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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, in Affinity Designer, is there any way to transform a bounding box around multiple objects without affecting the geometry of the individual objects, i.e. only affecting the position of their center points? For example, having circles distributed in a rectangle formation, could I change the "shape" of this bounding rectangle without affecting the shape or size of the circles within? I know I can group rows of circles and distribute those horizontally. That works well in this simple example. I would however like to perform more complex transformations that can't be as easily decomposed into subsequent distribution steps. Thank you!
  2. Is this somehow elegantly possible? To distribute selected objects or nodes with an adjustable growth ratio instead of equal distances between them? Of course we can use numerical positioning of single objects or construct special geometries to orientate ourselves, but do we have a more simple or direct solution, I don't know yet? If not, then please see this as a suggestion: It could be a small tool with a slider that we can use to define the growth ratio. And it could also be part of an extended power duplicate. The ideal solution, and a bit different, would probably be something more similar to the blending/morphing tool found in other vector apps. The progressive distance change would just be a part of such a tool.
  3. I don't know if this is possible or not. I have always found the Distribute "horizontally" and "vertically" useful but there are times when I would like to be able to distribute things in a circular pattern. Sometimes I have a bunch of straight lines or rectangular boxes and I want them to be distributed in a circular pattern (normally around a circular centre but not always). Now I have to do it manually and it is time consuming. If it is a few shapes then it isn't such a big deal to do it manually but if it is many boxes, then it is a pain. It would be great if I could choose the centre shape and then have boxes or lines to be distributed around the centre shape evenly.
  4. I made a big box, then put 4 little boxes within it. I selected all of the boxes together (including the big, outer box). I want the little boxes to distribute evenly within the larger box. When I got to the arrange dropdown and hit "space horizontally" it just crams them all off to the right. What am I doing wrong?
  5. The Auto Distribute options under Arrange panel is disabled. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if this is a bug. How do I enable it? I am using the free trial v1.4 i believe on OS X 10.11.3. Kindly help.
  6. Hi, I've been working with Affinity Designer for a few weeks now. Coming from Adobe Suite CS6 there's is a lot I like about Affinity Designer, but also a few things that would make working in AD just that little bit better. One of those things is that Align and Distribute doesn't have its own panel. Maybe it Align and Distribute could be combined with the Transform panel (see image) ... or just could have a panel on it own. greetings, Ivo
  7. I just upgraded to the latest release of Designer and Photo yesterday and now I can't seem to find any way of equally distributing objects in either! The other align tools are still there. Am I going mad?
  8. Hi guys, I have recently switched my whole research group from using AI to using Affinity Designer. However, the thing that every single user heavily complained about, and that really limits the utility of AffinityDesigner for us, is the lack of an option to select a key or reference object that stays put during alignment and distribution operations. This is very crucial for the preparation of scientific data plots where one really cannot have the data points shifting around when aligning them to their labels. It would also be very helpful for preparing multi-paneled figure etc. Also, while at it, a 'select same color/stroke/fill/...' feature would be great, and the eyedropper tool could use some attention (eg. for text and vector objects) Please make these available, and I will promise, that there will be a landslide of scientists moving away from their current overpriced rental software to using Affinity Designer Thanks Lars
  9. Finally I had time to play more with AD and here my two biggest gripes atm: 1. Why on earth keyboard shortcuts to align/distribute don't respect settings? In dropodown window I have set for example "last selcted" and from there it works as it should, but keyboard shortcut or even button on toolbar ignores this and always aligns to selection bounds. Also last selected object is inversly detected when selecting by click and drag. 2. When resizing text by diagonal handle, default behavior is to scale it proportionally, but when resizing other objects to do so I must hold Shift - it's very unintuitive
  10. Distributing objects should work like alignment. So, if there are four boxes within a larger box, and that larger box is selected, use the larger box as a container and distribute the smaller objects evenly within the larger box. (Assuming "selection bounds" is chosen in the align dialog) This is what happens with the align command. Distribute would simply use the same logic. This is needed frequently. For instance, if you're making a website mockup and want navbar items distributed within your navbar. Or a host of other applications. Currently the way to accomplish it involves creating objects, placing them at the boundaries, selecting everything, distributing, then de-selecting the middle objects, then deleting the outside "boundary" objects. It seems a bit hack-ey.
  11. Guys, I would need some help here as I try to horizontally auto-distribute 3 text containers. What I do. I select my 3 containers. I click on the arrange button. I click on the align horizontally / align centre button. So far so good. Then I select Align to spread. And there, the auto-distribute is checked, BUT I cannot access the pixel box. Both pixel box and auto-distribute are dark grey. I would appreciate your help as I am fed-up having to align manually each time :) Cheers,
  12. Hi there. The ability to distribute objects is really useful, but I would really love to be able to arrange Nodes using several alignment and distribute commands. I would also like to be able to transform a current selection of nodes- Scale, rotate etc.
  13. Please make Distribute options easier to find in Affinity Photo. They aren't on the ribbon, they apparently aren't in the Arrange or Alignment menus--why not?--and it takes some clicking around to finally find them hidden in the pop-up you get when you click on the Arrange icon. It blows my mind that the Arrange icon offers functionality not available (or at least, I can't find it) in the menu system! How about adding a Distribute icon to appear along side the Arrange icons in the ribbon?
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