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  1. For me one of the key missing features to help me replace Lightroom would be a filmstrip feature. Basically, I would want to select an bunch of photos, load them into the Develop persona to give me a side-by-side comparison of the Photo's that I have edited. Ideally, it would allow for adding ratings to photos so I can filter them by quality. And it would also be nice to add labels to photos to indicate whether or not they were fully developed or marked to be developed/ discarded. This would then also allow me to copy paste all (or a selection of) the Develop parameters and paste them to a selected photos as an easy means to batch process them (with immediate visual feedback on the result).
  2. I did a forum search, but the only results are the very old requests for a DAM or at least a browser showing the content of Affinity files. Be it Designer or Photo - does anybody knows how to get an overview over my Affinity files? As well on Windows 10 as on Mac OS Ventura? I'd like to recommend my employer to skip the Adobe Suite subscriptions, but without a browser (like lousy Bridge, just a bit better ­čśî) we'd be doomed. I really do not understand what's so complicated to let us users wait for more than 4 years now. ­čśö
  3. Affinity Photo: To the Executives at Serif. Should you choose to search the forums using the title of this post, you'll get at least 20 hits. Some of those hits include statements about a Digital Asset manager (DAM) in development. These requests/discussions go back to 2015. That's 7 YEARS at the time of this writing. Sooooooo, come on now; what's really going on? Taking 2 covid years out of the timeline still gives you 5 years to respond. Would you not agree that you owe your loyal users a DAM product by now? To the Executive in charge, please give us a release date (some hope). We're getting anxious.
  4. I use Bridge as a DAM to manage & search my photoshop and RAW image files. I want to switch from Photoslop to Affinity Photo, but I noticed that .afphoto files only generate an AP icon in Bridge, no image (see below). But when I export the layered image file from AP as a layered 16-bit .tiff file, it appears normally in Bridge. And when I open the .tiff file in AP again, all the layers are present for further editing. Question: Are there any disadvantages to saving image files edited in AP as layered .tiff files instead of .afphoto files relative to compatibility, future editing and final image quality? Thanks.
  5. Hi all! I'd made a quick search but not found a specific topic for articulating wishlist items for a future DAM product, so I thought I'd start one and enumerate a couple features I'd like to see: Public API / Plugin Architecture. If this is implemented broadly enough, the following two items, might just be implemented as plugins. AND, if they could be implemented as plugins, I wouldn't be unhappy if they were features that came along after 1.0. Explicit support for NAS storage. If mounted filesystems aren't robust enough, then perhaps some application-based solution targeted for the common platforms (synology, qnap, etc) would be workable. Photo Service exporters. It's convenient to easily export photos to services like SmugMug, etc., from directly within the DAM. Thanks and I understand "it's early days."
  6. Love the Affinity suite. Been a user from the AP Mac beta. Now IÔÇÖm worried. A DAM persona would be the missing link in the suite, and there seems to be a business case here, so something might be holding back. But what do I know about Serif strategy and implementation? For now, others gets my money. And that is sad, since I really like the Affinity suite.
  7. Just wondering what is happening to the development of Digital Asset management for Photo. Have been waiting for ever for it as without it, photo becomes less and less attractive as far as workflow and photo retrieval is concerned. As I have switched from canon to Fuji, LR is less an option so clearly need a change. Anyone heard what is happening here?
  8. Has anyone found a DAM vendor that supports the affinity thumbnail previews? I asked about this quite a while ago and was told the previewer code or codec ships with windows but so far in the last 6 months I've not found a vendor that can support the preview feature. They've been willing to add it but say its not currently possible. Any advise on where to look or what to actually have them look for? I've checked with 7 willing vendors so far and come up empty each time for implementation. Thanks, Ryan.
  9. Hi All, Mac user here and still working my through Affinity trial and wanted to ask those who moved from Adobe. What has replaced LR with regards to managing & tagging your photographs, and creating collections etc? I don't really use Photoshop that much, if at all, and the things I love about LR are: - I can manage and edit all my photos in a single program. 99.9% of the time, adjustment brushes are all I need - Not a deal breaker. - I can tag/key word my photos and create collections, making finding files a breeze - This is one thing I think I will miss, if I decide to move from LR. - I don't need to save anything - my work up to that point is remembered. If I quit the app, nothing needs to be saved. - Not a deal breaker. Affinity Photo so far has been impressive. The workflow is different for sure and would need some re-adjusting. The main pull for me is the price, and the fact I don't need to be constantly signed into something like Creative Cloud - That BS just rubs me the wrong way.
  10. Now we have Photo, Designer and Publisher, will Affinity resume development of a full blown Digital Asset Manager? By full blown, I mean something is at least as useful as Media Pro was. One that can manage many files types, such as pdf and txt documents.
  11. Hi guys, with the StudioLink launched, it would be awesome if there was an Affinity DAM. Complete suite?
  12. I would like to be able to make the selection of n images in the DAM( Think Aperture as a cataloging tool, but no editing, ) and would like to add a function there to open the current selection of images as *[ a stack ] in Affinity Photo. How? Can I call Affinity remote? Where the content of *[ ] could be anything that would benefit the user, such as: [ append selection to frontmost workspace ] [ open selected files individually ]
  13. So over the past few weeks I downloaded and test drove skylum's Luminar 3 ... and it was terrible. Slow (operations taking longer than 5 minutes), unresponsive, missing components ... it was really really bad. I remember reading that Serif is in the works of making the often requested DAM. I'm so glad they have made the decision to go this route. I think it would be a good time to start a new category in the forums specifically for this. Then move all appropriate threads into this area. Suggestions for Affinity (name here) I remember there being a poll about If the product should be made and what it should do. Personally, i'm interested in something that can compete with Capture One, outperform lightroom, and be reasonably priced.
  14. My username: Yes, I am an Adobe Certified Expert. This shows how enthusiastic I used to be about Adobe and its products. That's gone now, and I want to contribute to the Affinity series with the same enthusiasm that I put into Adobe products before. I have a big desire: I want Affinity to be a complement to the Lightroom product family. As a professional photographer, I work regularly with Lightroom because it allows me to effectively manage my images. But unfortunately this program cannot be integrated into an affinity workflow. So it's not really usable anymore. But I need a way to manage 500,000 images in an integrated production process. It's also a very good thing for Serif to show Adobe how to do it right. With the new Lightroom CC, Adobe has gone astray - the tool is completely unusable. What do professionals need? Quicker access to the images. Clean and fast indexing. Print function with exact image dimensions. GPS allocation and Exif analysis for filtering. Picture evaluations. and absolutely: Multi user support. What is rarely or never needed: Photo book creation. Websites. When designing the Lightroom database, Adobe probably had the lonely photo Wolf in mind, who takes pictures alone and also edits his pictures alone. In my experience it's only seldom like this. Usually there are small teams of 2-6 people who photograph a session together and then want to work on it together. But this is not possible in Lightroom and never will be. Dear Community. Please support my wish and tell me what functions you still want from Serif when a clone is developed into Lightroom. I am German, unfortunately my English is not very good. I hope my message is understandable.
  15. I guess I posted this in the wrong place so here it is again with emphasis. Please ´╗┐Please Please!!! Can Affinity come up with an Organizer to replace Lightroom. I just went to check my location tags in Lightroom 6 maps and the map is gone and they say you have to update to the latest version to get a functioning map. I'm getting sick and tired of Adobe and their licensing fees and not supporting their legacy apps. So Please Help Help Help!!!
  16. Could you please add a DAM to Affinity Photo? Or at least develop a program similar to Lightroom or Aperture? If your looking for ideas please look at Apertures filing system. I have found it to be the most robust filing system as far as flexibility for storing images and sorting images. There are many neat features on it and I found it a lot more user friendly than Lightroom. It's editing capabilities are outdated, but it's DAM features are second to none. Sincerely JT
  17. Affinity Photo 1.7 beta completely replaced my Photoshop needs. I would like to have a Digital Asset Management software like Lightroom from Affinity. This will enable culling and then taking them to Affinity Photo for more detailed work. So how to do image management until we get another gem from Affinity? Nikon View NX-i does the job for basic image management. View NXi + Affinity Photo is a true replacement of subscription based Adobe Photography CC plan. Right Click The Image you want to take to Affinity Photo. Register If you have not registered before. Another way to take your image to Affinity Photo.
  18. It would be nice if you release a codec so we can preview the .afphoto files in the operating system. Maybe you can take this a step further and release this for developers so they can include it in the DAM systems. I would love if someday I can preview the .afphoto files in Capture One
  19. There's countless threads in this forum where people ask for a DAM. Serif confirms that there's some plans, but so far they didn't reveal what they are working on. Reading the requests brought up by users I see that they ask for very different things: Some want a straightforward viewer app, others even request complex database driven software with nifty filtering options to handle huge asset collections. The term DAM unfortunately isn't very clearly defined. Hence my question: Do you need a DAM-program by Serif? And what should it be like? [Edit: Unfortunately I can not do anything about the terrible Poll formatting. Maybe staff can add an empty line between the questions?]
  20. I haven't posted much here for a while as the current MAS version meets my editing needs quite nicely - thanks to all for your great work. However, it seems like a lifetime ago that we were assured that a DAM was coming. Is this still the case or has it been dropped?
  21. I have recently started to clean-up my photo directories by using Photo Supreme DAM software. However, I have a lot of afphoto files that I'm not quite sure a smart way of categorizing/tagging. My initial thought was to store the afphoto files in the same collection as the RAW files. How do y'all categorize/tag .afphoto files in your DAM software?
  22. Hi all, I found out something rather interesting today Adobe Bridge is free. There is a catch unless you have opened a raw file in photoshop it will not let you edit in its own built in copy of adobe camera raw. But it does give you access to keywording collections and the asset management that tends to be missing in alternatives to adobe products. That and "open in" and right near the top of that list i find Affinity Photo and also Adobes DNG converter. It's not lightroom with its catalog but its not bad pretty much all the library functions are implemented. I've been using an old version of lightroom for asset management. i'm pretty sure that Bridge makes a good free alternative to manage photos with affinity photo doing the image processing. download it and have a play.
  23. Just wondering is there a photo organizing software on the table that can replace Lightroom yes or no. If yes how long if no whynot
  24. With Aperture dying and with Lightroom now being rental software only (I will not even get into the hot mess that Apple's Photos is), I was wondering whether there are any plans to implement image management into Affinity photos. That would be great! Lars
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