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Found 656 results

  1. p_mac

    Analytical data

    I am not sure why but each time there has been a problem I've looked for data and there has not been any. Anyone seeing the same thing? I am having trouble with the cloning tool but all I can do is describe it with words or screen capture. The tool either generates a crash or a simple closing of the app. This problem is not random but continuous. iPad Pro 1T latest iOS 12, not the beta
  2. Hello, Tonight the app has crashed twice while I was increasing my brush width using the ']' shortcut. The file is quite big so that may be a reason but please see attached both crash reports. crash-brush-1.rtf crash-brush-2.rtf
  3. When I attempt to make any changes to the art in progress, as a example changing vector layer name, this will cause the app to freeze and crash. After working for a few hours the app was freezing and would crash and loose the work I had completed. This happened multiple times. I have the newest version for apple on the newest iPad Pro, and installed new version when issue started. When I opened the app, changed vector name, and pressed back button, it crashs. I then tried to end the task and try again, same issue. Turned off the iPad and tried again, same issue. I am honestly annoyed because the app won't save any work I do and crashes after so much is done or I press the back arrow to hone screen. Is there any ideas on how to fix this??
  4. Pulisher for windows version crashed 2nd time within 10 minutes while doing text formation. Please help with bugfix or whatever.. Are there action known you should not do in order to prevent a crash?
  5. I've been using Photo for digital painting on my PC lately (Win 10), and twice in as many weeks (and only since the latest update to 1.7) the program has crashed completely - just straight up dropped away (not frozen up), and when I open it again it offers no backup or history file - the only apparent option is to reopen the recent file, which of course has nothing I've done since last manual save. When digital painting (at least for me) there are few pauses in process - as there are in photo processing - which are natural places to manually save, so time slips away and when it crashes I've lost a considerable amount of progress. Which is frustrating. Particularly since these problems weren't encountered in previous versions of the software. Just making the team aware.
  6. Wolf Wallis

    Crashing-All Versions

    Okay, I have posts in 1.7.1 forum, forum, and now Crash reports and video drops can be provided, but for now I'll just say all three versions crash. One of our more advanced partners, Pauls, pointed me in the direction of fonts and I appreciate that advice greatly. In truth, my fonts were extremely cluttered and showing duplicates. Last night, I did a complete font restore, removing all but the Mojave system fonts, plus added in two fonts intended for work, Palatino and Weiss-Bold. Cleared out font caches and databases to ensure all was running smoothly. While I was at it, booted into recovery mode and ran disk utility. In other words, without testing Publisher for failure, I paid attention to my own system. When I saw on the forums that a .422 beta build was available, I downloaded and tried that (uninstalled .420 beta build, kept official release). Sorry to say that .422 beta build crashed on me in the manner of my other crashes. Yes, my intuition and educated guess tells me the culprit may be something on my system that is causing the crashes. Not sure how as I've streamlined, fixed, repaired, cajoled and willed my iMac into submissive and appropriate behavior. For now, I am unaware of anything else I could possibly do to alter my machine. Understand that fixing the bugs that a lot of other folks are having is paramount in the scheme of things. Many can be fixed by mere explanation, minor bug fixes, deft workarounds. Have a feeling my remedy, although it could turn out to be something relatively minor, may take additional time. Hoping the developers are able to devote some time to my issue once things calm down. In the interim, I'm open to any and all suggestions. UPDATE: Attaching document and a crash report on the .422 beta build. Document was blank slate, plus had reset the program prior to doc creation. Actions at the time of crash: edited body para style; changed font, font size, tracking, kerning, spacing. Clicked okay and about 7-10 seconds later, whoosh. On this same document, tried to insert page number fields. # sign went away, now have blank text box. Cleared, then reapplied master A. No changes. If crashes were built in, program runs great. Wish I could provide more details, but... Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-07-12-165703_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells.afpub
  7. Hi, I am a new user of Affinity softwares. I am trying to follow this tutorial on Youtube to make a pattern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSt4qrXWPFg At or around 2:24, following the instructions as in the video, the software crashes - especially when I am doing the Alt + drag action. This has happened several times now and I have to restart the whole thing all the time. I read in some other thread that it might be because of a bug in the 'symbols' function? Would be great if there is a solution or work around this? Many thanks.
  8. Hitting the text styles tab causes the program to crash. Every. Time. It is making Publisher almost unusable. Please fix soon. I have Publisher 1.7.1 running mac osx high sierra 10.13.6.
  9. Sorry to report, but I, too, am having crashes occurring with Affinity Publisher 1.7.1. Love the program, going through tutorials and preparing my Publisher palette for future work. As another user experiencing these crashes noted, working in Text Styles appears to be the culprit. Selecting the tab in Text Styles panel, selecting OK when creating a new Text Style or even random crashes. The crash happens quickly so sometimes I'm not even sure what I was selecting when it happened, although using Text Style panel is a consistent culprit. Am running Publisher 1.7.1, downloaded from the store on the initial release day (no beta was installed). Am running Mac OS Mojave, 10.14.5, iMac, late 2013, 32gb ram, 3.2Ghz Intel Core 5 The document is essentially a blank slate, a few items on the master, document set up for Half Letter size w/spreads. Will attach the document, as well as a PDF of the bug report the system created. Perhaps a fresh install, as described by the other user will remedy the problem. If not, please investigate Support Team, we're counting on you!! As a sidebar, I am excited and proud to be using Publisher. I have produced three books for print for an old friend using Adobe InDesign; however, I am determined to produce the fourth book using Publisher. Learning curve mainly relates to learning the differences from InDesign, but it is a welcome challenge. Bios and Farewells.afpub Affinity Publisher Crash Report.pdf
  10. Just after putting the finishing touches on my deliverable I updated one more linked asset (exported out of Sketch to PNG) and from that point onwards my Affinity Publisher crashed and any subsequent attempt at opening it crashes AP. I am able to open a new document and edit it no problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Affinity — no luck. I tried using Time Machine to go back an hour to well before I made the last changes — still no luck. (So maybe the linked asset wasn't the culprit after all.) Attached, two crash reports and two versions of the file. Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 MacOS 10.14.5 Any short-term workarounds to reaccess my file would be greatly appreciated as I'd like not to miss my deadline tomorrow. Cheers, Winston Affinitycrash.rtf Affinitycrash2.rtf Product Excellence Flyer.afpub Product Excellence Flyer (original).afpub
  11. Hi! I have a problem with Affinity Designer, since the last update i cant seem to move or touch any layers couse if i do the whole program freezes with no error massage and i have to force close the program. and i cant seem to find any solution online. Thanks, Jasper.
  12. Hey there, I've just downloaded the new version of Affinity Publisher. So it would be version 1.7.1. I did not have access to beta prior. This is my first experience with the software. Since I opened it up, I've been having crash issues. Can barely get through adding images to one page and the spinning/not responding starts. Sometimes if I wait a while it works it's way out of it and sometimes not. I've been working for over an hour and have only gotten through page 3 of my document. I've been searching for solutions. Here's what I've tried so far. 1. Downloaded High-Logic and uninstalled a few hundred fonts that I wasn't using. 2. Checked the appdata folder for crash reports. Those folders are all empty 3. Held down the CTRL key when I started up Publisher and checked all boxes/ set it all back to defaults. The issue persists. As I've been typing this message, Publisher finally came out of it's spin, but I'm not going to get very far at this pace. Also, for some possibly further useful information, I had this problem sporadically with Designer and since that latest update, all those issues seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure if this is something going on with my PC or ? But I did see a forum thread somewhere that suggested this is not normal for Publisher and it should not be running this way. Any ideas or treasure trails you all can send me down to try and get this handled would be most appreciated. I was so excited to use this program and cut my time in half or more, but so far it's taking me more than twice as long to get anything done. Help?
  13. Oh my god, I am in a crisis I have built a 16-page document that is due tomorrow at the printers and affinity publisher has decided it doesn't want to open any of my documents no matter which way I try. I seriously will not get paid if this cannot be resolved by 12 o clock tonight. The program opens fine I open a doc it opens then immediately crashes, this process is the same whether I open from the recent link, open as new or open directly from the file itself? Any help would be humongous right now, thankyou Kane
  14. I have created macros on one workstation. I then use the export button on the macro panel to individually export each macro. For some reason a file must be open to do so. Once exported I transfer the file to our internal server from which my colleague copies the file to his workstation. He opens a file and then clicks the import button on the macro panel and when he selects one and clicks to import, it crashes. Any ideas?
  15. Hi, I have a Mid 2015 15 inch Macbook Pro running the OSX 10.14.4 and Affinity photo 1.7.1. I've been experiencing some immediate crash issues since previous Affinity Photo 1.6.6 whenever I tried to launch a batch job (won't even show the first dialog window) and the same happens if I try to saved a recorded a Macro. Application just die without further information, just quits immediately. A few months back I heard about the new release (1.7) so I just waited for it to come out hoping this new software release will solve this weird behavior. But some far no luck at all. I've run some basic "troubleshooting" procedures such as uninstall/re-install, update software version, update OS version; but still any luck. Any ideas of what can be the cause for such annoying behavior?
  16. Hello, Great work on the new Designer / Photo release @affinity! I have a bug in Designer stable and beta (, when I try to open / activate the Brushes Panel the app crashes instantaneously. I had this problem earlier too, but was relieved when I saw it fixed in the previous release ( Now it's back. I had the same problem with Photo too. Now Photo won't launch at all (since the Brush panel is open by default I think, so resetting the Studio does not help). Yes, I tried removing all third party brushes, and as I said previous release worked without any problems. Any help is appreciated. (How do I roll back my active Designer / Photo instance to an earlier version? Simply uninstall and reinstall using the previous installer?) Thanks!
  17. Hi. Every time I wanna ad some effect at adjustments layers on affinity photo it crashed and quit on me when I scroll down. I’m with the lastest version on iPad Pro 11. Any solutions for this issue? 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 8C799839-6075-4DF5-8356-4975E68FE96A.MP4
  18. To reproduce: Create new doc and save it (so it has a title) Create text frame and double click frame to get cursor focus In Fields panel - click (just once even!) Title (under Document Information) - and pop, it's gone! Bloody love the app so far though!
  19. Ever since the upgrade when I try to group layers AP crashes. This is within a saved AP file. Windows 7 - 64 bit ~ AP Is there a later patch after this version? I had no problems before other than kind of laggy but I don't have a real powerful computer, either so it was not unexpected. Can I just uninstall then reinstall the previous version? EDIT 6.15.19 I saved this file as a jpg and created a couple of layers in the jpg file, grouped them and there were no issues. ALSO, I did not mention that I had grouped layers in the original file so the crash is happening after the RAW file is saved as an Affinity Photo file with the history saved.
  20. p_mac

    Clone tool

    Clone tool works well when focusing on one object hate the looper but it does disappear by lifting pen. Works with flip - none; flip - horizontal But when moving to another object to clone, it crashes have tried this several times on several images. A very large clone brush slows the cloning process greatly 72C82A0D-6EB7-42AD-9382-59F26A748318.MOV 25D3E123-A6FC-46C2-B744-9DB22B2BB285.MOV
  21. I'm using the latest versions (1.7.1) of both Affinity Photo – and Affinity Publisher (1.7.1). This crash is consistently reproducible. Steps to reproduce: Open Affinity Photo 1.7.1 (or Publisher 1.7.1) Create new blank document Go to Stock panel Search Unsplash - instant crash Searching the two other Stock sources, Pexels and Pixabay, seems to be robust. OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) See this 33 second video in case I'm missing anything from the description: affinity Stock crashes-Video only.mp4 No new software nor hardware installed recently that might explain this. Curiously, I tried this feature briefly on my office iMac yesterday and all three worked there. On my roughly similarly specced and configured iMac at home, there are consistent crashes when searching Unsplash in both Photo and Publisher. Today was the first time I have tried the Stock search at home. I wondered at first if I might have caused a problem when adding a rule to my 3rd-party firewall, Little Snitch. But the problem persists even when LS is stopped, so almost certainly not relevant. You can see I actually turn it off first in the video. I've attached the two most recent crash logs from Photo and Publisher for your enjoyment. Let me know if I can add anything that might help… Affinity Photo_2019-06-21-171012_iMac27.crash Affinity Publisher_2019-06-21-143220_iMac27.crash
  22. I keep trying to work off of my beta file that I spent forever on and not the software after downloading the full release keeps crashing each time I try to open it. Is this happening to anyone else and/or have a way to fix ? Best, S
  23. Christian Luidolt

    Crash when scrolling

    Affinity Publisher Windows 10 Pro, 4K-Display (200%) Document: ~40 Master Pages, ~180 Pages, about 400 Images (linked), File Size 1,9 GB Affinitiy Publisher just terminated without notice when scrolling - I wanted to insert a new text field in each left page (starting at the end) - after about 10 to 20 pages the application just exits. The effect was reproducable, but I'm not exatly sure if at one time it was the insert operation which triggered the issue. No more crashes (so far) after switching display resoultion to 2K (100%). The document can be provided on request. PS: file recovery works great
  24. Hello, I am just creating the master pages and paragraph styles of a book, that I have produced in Indesign and imported via a PDF file. When ever I try to create a paragraph style for the pagination with the alignment "towards binding" (sorry, I don’t know the exact term in English, in German it’s called "Zum Rücken hin"), Publisher 1.7.1 is crashing. I hope, you’ll find a fast solution! Thanks a lot in advance Karl