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Found 77 results

  1. I do a lot of cropping of my photos. I take a lot of photos of cats and it's hard to frame the subject at the time of shooting as there is very little cooperation! Could you make it possible to set the preferred cropping format a default setting. i.e I mostly use 'original ration' so I have to select that every time. Also the 'darken border' selection, can that be selected to be either always on or off. Again I have to always select that before cropping. Apart from those niggles, you have done a fantastic job with Affinity Photo.
  2. I am trying to create a fixed dimension cropping of 16:9 or 1920x1080. 1) When I Save that preset, the pixel dimensions on next use aren't 1920x1080, so the benefit of the pre-set is lost 2) When I Export my photo, the 1920x1080 cropping is lost and I have to type it in for the second time. I'm very interested in making some cropping presets, but must be missing something as I still have to pro-actively type in the presets when trying to use them. MacOSX
  3. I must have pressed something that caused objects to be visible outside of the bounds of the image. It would be nice to know how to toggle this off or on, as I can see how it might be useful in some situations and distracting in others. Thanks.
  4. Fellow Forum Followers ! I need an answer to an easy problem that I can't seem to wrap my brain around. I have a few dozen images that all need the same help so here goes. I want to crop a section out of an image that for example is 1080pixels by 1920pixels.Each of the images are different sizes and I am not interested in making the whole image fit, just a piece of it. I want to end up with my cropped piece of the image to be at 300dpi at the 1080x1920 pixels. What is the easiest way to accomplish this easy task ? I have watched video after video and I didn't see what I needed. Thanks in advance, Jim
  5. When adding a new Pixel Layer to a cropped canvas, it only fills the currently visible (cropped) part of the canvas. This leads to problems when changing the crop later, making cropping -in some way- a destructive operation, wich it shouldn't be. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. I'm not entirely certain whether this is a bug or a "feature", but it's definitely not desirable for a non-destructive workflow. 2017.11.10-13.26.mp4
  6. Hi, I've exported a few pngs (not a problem to this point with jpgs) that I've then uploaded to an art photo site I use. There I get a msg saying though they accept pngs, they need to convert to a jpg to get rid of the excess transparent border I thought I'd cropped out. I've tried clicking the clip canvas command without any luck, at least in terms of my history tabs still showing the excess transparent border. I've tried to clip canvas cmd with the image flattened & unflattened, with the background layer selected & not selected. In PS I simply crop & the excess is (I think) gone from the final file. I'm not real great with PS either, so my learning curve is probably a little steeper than otherwise probably Thanks so much, Adan ps - below is the png file I've most recently struggled with, thanks!
  7. Hi, I realize the cropping tool can crop an entire document but what if say I want to crop an individual photo from within a document as a layer? There appears to be no way of doing this in AP. Is this something that was overlooked possibly? Thanks!
  8. Evening all, I have looked at the videos on cropping, sizing, etc, but I still don't find it as easy as Photoshop. In fact I've just sized three pix for the web and they've ended up as (roughly) 1 x 9s instead of (roughly) 4 x 3s. I need an absolute pixel dimension so I did this: Clicked the crop tool, set the size in pixels to get a proportion, held shift and drawn out the selection across the part of the pic, then clicked apply. I then went to Export > Jpeg, entered the same size, checked the output is correct, and clicked export. Logic would seem to say that two goes with the correct size would give me the right size pix. Sadly not. What am i doing wrong? Best wishes, Will
  9. Hey all. New to the forums, and relatively new to AF. Loving it so far, but I have a question about cropping. I found it kind of odd that there isn't a preset for a 16x9 crop. So I made my own, 1600 x 900. If I pull up that crop preset on a picture, how can I adjust the size of the crop, but still remain constrained to the 16x9 aspect ratio? In other programs, I think I remember it being fairly standard to hold down Shift or Option or Command while click/dragging one of the crop borders, but it seems in AF it is unconstrained no matter what additional buttons I press. I'm on Mac, by the way, if that matters. Thanks.
  10. Hi Team Serif & everyone on the forums. As per a request from @macfinity on Twitter, here are three files to illustrate my import issue. The RAW is 4:3 but as the screenshot shows, after import from iOS photos, the RAW is being rendered as 3:2 - only thing I can think of, is that I shoot in 3:2 and this has somehow affected the import into Affinity for iPad, but it's not happening in the photos app, so your guesses are as good as mine. Any help as to what's amiss would be appreciated, as having to boot up the MacBook is a link in the workflow I do not want in the field. Thanks in advance... M ADDITIONALLY: I'm getting the message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" with regards to the .orf RAW Olympus OMD EM1 Mi .orf RAW
  11. Dear Affinity-Forum, its just a tiny thing, but for me it would be helpful if the non-destructive behaviour of the crop tool is working in the layer panel and not in the menu bar. My workflow is based on layers and i´m always experimenting with the on and off buttons on the right. No way for cropping - this is much more complicated. So perhaps there is a way to insert the crop like a mask. In this way i could turn the crop on and off, see where the crop was made and also change my crop settings by double-clicking on the "crop-layer". I hope you're understanding my description. (Got not the best skills in english) ;-) Thanks for this beautiful software. You are doing well! Best regards, Zwuckel
  13. I would like to be able to use the Compositional Overlays when designing as well as when cropping. Additionally, is there a way to flip the Golden Spiral both horizontally and vertically?
  14. I don't have time to search entire forums or the interwebs to see if someone else has ever suggested this feedback before. So I offer my apologies if my suggestions have already been covered. 1) Please can you provide a feedback function WITHIN the application it self. It's incredibly frustrating to have to use out dated methods of signing up to god-awful web-forums which just leads to nonconstructive replies of un-thought out opinions and arguments. It also allows you to correctly link feedback (and abuse) to the software license of the user and even categorise the feedback so you can easily see which areas are causing most concern to the user base. 2) Please can you fix the mouse icon when painting in masks in the develop mode. The standard OS mouse icon does not feel accurate to paint with. Also a nice to improve if possible: Painting often feels sluggish to see the red tint forming. If there is a way to make this feel more responsive without upgrading an existing 32GB RAM I7 processor machine, that would be lovely please. 3) Cropping in Develop mode is missing an "ok" or "finished" button. It's frustrating to be sitting back with my tablet, controlling everything then having reach over to the keyboard which I moved to one side, just to hit <enter>. I don't want to map the enter key to my tablet device as it's never used for anything else! if you simply put a button in the UI it will mean I can just move the mouse there and click! perhaps I've missed a trick that does what I want, but then that would mean it's not obvious and intuitive to the user. 4) Please update the flash function for uploading files on this forum. Who runs flash in 2017? Browsers auto block flash from running by default because it's nasty. 5) More of a question then a suggestion, but is there a way to rename the overlays in the Overlays tab in Develop mode? I have 3 gradient overlays, all with the same name! that's very confusing to simple minds like myself. 6) Although I generally hope you spend more time fine tuning what you have already developed, instead of just rushing out new features, it would be nice if there was an in-application function for browsing image files, with a nice big preview of the image and EXIF data, which you can then double click to open it in the develop mode. I don't think anyone wants all this "importing" and cataloguing rubbish which is very slow. But browsing files within Affinity with a UI that suits photographers that windows/macOS don't offer, would be a great win. Thanks for your time.
  15. Some changes and new features will help 1. It would be useful to drag rectangles from scratch somewhere in the picture with the crop tool 2. If I make a selection with the selection tool, it would ne nice to find a point in the menu like "crop to active selection" 3. I cannot use the arrow keys to change the position of the current crop before cropping 4. If i rotate the crop and get some transparent/ empty pixels in the corners, it would be nice when AP will have an option to automatically crop to a smaller crop ratio 5. If I hit ESCAPE key it should left the crop tool like I hit "cancel" with the mouse
  16. Hello everyone! I would like to request a feature that doesn't seem to be included in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop, you can use an additional key (I think it's alt) to move the opposing crop border as well as the one you're moving with the cursor. This way, symmetryical cropping can be achieved. Can you inclide this feature in a future release? Or is this already included and I just don't know how to use it? On a Mac, cmd would probably make sense since the "Move Tool" already includes that behaviour (mirroring border movement) when using cmd. Best wishes, Shu
  17. I seem to have misunderstood what 'sticky settings coming in 1.5' meant. My workflow: 1) I open a photo 2) I crop it to a custom preset [Mode -> scrolling down to one of my presets] 3) I switch from 'Overlay: Thirds grid' to 'Overlay: none' 4) I crop and export the photo What I expected to happen with 1.5 / sticky settings: 1) I open a photo 2) Mode is on the preset that I last used 3) Overlay is on 'none', because that's what I last used 4) I crop and export the photo What happens: I still have to change Mode: and Overlay: for every single photo I work on.
  18. Hey there, I may seem like a complete newbie when it comes to this, because I am. I'm trying to use the selection brush tool but it doesn't seem to work. With the magnetize button on, It doesn't Snap to the Borders or edges of my work. Please, HELP!
  19. Note: This is not a simple request. There 4 interlocking parts, but I think if implemented, many of the complaints and comments about cropping will go away. In addition, it will hide the fact that cropping to a specific ratio, then resizing with locked proportions does not work exactly right. Background: I am an American so I necessarily use english measurement - I would like this request to have the option of selecting metric units for my friends in more reasonable countries. As a photographer I, and most others, are frequently faced with the problem of being too far from my subject to get a picture without distracting objects in the frame. Since I have a high resolution camera, I frequently also have pixels to burn, so my solution is to use a "Digital Zoom" after the fact. While the tools in Affinity Photo are wonderful for creating web images where a pixel orientation is the rule of the day, I can not find a way to accomplish a "digital zoom" where the actual pixels in the image are selected then removed from the file in a way that the image is actually reduced to the exact size specified in inches and the file size is also reduced. I work in inches not pixels because that is how the media I use is measured. The relation between pixels and inches is not constant. For some purposes, printing on canvas for example, 200 pixels per inch is a good compromise between speed and presentation quality. For photo paper I like to use 300 pixels per inch and for banners I can get away with 150 pixels per inch because the viewing distance is in hundreds of feet not inches. Seldom do I use an image for multiple purposes and when I do I usually need to re-redit the original image so I always keep my originals just as they came from the camera. All the changes requested below are designed to fit in the existing Affinity frame work. If you find any request that would affect any existing user then I have made a mistake. Please implement in a way that users that do not need these features do not see a change in operation. Feature Request: There are four interlocking items: 1 - A combination Destructive Crop and Resize tool 2 - Additional preferences 3 - Visible image sizes 4 - Rulers in Printing units. User interface changes( Request - 1 ) 1 - Add a feature to the existing crop tool by creating a new mode called "Destructive Crop" 2 - Add the letter "D' in front of the Destructive Crop preset. For example a standard 8 inch by 10 inch photograph would be designated D8"x10" Note: I chose the name to differentiate this crop from all the other crop modes which seem to be non destructive. Of course the undo feature should restore the uncropped image so the action is not actually destructive until the file is saved. Operation of the new feature( Request -1 ) 1 - The user selects the crop tool 2 - A selection rectangle appears completely within the visible image frame the proportion of the previously used preset if any, otherwise, a selection rectangle appears entirely within the image in accordance with the first preset in the list as it does presently. NOTE: The reason for using the previously used proportion is to allow for rapid cropping of multiple images. 3 - The user is allowed to resize or drag the selection rectangle to choose any portion of the image. 3a - The corner handles will allow a constrained resize of the selection box. By constrained I mean, the size can change but the proportion can not. 3 -aa - Holding the shift key will allow unconstrained adjustment of the selection box and will change the proportions of the resulting image just as if the user had changed the original preset on the fly. (Note: The instantaneous size is shown in the dimension box -see request below) 3b- Moving just off the corner of the selection box will change the movement to rotate. This will allow free rotation of the selection box. 3c - Any other click and drag will result in the sliding the selection box in response to the cursor movement. 4 - Once the user has slid, rotated, and resized the selection box to the desired position, they commit the crop by either 1 - Pressing Enter, 2 - Pressing Return, 3 -Double clicking inside the selection box, or 4 -Clicking the Apply button Once the user has applied the crop, the following action will occur. 1 - The portion of the image outside the selection box is removed from the image entirely. The remaining portion will necessarily be in the correct proportion for the next step. 2 - Using the document resize presets, resize the image to the correct dimension in inches such that a 100 % selection in the print function will result in an image on the paper that is accurate to within one pixel as measured on the printer. (Note: If the user selected an unconstrained resize, use the new image size as calculated from their movement and as shown in the display created in feature request 3. Additional Preferences( Request - 2 ) Background ( Request - 2 ) To implement the cropping feature and allow for both metric and english as well as other measurements there must by a way to select these items per image and across images. Feature request( Request - 2 ) In a preferences panel, in the new image panel, and in the resize document panel allow the selection of: 1 - Preferred units (MM, Inches, etc.) Default - Pixels 2 - Specified pixels per inch for this document - Default - 72 Note: The following new preferences are settable in the preferences panel only 3 - Ruler units (inches, CM, Pixels etc) Default - Pixels 4 - Ruler divisions e.g. 1,2,4,8,10,16 , 21. :Note: I Chose these numbers to allow for english 1/4, 1/8/ 1/16 English and 10 metric Default - 21 (To match existing) Operation of the new feature ( Request - 2 ) With this information it is possible to determine and maintain the size of the document in inches for display and adjusting the rulers in the following request. Visible Image Sizes ( Request - 3 ) Background(3) To implement the Destructive Crop there will need to be several new states added to the image itself in addition to the image size in pixels already maintained. Once these are implemented there must be a way to display these values to the user. Feature request( Request - 3 ) Adjust the primary user interface to include one additional field. 1 - The field should be visible in all personas and at all times so my suggested location is at the very bottom edge of the user interface to the left of what is now the instruction area and aligned with the lower left side of the image frame. The field should be surrounded by a box with a dropdown widget. 2 - The field should be powered by a drop down that will offer at least 2 options 2a - Image size in pixels 2b - Image size in inches Operation of the new feature( Request - 3 ) This field will allow the user to tell at a glance the size of the finished image and in the case of Unconstrained cropping see the size of image they are creating on the fly. Re-originable rulers in multiple dimensional units( Request - 4 ) Background( Request - 4 ) Many photographs arrive at my desk taken with anything from an old flip phone to my newest professional camera. These are in many sizes and shapes, yet I am supposed to quickly determine if I can reasonably print a bill board from this image, not knowing if it came from a Rolleiflex or a flip phone. This is complicated by the fact that the customer only wants to print a tiny portion of the image. Feature request ( Request - 4 ) Allow the rulers across the top and the left edge of the image to be displayed in inches or other units. Then allow the origin of the rulers to be aligned with any part of the image. Operation of the new feature( Request - 4 ) 1 - Using the information added to the image as requested above, change the rulers operation to display rulers in the dimension specified in the preferences panel. 2 - Use the ruler division preferences to subdivide the rulers on the page. This will allow the rulers to make sense to Americans in inches and fractions, old American engineers in inches and tenths, or the rest of the world in metric, while maintaining the pixels measurement for modern web designers. 3 - When the user clicks and drags either ruler, a phantom ruler line will move off the ruler line with the cursor, either vertical or horizontal or both. The user will position the ruler to their desired location and release the mouse. The ruler will reorient the origin to the release point with numbers to the left or above negative and those to the right or below positive. Note: To select both rulers click to left and above the ruler junction. 4 - When the user double clicks in the ruler junction to the left and above the rulers the rulers will be re-origined to the upper right corner of the workspace. Thank you for considering my request. I will by happy to respond to any request for more information or clarification. I love your program and I will find a way to get my work done with it. These changes would make my job easier, and faster. From reading the comments on the Internet, I suspect there are many others that would like these new features as well.
  20. Even with the 1.5 updateI still cannot not crop to a specific size. In PS, if I set the crop for 8x10 and the crop mask stays 8x10 and saves as 8x10. Affinity seems to have made this very simple process very difficult, even with 10 years of PS experience, I can't seem to make sense of this dynamic crop tool that changes while you size. Seriously, is there a hidden tool to lock is at the preferred dimension. The tutorial seems to make it even more difficult. Again, I just want to set the crop tool at i.e., 8x10, and save it as 8x10 and the exported file comes out 8x10! No more!
  21. Please forgive a newbie question. I have little experience with graphics programs such as this. I want to crop a photo. I load a JPG. When I click on the crop tool and try to move the 'grab handles' all that happens is that I move the photo in the window. The cursor remains looking like the crop tool during this, it does not change when I hover over the grab handles. After some experimentation I find that if I 'rasterize" my photo the grab handles work as expected, and I move the edges of the photo in to only show the section. But, I don't seem to be able to finalize my crop. I press enter expecting the part of the image that is showing to be come the entire image. But nothing seems to work. While I am no photo manipulating expert, I have cropped photos in the past with other programs and it is all very straightforward. What am I missing ? What does 'rasterize" mean ?
  22. Hi, I have Affinity Designer and Photo for the Mac, and just purchased the Windows edition of Designer - and pretty happy overall. However I came across the following issue when using Designer: I'd created a simple bit of artwork, and rather than save the whole page, wanted to crop the page down before exporting as a .jpg, which I was then going to send to my client. But unless I'm missing something obvious, there doesn't seem to be an option for this. I can see the Vector Cropping Tool in the Draw Persona, and Slice Tool in the Export Persona, but no standard, simple option for cropping my artwork before exporting. In the end I exported the whole thing, and then opened and cropped it in Photo - but this seems a long way round to do something pretty straightforward. Is there an easier way of cropping artwork before exporting? Or would I have to export the cropped image as a slice? Thanks.
  23. The cropping tool does not work. Clicking on the icon merely changes the cursor. I can shift the photo on the background, but that's all. I watched the cropping tutorial 3 times. The only thing I learned was that the demo had a different layout of tools on the toolbar than I had, and there was no context toolbar displayed when the crop icon was selected. It was nothing but a black band. The tutorial demo showed a default of the thirds grid as soon as the crop tool was selected. That did not happen for me.
  24. I need to crop an image so I grab the tool then I try to punch in the new size in the transformation panel assuming this is the most accurate way to do this, but it always squashes my image this way. Grabbing the handles does this correctly. I can do a workaround but I thought this is bug.
  25. I fail to reproduce this tutorial : Raster images in a composition. Everything is OK until 3'07'' of the video. Then, when I drag my image layer to the curve layer, it is not cropped, but appears 'above' my shape. On the other hand, if I simply draw a shape, select it, click insert (above, on the right) and then only place a picture directly in the shape, that does it. Surprising, isn't it ? [ps : great software, great tutorials. Thanks again.]