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  1. Hello, I am having trouble deleting swatches from the palette I made. I made two document palettes, one for the colors that I color-picked from a reference image and one for colors that I custom-made. The color-picked palette is the one I made first and it works normally. I am able to delete, rename, and edit the swatches in that palette. The custom colors palette does not allow me to do those things though. When I right-click, the options are greyed out and I cannot click on them. I also cannot select a color and press the delete key on my keyboard. Nothing happens when I try it. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something else that is going on. Also, I accidentally made a global color while working on the custom palette and cannot seem to delete that either. Thanks, Alley
  2. Hi, I am working on a book layout and when I was reducing the pages to make another bug report, I found that deleting these pages shown in the video consistently crashes Publisher. I am not able to upload the document to the forums. 2023-10-17 09-17-49.mp4 This is on Windows 10.0.19045, Publisher 2.2.0.
  3. In the Designer desktop app, the option in Preferences > General to disable automatic selection of another object after an object is deleted, by un-checking 'Prefer to keep selection after delete', is very useful. It would also be helpful to have this option in the Designer iOS app. For example, when going around the canvas selecting multiple objects at a time and deleting them, it's easy to accidentially include an automatically selected object in the next group of objects to be deleted, as there's a tendency to get into a rhythm of pressing a second finger on the screen during every selection. If the automatically selected object is beyond the current view/zoom extent there's no clear visual cue that it's been included in the next multiple object selection, and by the time I realise it's been unintentionally deleted it's often far too late to recover it. To avoid the above happening, at present one needs to be consious of selecting the first object of each multiple selection without a second finger pressed on the screen, in order to clear the automatic object selection that resulted from the previous delete operation, and then press the second finger on the screen again only when selecting additional objects. It's easy to mess this up and not notice at the time.
  4. I often want to do object or layer deletion when I have other tools active than the move tool. For example, I draw a stroke with the brush tool and want to delete it (I could ctrl+Z, but that's not the point). Similarly, if I have objects already selected in the layers panel and I have a brush tool active, I can't do boolean operations. Since I always use hotkeys, this gets annoying, because I also have to check which tool I have active if the software doesn't what I expect it to do (perform the operation I pressed the hotkey for). So please look into adding operations outside of the move tool. This mostly applies to Affinity Publisher and Designer (basically the vector based tools).
  5. I'm become crazy by a stupid simple task: How to delete something in an selection? I've selected an area (Rect selection) that i want to delete. Then i press the delete key, but it deletes the complete layer!? I've searched in the Edit- and the Selection-Menu, but nothing. Then i use the help to search for delete, and it finds just the Delete Layer command? Searching for that term in google shows me al lot of impressive tricks, but not how to delete the content inside a simple selection. So i switched to Pixelmator to do that in two seconds... - But that's insane, for such a basic function. Where did you hide the simple delete function?
  6. Are you using the latest release version? Yes. Can you reproduce it? Sadly, I can't reliably cause the issue. It's frustratingly frequent and intermittent. Does it happen for a new document? Yes. If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version: iPad Air 4th Gen running iOS 16.1.1 (20B101) using Apple Pencil 2 Is hardware acceleration (in Preferences > Performance) ON or OFF ? No such setting What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) I create intricate interwoven geometric patterns using the ShapeBuilder. Starting with the pencil tool, I draw lines which I then "expand stroke", make copies, rotate, and then use the ShapeBuilder to combine them. There are "left over" pieces after I use the Shape Builder, which I delete by hitting the trash bin icon in the Layer manager. Every so often, the app crashes when I delete one of these layers. Any unusual hardware: Nothing, other than Appel Pencil. Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? It works most of the time.
  7. Dear Affinity, V2 Designer on iPad is awesome, but… By far, the trash can delete was my most used button in V1. One click anytime to delete…how can you beat that? Swiping is not convenient.
  8. In the Vector brush, I can delete segments of the stroke by holding Ctrl, however, if I select a bunch of nodes, I can't delete them using the delete key. 2022-10-02 11-37-53.mp4 Steps to reproduce 1. Go to the brush tool and create a random doodle. 2. Hold the Ctrl key and click drag to select multiple nodes. 3. Hit the delete key and notice that nothing happens. This is on Windows 10, Affinity Designer 10.5.1342
  9. Direct delete and position feedback while editing (the proposal would be of interest to Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher alike). A. You right-click on a guide and a new context menu appears. There you can select delete or edit. An alternative to a right-click could be a double click. B. The editor that opens would be the same as currently, BUT three new features would exist: If you have opened the editor via the context menu of a guide, then the corresponding guide is highlighted in the editor list. At the same time, the guide would also be highlighted in the workspace. E.g. it could be pink instead of blue. Great feedback when there are many guides. As soon as you select another guide in the editor guide lists, the same thing would happen, the corresponding guide would also be highlighted in your workspace. So you always know exactly what you are doing.
  10. Hello all, I've just starting using Affinity designer (trail) and like it very much. I have a little problem though and I'm sure that when someone points out what I'm doing wrong I'll kick myself. I've applied a gradient to an object and now want to return it to a solid fill but I cant find a way of removing the gradient. If I create another fill and apply it always is set to gradient when I apply it the object. I've tried setting no fill creating a new fill then applying it but always its a gradient fill! I'm sure the solution is simple and obvious but I'm missing something here. Thanks in advance, Anthony
  11. Can we get a shortcut to delete the contents of a pixel layer? Ideally, I want to delete the contents of a layer with Delete and use Backspace to remove the layer alltogether. Currently, the former is not possible with a single shortcut.
  12. Hello handsome and intelligent developers! I have a small feature request. Currently with the node tool, when editing a shape, if you single click on a line between 2 nodes, it adds a node. This is super useful! But i notice that a double click on a current node does nothing at all. Double clicking a node with the node tool to delete it would be a great use for this currently unused action, and just another way to make the node tool a left-hand-free tool (since right now, to delete a node, i have to click it and then remove my hand from home row to hit the delete button). Let me know if you think this is a good idea!
  13. Hi, I'm trying to clean my dashboard on Affinity Photo in my iPad Pro but it's required more time because I can't find the multiple selection for imported file and delete botton for foldel. Is it possible to add this features? Thanks
  14. ...First thing I used to do when I'm designing a new logo for example (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) is to create a big artboard and then draw multiple ideas along it. Now imagine, every time I need to delete a guide, I must zoom out, and drag the guide outside of the artboard!? ...or, find it in guides manager window (In which btw, the desired guide is not even highlighted. We must move it to know which one we need to delete). Why we cannot just use the DELETE key directly in the artboard?! Another useful thing, is the option to convert a vector to a guide...
  15. Did someone figure out that on iPad? On Mac/PC, it's possible when Cmd/Ctrl + left click with node tool in 1.9.
  16. It's shown only when deleting single artboard. Should be shown also when deleting multiple artboards.
  17. Hello! Has been discussed, I know, but scattered all over the place. With the Node Tool, it should be possible to delete nodes in these variants: - Without adapting the neighbouring tangents - that's the existing behavior. Shortcut could be: left-doubleclick (besides DEL) - With adapting the neighbouring tangets, so that the curvature is preserved as good as possible (CorelDraw can do this). Possible shortcut: CTRL-left-doubleclick - With also deleting the neighbouring curve segments. Possible shortcut: CTRL-ALT-left-doubleclick. Regarding shortcuts: Choose any combination of mouse pointer and modifier keys you like for node editing, but avoid having to use DEL or other keys wich are harder to reach. Thanks for considering!! Best regards
  18. Would be nice if you cloud add modifier key to delete line(s) between selected nodes instead of deleting selected nodes when press the Delete key without using "Break Curve" and select separated curve before delete. Lot of users from Illustrator are confused with current workflow, so this could make easier for them to adapt to Affinity
  19. Let's say I do this: 1. Place an EPS graphics in Affinity Designer. 2. Use Transparency Tool on the graphic to make part of it transparent (a gradient). How do I UNDO that action later on? Sure, I can eliminate it by pressing CMD-Z numerous times (loosing all my other work in the process). But I don't see how to eliminate that added transparency when I look at the Layers palette. I see the transparency on my layer, but I don't see how to zap that transparency into oblivion. If it was added as a separate layer, it would be easy to delete the transparency, but it isn't. It merely displays in the layers palette. How do I delete a transparency I added to an object via the Transparency Tool? Thank you.
  20. Has anyone seen any discussion of including some kind of line erasing tool like Corel's Virtual Segment Delete tool (see attached video)? I believe that I have mentioned the need to this tool at least a year ago but I have not seen or heard any serious talk. The more I use AD as my go-to software the more I am running into simple tools that I wish it had that would make my illustration life SO much better. VertSegDelKey.mov
  21. I am trying to delete documents on the iPad, but the “delete” option isn’t listed when I hit the hamburger icon to the right. It only lists save, duplicate, rename and close. So how do I delete unneeded documents? On a similar note, how do you open a document that you saved and closed? thanks!
  22. I've tried to delete pages by highlighting the page icons in the Studio and by using Document>Delete Pages ... Both methods have deleted pages, but not the range 1-27 that I want to delete. It deletes page 1, leaves page 2 and then deletes from page 27 - I think. I was trying to cut the document to share on another bug report. Oh the irony! See the sequence attached 1. Start of Document (shows page 2 which remains) 2. Highlighted pages to delete 1-27 3. After deletion - page 2 remains , though Cover page 1 is deleted, stray table from section I want to keep remains.
  23. Can someone tell me how to turn off the cascading deletion on vectors in Designer. I have selected 2 breaks points (I delete them) and if accidentally continue to delete ALL my prior created forms are deleted in the order they were made. This is NOT what I want to happen. How to make it stop??
  24. I'm finding shapes and the clumsily labelled "curves" features hard to use. Maybe Affinity is not allowed to implement Illustrator-like procedures, but the present arrangements are convoluted, confusing and to me, unreliable. Having discovered that shapes have to be converted to curves to edit them - then "break" them at a node (why?), I find I'm often unable to delete the node or part of the path I want to without losing more than I want or the whole object. Deselecting an object seems to automatically "select" another - can that be turned off? Zooming in/out with the Illustrator-like key combination doesn't seem to function if something is selected, which is inconvenient. I've found snapping works, but for me only randomly. As I'm migrating from Illustrator I'd love to see more illustrator-like processes if that is at all possible, and a quick look online suggests I'm not alone! I've not got far into Affinity yet so can't comment on much else at the present. And I recognise that some things will be different and I could be missing something obvious....
  25. I created a project (have not learned what one is yet) and simply want to delete it. The widget thing (three lines) at bottom right only gives an option to rename. Any ideas anyone?
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