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Found 20 results

  1. I find the fields feature to be very useful, but it would also be useful to be able to be able to define your own custom fields.
  2. Hey @Ash getting some additional transparency tool presets or the ability to add our own presets would greatly enhance my workflow. I find I am recreating the same setup all the time and the ability to either have or create and save a preset would be awesome. Currently I have created assets of the few I use often but the ability to create and save a preset to have it in the context toolbar would be nice. Examples would be linear with transparent ends with a solid centre or elliptical with solid edges and a transparent centre... or linear dashed, eg solid, transparent, solid, transparent.
  3. As you may have guessed from the title, I would love the ability to rearrange the order of the list of the adjustments tools. If there's already a way to do this and I am just unaware of it, then great. Otherwise i'd love to see this functionality be added as not having to scroll all the way down the list to access some tools would save a lot of time.👌
  4. Hi, I would like to be able to see intensity waveform, RGB parade, and Vectorscope chart simultaneously in my studio. This way, when I make an adjustment, I can see the impact on all three of them at the same time then having to toggle back and forth between each chart on scope panel.
  5. I use an SSD for my primary drive, and a regular hard drive for data storage. I would like to be able to change the locations used by Affinity for caching/swap files/etc. to minimize writes to my SSD. Thank you.
  6. Workspace customization is currently difficult and laborious. Feature request 1: Workspace saving | Now if I want to save workspaces, they must be copied from system files. Also i hate to lose my workspace setup after updating software. 1.5, 1.6 and now 1.7. Feature request 2: Workspace customization improvements | Now moving tool tabs and setting up custom workspace is very frustrating. Many times elements just can't snap into desired location or snapping area is very odd. Feature request 3: Workspace reset to saved workspace
  7. Dear Affinity team, I'd like to ask if there's an option to customise the UI of Affinity Designer for iPad, namely to reposition the contextual tools. I'm considering buying an iPad to use it with Affinity, siding with an 11 inch model, but the contextual tools as they are now take up a lot of space, plus having tools on all four sides seems a bit messy to me. I haven't used the app on iPad yet, but from the videos I've watched it seems to me you could enhance the UI significantly if you gave users the option to make one of the other toolbars wider and accommodate the contextual tools there, leaving at least one of the sides free. Thank you! V.
  8. Is there something special you have to do to save your toolbar customization? I went through the process of setting up all the tools and toolbars the way I wanted, but the next time I opened Designer they were all back to the defaults. I didn't see any way to save my customized setup. Am I missing something?
  9. Lots of people request to have quick action tools added to the standard interface. Requests like this: "The alignments tools are too deeply buried in the transform pallet" "It takes too many taps to expand the stroke" "I want undo/redo in a better place" "It would be great to have a quick duplicate button so i don't have to go into a menu" "Can we put Combine into the tool bar because i use it all the time" "Nudge tools on-screen would be cool to have so i don't need a keyboard" "Need a quicker way to re-order layers, maybe back forward buttons, K thanks!" ... the list goes on... All of these requests could be fulfilled with a user editable tool bar in the empty space in the top bar (persona's could even be a pop out menu to save space). The screenshot says it all. This would be the ultimate shortcut.
  10. Hello Affinity team, to further customize Affinity Photo, it would be great if the users where able to create their own Studio panels and to populate it with functions from different Studio panels. for example; the user creates an empty custom studio panel where he add parts from the macro/library panel, one or two Styles and so on. greetings myclay
  11. I'd love to customise Photo (or Designer). A combination of the following would be useful: a custom shelf, or persona with say, up to 9 positions that can be anything, and I really mean anything: a brush preset, a tool (e.g. brush, spline or lasso selection), or just a toggle like "protect alpha". Or rasterize layer. You get the idea. directional gestures, or flicks. The sweet spot for these seems to be 6, which means I can have super fast access to 6 more controls that I find important. Could again be brush presets, filters or any command/menu within Photo. Background: I am painting a lot in Photo. This means that I use some tools quite often, while others I hardly touch in weeks. Things like the polygon lasso tools force me to switch personas in order to create a selection, and switch back in order to move the selection. This is crude. I'd rather customise an additional persona to my needs and never look back What do You think?
  12. Is there a way, or could there be a way to disable the splash screen on startup? Or maybe let us pick from a set of splash images? Can one of the images please exclude the snake? Thanks!
  13. I'm sure this is going to be a simple answer that I have just not been able to find for myself but I'm tearing my hair (what little there is left) out over this. How do I create custom document types and page presets that I can pick from the new document dialogue in Designer? I have never picked one of the builtin types, they are just not sizes I ever need to use but there are a couple of dozen other sizes I use a lot that I am forever having to look up the settings for as I switch between them. Blog featured image, facebook cover picture, icon, forum avatar, that sort of thing. I'd like to save them in their own document type, with their own page presets, I just can't find where I can add them.
  14. I want to suggest a feature for the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I would like some options to customize the workspace to my liking and be able to save it for later use. I wish I could customize the panels by dragging into them the tools & shortcuts that I use most and removing the ones I rarely use. This would allow me to create a workspace that suits my workflow, which is very important for working quickly and having an enjoyable experience when using the program. A custom workspace can be useful to anyone and it may be different according to the type of project that someone is working on.
  15. I would like to be able to change the order of adjustments listed in the adjustment panel to fit my workflow. For instance, when I am creating luminance masks, I want black and white, followed by levels at the top of the panel. Is there any way to do this?
  16. We can customize the main toolbar by long pressing it etc, and then add there some of the basic tools. But how about having a capability to add a filters and effects too there? Or have a own custom sidebar where to add them, so there wouldn't be need to open the list everytime to call something? It would speed up the workflow when user could add a most used filters and effects as buttons and then just tap them to get them added?
  17. Hello Affintiy Team and all :) , I am currently trying to make an unofficial Normalmap painting solution inside of Affintiy Photo and wanted to customize the UI a bit and the question which occurred was; Is there a way to drag and drop parts from various studios like in my current need, the Profiles into a new custom Studio(and if possible a way to share/export that studio)? Ps: I already have found out that there is a customize toolbar and customize tools function so it might be that I just overlooked something? greetings myclay
  18. The ability to assign new and change existing keyboard shortcuts like in Photoshop.
  19. Hi, first off, thanks a lot for developing these great applications. Finally someone is serious about highend 2D graphics and competing with Adobe (and software-as-subscription paradigm). When the Win beta was released I quickly gave it a quick test drive in a virtual machine (I am still on Vista). So I am not qualified to asses for example the performance etc. Anyway here are some of my observations/feedback: What could be improved: 1, There is no way to directly (in a viewport) select a certain locked object in order to unlock/edit it. You have to unlock everything. Huge disadvantage of unlocking everything is that the memory of what was locked is not retained. You will have to find and lock all the previously locked objects again which can be extremely tedious task. The alternative is finding the locked object in the layer palette, but if you have lots of objects (some of them locked) it becomes a nightmare. You cannot even find out the name of the locked object in the viewport (there is no indicator when you hover over it or click on it). Also there is no indicator in the viewport that the object is locked (other than that it is non-selectable). My suggestions: - A modifier key + click would allow you to select even locked objects (for example Shift +middle click). In addition to that an icon indicating a lock would appear near the object and allow you to unlock the object. - Or there could also be "unlock everything temporarily" button like Xara has (or something similar). It unlocks everything but will remember what was locked. You can manipulate objects etc. and when you click the button again it will lock the previously locked objects. With this tool you can easily find your locked object in a layer palette (to unlock it etc.) I made a simple example to demonstrate the problem and how other software deals with it - as an inspiration: The problem - you need to select the greenish-yellow triangle (which is locked) and you cannot afford to unlock all objects (otherwise you will lose the memory of what was locked/unlocked). So you have to search for the object in the layer palette. Good luck if you have lots of objects in the scene. This is how Illustrator (CS6 and maybe CC) and Affinity Designer works (problem demonstrated in Xara): Xara's "All objects/layers editable" aka "unlock temporarily everything" to the rescue. Now you can directly select the object and edit it. You can easily locate the object using "find" button. When you are done, lock the previously locked objects again using the same button: This gif shows how you can quite easily find and unlock a locked object (greenish-yellow triangle) using "All objects/layers editable" workflow. The state of other objects in the scene (locked/unlocked) remains unaffected. And you don't have to look for a needle in a haystack either: 2, The UI is too dark for me. Light version would be welcome (I know you are working on it ... I just wanted to let you know my opinion). Please consider adding as much customization options to the GUI as possible - even complete custom GUI skinning. Then everyone will be happy. I for one don't like the new "flat UI" trend (not that Designer has completely flat UI but it could be a little bit more "plastic"). I will expand on that later... I will post more suggestions (and praise) later... Best of luck with this project! I am looking forward to the released version. (Excuse my English)
  20. The option to control what the cursor looks like when using a brush. Please see attached file for more detail.
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