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Found 10 results

  1. I am happy to see affinity photo 2 has the select sampled color, similar to that of photoshop. However, I am only allowed to select a single color, and not expand on the current selection by clicking on additional colors. I can choose only one color, and picking another color changes the selection entirely. I use this function daily in photoshop, so I am surprised and happy to see this function in affinity photo 2. However, the limitations are so severe, I can't use it atm and am forced to reverse course and use photoshop for this function. Please add the ability for users to add to the current selection by allowing us to click on additional colors, adding to the currently made selection, instead of creating an entirely different one. If we could press a shortcut key that would allow us to select additional colors, and add those colors to the current selection, that would be A+. A selection preview, to help us see what is currently selected, with different options such as black and white would be an additional aide to your users.
  2. Hi, there is a bug in HSL adjustment dialog box. While moving range points for selective colour adjustment, the behaviour is strange sometime. See my video. The same in Af Photo. Af Publisher looks good. HSL.mov
  3. Is it possible to select multiple lines or objects in Affinity Designer by color or stroke thickness? Like in Adobe Illustrator you can select all lines by a color fill or stroke thickness. This is very important for me to have this function to be able to select colors on my architectural line drawings and quickly change the thicknesses of a color group ive previously made a specific color. Thank you!
  4. Hi! I am in the process of creating a new workflow for my portrait photography, using Affinity on iPad Pro, instead of PS on Macbook Pro. There is one of my PS procedures, for which I just can’t seem to find a substitute in Affinity. In PS I use the Color Adjustment layer, to shift a range of e.g. reds towards orange, and thus fix problematic red skin tones. The thing is, that you can use two sliders to finely tune the exact range of reds that you want to affect. Is there any way I can achieve the same in Affinity? (Using e.g. the whole RED channel is way to coarse.) Thanks
  5. Please add a color range select tool! Regards, Martin
  6. In the adjustments>HSL adjust please add a transparent adjust because we may want to make a color transparent... example we may want to make for example just all the purples transparent. (our job can be done ways faster if we choose the purple or if we set the color area in the HSL color range and then turn it transparent) thanks!
  7. Hi, while working with colors (reds,yellows,magentas.... HSL....) I am still missing the possibility to choose a range of colors I want to be working with. Something like a slider on the color line (do not want to describe more as it is a common feature in PS....). It is very useful Please.... Jindra
  8. Photoshop has traditionally had the Select > Color Range command. There is also HSL keying inside the Hue/Saturation adjustment toolset, which, annoyingly cannot be used to create selections for use with other commands without clumsy workarounds (that I know much better than I would care to admit). What I am hoping to see is a non-destructive way to do masking based on luminance, HSL tools, as well as possibly more sophisticated keying algorithms that are found in video software (Primatte, Keylight, etc.). Most video-focussed color correction software (DaVinci Resolve, Speedgrade, Lustre, Baselight, FilmMaster, Assimilate Scratch) allows for non-destructive HSL keying already. The most elegant way I can imagine this working inside Photo is that similar to regular layer masks, a new procedural mask layer type for non-destructive HSL/Select Color Range masks with adjustable parameters would be available. Like an adjustment layer, except that the result would be a mask instead of an RGBA image, to be used just like regular layer masks. That way, it would be easy to adjust the selection parameters interactively after the fact, and, if need be, rasterize destructively to a regular raster mask layer. In additions to the keying in Luma, RGB, HSL, YUV and LAB, parameters for blurring the result, expanding/contracting the mask would be useful. The exact same functionality could then double as a vastly improved "Select Color Range" command as well.
  9. What is the equivalent of photoshop's "select" then "color range"? it is easy to clean up an image by removing for instance back ground color by selecting a color then there is a slider to choose how much "fuzziness" it's called. I cannot find this in affinity.. I'd appreciate instruction. Andrea
  10. Hi, I have problems with the COLOR RANGE in AP. I want to select color tones. My steps: 1. Selecting a color with the color picker 2. Activate this color 3. "Selection" - "color range" At step 3 there happens a lot of strange things. a. Sometimes it works. Good! (no problem) b. Sometimes it isn't possible to click the "color range". It isn't choosable. (problem) c. Sometimes (png with cut-out background) it selects only the whole "shape". It isn't adjustable. (problem) I don't understand which reason could cause that. I use JPG-files and tried different ways to import. - dragging into AP - Media Browser - "open with..." - rastering / not rastering Could anybody help me? Ciao Jack
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