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Found 662 results

  1. Processor Intel core i7-2.5GHz 12 GB installed RAM system type x64 Windows 10 Pro version 1903 NVIDIA Quadro 2000M display adapter driver 5/1/17 ver. 19ebeaaf-85fe-4b97-b8d1-acdd1467a48d.dmp
  2. MacBook Pro 15" 2018 model with Touch Bar, macOS 10.13.6, AFP 1.7.2 I was working either with a Levels or Curve adjustment layer attending to out-of-gamut areas of a soft proof when AFP crashed. I wasn't doing anything I haven't done many, many times before. Several other .afphoto files were open in the same session. Here is the crash log: Affinity Photo_2019-08-22-231523_RRL-MacBookPro15.crash .
  3. Hi, i had that issue once on publisher 1.7.1 but it disappeared after restarting my laptop. Now after updating to 1.7.2 win7, it occurs all the time. so here is my bug: i can write a word, but once i press "space" when writing text in a textfield or the "no-box"text , publisher crashes to the desktop. i can press space in a new textfield without problem, but when i enter text before it, the crash occurs. i tried solving the issue with reboot, and a full new start, no help. I thought it might be the size of my document, but the issue occurs in new documents as well. PC-details: Lenovo thinkpad p50 with 4k display, Win7 x64 -not yet- updatet aff. designer and aff. photo do not show that behaviour. crash-logs state this: Process Architecture: x64 Exception Code: 0xC0000005 Exception Information: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Heap Information: Not Present please tell me, if you need more information on the issue, thanks in advance and for the otherwise very nice software solutions you provide! additional information: after updating (which came with an unsuspected restart) the program failed to start once correctly, but since then, besides the issue mentioned above, workes as usual
  4. Possibly related to the other bug, but when the images on a page takes forever to load (it still looks low-res blocky) and then I click ">" then the app crashes. This happens almost every single time, so with a document with lots of images, it takes forever to go through each page looking at things.
  5. Cannot "Import From Photos". After iPad Pro app update, screen continually spins on "Loading from Photos. Please fix.
  6. This was originally a Publisher file (ADC Window Film), but the only app that will open it now is Photo. So I used it to finish everything up. Whenever I try to open this file in Designer or Publisher, the application crashes on my machine. It opens fine it Photo (1.7.1 & 1.7.2). I just tried it with version 1.7.2 of Designer, and the same thing happens. Attached is the Photo file and a dump from Publisher 1.7.1. I don't get a dump from any of the 1.7.2 apps. ADC Window Film.afphoto AF Publisher Dump.txt
  7. Affinity Designer 1.7.2 (and 1.7.1) is lagging and/or crashing/not responding when I'm scaling/moving/rotating a complex vector image which is placed in a masked layer. If the object is placed as a normal layer I can scale/move/rotate it without a hitch. it can be reproduced (at least on my laptop). Tried the same thing with version 1.6.5 - had no problems. - Working with Version 1.7.2; - Windows 10; - 16 GB RAM; - Intel i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.81 GHz
  8. New user trying to running Photo on Windows 10 Dell Desktop. Every time I open the program, it seems to open just fine, but if I try to import a file or start a new document, it just closes without doing anything. I loaded the same version on my Surface Pro 6 running Windows 10 and it seems to be able to load the same pictures just fine, but I don't want to work on a postage stamp. I tried reinstalling Photo on the desktop but it did not make any difference. I tried running it as administrator, but that did not make any difference. Both Publisher and Designer seem to allow me to actually use them. Photo does not. How can I fix this? SetupUI.log Setup.log
  9. Hey all-- I've been attempting to batch export a number of affinity files to jpeg. When I do so, the program crashes every time. I am running a batch with one macro--add watermark, which involves opening a file as a layer and adjusting its position slightly. I am running 1.7.2 and have a fully updated MacBook Pro: 10.14.6. I have attached a photo of the basic specs for my computer. I have also attached a .rtf file of the crash report. I have plenty of free space on my hard drive, considering my computer was only bought five days ago. I adjusted the settings in the affinity photo preferences so that there is PLENTY of RAM to which it has access (it is actually on the max setting) and the warning for CPU usage is quite high, as well. I am attempting to save to jpeg, as I mentioned, with quality at 100. Last night, when I built the aforementioned macro, I attempted to batch export several files (4) and the operation was completed successfully. Today, I am not able to batch process even one photo without the program crashing. I have attempted to process this with parallel processing AND without parallel processing--neither has any effect on the crash. I read in another post (listed below) that this problem had been rectified with an update to the software; however, I can assure you it is still a problem. One of the most important reasons I have for using Affinity Photo is the ability to batch export. If this doesn't work, it will affect my ability to do my job--I certainly can't export photos one by one. I will also add that I have tried closing all applications on my computer, shutting it down, allowing it a tiny bit of rest, and turned it back on. I found that these actions did not affect the crash; however, I could not call myself IT (or a fan of IT Crowd) had I not attempted such a solution. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Please review all the details of my post before responding. Affinity Photo Crash Report.rtf
  10. This randomly occurs, usually after I haven't saved in a few minutes so I lose my work. When I click on the ">" next page spread, publisher hangs and never loads the next page spreads and then the app just disappears.
  11. I'm using the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.7.2) and, when I try to print, Affinity crashes.
  12. I just updated to Affinity Publisher 1.7.2. A one-page Publisher document containing a Designer graphic, text and a JPEG printed fine with version 1.7.1.x. When I tried to print it with version 1.7.2, Publisher crashed as the print dialog box came up.I restarted the Mac. The same thing happened. I deleted the Designer graphic and the document printed correctly. I inserted a different designer file in the document and Publisher crashed on the print command. I created a new document and inserted only a Designer graphic. When I tried to print it, Publisher crashed. I know I can work around by exporting a JPEG of the Designer graphic and using that, but this, obviously, needs to be fixed.
  13. I wonder if other people might have the same issue as me, I have the Affinity suite installed on my win10 pc (1903), i5, 16gb ram, ssd/hd installed, Radeon RX580 (radeon 19.7.4 driver). Every time I want to use photo or publisher, I have to launch the program at least 3 times, I click on the icon, the loading splash appears and then it shuts down, I've just tried it again, publisher, at least 3 times before I can use it, I can't see any faults in the windows log, so I don't know if it is crashing as other programs might, or just not running. It seems only designer plays ball and launches first time. All three apps running Enclosed is the latest crash reports for today for photo (93b, d86, b6c) and publisher (6ad, f3f, 238) if they help. Thanks in advance Trevor 93bec641-0ec8-4637-b202-c641c9b7a6dc.dmp d8676323-df10-4ed0-9bf8-5cdfd7820c49.dmp b6ca273e-2135-4dd7-aa6e-16db5475f086.dmp 6ad2a5f6-1ad7-4130-9633-1a369d0aa9f4.dmp f3ff675c-4ebc-4197-8255-becb82e96096.dmp 238ff74e-8087-4680-ab78-add07b3cb043.dmp
  14. I'm experiencing persistent crashes while attempting to clone part of one image to another. I'm running Affinity Photo 1.7.1 on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" with macOS 10.13.6. Here is one of the crash logs: Affinity Photo_2019-08-06-172523_RRL-MacBookPro15.crash. I'm trying to clone Ina, a colleague, out of Ina.tiff and replace her by the bench in No_Ina.tiff. So, following @James Ritson's tutorial (for 1.6, https://player.vimeo.com/video/192599318/), I enter the latter as a new source in the Sources panel, double click it there, choose the cloning tool and option-click on a common point in the two files. Then I go to Ina.tiff, activate the cloning tool, and click No_Ina.tiff in Sources. Now I run into a first problem: the preview of the cloning brush is practically useless, as only bright spots of light appear when I hover over some part of Ina.tiff. Taking a chance on where to place the cloning brush, I click-drag. Soon after I finish, Affinity Photo crashes. The other problem I have with cloning in this way is, I don't seem able to clone from one pixel layer to another in the same document, let alone between documents. Why not? The history for this is, I first developed the a RAW file to produce the Background layer of the document with Ina, then found I had another RAW file that I hadn't intended to develop with just the bench. So I developed it, then copy-pasted it into the document that I was working on in hopes of being able to just clone between the two Background pixel layers instead of having to export both and, I assume, lose the advantage of developing and working in 32-bits. Affinity Photo_2019-08-06-172523_RRL-MacBookPro15.crash No_Ina.tiff
  15. Hi there, I'm using Affinity Publisher and wanted to open a .afpub-file lastly edited with Affinity Publisher Public Beta Unfortunately, Publisher keeps loading the file and eventually crashes without error notification. Opening with the beta isn't an option since the beta has expired. The file contains text, embedded and linked images. It would be great, if I was able to access the file, since there is some data in it, I would not want to recreate in the retail version. Of course, I know, that working with sensitive or important data in betas is at one's own risk. I just wanted to ask, if there is some knowledge regarding opening beta files in the retail version or getting the data in some other way. Thanks in advance, Valentin Edit: I was able to open the file with all its references and embedded contents with the current Customer Beta of Publisher version I don't know what caused the retail version to crash since it correctly opened another beta-file (less complex and on another computer). I guess, basically beta-files and retail-files are compatible, but some reference or adjustment made the retail version crash. Whatever, for me, personally, this issue has been solved, before this post was approved by a moderator. Nevertheless, I wanted to post the workaround in here for anyone having similar problems with the retail version.
  16. Seriously, at this point I am not sure what is going on. I used the Beta for a bit and then paid for the full version. Finally got around to start doing some BASIC, BASIC stuff and the app is crashing on almost everything. Finally placed some raw text in bog standard new document (about 10 pages of linked text boxes) and when I got to modify Body text style, it instantly crashes when I change fonts. So, at this stage I have a publishing app that has trouble pasting text and can't change font. I really hope the next update sorts this out, because this is a horrific start for me. I am simply not going to invest my time into trying to create something with the almost certain knowledge it will crash. If the app can't do text 100%, what make me think everything else that is more complicated will work? Disappointed. Feel free to read my paper on mental lexicons in second language learners as well 1961244M3_v23FINAL for testing.afpub
  17. Note: I worked around this by placing a text file of my document directly int publisher. Pasting more than a page worth of text (plain text, copied from a text editor) into a text box crashes Publisher. Pasting a file directly into a textbox has the same result. I pasted around 4000 words into an a4 sized textbox. Crash. 2000 words. Crash. 1000 words. Crash. Slightly more than the size of the textbox. Crash. Just less than the text box size. Okay. Repeated with different text and files around ten times.
  18. Hallo, On batch processing that includes denoise Affinity Photo crashes fro me. Mac OS X. Batch processing works, but when I include denoise it consistently crashes. I tried with and without Metal. I tried different input and output formats. I tried with and without parallel processing. I tried single and multiple files. Keeps crashing on denoise...
  19. Hello - I'm on an iMac Running OS X 10.9.5 with 12Gb RAM and a 2.5Ghz Processor. Bought Publisher recently however it crashed every time I send something to print (and sometime when I import a PDF). The crash report indicates something is wrong in so far as it says "error for object 0x608000c53230: Heap corruption detected, free list canary is damaged." Can anyone translate or advise please. Screen shot of page one of crash report attached.Thank you in anticipation.
  20. Moving Curve onto the image layer is a 100% repeatable crash. I've tried different files and different documents with the same result. PubCrash.mp4
  21. When I drag the "Symbol" layer and occasionally set it as a mask, Designer crash immediately. After restart document doesn't recover.
  22. Designer crashed and brought down my computer. After rebooting, Designer won't open. I've tried restarting Windows again. Watching the task manager, I can see Affinity Designer open in the background processes for roughly one second before disappearing. NVidia graphics card, up to date on drivers. Event Viewer is showing a .NET Runtime error: Application: Designer.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException at Backtrace.BacktraceDatabase.LoadReports() at Backtrace.BacktraceDatabase.Start() at Serif.Affinity.Application.SetupBacktrace() at Serif.Affinity.Application..ctor() at Designer.Application.Main(System.String[])
  23. Sto utilizzando la versione 1.7.1, è uno schifo, appena scaricato spendendo 22 euro, prima cosa che mi succede appena entrò é un bel crash, non contento riapro l’applicazione iniziò a modificare una foto e tra mille rallentamenti e blocchi (assurdi su un app da 22 euro e un iPad Pro di ultima generazione) mi esce dalla foto tornando al menu senza salvare da solo. Se questi problemi non verranno risolti velocemente chiederò il rimborso perché così sembra una presa in giro. segnalo anche la mancanza di 2 cose fondamentali: -Poter gestire tonalità, luminanza e saturazione di ogni singolo colore; -mancanza di una correzione automatica dell’obiettivo. Parliamo di una applicazione che costa 22 euro non una free ci sono mancanze-problemi troppo grossi. Ricordo che dovrebbe essere una applicazione per professionisti, che professionista però si fiderebbe di una applicazione così!?Alla comparsa di un bug il giorno dopo dovrebbe essere risolto, Ho visto che un mese fa era stato promesso un aggiornamento correttivo mai arrivato, totalmente insoddisfatto.
  24. p_mac

    Analytical data

    I am not sure why but each time there has been a problem I've looked for data and there has not been any. Anyone seeing the same thing? I am having trouble with the cloning tool but all I can do is describe it with words or screen capture. The tool either generates a crash or a simple closing of the app. This problem is not random but continuous. iPad Pro 1T latest iOS 12, not the beta
  25. Pulisher for windows version crashed 2nd time within 10 minutes while doing text formation. Please help with bugfix or whatever.. Are there action known you should not do in order to prevent a crash?