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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, this my first tutorial with the new Affinity Photo V2. A rather bland photo is edited. I remove the haze and realistically enhance colors and contrast. In doing so, I will go into the new features of Affinity Photo V2. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  2. I have just finished 'Mountains in the Mist', which I did in Affinity Photo using the free 'Nature' and 'Atmosphere' brushes (plus a few images and other brushes). I have uploaded too a numbered set of JPG images from the first background sky layer 01_ to the last _FINAL so (if anyone is interested 😄) you can see how I created it.
  3. Trying to improve the image I took on a very sunny day. I made separate selection for the sky background and the grounds on the foreground. It does show I need to practice more on many things.
  4. I've been working on some more clouds, and as it turns out, once you are decent at clouds tree tops come along pretty similarly. Maybe not all trees, but certainly the ones used in my Torii Gate illustration.
  5. I've lately been doing a study on drawing clouds in Affinity Photo. While I do enjoy the ease of using assets and merging other photos in to get clouds, I want a more Ghibli style look, and as far as I know that does require drawing. Having a tablet for this does help immensely. It does turn out clouds are pretty tough to draw. Each piece took me a few hours just on the sky. And I don't think I'll ever truly feel content with my work. I just want to keep making little tweaks and changes. But that is part of being an artists isn't it? Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Attached are a set of AD Textured Intensity brushes made from images of cloud formations. There are just four brushes here, created as an experiment - in search of lovely textured brush strokes. The attached image gives a nice demonstration of the look these offer. Raising a toast to the New Year (2017), Affinity Designers developers (keep it up!) and fantastic community. Thanks all! CD_cloud_brushes.afbrushes.zip
  7. Hello Affinity Users Group - I am making a mountain panorama, and the sky has no clouds, so I'm trying to spice up the sky by adding some clouds to it by cloning in clouds from a different image. Because cloud edges are fuzzy, the cloned clouds always arrive with a little bit of blue sky on the edges, and that blue sky is always a slightly different color than the blue sky of the image that it has been added to. I cloned the cloud onto a pixel layer and then tried to adjust the color of the blue sky using both HSL adjustment and selective color adjustment. I could get pretty close, but there was still a noticeable boundary between the blue of the cloned cloud and the background sky. I also tried the color replacement brush tool but had some problems with it because it matches the hue and not the saturation and level, so there are some games to play there to make things right. Open to suggestions... Thanks!
  8. Hello Affinity Users - I'm making a mountain panorama and have had some trouble making the sky look better. The sky is mostly bright blue with a few small clouds near the edges of the panorama. I tried replacing the whole sky, but I had some problems with the boundary between sky and mountain. That was the subject of a previous post. What I'm wondering is if people have tried adding fluffy cumulus clouds to a blue sky without replacing the entire sky. I can imagine that might be difficult, but I'm not sure. Looking to see if anyone has done that before. Thank you for your attention.
  9. Hey! Just wanted to share with you this photo that has been enhanced with Affinity Photo. It's showing a nearby mountain with a observation tower on it. The evening sun just breaks through the clouds. What you think?
  10. Hi, Is there anyone who succeeded to recreate some sort of Render Clouds filter effect that works on an empty layer? In Photoshop you can create awesome backgrounds with it! Did try Perlin noise but it is not the same. Regards & Thanks, David
  11. Hi there, I've been thinking about moving to Affinity Photo after using Photoshop for several years, and one of the features I need and use almost more than any other is perlin noise. The ability to create and stack multiple layers of noise with blending modes is a make-or-break feature for me , and while I've really been enjoying the results I see using this software, I've noticed that there's a limitation in that the noise generated is always exactly the same. This can make layering noise quite difficult, especially noise with the same detail ranges. Are there plans for random seeds in future updates? I've noticed that when you adjust the zoom level of the noise it always zooms back into the 0, 0 co-ordinates at the top left, so even a way to offset those home co ordinates would function in my case! In addition, it would also be extremely helpful to be given the option to control the zoom of the y and x co ordinates individually, to help with generating fibre or grain texture! As it stands currently I can think of a workaround involving writing out a much larger source image of pre generated perlin noise and then reading in and transforming that result, but as far as a workflow goes, it's not exactly smooth.
  12. Hi, I am new to this software, is there a way I can add or overlay things such as real life like clouds, plane etc
  13. Big shoutout to Affinity Photo! First time user of this sort of software. Tried Adobe first and was a little confused. Probably a great program also but did not like subscription based price point and stumbled upon this little gem. I am completely blown away! Will be posting some of my projects here to share and to highlight the capabilities of this program. I am still in the beginner stages but did take an online coarse which helped greatly. Then went back to James Ritson's tutorials and it really sunk in! I do have a couple of questions that I will post later on regarding memory usage and such when dealing with large files but other than that I am very happy with the program so far. Hope to hear from you all here and here is one of my projects I am currently undergoing.
  14. Hello again. This time I want to provide another round of suggetions for Affinity Designer Pixel Persona or for Affinity Photo for Windows: Important: - Clonning stamp/healing tool - Save selections for later use - Twist/Warp objects and textfields (like to fit a label in a bottle) - Content aware (to fill empty spaces with pixels from an image) - Effects (liquify, crystalize, clouds, etc.) - Create an editable shape from a selection and save the shapes - Dotted stroke style - Animator Persona (GIF) - Distort and Skew Tools - Save document settings (width, height, paper format, resolution, color mode) Optional: - 3D Persona (import and edit 3D models, .collada specifically from Blender) - Knife tool to cut shapes in a half - Numeric stepper or slider for the font size box - Polygonal Lasso/Selection Tool - Channels (R,G,B,Alpha, and delete/duplicate channels and making selections from them) I'm ready to purchase both AD and AP for Windows when they are released!
  15. Hi folks, I took this photo of a partial solar eclipse: from my place at 8:15 am, a few years ago, half awake I was and yet somehow after getting about 27 pictures, this was one was the one that surprised me. I never saw the bird through the screen. I haven't edited it at all. Any ideas how to improve this? Does it need tweaking at all? All comments welcome. peter
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