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Found 536 results

  1. We have HSL right now but it does not allow to create a set of shades for the base color.
  2. Can try my attach file. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7n-BQa9vAhncXVienh5V2hpWjg&usp=sharing
  3. When in split views mode the RGB reading form the right hand side 'before' shot are incorrect. Values displayed appear to be from what would be in that area if the screen was in after only (not split) mode. Also would it not be more natural to have the before shot on the left? or allow swapping of positions.
  4. I created about 100 icons - many have several vector layers including objects with outlines and fill. I want to be able to create multiple color combinations. For example, let's say I have 200 layers with combinations of blue and grey. I want to change the blue to red, or the grey to black. Is there a way to change the color of all layers in one shot? I flattened the layers and used the replace color with selection. That seemed to work, but since the layers were converted, when I changed the color the edges were not smooth. Any thoughts?
  5. This is driving me nuts and I know it will be something that I am doing wrong but when I select the pen and choose a colour, I draw a shape, then I start a new shape the colour I chose originally vanishes. How do I make the colour stay in the swatch? I hope that makes sense?? This is using Affinity Designer. thanks in advance...
  6. today i opened up affinity and no colors were available. every swatch showed up grey. i have been using affinity for almost 6 months and this has never happened.
  7. - I create an object (eg: a logo) and apply a global swatch to it. - I test the connection by changing the swatch and I see the object's colour reflecting the swatch's colour changes. - I copy the object. - I create a new document and paste the object into it. - I have no global swatches in my new document. ...The global swatch has not followed the object into the new document. I have the same experience if I place/embed a Designer file that uses global swatches – the global swatches don't appear in my new document. I have managed to export the global swatches and import them into the new document, but then I still have to re-apply them to my pasted object. This doesn't seem right and it certainly limits the functionality of global swatches. Please can you correct this in a future update.
  8. I'm wanting to merge color swatches between palettes. There doesn't appear to be a way. I can export > import, but that doesn't allow me to merge them. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!
  9. I have over 20 colors in a palette and need to analyze them. To do so in Illustrator, I would just select each object and view the subtle changes in the color values in the HSL viewer. Unfortunately I am using global colors and want to keep them linked. But it appears impossible to simply select an object and view its values in the colour palette. It only shows the global color name. Yes, I can manually override it, but when I click another object, then go back, it shows the same thing.
  10. Hi, Would it be possible to add another view to the scope or histogram palette in Affinity Photo to allow you to visualise in 3D the colour/pixel distribution of an image in a live 3D view. I think it's a really useful way of looking a the colour distribution in an image see http://opensource.graphics/visualizing-the-3d-point-cloud-of-rgb-colors/for an example. If possible there's one difference to the way it's displayed in the linked article that I'd like to see. To display a wireframe for both the colour profile area and a outer cube wireframe for the CIELAB colour space as well so that you can see how the pixel distribution relates to what colours are technically possible in the selected colour profile. Thanks. Matthew
  11. Quick session from yesterday. Used the brushes for the sand. Vector shapes for the cacti. And then threw a water color texture over the sky. :)
  12. Hi! I noticed this problem a some time ago where colors in objects are changing unpredictably when I'm moving objects from a document to an other. I use to store some of my assets to other files so my workflow doesn't suffer from lagging. However, when I open both the new- and the old files and copy & paste grouped objects from the old to the new one, sometimes colors get messed up! I would like to know if there is coming and fix for this. http://imgur.com/1C8ZN7I(the spruce should be all green) I'm using: OSX 10.11.2 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB - Elias forAFForums.zip
  13. Hi, An SVG/color issue: Why are colors wrong when pasting in a #SVG? Logo found here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/Google_Chrome_icon_%282011%29.svg I copied the raw SVG (view source, copy) and pasted it into Affinity Designer 1.4, only to see this result:
  14. Hello, A recent update to my AD occurred, now being at 1.4 and on opening a new document I am unable to apply fill or stroke colors to both Text and/or shapes. I've played around with size of stroke etc..to no avail as well as using the menu bar and the toolbar to the right side of the workspace. **The changes to color do show up on the thumbnail in the layers toolbar but not on the canvas. Is it possible to revert to the previous version if you don't know what the issue may be? Thank You for your time
  15. Hello everyone! First, great job on the latest release, now I am almost able to use only AD and totally drop illustrator, sweet :)! Now I've been using the new global colors feature and I have noticed two things that seem a bit weird to me: - On the first video you can see that when you defined an already used color to be a global color by clicking on an element, the element does not get automatically linked to the global color (it might be easier to understand in the video). Is this normal behavior? Here is the link to the video: https://cloudup.com/ifgrABFijhG - On the second video you can see that when the global color is changed, the thumbnails colors in the layer panel is not changed (except if I duplicate the element). Is this normal behavior? The link: https://cloudup.com/iwspAxk4cI8 Thanks!
  16. Good evening Affinity, Another little color problem tonight;-) When there is a mask "Levels" (or any other settings mask?), And that one uses the pipette ("alt" key with the "Paintbrush" tool), the result color is incorrect. This is toujour darker ... This is not normal I think ... In Photoshop, it does not work well anyway. When "pipette" a color, the result is ALWAYS the same color as the one selected. In advance thank you for your help. Good night Lionel
  17. Good evening Affinity, From the beginning, I have a problem in Affinity Photo. Indeed, when I click on a color in the "Color Samples", the result is not the same whether the palette "color" is in "wheel" or "slide" ...?!? Strange Explanation: 1) Check that the palette "Colors" is in "wheel" 2) I click on "Sample" on the black color 3) Place the palette "Colors" to "slide" mode "CMYK" Result ! Why is there not a 100% black, while we selected 100% black in the palette "Samples"? I continue 4) If, at that time (with the palette "Colors" to "slide" mode "CMYK") I click again on the black to 100% (in the palette "Samples"), while there, slide the panel "Colors" pass the 100% Black !!! Strange ! According to the display mode of the palette "Colors", the resulting color with the choice of "Samples" is not the same. While the colors selected in the "Samples" is the same !!! Thanks for your help Good night
  18. Hi everyone! I'm learning photo processing with Affinity Photo, and actually I don't have much experience with photo processing at all. So I found official tutorials extremely useful! But I can't find much tutorials related to specific area - color toning techniques for portraits. I believe it's a kind of specific because often people and background objects are processed differently to achieve some artistic effects and get high quality works. Of course, there are many tutorials for LR and Photoshop, but it's twice harder to learn something new that way. I'd appreciate any links or hints on how to dive into this. Just a couple of toning samples I liked in attachments.
  19. Hi there, I'm new to AP but have been using PS and LR for years. I've noticed that the HSL tool in Affinity Photo looks to be nearly identical (save for the omission of an "orange" channel). However if I use values in AP similar to the ones I would use in PS or LR the image ends up clipping or being posterized. Am I doing something wrong? I have attached an example. This is before using the HSL tool in AP. After HSL in Affinity Photo, notice the posterization effect, this does not occur in PS or LR. Maybe the scales are different?
  20. Hello. I want to change the colours of this drawing and more specifically I want to make the lifework white and the background blue, light blue, red etc from top to bottom. Which app should I use? Affinity designer or Photo? What would be the optimal procedure? Antikythera mechanism final.pdf
  21. You guys should create a tutorial on how to match the color and tone of any photo because I am completely lost on how to do this on affinity. I can only find videos on how to do this for photoshop which aren't much help. Thanks!
  22. Hi all. If you draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool, then select the Text tool, and then select a text-fill color in the toolbar... it changes the fill color of the previously drawn rectangle instead. Screen grab attached. wrongFill.mov
  23. I just switched to Affinity from Illustrator, and am very happy. However, I'm not seeing the palette options I would like coming from Illustrator. In Illustrator, I used to be able to pick a color and then see a auto generated palette of different tints / shades of that color. Is there anything like this in Affinity?
  24. Hi. I found that some text in PDF document are broken. Another question, the color of PDF in Affinity Designer looks different than in Preview. The Colour Profile of Document is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Is that the expected behavior? Regards, yllan
  25. OSX El Capitan Steps: 1. Have two color corrected screens, each with it's proper profile assigned. 2. Go to settings and give monitor 1 the menu bar - making it the main monitor. 3. Launch Affinity Photo. 4. Open a photo document ( in my case I used a document with Adobe RGB color space ) 5. If on the main monitor, the colors will be accurate. 6. Move the entire AP interface over to monitor two - or create a new view, separate the interface and move view 2 to monitor 2. 7. The color on monitor 2 view is wrong. It still uses monitor 1's color profile. 8. Quit affinity photo. 9. Go back to settings - make monitor 2 the main monitor by moving over the menu bar. 10. Repeat steps 3 through 7. The same thing happens but with the monitor's reversed. Basically, the main's monitor color profile is the only one being used. Thank you. Andres
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