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  1. Hi i am Ansori from indonesia i want to make a design for mikrostock wesbsite (shutterstock, adobestock,freepic etc) and i cant keep the perfect layer name and group, i hope affinity designer customer can repair it (please) and one again please add smart fill toll like CorelDraw or shape builder toll like affinity. . Ihope you understand my languange, thanks from me Ansori
  2. Hi! My problem is that whenever I export a logo or image to PDF/PNG without a background the image/logo always ends up with black outline. This has become a problem as my clients have come back to me a complained about it. I tried converting font, etc to curves and I have looked at the way I export e.g. Making sure that I my document has that the colour format and dpi match the export. PLEASE HELP!!! Regards Marshall
  3. I open an eps file. But it isn't where I can easily find it. It is way off somewhere not visible. Here are some screen shots to show you what is happening. Question is WHY is it doing this? Can't this be "fixed" so that it is opening in the center? The white area is very very magnified. But look how far I have to zoom out in order to even find the graphic to drag it in to where I can work with it or even see it.
  4. I need to export designer vectors to the eps-format. The problem is: The source document is in pixels (px). When i expert to eps, the eps-file is in points (pt), but i need in pixel. I can open the eps and change it from pt to px, but when i then want to save it, i can just save an .designer file and i am back to where i came from. Is there a solution to it? Am i missing something?? Thnx for help!*!
  5. ¿How I coud convert a selecction to path, to use as clipping path inside an EPS file ?
  6. Hi, I am having a difficult time trying to get this eps to display the correct color profile. My mac thumbnail preview for the icon in the folder shows the eps file correctly, but as soon as I open it in Affinity, it is assigned some random profile and the color becomes unsaturated. I tried assigning all color profile combinations to the document to try to find that sweet spot, but none of the colors look right. Here is the original JPG from the designer sent me, and the second is the eps exported to a png from within either AFfinity Designer or Photo. I should mention that the preview of the eps using macOS preview shows the eps correctly. BTW this goes on the side of a race car to explain the need for such unsaturated colors
  7. Hi I paid a designer to create a logo for me. They have done it using Adobe Illustrator and esported to .eps and .pdf for me. When I open the pdf file in Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer, the logo loos as expected. However, when I open both the .eps file and the .pdf file in Affinity Photo, there are gaps between the shapes/colours, which should be touching eachother with no gaps. Is this a bug with Affinity Photo? As a result of the issues, the files provided to me are useless because I cannot do anything with them without there being a gap between the colours. I have attached 2 screen captures of the problem - you can see the problem more clearly on the one where I have zoomed in - there are white pixels along the edge of the vector edges, even though the shap has no outline, just a fill. It's almost as if Affinity Photo is not anti-aliasing the edges correctly. One thing I thought it might have been, is when AP tries to 'snap to pixels' so I turned that option off before opening the file but it made no difference. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions appreciated!!!! Thanks, Rob
  8. Hi I've searched high and low throughout the myriad of questions regarding exporting to Illustrator and EPS formats and couldn't find an answer to the particular question: Is it possible to export to Illustrator 8 EPS specifically? (The difference is that Illustrator 8 EPS files are Postscript rather than PDF) I'm using Strata Design 3D that will only import (2D vectors) Illustrator 8 EPS, and PDF. Strata won't import either the EPS from Affinity Designer, nor will it import the Affinity PDF's. I don't really have a problem using Illustrator as a bridge to convert to EPS 8 if needed, except that all the file formats I've tried exporting from Affinity Designer open in Illustrator with distortion and points repositioned. For example; a horizontal straight line leading into a half circle, then ending in another horizontal line... in Affinity the half circle is a perfect half circle, but when imported into Illustrator it becomes a bit of an oblong. Cheers.
  9. First of all - greeting to everybody and to Affinity Team 1. I try to place EPS file - just simple one. I dont see anything, just bounding frame - what i am doing wrong? I make this EPS from Corel X7, import there my lettering from Affinity Photo - convert it to curves and trying to place back in vector format. 2. About updating. If i purchase Affinity Photo - it will be free update for up to 1.xx version, or even for 2.xx also? Milk in the bottle.eps
  10. Hi everyone! I want to know how I can export to EPS format (to impression) with transparent background. I have a image (with (Pixel) type in the Layers panel, not (Image) type). This layer have a mask. But when I export to EPS format, the mask doesn't work. I did the same thing into Photoshop, export to EPS and import into Affinity Photo to see what's happened. The only difference that I can see is that the image have (Image) type and not (Pixel) type. I don't know if it is the key, but if it is, I don't know how I can change the type of the layer (Pixel to Image). Someone can help me? PS By the way, I'm a French guy, so I'm sorry for my english (correct me if you want, I learn)
  11. I am trying to design a logo to send to a stock library (Dreamstime) who want jpg but also eps if available. I don't understand (sorry if I'm being a bit thick) the different eps presets - export, print, web, flatten. I have searched every tutorial and video I can find with no luck, so it must just be me :-) Can somebody please explain the differences, particularly between export and print presets for eps and jpeg. Thanks in anticipation
  12. I have an .eps file image of an open window with countryside view. I need to open the file and remove the view leaving only the window frame. I was told I coulde do this in Affinity Photo so purchased it yesterday. I can open the file ok but do not know how to remove the countryside view and then I need to save the windowframe only as a.png file. Can anyone help please. I need to solve this little problem as soon as poss. Thank you in advance. WINDOW.eps
  13. Hi, I use Affinity Designer to create diagrams. Usually I export them to EPS format and place in InDesign file. I encountered a problem with one specific font (NaomiSansEFN). It looks like after export some nodes move to wrong positions. I tried to convert text to curves before export, but surprisingly problem still exist. I can't find explanation for this behaviour nor its solution. I attach image illustrating the problem and additionally AD and EPS files. Regards, Mariusz Export_problem.afdesign Export_problem.eps
  14. For obvious reasons I'd like to transfer a lot of my graphical work to the iPad Pro and according to the specs Affinity Photo should fit my needs perfectly. As part of my usual workflow I use a lot of logo's that are mostly supplied in either .eps or .ai format. I have no problem importing AI files from my Dropbox. Importing the .eps files however does not work. All the .eps files in the list are light grey and can't be selected. Either the eps import feature is not yet active, or I'm doing something wrong.
  15. Installed Designer for Windows yesterday (not BETA) - EVERY EPS file on my computer, as well as in emails (in Outlook 2016) changed to Affinity files. How can I change them all back to EPS and stop this from happening? If I uninstall Designer, what will happen to all those files?
  16. I found article about EPS, PDF and PostScript file format here. Acording to Adobe: If I well understand EPS is not propetiary format. So then is a posibility get strictly the same outlook of each EPS file in Affinity? At this stage of development in some place is not the same what is normal. If we talk about PSD and AI format they have locked specification and for each file is not posible reproduce strictly and get the same results what Affinity Team write somewhere on the forum. In text MJ Rutter (2005) here stands: How then look this issue with EPS files? Is it a the same problem as with PSD, AI files?
  17. Hallo Wie erstellt mann im Affinity Designer Vektordateien die für Schneideplotter verwendet werden können? Bin dabei, von Adobe Illustrator zu Affinity Designer zu wechseln. Leider aber funktionieren die Exportierten EPS oder SVG Datein nicht mehr für den Plotter. Was mache ich falsch? Muss ich die irgendwie speziell aufbereiten? Bitte um Hilfe!
  18. I downloaded an iStockPhoto EPS thinking it would make my life easier. My wife and dog won't come near me because I've been swearing at the computer for hours. It was obviously designed in RGB, but it opens in CMYK. There needs to be a work around. When the image opens it's total pixelated shite. It's garbage and I can't work with it. Changing the color profile doesn't work because the image has already been rendered in CMYK and is totally jacked. It's like I opened a charles dickens novel in google translate and it is assigning it as chinese and then I can translate it back. The integrity of it is already gone. I have searched the web for hours trying to find a cool little program I can use to just imbed a color profile into an eps so it will open right but all I get is a million articles on color profiles for Adobe Illustrator. Please please for the love of God help me with this.Buttons.zip
  19. I have run into a problem exporting a file into a format a printer is able to use. Since I'm not a professional designer, there are significant gaps in my knowledge I don't quite know how to articulate and resolve. Please refer to the uploads to help. 1. I created a business card in Affinity (pmb bizcard outside). Problem: I submitted a JPEG of the image to the printer and was told: 2. the file color was saved RGB and needed to be CMYK. I knew there would be color differences between the on screen and printed versions, so I asked the printer to adjust the color to best match the print with the rgb screen. He said he needed an EPS file to do that not a JPEG and he gave me a pantone color book for me to match the cmyk screen colors to the desired print output colors: 3 I did that (PMB bizcart outside cmyk. Ithought it looked awful on screen...like illustration creamed soup.). Once I had the new colors in place I exported the file as an EPS 4. And got this, (PBM Bizcard Outside cmyk. eps) which issues I did not know about when I passed it to the printer...who was so frustrated with it, he got mad at me. I didn't quite understand until I opened the EPS file itself in Affinity to check. What the heck happened, and how do I export into a file format that a professional on Illustrator can manipulate and use? 5. I need a fix to get my original version color corrected and printed by someone who is not just going to upload a JPEG and throw the dice. Any suggestions? PMB Bizcard Outside.afdesign PMB Bizcard Outside cmyk.afdesign PMB Bizcard Outside cmyk.eps
  20. It would be very useful for the batch function to be able to save as SVG and to be able to select a whole folder as the input rather than individual files
  21. Does the design loose some of it's effect like gradient/shadows when it is exported to EPS or SVG? I exported a design to EPS and SVG. I had a gradient button. I can't edit the features.
  22. Hello there, I work in AD. The software is great, thanks for that. I need to export to PDF or SVG or EPS, does not matter to me ... including layers, that I could open the file in Adobe Illustrator and could see the layers. I was trying to find out on affinity forum, but I was not successful. Is there a way to do that please? Unfortunately, exporting to PDF does not do the job. Nothing is rasterized and after opening in illustrator there is just one layer instead of 3 created in AD. And what more, there are separated objects, the ones with fill and the ones with strokes. I mean, in AD it is an object with fill and stroke and after exporting to PDF and opening in AI these are two different objects, one with stroke and one with fill. I don't know why is that ? Thanks for help. I attached a file. 1100235_58_ultra_terno.afdesign
  23. Hi. Most of my clients need an EPS vector format but it seems Affinity can't fully export this in vector. It needs to rasterize simple features such as translucent gradients. Any way I can get a vector EPS working? I tried setting the export as rasterize 'nothing' but then it screws the transparency and lines. EDIT: I noticed Illustrator seems to use a native EPS format so let's put it another way. I used to copy paste vector shapes from one software to another like Illustrator> photoshop and keep the transparency. But AD pastes an EPS version (which doesn't support transparency). My only workaround is exporting SVG and then import into PS or something similar. The only real problem now is having to deliver Illustrator svg edit compatible files. AFAIK .svg does not export CMYK profiles.
  24. Since you don't offer a normal support and I don't have much time, I will try to get a response here. I have made a file with some objects on a transparent background and I export it as an eps-file for export, but when I open it, it opens with a white background. What is this and how do I avoid it? I hope someone can give me a response asap and I also hope you can offer some normal tech support some day. And when I open the exported file in AD it is rasterized and not a vector-file. I am sorry, but this is really a disappointment then. Perhaps it is me who don't understand vector and only thought I did, since AD was so easy and intuitive to use, but it was probably just and illusion. The design should be simple. I use a logo I have made earlier which is also a vector-file, add a line to it, which I thought would be vector - and then some numbers and letters which definitely should be vector. No effects or gradients or anything. Now I tried to export setting rasterizing to Nothing and that created a file worse than anything. The nice line around turned into a thick line and the whole image was turned into a chaotic jumble with white squares all over. So, if this is not a bug, it seems like it isn't as easy as it seemed to be to create vector-stuff in AD at all. And what to do with this now? I add the actual file, but when I export it I deselect the blue background. OK, so now I took out the encircling line and drew it again, as it seems like it had been converted into a rasterised layer and the same thing with one of the logo-files embedded, which is an eps-file, probably because I used the eraser on it. Now I opened the original eps-file and modified it and exported it as a new eps-file and imported it to the design again. Now it became more transparent, but with white squares behind the two logo-layers - which, again, are eps-files but obviously are being converted into rasterised files by AD. How do I avoid that? I thought vector stayed vector. And if I allow rasterizing it all turn out with a white background. Why? The two files added are vector-files (eps) and the line should be vector as far as I understand, and so are the numbers and letters. So why doesn't it export as a transparent vector? And where is support when you need it? GGklistrmerke.afdesign
  25. hi all, i have a question that i hope you might be able to solve: when i export my afdesign files to eps and my supplier opens them with coral draw, the size changes, e.g. from the original 120x120cm to 90x90cm. this happens all the time and neither he or i can explain why that happens - anyone got an idea?
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