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Found 7 results

  1. Introduction I'm "kicking the tires" of the Affinity Publisher, Designer, Photo V2.40 suite this week and wondered if anyone else has also been thinking of or are using it as a Swiss Army Knife program suite for all document related work like notes, letters, reports, papers, books, websites rather than just traditional "desktop publishing", to replace Microsoft OneNote, Word, Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop totally. I've been wanting such a suite for 34 years and after just 4 days of experimenting, I'm already dreaming of a world where the Affinity Publisher, Designer, Photo suite is dominant in all these areas. We are only allowed one main question, so what additions to the Affinity Publisher, Designer, Photo suite would be required for my vision of the future? Version 2.40 now has almost all the things that critics claimed were missing in version 1.0 as a desktop publishing program. The present plague I got my first "real"computer 34 years ago in 1990 and within 1 year I was already trying to import AutoCAD drawings into Microsoft Word for a steel pole manufacturing company user manual. Most of you know that Microsoft Word has never displayed vector illustrations properly and likely never will. I asked the secretary of the company to print out a few pages I had made with filler text and the drawings I had imported, to check the quality of the lines which looked horrible on the monitor. The secretary was horrified at the filler text thinking this was the final draft and notified all the head people in the company and soon I was confronted by an angry mob in the lobby where the head accountant put me in a choke hold and tried to strangle me to death. After this I experimented with Ventura Publisher which only displayed thumbnails in the image boxes, then Page Maker, Frame Maker, and finally Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop where I discovered how huge those Adobe files are and so would only be suitable for the largest of projects. The file size problem Smallest Microsoft Word version 2016 docx files are 12 K, Adobe Indesign version 2.0 indd files are 144 K, but Affinity Publisher V2.40 files are only 10 K. So Adobe Indesign documents are not typically going to be used in any corporate or home office for small items. Below are minimum file sizes for different documents. Affinity Publisher 10 K, no thumbnail on save Affinity Designer 9 K, no thumbnail on save Affinity Photo 8 K, no thumbnail on save, 22x20 mm stamp size image Adobe Indesign 144 K, compression, no ICC, no pdf editing Adobe Illustrator 273 K, compression, no ICC, no pdf editing Adobe Photoshop 685 K, 22x20 mm image, CMYK, 8 bit Writing everything directly in the desktop publishing program Most people think that writing should be done in a word processor and later inserted by a professional into a desktop publishing program if required. We all know how many times documents are edited, so in the end the "finished" document spends more time being edited than the original write, and it only makes sense for the author to do the editing in the desktop publishing program. So everyone in a company should be using the Affinity Publisher, Designer, Photo suite. The desktop publishing experts would be used to set up the documents and help people with the editing, illustrations, and photos? Program suites Visual documents filled with illustrations and photos are much more compelling but also are often required. A long document text, vector, raster suite of programs developed by the same company is required for this to work seamlessly. There are only 2 companies now in the world selling reasonably popular, reliable, and easy to use suites that do this, Adobe with Creative Suite and Serif with Affinity Suite. Alludo (Corel) decided to drop Ventura Publisher, and Microsoft decided to focus on text and ignore complex graphics. File sizes of Adobe documents are too big and the subscription fees too high for wide use. This leaves only Serif to fill that void for the mass markets. And just like QuarkXPress lost their domination, Adobe Creative Suite could lose it's title of being most popular by missing on the mass market end if my vision of the future becomes reality. Even note taking could be done by Affinity Publisher There are likely over 100 different note taking programs available. Everyone of them has the same problem, not being able to draw or edit quality (Bezier) vector illustrations or add vector text to raster images. The original Zettelkasten note system was using 3x5 inch stiff paper cards, were widely used by academics for text, charts, diagrams, but present computer note programs focus on text only. But what is also required is a proper note making program. I work in the field of science and engineering and we make a lot of research and design notes. So instead of copying something from the Internet, we have to make our own drawings, tables, and formulas. And these are often quite formal with quality drawings and illustrations, as orderliness, precision, and attention to detail results in better conclusions. None of the present note taking programs will do this, they are more for fleeting notes. So am considering using Affinity Publisher to generate these permanent note and invention files. The actress Joan Rivers was reported to have one million cards in her Zettelkasten system. This is why small file size is so important. Because digital documents can be text searched, I am proposing to use longer notes than what was used in the original Zettelkasten system, might be up to 20 pages if there is one main idea, with individual digital files for notes instead of a single huge file like in present programs. This allows addition of different file types like document, database, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and image. A descriptive file name is typically used in computer filing systems and complex coding could be used, but also tags would be required for searching. Presently l can't find any tags that can be added in Affinity Publisher that can be found with the advanced search in Windows Explorer?
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this was mentioned here before but I am looking for some help creating a booklet. As opposed to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I am having some difficulty getting used to using Affinity Publisher. The main project I am looking to create is a comic book style booklet (ashcan/zine). The final product would be 5.5"x8.5", portrait. I would like to create a template so that I don't have to constantly keep trying to get the same result. Can someone here please help me with this. Thank you.
  3. So far I have not seen any spotlights for Affinity Publisher. Well, among the Role-playing Game design and publishing community a company called The Design Mechanism puts out some top quality books and games. In the AP Facebook group I am in Lawrence Whitaker one of there line developers has used Affinity Publisher for the layout and design of a new and soon to be released game book. Clocking in at over 400 pages with text and art I feel it shows the power of the AP software to the RPG community as the most viable alternative to Adobe products. Can someone at Serif please contact them and ask about the experience using the software for an Affinity Spotlight article?
  4. This AppleInsider article was very positive in its comparison of Publisher with other established publishing tools. In particular, the star of the article is Publisher's StudioLink feature.
  5. Does Affinity have plans to create an application for Desktop Publishing and which would also open InDesign and/or QuarkXpress files? Thank you.
  6. Is there any news on the publisher app that is supposed to accompany the other two affinity apps. I am really looking for ways to get away from adobe, but there aren't really any decent affordable alternatives to indesign. I hope there will be some news on this soon, as it has been quite long in the making. Seeing that the other Affinity apps seems to be quite succesfull it could be very good
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