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  1. Hello. I have 2 monitor setup (laptop with external monitor), and I've noticed that Affinity 2 displays more vivid colours than Affinity 1 and Photoshop CS6 (I think other apps are works like A1/Ps. Both displays were calibrated and has custom color profiles. System is Windows 10. Affinity 2 was downloaded today (don't have exact version number). Both versions of Affinity are with exactly the same color settings. Image shown has aRGB profile. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, I noticed when editing images with skin tones (TIFF format) that the colours in Affinity Photo sometimes look very strange (grey-greenish). The same file in Adobe Lightroom looks completely normal (as does the photo print). Now I have opened a test file in both programs in parallel and indeed the colours (measurable in the screenshot) are different (see attachment). How can I ensure that Affinity Photo displays the colours correctly? (I don't mean soft-proofing, that is another topic in itself...) I have calibrated the monitor and the colour profile is applied system-wide. Thank you very much for any helpful hints!
  3. Hi everyone, is it possible to import a color profile / color space into Affinity Designer iPad V1? I downloaded the .icc file from the printing service I want to use but did not understand this information in the help center: If you need to use a color space that is not available in Affinity Designer, it will have to be installed on your system. Devices can install color profiles for you. Consult your system's color management documentation for instructions. Can anyone alert me on how to go about this? I am using an iPad Pro 2015 with the iPadOS 16 installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hi! So i just changed my monitor, i have also installed iCC profile for that monitor. But a strange thing happened to my Affinity Designer, the color got weird. Black becomes red, etc. I've tried doing many things like changing the color profile, deleting the ICC profile, reinstalling the app, but nothing works, the color stays the same, but after exporting the design, the color changes to normal (I sent a comparison picture). And also this only happens in Affinity Designer, does not apply in other design applications. Are there any instructions for this? If there is, please tell me because it concerns my work as a freelancer . Thank you! Best regard, Dwiko
  5. Hi everybody, I'm working with Affinity Designer for some weeks now but I'm new in this forum. Just a question: is there a way to add some more color profiles, apart from those already included inside Affinity Designer? Or, if not, is this something that will be included sometimes in future? I would like to have all my illustrations and files color managed the same way, despite they've been designed inside or outside Affinity Designer. And I don't like to make too many conversions through color profiles since you can lose precious info while converting from profile A to profile B. I really like Affinity Designer, can't wait to be able to also manage Pantone colors and to export using standards for PDF like PDF/X etc Best Maurizio
  6. Hi everybody, I got this color profile question . I have set it to Adobe RGB in my Fujifilm X E2. When I open the jpgs in Affinity Photo the photos have a different color, much punchier and more contrasty in a weird way. That's not what you want to experience. I checked the Affinity preferences and this is what it reads (see attachment) The term in Affinity is "color profile" which I assume is color space, right? However, it says color space in my camera. At the very top pull down menu I can choose Adobe RGB but it still renders my jpgs in the same different way I described above. It looks different in MacOS Finder Preview. Anyone knows what and how to tweak the settings in Affinity so it will match may camera's color space (Adobe RGB)?
  7. Hey there! I want to install (for Publisher) the color profile "ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc", which i've downloaded from http://www.eci.org/ I am on Mac BigSur with the latest Version of Publisher. I bought my Programs in the Affinity Store. I tried the following steps i've found via Google or in this Forum: After each step i restarted my mac. Putting the ICC File to: ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/user/ Source: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/128794-known-issue-icc-profiles-missing-from-affinity-after-updating-to-macos-big-sur/ I don´t have this specific Folder Putting the ICC File to: ~/Library/Containers/Affinity Publisher/Data/Library/Application Support/profiles/ I don´t have this specific Folder Putting the ICC File to: Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Recommended I´ve done that ... but the profile doesnt show up in selectlist Putting the ICC File to: Affinity Publisher -> "Show package contents" Contents/Resources/etc/colour/ I´ve done that ... but the profile doesnt show up in selectlist In Affinity Photo i can import an ICC File under the "File" Menu. This works ... the profile shows up in the selectlist. But only in Photo. What else can i do? I look forward to your feedback! Best wishes
  8. Affinity Photo doesn't recognize the full set of icc profiles in the standard Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder on the Mac (I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.6). I have a set of icc profiles that are color variant profiles of existing color spaces such as AdobeRGB1998. I have attached two such icc profiles here. Affinity Photo simply doesn't recognize their existence when I go to convert or assign icc profiles. For comparison, Adobe Photoshop (which I'm using less and less, thanks to Affinity) has no problem seeing these at all. Thanks for looking into this! AdRGB98 +04.icc dRGB98 +08.icc
  9. I am using the Affinity Photo program for Windows 10. Does the Affinity Photo program automatically use the the default ICC profile that is set in Windows Color Management? In Affinity Photo Preferences there are two settings, "RGB Color Profile" and "32 bit RGB Color Profile". These settings have the "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" text entered. Do I leave these settings with their current settings, or do I enter the name of the profile that is set as the default profile in Windows Color Management? And do I set the program to "Embed ICC Profile" when exporting JPG files? I do not know how to think through this situation to obtain the correct settings. Perhaps someone can provide enough information so I can confidently use the color management settings of the Affinity Photo program.
  10. Hi guys, I am new to here. And trying to find correct tool to me. So I am using free trial version now. Seems Affinity is really good software, but I have a problem with setting color profile. How do I set correct color profile on this software. I am using BenQ SW2700. So I set Benq SW2700 profile on RGB color profile and 32bit RGB color profile, on both, but color is not changing. it's saturated on my screen. Also I change any type of profile, it seems deosn't effect color on my screen. What am I missing? or trial version is not supporting color profile?
  11. I have a X-Rite ColorMunki Display to calibrate my screens. It even has support for iPad/iPhone, so I calibrated my iPad Pro 12.9" Mk.I with it and my iPhone 7 too. I can use an app called ColorTRUE to view my photos in real color on my iPad/iPhone. X-Rite says that other apps can be made to use the ColorTRUE profiles, so they will show true colors. As a photographer on the go, I often don't bring my heavy laptop with me with the calibrated screen and I rely on my iPad Pro 12.9" Mk.1 (which by the way has a terrible calibrated screen out of the factory). I edit a photo in Affinity Photo for iPad, export it and then check the real colors in the ColorTRUE app. Then go back to Affinity Photo and adjust colors, white balance, etc. if I need to. This is very cumbersome. If Affinity Photo for iPad could use the ColorTRUE Profile of my iPad, this cumbersome work around would not exist and I could use my iPad for more color critical photo work more easily. Are there plans for Affinity Photo for iPad to use ColorTRUE profiles? If not, are you willing to think about it? This would really make Affinity Photo for iPad justify the Pro in iPad Pro IMHO!
  12. Hi there, I am confused why just a straight plain jpg file with a default sRGB profile looks different in the shadows with a slight difference in colors too - whether you look at it in the Affinity Photo Viewport or any other app: I tried Windows Photo, Google Chrome, Foundry Nuke, Davinci Resolve. And it's not about a particular file, I see the difference in any file. The only app which also shows the same image as Affinity Photo is CaptureOne but their support couldn't explain that to me. Here is what I have: - Windows 10 PC with Nvidia GTX1060 3GB videocard and the latest drivers - two calibrated AOC 24B1W1 monitors with their respective .icm profiles set as defaults in the Windows Color Management Settings - standard JPG files with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile look brighter in Affinity Photo (and Capture One) than in many other professional apps. I originally took Sony RAW photos, developed them in CaptureOne and exported as JPGs with all defaults. The exported images look darker loosing shadow details when viewed anywhere else, except Affinity Photo which also shows the JPG as I see it in Capture One. - any random jpg from the internet also looks brighter in the shadows in Affiity Photo - I generally like what I see in Affintiy more but I must be sure which colors are true when I edit the photos to deliver them to a client Sometimes, I hear that app is not color managed, and that app IS color managed. So can anyone please explain to me in which case I see a true picture - in the viewport of Affinity Photo or in other apps? I can only add that if I go to Document -> Assign ICC Profile and chose the profile for my monitor than an image gets slightly darker, exactly like what I see in the Windows Photo Viewer, Google Chrome, Nuke or Davinci. Does it mean that in order to see a true image I need to do that operation, or what I see in Affinity Photo as is - is the true image and all other app lie to me, despite their being much more 'professional'? I've added a screenshot as an example of what I see on the same monitor in different apps, I hope you can see the difference too. It's subtle but quite noticable when you see the whole image which lacks details in the shadows when you look at the exported image.
  13. In my previous post I received some help in regards to what settings to use in AD for your color profile, now as I continue to do my Lets Make Shapes project or Spacetronauts I realized that I can't put them on Redbubble or Inprnt because of different colors. Which the previous solution was : "The color profile you want to use as the Designer document is setup to use Wide Gamut RGB. If when exporting click on More and change the ICC profile to sRGB this should be closer to what you are wanting, for posting on the Web" - Lee D Now what I am wondering is what color profiles to use in scenario for printing your digital artworks? Because on Redbubble : "Our garment printers only print in the CMYK format so we recommend designing in this colour spectrum as it will give you a better idea of how the final product will look. You will still need to convert to sRGB colour profile to get your works looking as glorious as possible on the site." - And seeing all of my designs for AD has been designed in the solution posted above, will I be able to convert them to CMYK without losing much of the color choices? Thanks in advance!
  14. Someone says when "Color LCD" profile is set to the display on Mac, screenshot's color will be way off in Affinity. Color LCD is a built-in color profile often used as default. https://note.com/repunit_media/n/n02e94299f761
  15. Hello, I created a background with a gradient in Affinity Photo. In the doc and when exported, I and someone on a separate computer I shared the image to can also see the banding on the image. I tried: exporting as a JPEG, PNG, PNG-8, and converting the file format to RGB/16 and RGB/32 (HDR). RGB/16 seemed to smooth the image more but there were still bands in the image. I also tried remaking the background in RGB/32 but the background did not turn out. The image is 1920 x 1080 300 DPI How can I remove the bands or export the image without the bands?
  16. According to the manual it should be possible to set a color profile when exporting a document. However, I have found no such setting. It should also be possible to create an export setting that includes a color profile, but I can’t find that setting either. The whole color profiling is a bit mysterious for me. Of course I do understand what it is used for, but how all the settings interact is less understandable. At the moment when I develop a raw image, I will use the RGBA/32 (HDR) ROMM RGB setting. As far as I understand this will guarantee that I will keep the maximum color information in the document. When exporting the document I should give it a color profile that corresponds to the use of the exported document. sRGB should be fine for web images, a color profile for Fuji paper (for instance) when I export a JPG to be printed. Using such profiles will remove color information, so I understand. When I visited the website of the European Color Initiative, I noticed that they have the eciRGB profiles for digital photography, however these are not incorporated in the standard Affinity software. (I did install them). I’m still trying to find some kind of publication that will explain how color profiles for monitors, printers, and documents (“JPG” etc.) interact.
  17. Profile with Dot Gain is necessary since printing companies specify certain dot gain for grayscale file to be received.It's usually 15%/20%/30%
  18. I just installed Affinity photo (Windows desktop) on my HP desktop and on a Surface Pro 4. Upon setting up the RGB color preference I discovered that on the HP, there are 19 color profile options which includes ProPhoto RGB. While on the Surface there are just 9 color profile options and the ProPhoto RGB profile is not included. Is this to be expected? How do I get ProPhoto RGB on the Surface?
  19. Hi Everyone, In the need to understand the sometimes complex subject of Color Models, Color Spaces and Color Profiles better, I found it hard to find a nice to read and complete source on the matter. So after I did a deep dive into the subject I decided to share what I've learned about it by writing a tutorial blog about it with illustrations and interactives. Yesterday I published part one about Color Models and color basics, to pave the way to Color Spaces for the next and last part of the article. Although not directly Affinity related, I figured this could benefit other Affinity users too in understanding Color Spaces better and when to choose which in Designer and Photo. And making Color Spaces a little less confusing to understand. Of coarse all graphics-work for illustrations and interactives in the tutorial are made in Affinity Designer. The blog is available in both Dutch (https://www.wigglepixel.nl/blog/wat-zijn-color-models/) and translated in English (https://www.wigglepixel.nl/en/blog/what-are-color-models/). Hope you like it and if this makes others understand the subject better and as enthousiastic as I am now about it after this, I reached my goal! Maarten
  20. CMYK colors appear dark & dull upon PDF export from Publisher (see Color-differences attached) I set up my document to be convert to CMYK US Web Coated Swap V2. In the color panel I locked colorspace to CMYK. I've tried virtually every combination of PDF export settings, including convert color profile unchecked and then checked. Why is there this discrepancy in colors? Product Excellence Flyer 2.afpub
  21. Hi all, I recently updated to Affinity Photo from 1.6.5.x through the Windows Store and now every image that I open, whether it's an *.afphoto, DNG, JPEG, PNG etc., opens way too dark. Documents created in previous versions are also rendered way too dark but are exported with the right colours and brightness, while new documents result in overly exposed images, more like as if the gamma went through the ceiling. The samples available in the Welcome screen also seem to not match the snapshots available on the Windows Store. From the same snapshots I also noticed that the icon for the Photo persona also seems darker. The "Color" panel also gets way too dark. My device: Windows Store snapshot: Software configurations: I tried running the trial version of Affinity Photo 1.6.5 (got it from the Downloads page) and the problem now seems to happen there as well My device is the Dell XPS 9570, running Windows 10 1903 with Intel UHD Graphics 630 (driver version 25.20.100). This issue also affects Affinity Designer but every other app on my system works just fine. Ideas?
  22. Hi all! Im new to higher end printing at home and was so excited to get my new Canon Pro 100 printer. But... What I see on the screen and what is printing are 2 different things ! My image is dull and missing the saturation of colour that should be there. And its not a hardware issue. Ive become overloaded on canon and youtube tutorials about calibration for monitor and printers and all that jazz. I have no idea where to start and need a basic 1-2-3 [if thats ;possible] to get things more in sync. I know this printer is capable of greatness and so is Affinity, so very grateful for your suggestions!
  23. Hi all, I'm relatively new to photography and affinity photo (on a Mac, OS Mojave) , but I was loading some photos in from my Canon EOS Rebel T6 and the photo seems to opens with a wildly different color profile. The screenshot shows the same file opened in preview and affinity photo unedited. I just installed Affinity Photo on this computer so I haven't changed any default settings, etc. I'm not sure where to start with loading this back to "default" so the RAW photo opens with the proper color scheme. Raw file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c14gijqm0i1j8z/IMG_0535.CR2?dl=0
  24. Hi, Could you please add a new item in the Color Profile, "None" or "Undefined", sometimes the Color profile cause a problem on certain Commercial Highlight color laser printer. Thanks for this very promize great program!
  25. Is there a way to import Illustrator color profiles into Affinity Designer? Like many others, I'm migrating from Illustrator and I have color profiles from my printer that I need to import.
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