pt is needed, if you drag them over and don't resize them. UI_OSX_El_Capitan.afassets
  7. Hey Guys, when i open my affinity photo trial version with a psd my toolbar gets lost and instead of the toolbar i see some ghost windows. I've attached some screenshots. What is it ?
  8. Cursor lags for a fraction of a second after the pen is put down and then moved. Happens for every tool in both drawing and pixel personas. Most visible when using any of the freehand drawing tools. This creates a noticeable hiccup for every stroke, and makes short strokes with low pressure virtually impossible to make. Different pressure settings Different Wacom pens Lower view settings in AD preferences Closer and further zoom I've searched extensively on the forums and the web at large and found no more reports of this so I'm wondering if it's only happening in my particular
  9. Hey community! I have been working professionally with Affinity since the release of Designer and am quite happy with it. Now I had to upgrade to El Capitan (10.11.2) from 10.9.5 and since the upgrade, both Affinity Designer and Photo can’t open my files any more – no matter where they are (wether it’s the server or locally in my user folder). It always says that there aren’t the right permissions. I checked that and my user (as well as all other relevant users) have full rights on the files. I downloaded the fixed Betas (though they are older than my current ones – Designer Beta is v1
  10. Hello Affinity world .. I really love your stuff !! Designer and Photo have become staples very quickly in my world .. thanks very much ! I just encountered a bug which I can't find a way out of .. on my El Capitan machine, I'm using Designer v 1.5.3 .. I selected Separated window mode, which worked, but now every time that I try to deselect that mode, the App crashes ... EVERY TIME ... please help, perhaps let me know a way to get the App to go back to default single window mode? Cheers from Canada, Dave
  11. Hi guys I have just purchased the Wacom Intuos Pro graphics pad to use with my iMac running OS X El Capitan. I have discovered that the wifi element doesn't work. It works fine when plugged in with a USB cable but not wirelessly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. I used to use Apple Mail as my default mail app and love the steps that were saved by using the share feature from within the Affinity apps. Since I moved to Postbox I have lost that feature. Email sharing works in Finder, Photos, Safari, etc to Postbox but will not work in Affinity to Postbox. I talked to the Affinity developers and I think they said that sharing works differently with Affinity? I would love it if someone could get this sorted out so I could share from Affinity to Postbox like could used to do with Apple Mail.
  13. Bonjour, Est ce qu'il y a un moyen de faire fonctionner Affinity Designer sous Mac os X 10.6.8. Car j'ai des fichiers FreeHand que je voudrais transformer pour utiliser Affinity Designer. Merci
  14. https://affinity.serif.com/ja-jp/trial/photo/c070b1b7048dea178/ Downloaded Affinity Photo Trial from this link. Running downloaded dmg, Says "Affinity+Photo+Trial.dmg image not recognized" in a "Warning". I tried download and install a many times, but every got same messages.
  15. Hi, After generating panoramics by stitching tiff files, when I export the final panoramic as a tiff file (either 16bit ot 8bit) it seems hit or miss on whether or not my other photo viewing and editing software (Arcsoft, DxO, OSX picture viewer etc.) recognises the file? I have a late 2015 iMac retina with El Capitan loaded and my Affinity Photo is the latest commercial version (1.4.2). Any help would be appreciated, let me know what info is missing? Regards, Kevin
  16. A contributor to the Apple Discussion forums has discovered a problem with five of the fonts included with the OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) distribution. They are: Athelas.ttc Charter.ttc Marion.ttc Seravek.ttc SuperClarendon.ttc The problem is each of them is in the Library/Fonts folder, but none of them appear in Font Book or in font lists like in Affinity. This apparently is caused by an error Apple made in how the "SIP" (System Integrity Protection) feature, new in El Capitan, determines if these fonts are safe to use. Each font installed with EL Capitan has two name matched files i
  17. I just purchased Affinity Photo but how can make it as the External Editor for Photo app, OSX El Capitan. Thanks.
  18. Hi I was doing some scans using my MacPro with an Epson stylus Photo and Affinity Photo Using the acquire command. The scans are some negatives and all was working well, until Affinity Photo crashed and sent a crash report to Apple. after a restart of Affinity it found the existing scans OK but now the acquire module brings up the Epson scan dialog, and everything seems to be OK but the scans do not appear in Affinity Photo. The scanner works as expected using Image Capture. Crash report below. Process: Affinity Photo [44693] Path: /Applications/Affinity Ph
  19. Hello, I'm unable to launch neither Designer or Photo since the upgrade to El Capitan. They quit at launch. What must I do ?
  20. I did a clean install of OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and don't have any file previews in Photo or Designer. I'm running the latest MAS versions of both apps and neither have file previews for icons or previews in Quicklook.
  21. Hello, This morning I upgraded my MBPretina (Mid 2012) to the official release version of El Capitan and now bot Affinity Photo and Designer stopped both working. When I try to boot them I get this message: What I tried so far: • Reinstalling both Photo and Designer from the MAS • Resetting the apps by CTRL-click-opening them and resetting all userdata It seems that this is not a common problem since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? I'll be glad to give you more info if needed. Thanks, Willem
  22. I am brand new to Affinity Photos and El Capitan... I have been using Lightroom and been thinking of switching to Photos.. just to simplify my life... I like what I have seen with AP...however I cannot seem to use it as an extension in Photos.... Is it possible? Apple support seems to think it is not possible...
  23. Hi there, I was excited to install El Cap to enable split view with Affinity Designer, and an email with feedback from a client. Designer take up ⅔ of the screen fine, but when I select the Mail.app email, the email takes up my full display *behind* Designer, which totally obstructs the content of the email. I don’t think this is necessarily a bug with Designer, but just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if there are any work arounds. Thanks!
  24. HI! I just downloaded the trial version, and really want to test out the program without having to save, export, open each file... so I was hoping that this would come up in the list of extensions in the edit panel of Photos. However, it does not. Can you please help me figure out how to be able to use Affinity right from Photos? Thank you, Colette
  25. Is any beta testers having problems, Affinity will open but fails to work, all dropdown menus are greyed out. when asked to open any image file Affinity locks up.
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