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Found 32 results

  1. I am creating layer-based export slices (in the Export persona, selecting a layer then clicking "Create Slice" at the bottom of the layers palette). When I export retina assets, they often do not have even-numbered pixel dimensions. This is not useful for app or game development, as the @2x graphics need to be exactly double the size of the non-retina graphics. Is there anyway to force it to export even-numbered pixel dimensions for @2x? Thanks! -Mike
  2. Hello, I've downloaded a set of free vector playing cards (http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/free-vector-playing-cards.html). You can see on the above link that the different suites are in different files, so you need to download 4 files in order to obtain the full suite. Once I downloaded them, I've created a new file and placed all suites in this single file so they will be all in one file. I saved this file as an SVG and attached this file as a zipped file so you can test the issue. STEPS: 1. Unzip the attached zip file. The included SVG file was saved out from ADesigner v1.3.2. 2. Select any card. Let's say you select the first ace of clubs at the top left. This is a grouped artwork, as you can see in the layers palette. 3. Go to File > Export and select PNG. 4. At the bottom of the export dialog, select "Area: Selection without background" 5. Select all contents in the first "Size" text field (it should say "182 px"). Select the "px" units as well. Notice the proportional lock icon is closed, so the change will be proportional. 6. Type in a different size without the units, e.g. "181" and press TAB. 7. At this point a warning will be displayed in the dialog for a a brief moment, but you can't actually read it because the app will crash. For a brief moment, you will be able to see (right after you press the TAB key) that the other dimension text field (height) will become an erroneously huge number. Probably this what is causing the crash. SVG file and crash report attached in the zip file. ADesigner 1.3.2 OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks Mac mini late 2012 report-assets.zip
  3. Dear all, Not sure if the function is already available - at least I'm not finding at (but don't let that be a reference :-)). I used to work with Photoshop and what I personally miss the most, is that - when opening a new file - the dimensions of the copied/cutted image isn't auto suggested. When I now use Affinity for designing a website, it's always an added value that I cut/copy an image from an other page and when I click "New", that Affinity is already suggesting the correct/same dimensions as the cute/copied file. Hope the above explanation is a bit clear? Anyone facing this 'issue' and found a solution? Thanks! Niels
  4. Hi, I need to specify the dimensions of a new document in mm with a decimal point (e.g. 127,5 mm) . It is required to specify exact print format. thanks.
  5. If I copy a selection to clipboard I often open a new document with the dimensions of this selection and paste the selection to the new document. I think you should add the following options in New Document > Dimensions: Copy clipboard dimensions [x] Paste clipboard into new document
  6. Double click the selection tool to fast and precise move selected objects with a dimension window (As in Illustrator)
  7. For drawing Rectangles, Circles etc ... It would be great if you got a dimension window directly after selecting the tool and click without dragging on the artboard .. (As in Illustrator) That way you can work precise and enter the dimensions immediately ...
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