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Found 14 results

  1. Good day. WIN 10 Pro currently. In APhoto 2.3.1 I have problems with cloning. See Appendix. It works perfectly in APhoto 1.10.6 Also appendix. Grüße Guzzi 2024-03-05 APh 1.10.6.mp4 2024-03-05 -APh 2.3.1.mp4
  2. Hi, I made à tutorial, where I show, how to remove unwanted and complex objects, which sometimes ruin a photo. Have fun with this Video. Ciao Jack P.S.: You can activate english subtiles with the gear icon in the YouTube window YouTube Link
  3. Issue/situation: In Affinity Photo I would like the tools ( Cloning, Inpaint etc ) to remember the last settings such as Source: Current Layer & Below, but it only seems to 'remember' settings such as opacity etc. Question: How do I get the last settings to be the default for the tools? Screenshots: See attached screenshot. Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.6 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.4 Unusual hardware: Wacom tablet Intuos pro Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.
  4. Allow us to create cloning and healing tool brushes by utilizing the right click or control/option/command to easily create different brushes. It took me a bit to find out how to create these by going into More. Also figuring out how to find the modes like, Lighten, Darken, Multiple, was hard to find. These should be on the top of the screen, easy to locate. Also, I couldn't rotate the brushes or save them. It only allowed me to rotate one way and not the other. Thanks
  5. I do aerial photo's and when I shoot a motel with an empty pool I'm able to clone water from another image to fill the pool. I have done this in the past using Photoshop on my laptop. I want to be able to do it using Affinity on my ipad pro. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Hey everyone So I've got a picture of two kangaroos that was taken through a wire fence. Removing the wire fence using the inpainting brush tool works fine anywhere else except for where it crosses over the kangaroos. It just doesn't select appropriate surrounding areas to fill where the fence was. So I'm wondering if there is some other method to remove this? Or a better way to use the inpainting tool? I'm fairly new with all this so please bear with me if I'm a little slow with the procedure. Thanks all!
  7. Can we get the inpainting brush to do a multi-select area? Kind of like the selection brush has add, subtract, divide.
  8. Is there a way of cloning from one image to another? I have two similar images, one where someone is blinking, and I want to use his eyes from a shot taken a second earlier where he is not blinking. I.e., how can I open two images simultaneously, and clone from one to the other? Thanks Chris
  9. What's the best way to clone/heal on an image that isn't fully opaque? For example, if I wanted to remove the splat from the attached file. I can use the Inpainting Brush tool as it preserves transparency, however depending on the image the inpainting tool doesn't always work, so I'm looking for a way to manually choose the clone source (for example with the Clone Brush tool, the Healing Brush tool or the Patch tool). However, those tools multiply the transparency making the cloned area darker.
  10. Having successfully removed (albeit not being to professional standards) the 2 skips from my photo with the aid of various forum members. I now have another question. Having watched a couple of videos. I have the following situation. 1 video says pick on a common denominator in both photo's to be able to put folk into another picture. I have 2 pictures that are taken of the same house but one very much to the left to see the whole aspect and 1 practically face on. Behind the skips is a wall. The wall is not in the other picture but 'A' wall is, which is the same brickwork. If I pick up the common denominator and try to in paint then I will replace the skips I have worked hard on removing. Can I somehow replicate the good wall from picture 2 and paste it into situ. on picture 1. Any suggestions / ideas please? Thanks again in advance. Vee
  11. AD is always very 'generous' in creating extra elements when I never asked for them. This is without option dragging or duplicating as a command. Result is I go to move something there are 3 copies underneath. Or because of the same... apparent transparency get's thickened up when i don't want. I've been getting this since the earliest version (I'm an early AD adopter), just put up with it but now we're 1.5 - really this shouldn't be happening Not sure where bugs get posted, can't believe others haven't had this issue. Can this be fixed soon please, or is there something I may be doing to create it? (Running on El Capitan.)
  12. After selecting an area to clone from then moving to the area to clone to, there is a progress bar labeled Preview appearing at the top of the screen. Don't really see a preview on the photo, and the area becomes very erratic. Very strange behaviour. MacOS Sierra continues to release Beta of Sierra and am not sure if this behaviour is a result of the last release as I haven't been in AP much in the last while. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. I'm having a recent issue with my cloning brush tool, in that while I can set a source, the closer I bring the brush to a light source or brighter area, the darker it becomes when used, regardless of the selection. Conversely, the further I take my selection away from light/bright areas, the brighter it becomes. I'm kind of at a loss here .... thanks for input!
  14. Can the clone tool be added to the extension? I have found that by using the extensions in photos I can easily get to the most used tools, but it would be helpful if the clone was added to the list with the healing, inpaint, etc. I'm not sure if it is my computer, or the extensions, but once in a while it takes forever to load the extensions I want to use, or they crash. It happens the most on the develop extension, but has occasionally happened on one of the others.
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