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Found 52 results

  1. Hello, I am testing the trial version of Affinity (v to develop RAW files from my Fujifilm X10 camera (.RAF files). When I open the file, the EXIF data is not loaded (all fields are set to "n/d" on EXIF panel). With other software the exif is correctly displayed. Is there a support for Exif data for this specific camera in Affinity ? Regards,
  2. Am I missing something? Im trying a simple workflow: 1. Open a photo from Photos 2. Edit 3. Save back to Photos (export - share) However I try the resultant file loses all EXIF data. This is rendering Affinity almost useless for my as its breaking The way my library is organised. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? any help appreciated
  3. I noticed that the image size in a RAW Fujifilm X-T2 is reported by the EXIF studio as 1920 X1280, while the correct size is 6000 X 4000. I suspect AP is reading the size of the embedded preview jpg, rather than the RAW data. I checked and the same incorrect size is reported in the released version in the App Store as well as the most recent beta (1.6.6 beta 6).
  4. When I apply the Initial Fix Macro in the Batch Job command window, leaving the 'Save as AFPhoto' box ticked, and the Sources are either an afphoto or raw formatted file, the EXIF data is stripped from the saved afphoto formatted file. If I apply the Initial Fix Macro from within the editor and then use the Batch Job command with just the 'Save as AFPhoto' box ticked and no macros applied the EXIF data is retained
  5. If I upload an exported JPEG image created with Affinity Photo ( to a WordPress site, it generates an error log entry. The error message is: "Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code" I attached the image (image-crated-with-affinity-photo.jpg) to this post. I also added screen shots of my export settings. It looks like the GD-Library (PHP) has problems with the Exif data in the exported images. I worked with Photoshop Elements and never had this kind of problem. Here is WordPress' debug.log entry: [30-Sep-2017 10:19:50 UTC] Array ( [type] => 2 [message] => exif_read_data(image-crated-with-affinity-photo.jpg): Incorrect APP1 Exif Identifier Code [file] => \wp-admin\includes\image.php [line] => 430 )
  6. How do I edit IPTC, EXIF, GPS and XMP data in Affinity Photo? Sorry if this has been asked before. I just bought it and try to process some of my files. All my files (NEF, PSD, TIFF, DNG and JPG formats) have clean and proper embedded metadata (legacy IPTC (IIM), EXIF, GPS and XMP either embedded or in sidecar files). How does AP deal with that? Where can I edit or at least view this data? Can AP edit XMP and other metadata?
  7. Installed the app recently and I'm impressed what's possible on the iPad Pro. I have selected to preserve the metadata but when I export a photo all is visible except for ISO value. Any idea as to how I can fix this?
  8. Hi there, are you considering to really support a mobile professional workflow? Coming from a job (e.g. wedding), I have thousands of raw images which I have to go through and select the best ones to be edited. Back home, I would like to store them on my NAS and synchronize a specific folder with my iPad. I could then do the culling on the roads, e.g. sitting in a train (offline). Back home, the ratings should again be synchronized to my NAS so I can start editing the best ones on my iMac. Edited photos should then be synchronized via NAS to my iPad, so I can show them to customers... I definitely want to sync via NAS, because I easily end up with more than 100GB of images after a wedding. There must not be any cloud storage involved because this slows down the entire process! Additionally, for travel photography it would be great to back up to my iPad first while traveling. I could then start rating the images with star ratings and synchronize the result as soon as I am back home. This means I neither have to carry a laptop to choose the best images, nor do I have to wait with the rating and selection of my images until I am at home... For my personal images it would be great if all edited photos could be synced to my photos roll on iMac, iPhone and iPad via NAS (with the time when my images were taken, not when they were edited...) looking forward to hearing from you chris
  9. NiKo

    Exif lost

    Hello I have an issue when I edit with Photos extensions. Saved pictures lose their exif. If I export it, exif are not in anymore. Is there something to set ? Thank you
  10. Hello, When I try to develop photos with my camera Sony NEX-6 and lens Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN | C 016, Affinity fails to apply automatic lens corrections. This particular lens seems supported in the dev channel of the Lensfun database, but not yet in the release. I tried to naively update mil-sigma.xml but it wasn't sufficient. I don't know how everything is handled internally, but exiftool is capable of finidng this Lens ID "Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN | C" which is almost the same as the "Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN | C 016" entry in the latest Lensfun database. I can provide a RAW and corresponding JPG if needed. Thanks
  11. After importing Nikon D7000 NEF files into Affinity, several EXIF data are lost, most important (for me) are the GPS data. Almost all IPTC Content data are lost (Title, Headline, Description, Keywords.) If the same files are converted to JPEG before imported, all data are kept.
  12. I have a Nikon D500 with infinity for windows , the exif of my photos ".nef" are empty! Why ? How to get this info?
  13. Hi, why is shown with a RAW file the correct pixel value but in the EXIF another much smaller value shown. See image. Is it a bug? If Jpg-load and persona develop is both to same. Greeting Dieter
  14. Hello, I use the current version of Affinity Photo for Windows. Now I saw a tutorial for the MAC version and there is a function which shows the GPS data if they're available. I try it with jpg, dng and orf. Location data is visible in EXIF but there is no map. ): Is it normally? Best regards, Thomas
  15. Hi, Affinity photo does not recognize any EXIF data regarding the lens being used, focus area, metering; in my case on my X-T1. On a mac, you can open the RAF using Preview and clearly see all the details in the EXIF, same goes for opening the files in Apple Photos. It means the data is there, but Affinity can't read it. Thanks!
  16. Hi, As you are no doubt beavering away at making Affinity products even better (and I can't wait to hear of any update on any DAM and DTP products, hint ;) ;) ), maybe it's time to throw this into the mix: meta data handling. Especially those that work commercially need to make sure their meta data is set correctly as that often influences how the work is archived, retrieved, distributed and sold. This means different things in different formats (in PNG and JPG it would be stored in PCT/EXIF tags, but PDF has quite a few fields too), but there are some common themes: artist/author, copyright holder and maybe distribution. Where possible a freeform field would be good where the meta format allows, because you could use that for library markings (which could help with a DAM retrieval mode, for instance). To use this, you'd need facilities to set and edit these fields, and a way to template an optional default. At present there's nothing for that in the AD/AP export facilities so you end up having to reprint/edit PDFs and run the venerable exiftool over images to add the data. Cheers! PS: I'll be in London next week - if any of you guys venture into town I'll buy you a beer :P
  17. Developing a raw image in AP appears to mess up some of the EXIF information. Pick any raw image, for example something from here. Compare the EXIF in the raw image with the output from the developer module. I picked an image at random, here are the details. Capture One shows this: Shutter speed: 1/320s Aperture: f/2.8 Loading the raw image into AP shows this: Exposure: 1/319s Aperture: 2.8 Developing the image results in this: Exposure: 1/319s Aperture: 2/1 In fact, the EXIF in the raw image shows an exposure of 1/319s which AP retained, but AP changed the aperture. The original image has an F-stop of: <exif:FNumber>2.8</exif:FNumber> AP changed this to: <exif:FNumber>2/1</exif:FNumber> Previewing the images in an image browser like Photo Mechanic indicates that AP has also changed the date and time on the image. The Capture One output retains the date and time the image was shot, AP's output shows yesterday's date and time when I actually processed the image. I can send you the raw EXIF XML info if you like, or copy-paste it here.
  18. First of all, love Affinity Photo, great start! One thing I think is missing is the ability to wipe all metadata on export, usually all I need is the ICC profile, the other data is pointless. I know there's an EXIF overview, but you can't edit in that unless I'm mistaken?
  19. giraffosaurus

    Problems with EXIF

    I have a Fujifilm X-T10 and use a couple different lenses, but the EXIF data loaded by Affinity Photo consistently is unable to get the lens data (lens name, focal length...). Is this a common issue and will it be fixed soon?
  20. Please implement a "Copy EXIF" and "Paste EXIF" feature, so that the user can manually transfer EXIF header information from one picture to another. Use case 1: noise reduction via stacking. The user makes multiple photos of the same situation and loads them as a stack into Affinity Photo. Affinity Photos does the noise reduction. But after exporting the result, the final jpg has no EXIF information. The use can hence decide from which of the pictures he want to re-use the EXIF information and can paste it into the result. Use case 2: Export Persona: you may export multiple parts of the same image. However, they are all made at the same day, time, camera etc. In both use cases, the resulting pictures have no EXIF information. This feature universally helps to close this gap. Best regards BlauerClaus
  21. When I export a part of a photo with the Export Persona, the resulting jpg has no EXIF information. Best regards BlauerClaus
  22. When developing photos in a stack and export them, all EXIF data are gone ...
  23. Hello, I'm HalbLeiter. Today, I experienced strange problem in the EXIF of the image I've taken. I'm using Nikon Df and SIGMA Art 24-35mm f/2.0, and the images were taken with the RAW(.NEF) format. When I opened these images with the Affinity Photo, the lens data were shown (ex. focal length, aperture) but the lens maker and model were not shown. I also made questions to the lens maker(SIGMA) and camera maker(NIKON). Answer from SIGMA: This problem is related with the camera maker. Maybe the camera maker have no information about the newly released lens on the look-up table. However, we don't have permission to tweak the firmware on the camera. Please ask to the camera maker. Answer from NIKON: In original, we(NIKON) are not supporting 3rd party accessories such as lenses, batteries and speedlights. In other case, when the camera body cannot recognizes the lens, the lens maker is updating their firmware to make recognizable. Please ask to the camera maker. How do you think about this? _DSC7569.zip
  24. As per the topic title: only a very small part of EXIF is shown with my Fujinon lenses. I don´t know about others, my Minolta / Sony A-mount ones display OK, so maybe it´s limited to only these few. The issue is with all of my own Fujinons and a Zeiss Touit, more specifically: Touit 12/2.8 XF 18/2 XF 35/1.4 XF 60/2.4 This is true for both AppStore version 1.3.5 and Beta I just suppose it to be general for all current X-mount ones, but have no means of knowing that for sure. Here is an example for only one picture, first in AP, next in Bridge for the comparison. I am not asking for it to be as extensive as I could set it there, but would really like to see at least lens info, exposure bias, metering and flash use.
  25. hi, is there a possibility to edit or delete exif/iptc data of a file ? and is there an alternative way to photoshop's "save for web" so exif/iptc doesn't get lost after saving ? thanks in advance tim