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  1. I’m very impressed with both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and may well decide to cancel my Adobe CC subscription. Unfortunately, I have over 20,000 images catalogued in Lightroom, so I hope Affinity will release a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) a.s.a.p..
  2. Hey, Welcome to another episode from the SMTV camp. Whilst we patiently wait for a way to store and organise our pics from the team, have a look at this tutorial. We take a look at how you can (with a little hack) create a 1 - 5 star rating system inside of Affinity photo to organise and rate those gems of yours. Create a rating system inside of Affinity Photo Enjoy, Allan.
  3. Hey all, Take a look at this,.. In this tutorial we look at using a really cool app called Lingo to organise and store your assets, - icons, logo's illustrations, photos etc and how it works seamlessly with the Affinity Apps. Organising your assets -Tutorial Don't forget to click subscribe to stay up to date... Allan
  4. Is Serif Labs at the point to have developed a philosophy around their approach to digital asset management that they can share? Not the details nor the features, but the general approach. For example, is parametric editing a part of DAM (such as with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture) or is that a part of the photo editing software (such as Adobe Bridge and Photoshop)?
  5. Hi all! I used to be an Aperture user and now I decided to get Affinity a go instead of Photoshop or Lightroom. I am not using any DAM so far but instead just importing files from Apple Photos and then edit in Affinity. This way though I do not feel confident on how to import RAW files. I have RAW and JPEG together in the same files in Photos, and when importing it seems to select the JPEG by random (see screenshot). When I then choose "develop" in Affinity, I get no hint as to wether the file the program is working with is actually a RAW or a JPEG, as it behaves the same as when I import a JPEG file only (see screenshot). Simple question: How do I import RAW files from Apple Photos in to Affinity, and how do I make sure I am actually working with the RAW file rather than the JPEG? Thanks in advance!
  6. It's really really really great that we're finally seeing some promising Photoshop competition. I've been following the Pixelmator development closely but they aren't aiming at the professional market. Finally somebody else is. Thanks so much and congrats. I'm buying the App as soon as it's released just to support the cause and keep up with it until such time as it fills all my needs. However... Perhaps the greatest need goes beyond Photo editing, and beyond what Affinity Designer is doing. Think bigger. The weak spot in any workflow is Digital Asset Management (DAM). Hierarchical Folder organizing is terribly inefficient and outdated. Adobe Bridge tried to solve that but .xmp sidecar files are messy. Lightroom is the king of photo DAM now that Aperture is being phased out. But Aperture had DAM right. It was the absolute best at organizing, sorting, rating, version stacking and keyboarding, and while its RAW engine was mediocre, it made up for it with the best roundtrip editing workflow out there. It was totally under appreciated except by those who dug in and used it to the fullest, and now there's a huge gap to be filled. We need something to compete with Lightroom, and it needs to be database driven. Forget sidecar files. If you can come up with a way to truly manage digital assets - not just photos, but video, vector files and (god willing) your future replacement for InDesign files, you'd blow Adobe and its cloud subscription service out of the water. Please please consider an application to manage our files. The Finder just doesn't cut it. (I'm not sure what type of integration will be possible with the new Photos app that's "replacing" iPhoto and Aperture, but word is you can't do star ratings or stacks, and it might never be up to snuff)
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