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Found 93 results

  1. Affinity Designer is crashing constantly - to the point it is totally unusable. I'm working on simple shapes, nothing complex, no layers, 2 colors, no artboards. The only consistent variable seems to be when I open and attempt to use a panel like Layers or Swatches. I'm running Affinity Designer 1.6.0 on a Mac Book Pro with High Sierra 10.13.3. I really want Affinity Designer to work - I'm so sick of Illustrator's bloated and non-precise environment. BUT - at this very moment AD is just a painful joke.
  2. Since my problem with using 2 monitors which I was told is a known bug, I now have problems with Photo crashing after exporting a file and also saving a file. This is when I'm in Lightroom 6 and I choose an external editor which is Affinity Photo. I'm wondering when we will see the next update to fix these problems? Thanks for your response.
  3. I cannot export my files as psd or tiff. When I try, all I get is a white screen of death. I begin with a DNG file, edit it, and then try to export. 10.5 inch iPad Pro, 512Gb. ios 11.2
  4. Adobe Raw Dng files come up black on IPad and crash app. bees on flower16-2.dng
  5. hi, i am using AF and am getting crashes which seem to be after a a few hours when working on a drawing with a lot of actions using the Pen straight tool in various colour. im making the drawings in a .af file and the drawings are about 300 KB in size i have upped the Ram usage limit and also the undo actions limit in preferences but it has still crashed since. i have reduced file recovery interval to 30 seconds to try to limit damage but on last crash lost approx an hours work. trying to get in habit of saving regularly but not always easy to remember when focused on getting a drawing right. I have also had a drawing which after a couple of hours of a lot of moves, started to process the pen tool moves very slow and a text box started flashing up saying ' snapping timed out ' - i upped the snapping candidate amount to see if helped and seemed to speed up the actions. any advice on how to stop crashes and stop losing drawings will be very welcome
  6. Hi. I have been running AP successfully since released but last night had a forced windows 10 update and now it wont launch. It gets to the splash screen, has a think and then displays and UnHandledException error. 3f92b8ed-8a3f-4aaa-a9ed-ef3a07f9c55e Is there a way to roll back to a stable version as I cannot work currently. Thanks Kilo
  7. Working on a scanned hand painted gouache picture A4 size 300 dpi. Using 6 layers. Two of them text layers. Nothing extreme. Was going to show my partner the design, zoomed in a bit, moved the design using the mouse and the space key when the crash came. Just like that! I had not saved for a couple of minutes. I had to redo the last changes. Not much work, but irritating ... Will ask my partner to step over to my desk later to have a look, hoping it does not crash again. Sometimes I miss Photoshop. I never had any crashes there. Too many crashes in Affinity Photo now, to many ... random crashes ... To many ...
  8. Love this program. Use it Daily. Sometimes it goes SO slow that it is unworkable. Sometimes my little beach ball just spins eternally and I have force quit. Sometimes I restart my whole computer. Are their any updates, hacks, or tricks to work wit this dreadful phenomenon? I don't know how to download or install updates even if they exist. Help. Ideas? Thanks
  9. Ever since updating to Affinity Photo starts to bog down (and often bogs down Windows too) to the point of un-usability. Sometimes it will just lock up, where Windows says the program is Not Responding. Other times, everything seems alright then, suddenly, the program has shut down with no window in sight and all work lost. I did not have these issues with the previous version and I am certain nothing else on the computer has changed besides Photo. I'm running Windows 10 (1703) with an i5-2500K @4.2 GHz, 16GB DDR3, the OS is on a 500GB SSD, and Photo is installed on a 40GB SSD. This computer screams normally. Photo is the first program to drag this system down. Any help would be appreciated. I'd be happy to provide any additional information as necessary. Thanks
  10. I was having a problem where Affinity Photo kept crashing when I tried to use the "Edit with Affinity Photo" extension in Photos for MacOS to edit RAW files. After some troubleshooting, I found that AP 1.5.2 crashes in this scenario when it is set to use the Apple (Core Image RAW) option rather than the Serif Labs option. The latest AP 1.6 Beta also shows the same behavior. Hopefully this saves others a few hours of troubleshooting. A fix from the developers will be appreciated.
  11. First attempts at using Affinity photo for composite work. I may eventually get to like it. Very good value for the price.
  12. I have Page Plus X8.and am putting together a program for a charity event that I organise. In previous years all has been well but whenever I try to amend by adding to he file, it crashes, and sometimes it does that when I am not even touching anything, it crashes on it's own. I cannot save and overwrite and yet it will export as a pdf. Any ideas would be helpful and really appreciated as the matter is quite urgent. Many thanks, xtf prog 17.ppp 2017 XTF Programme.ppp
  13. Hello, everytime I try to share my work to my camera roll it crashes. I tried png, jpeg, etc. I’m on the newest version of affinity photo on my iPad Pro 10.5. I have to export the file to iCloud, then open there to save to my camera roll to get my images... Is this a common issue?
  14. I bought Affinity and my iPad Pro two weeks ago. While in general I think Affinity is good there are many bugs, which make it difficult to use compared to Lightroom mobile (I am a Creative Cloud subscriber). Affinity crashes far too often. The Panorama module in Affinity won't accept RAW photos. And, most annoying, many times when I am in Develope module if I happen to touch the wrong, arbitrary spot on my screen my work is deleted with no history to retrieve it!! It goes into Photo module and the history is blank. I do not like to waste time when I am charging clients for post-processing. Luckily I am only testing Affinity. Please correct these issues or suggest a way to resolve some of them.
  15. Just got Affinity Photo for iPad and the app keeps crashing when I try to import a RAW Fuji X-Pro 1 file. Im importing the RAW photo from the Photos app. It was imported on my computer and then synced across my devices via iCloud. Wondering if something happened along the way? Here is the file in question. FJI17562.RAF
  16. Yesterday I noticed that when battery is charging, Affinity Photo works very very bad, I have crashes very often, very long waiting time for save a file, including crashing while it was saving, I had a corrupted file once (I noticed that was corrupted because I didn't can open it and instead open the project the software turned to a black screen and close) and even once I had to do a forced reboot of iOS. For work better I had to cut the images for working them by parts and export very often for opened them again with a clean History. And even in this way, it crashed very very often. I know that when iPad is charging it doesn't work very well, but that low performance is exaggerated in Affinity Photo. I was working in a 2015 iPad Pro 12.9", with an image of 6000x4000, but even with 3000x2000 I had some problems too. Now that I'm not charging the iPad, the software works relatively well, just crashed twice when I was using the inpainting brush, but no more, no big problems and corrupted files. Regards! Sergi
  17. I'm just beginning to learn and it's crashing every time I open a Photo when I try to do selections or anything ----crashes repeatedly
  18. Having watched the demo at the Apple conference I bought the app for my new iPad Pro 2. However since downloading it, it constantly keeps crashing during use. As you start to work it simply crashes and kick me off the app completely. It's such as shame because this has rendered the app unusable. Any work I had been working on was totally wiped during the crash which has really annoyed me. There is nothing wrong with the IPad and all my other apps work fine. How can I fix this?
  19. Initially, I had to demote myself from iOS 11 beta to iOS 10.3.2, because Affinity crashed a lot and other wonky iOS 11 beta issues. Now on iOS 10.3.2 - Affinity keeps crashing every 1-2 hours during my editing sessions. Losing work. Serif, Affinity Phot needs a save button, like in video games, instead of backing out to save, then re-entering, because all I wanted to do was save, so had to back out. Also, just a thought, you guys could add an auto save for every 10minutes of activity (just a thought) works great on Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Zelda Breath of the Wild, don't see why not here :) I'm on 10.5 iPad Pro 2, when this crash occurs, no apps are open in the background.
  20. Hello, I have recently purchased Affinity Designer on my Windows 10 Intel 64-bit laptop, which meets the system requirements. When I'm using it however, around every 5-10 minutes, my application just crashes. There is no hint given that it has stopped responding, it just closes. This is fustrating as I bought this to help improve my work but am unable to do so. Any help or suggestions?
  21. Hey guys, Crashing on almost every pic I try and edit. In a nutshell I'm: Editing jpgs and tiff files From cloud sources (iCloud and Dropbox) Mostly using the select tool and then editing exposure, colour etc Have used the inpainting brush I'm not sure exactly what makes it happen, but I end up losing my edits. It's a real pain Using iPad Pro 10.5 and ios 10.3.2
  22. Issues faced when refining edges. iPad Pro 10.5" just 'hangs' with message "refine selection post process". Just before the refine process takes shape, I selected an area and then tried to refine the image selected. This has happened on at least 5 occasions. I have restarted iPad Pro, deleted and reinstallled app, same issues each time. I am running most up to date software. Can you please help? Thank you
  23. When I try to export my work in Designer the program crashes. The below image is all I get, with a rotating ball. It also crashes when I try to do things like rotating part of the image. Last week when using the program everything was working fine. My Macbook will do everything else normally, just Designer is having problems.
  24. I'm working on a poster, and affinity photo keeps locking up. It works, really slowly, then it hangs in crash mode, then goes back to working, then back to hanging in crash mode... I'm working as a freelancer. So I need this to be... well, totally cranking! https://www.dropbox.com/s/davt09r1olcvki5/Infiniti%20Poster%20April%202017.zip?dl=0
  25. Hi there So there are a couple issues happening. Hence the request on reinstalling Designer. Exporting to PDF using a preset, but tried alternatives, works rarely and randomly. Image added. The right side is the correct version. I have only be able to do this once. All other attempts result in the version on the left. Same presets only 450 was used in down-sampling. Size doesn't matter preset doesn't matter. Same looking lineart pdf. The one time it worked was right after a reboot - yes I have done that many more times now. Over the last couple days there have also been constant crashing. Randomly - like when its in the background and I am not using it. Or right after or trying to do a export. The only thing different on my machine was that I uploaded then tried to uninstall AI Trail version - just to try the idea of exporting the pdf I need to send to the printers. My machine spec's iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) 4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB I did email this in to support (about the issue not about a reinstall here - thought I would also try here.
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